How I understand the Parable of the Rich Fool

How I understand the Parable of the Rich Fool
How I understand the Parable of the Rich Fool

The way I interpret this verse is that you must spend your riches wisely, when you have far more than you need, you must invest your extras in serving your family and your society and the charitable causes or institutions you believe in and not hoard what you have for yourself. It’s okay to buy a Jeep but if you have money for a limo, you should get an SUV and donate your limo money to somebody else who has nothing and when rich, must share your gains with the world or with your family in a wise and conscientious way and you must consider yourself a participant of society and not as a reaper of benefits who only uses your gains for personal wealth, the rich man was not lazy, but he lacked gratitude and he tried to make his earthly life a paradise instead of focusing on the heavenly one so I say share what you have with others, even if it means you have to give up some of your wishes and dreams, because life is temporary but eternity is permanent.

If you have additional thoughts on this, I would be happy to listen to what you have to say. What are your views on this passage?

How I understand the Parable of the Rich Fool
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    Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. I need to focus on how much love God has given me. God and his love should be my treasure.

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  • Jjpayne

    I agree! It's good to spend the talents that you were given wisely

    How I understand the Parable of the Rich Fool
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  • ODC2112

    The parable deals with the futility of wealth. The rich peasant is an example of greed and avarice. The interpretation I can give them is: people are not what they have, because what they have is fleeting and soon vanishes. While according to Christ it is the soul that counts and not material wealth.
    It does not mean that you must spend your wealth wisely, but that you must not identify with your wealth. That is, your wealth must not become your idol.
    You are not your money.
    You are not the car you drive.
    You are not the house where you live.
    You are not the clothes you wear.
    You are not the university you went to.
    You are nothing of the things that show your social status.

    Material goods are only a means to live honestly, they are not the end of life. In the parable, Jesus teaches that riches can chain man's heart and deprive him of the true treasure that is in heaven.

    This reminds me of a sentence by the Roman politician Marco Porcio Cato the Elder "I prefer to compete in Virtue with the most virtuous rather than with the rich in wealth or with the greedy in greed".

  • Timberland777

    The parable you speak of is a parable of about being materialistic and how you should not be storing thing on Earth were theives moths and rust destroy it instead store things in heaven were moths theives and rust can't destroy it and it's extremely hard to get into heaven if you are a rich person

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