Remove negative energy


Lockdown has been an opportunity for me to grow spiritually. It has been a paradise for me. I had lots of time to reflect, ask questions and have new hobbies. I realised that I had been living a very robotic life. Lockdown was an opportunity for self-love and lots of healing. I am a completely different person after a year to lockdown. Even the world has been healed because lockdown reduced global warming. After ten years, we had snow in April. Hence, everything happens for a reason. Death has a very different meaning in spirituality because we believe death is only for your body. Soul eternal and continues to live. Soul will either go to a different body to live a better life or it will go to heaven to rest in peace. Death is considered a liberation from pain and suffering too in spirituality. And death isn't the ending but a new beginning. Death is only bad for people, who think there is no life after death.

How to remove negative energy

The video I attached has 30 million views. Before you question, how healing music can remove negative energy or how Indian classical music can awake your chakras, remember the universe was created from sound. If sound or vibration can create the entire universe then why can't it cleanse and awake the universe within us? We are the universe just like crystals are a mini cosmos. There is a 18 minute video and a one hour video. I personally listen to the 18 minutes every morning before I start my day. I believe it is better to do short, simple and sweet rituals on a daily basis.

Secondly, if you choose to buy incense sticks after seeing the picture of incense sticks in the video then make sure, they are organic because there are many chemically made incense sticks in the market, which are bad for your lungs.

Thirdly, if you want protection from negative energy 24/7 and want to grow spiritually, then you should buy the rudraksh bracelet- a seed that protects from negative energy. However, there are many types of rudraksh seeds.

You have make sure rudraksh is organic and organic rudraksh will sink in water and won't release any colour. There are more 20 types of rudraksh but a normal human being should wear a five faced rudraksh and children below the age of 14 shouldn't wear a rudraksh. The one faced rudraksh is too powerful for us normal human beings.

I have personally ordered a rudraksh bracelet from Amazon and will receive it in May. I saw myself wearing a rudraksh bracelet in my dream before I even what rudraksh was. So, I believe God was trying to send me a message through my dream because he wants to protect me from negative energy. He wants to heal me.

To learn more about benefits of Rudraksh, please watch Sadhguru's lecture on youtube. He talks about spirituality and recently, rudraksh is one topic he discussed.

Remove negative energy
Remove negative energy
Remove negative energy

Thank you for reading my article. I was posted an article after almost a month because I have been very busy in my spiritual journey and education. Please share the knowledge because the universe gives us knowledge and it is our moral knowledge to share the knowledge, so others can benefit too. We want to heal the world. If people around will be positive, we will also be positive. Krishna said even "if one person is suffering in this world, no one truly experience happiness." Therefore, we need to heal people around us.

Remove negative energy
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  • Pogi-Paddy

    You have a great deal of insight with your newfound spiritual path, remember to always hold your head high and move forward with your spiritual journey. By the way you are well spoken and make a great deal of insight it what you wrote.🕉️☪️

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  • Jjpayne

    I totally agree! Life reflection is an amazing and great tool to use! We all need a reboot in your lives and what better way to reflect then during the pandemic! Thank you for sharing this!

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  • Archerer

    If any of this works its just a placebo. I hope everyone understands that. It's all bullshit. If it works for you great but it's a placebo.

    Guys listen up:
    Negative energy =/= (does not equal) Bad
    It is simply a descriptor of a elemental state.
    It's as stupid as saying left is bad and right is good. Or up is good and down is bad. It's nonsense.

    But yes I love traditional Indian music and am looking for buy a sitar.

  • Bakcula

    Oh yeah and Tea Leaves and having sex with virgins will CURE YOUR AIDS! Really...

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  • Grond21

    You feel like you're becoming more Hindu or Buddhist?

  • genericname85

    lol. lockdown has been a great opportunity for quacks to sell their snake oil, it seems like :D

  • ryancg

    I went on a spiritual journey of sorts, but mine involved a fuck ton of ketamine and fentanyl.

  • BlacklightShade

    Can you please define "negative energy"?

  • Sublime45

    Thanks for the tips

  • Sevenpointfive

    i neep a peach pit bracelet