More Meanings for Salt in Bible Scripture

More Meanings for Salt in Bible Scripture

Jesus said in Matthew 5 that you are the salt of the earth and salt is good but if a salt losses it’s saltiness, how can it’s saltiness be restored? It is good neither for the soil, nor for the manure pile, it is good only to be thrown out and trampled by men and have salt among yourselves and be at peace with one another.

Bur before you consider salt to be a good thing, consider that Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she choose to look back to her old sinful life and that she served as a warning to all future people who want to look back to their old ways. Jesus also said that everybody would be salted with fire.

So what does salt mean and is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I believe one meaning for salt is that it represents accountability.

To become a pillar of salt, or a pillar of accountability in Genesis, is to be accountable for more than you can handle which is bad cause it leads to stress and moral entanglement.

To not have salt within is to have no accountability at all. So you want to have a balance, not too much accountability, but not too little accountability either.

And the soil, I believe symbolizes your spiritual inheritance in the house of God. While the manure pile, I believe signifies your fertility in a social and domestic sense, and also your evangelism with the corrupted moral character of the world: All three situations involve a requirement for accountability.

When Jesus says have salt among yourselves and be at peace with one another, I believe Jesus is saying that when you have a personal sense of accountability and awareness responsibility towards the world and your family, you are less likely to condemn those who fail their obligations or require forgiveness, because you will become aware of the times you also failed your obligations or required forgiveness, and your desire to rescue yourself from moral entanglement, will motivate you to rescue others from moral entanglement, even if only you only do it for your own benefit and not theirs.

Also, in the same way that humans require salt to live, you cannot be professionally employed or financially responsible unless you have a sense of accountability. Having a sense of accountability keeps your mind sharp, protects your body from cancer and disease, quickens bodily healing when sick, boosts mood and lowers the risk of suicide or corrupt moral and social behaviours. It also preserves your character in the same way that salt preserved meat prior to the invention of refrigerators.

This is why it is essential that you hold yourself accountable and accountability is not a composite of punishment or guilt, it is a mandate for service and care and problem resolution, not something that subtracts from your own life, but something that adds to the lives of others, and indirectly, your own life as well.

More Meanings for Salt in Bible Scripture
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