The Real Secret To Spiritual Success and Material Too

The Real Secret To Spiritual Success and Material Too

The bible says that humility and the fear of the Lord leads to wealth and life and honour. Now riches is more than just money: it involves high quality relationships, positive impact, high self confidence, meaning, purpose, compassion, creativity, intelligence, wisdom, gratitude, joy, celebration, understanding and a willingness to beautify your heart and mind and soul and body and a willingness to help your family and friends, so I am referring to real riches and not purely money because if you have 8 health problems, one billion dollars might be worthless at boosting your mood, that is not real riches. Same if your relationships are toxic or your partner is abusive, they might have good looks and money but they are poor and worse than poor, they have negative dollars in their relationship bank account etc...

But the bible says humility combined with the fear of God which I believe involves respect for people and not just divine beings, leads to wealth and riches: whether those riches are moral or futuristic or intellectual or social or material.

Do you agree or disagree? I wanted to phrase this as a question and not as a MyTake but I ran out of questions since my level on this site only allows 5 questions a day.

The Real Secret To Spiritual Success and Material Too
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  • Anonymous

    Prayer, then all else comes. I've seen surprising instant miracles happen after calling 700 club prayer line pouring my heart out in prayer over the years.. now its treasures in heaven.. Something about miricals and presence of heaven that causes such joy that life is worth living when praying.

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  • alance99

    Very well said and i totally agree on this money doesn't make a person rich, there lots of others things too that should be in place in life like health, good family and what you mentioned above without all this, its just stack of paper not stack of cash

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