Why God will end your abusive relationship

Why God will end your abusive relationship

I believe when you are close to God, That the Lord will end your abusive relationship or block you from dating the bad person in the first place. I know people who had abusive partners that were dumped by their husbands or wives when they lost their jobs. I had poor judgment but have never been abused by a lover because God sabotaged every romantic opportunity I had with those of questionable or corrupt personalities, including those who wanted to break biblical chastity codes while dating me.

Why God will end your abusive relationship
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  • jimmy2

    I not sure since we all have free will. The closer you are to God the less the lust of the flesh should be. And yet, not one alive is perfect with the old man in us. We sin. Jesus did not.

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  • PeacefulRainDrop

    I dont believe this cause we live in a fallen world... God gives us freedom of choice and a lot of horrible men wear masks.. to get what they want goes back to wolves in sheeps clothing

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  • ChrisMaster69

    Woah, seriously potentially one of worst posts I’ve seen.

    I assure you when the pubs close in most cities, god is hiding along with every wife and girlfriend that is waiting for the usual beating or rape.

    This question is sooo far wide of the Mark it’s scary

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  • greycadillacs

    My opinion is that this is a horrible opinion. If you sit and are hungry, does god lift a spoon up to your mouth and feed you? No. If you really believe in god, then you ought to heed “god helps those who help themselves”.

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  • slatyb

    You can believe that, but it isn't true. There is plenty of abuse in religious homes. It's rampant some evangelical communities, and abused women get no support or encouragement to leave.

  • BakedBeanieBabie

    God doesn't end abusive relationships because religion has historically and systemically supported patriarchal, abusive relationships based on a clear bias of hiararchy.

    The old testament literally stated you could cut your wife's hands off if she touched another man's balls.

    Yeah real supportive lord and saviour, damn.

    What saves people from abusive relationships are themselves, their loved ones, and proper education on how to exit safely.

    Christians out here be like... BUT IT WAS GAWD DOUGH.

  • Ironic_Method

    What about all those that are faithful to God in abusive relationships?

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  • Xoirwinkan

    There's something to that, but you also need to do your own work in regards to making wise decisions.

  • NightHawk99

    Why do people assume god cares at all? He invented free will and is sitting on his throne watching chaos unfold. People wanna say it's a test... But for who? People wanna say don't question god... But why? People have been saying the end days will come... But when?

    I fear god and the devil for this one reason - both parties say the exact same things, just with a different choice of words; "My way is the right of way. Not his." It really blurs the line between who's good and evil.

  • TacosRAwesome

    Well that didn't work.

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  • friendzoned4life

    He won't Just look around you, God does not exist

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    • yofuknutz

      To you he doesn't exist to everybody else he does

    • To delusional People he does. But it is so clear no-one is watching over us. People killing eachother everywhere. Kids getting bullied in to suicide by the age of 12.

      If there ever was a god he is dead now. But the logical reasoning is that he never existed in the first place

    • stupid people are too stubborn to believe, its pointless trying.. jus let these retards believe and hope oneday they get killed by their own stupidity like not looking for cars while crossing a road... a pretty likely death for someone who believes a magical man sits in the sky

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  • legalboxers

    I think God took psycho out of mine for a reason

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  • Redstang88

    Well obviously not

  • kevyhanma

    God is powerless

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  • Sabretooth

    you'll provide a way out.

  • Anonymous

    2 girls was kidnapped for 10yrs, where was god? god didn't wanna step in after 1 year? quit the bullshit u fucking idiot, god dont exist... instead of relying on a magical man in the sky to solve ur problems... why dont u solve ur problems urself... by gaining mental strength n jus walking away? .. thats the only way ur problems will ever get solved,
    rely on a magical man and ul be fucked forever

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