Why Jewel was right - bible talk

Why Jewel was right - bible talk

Jets require fuel. Human spirits require Hope. I was reading a book by Tim Grover who was Michael Jordan’s old basketball coach. I did not want to finish the book because Grover made the lifestyle of an NBA athlete sound so difficult and unpleasant and I got depressed just imagining it, since they have to work crazily difficult hours and work outs to attain their high level of achievement. But after reading a book on kindness by a different author, I was able to reverse all my burn out and now the strategies Tim Grover preached did not seem unrealistic or impossible so I’ve concluded that we need kindness to feed our souls so that we can have the strength to tolerate life’s challenges and souls feed on kindness and love. It’s just like the song by Jewel where she says, “In the end, only kindness matters. In the end, only kindness matters.” If you build on any other foundation, your work load becomes unbearably hard and you will break down before you succeed.

Why Jewel was right - bible talk
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