What I learned today when praying the psalms

What I learned today when praying the psalms
What I learned today when praying the psalms

This month, I’ve questioned whether somebody was trying to sabotage my life due to extremely untrue comments they had made about me to some influential people in my life, and not knowing how to delete what they said, I prayed the curses in the book of psalms over them as a way to protect my interests and that is when it happened…

While encountering some incorrect beliefs people posted online, I was filled with a deep hatred for the person who said it, a hatred that was not there before I prayed the curses in psalms and I realized what I knew before, love increased love and hatred increases hatred.

Jesus said you have heard that it has been said (In Psalms), love your friend and hate your enemy but I tell you, love your enemies that you may be the sons of your father in Heaven for he causes his sun to shine on the good and the evil and sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous, if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Do not even the pagans do that?

So I realized when an enemy mistreats me, I must pray to God for my deliverance and not for the destruction and punishment of my adversary. A lot of bad people were abused as children and need a therapist and not a parole officer or jail cell to help them understand what they did. Let God reward and punish, deliver and destroy, as he sees fit, but you are to mind your ow business and seek only your safety and your ability to protect those you love without trying to sabotage the lives of others, even if they appear to be worthy of such sabotage.

What I learned today when praying the psalms
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  • PoliteSpeaker
    You need not pray for their punishment Gods laws will do that. There is a law of cause and effect and a law of vibration. What you put out you get back and whatever vibration you are in you are attracting that to you... So they get it all back, if not from you, from somewhere else. But if you get emotional and react then you have let them take you down right with them. They are bringing themselves down and you. As soon as it happens walk away. Just walk away. Once you get emotional involved in it, it is hard to let it go. When they charge at you with all of that you have already won if you wish to think about it that way. They have made their punishment. Yes MADE. Because whatever you put out you get back at some point.
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  • Charliefretz329
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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  • ShiningWalwus
    I do not like Christianity or the Bible. It makes me sad people lean on the teachings of Christians. Truth is distorted in church
    • No dude. People are the problem. the Bible is fine. Most people have horrible interpretations of it. Jesus was the only person to have complete awareness on the nature of God. I assure you so much you think you know is completely wrong. Like praying for insistence, let's say someone is praying for a new job, they will get on there knees and pray to some god in the sky. And then after that they will be worried about getting a new job. Prayer is what occurs in-between prayers. If you understand that you have gotten it. Strings of words are not prayer. Mark 11:24 tell you how to pray correctly but most don't fully understand it because it doesn't go very deep on HOW to believe. But the verse is 100% true. It is why Jesus could do so much crazy shit. Or like how some religious people think God wants us to be poor... NO god wants us to be abundant. He wants us to be rich. He wants us to grow not go in the opposite direction. It is his very nature and how the whole universe works. Create or diSINtegrate.

  • alance99
    Thanks for sharing
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