What the bible says about unmasking

What the bible says about unmasking

The bible says not to be fear deceivers because there is no secret people try to hide that will not be revealed to the world

Years ago a sick minded person with a very high iq pretended to be virtuous and attracted a very virtuous wife with his fake personality but after sending me death threats and telling me he was going to kill me, he got a brain injury and could no longer hide his personality from his wife and she divorced him when she learned he was a psychopath, an abuser and a liar with narcissistic personality disorder and had been pretending to be a good person the entire time.

I know people in my family who made up lies about my mental and psychological health but their lies were unmasked by an extremely famous doctor we’re all friends with who said he met me and everything my parents said about me was a lie that they are using to hide their failures as a parent, so now my entire family knows that like Satan, my dad is a liar.

My mom used to make up lies about me too because she was jealous my dad loved me just as much as he loved her which is disgustingly low, and she wanted to sabotage my life in retaliation but now that my mother has Alzheimer’s her lies about me are no longer believable and her sisters and friends have lost interest in her because they realize she hates her own husband and daughter and is jealous of all other woman including her niece who used to be her only female friend that talked to her regularly.

What the bible says about unmasking
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  • Pasiton5
    That's sad and deep asked I'm sure took a lot of cottage to air here I do hope all is well now and it's behind you thank you for sharing that
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  • alance99
    Just stay positive and comfident as you are and god will take care of haters
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  • Kdizzle85
    The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself and consider the needs of others, which you do by wearing a mask to keep others and yourself safe. After all, you wouldn’t want them to die from COVID just like you wouldn’t want them to be hit by a car if they run out into the street.

    Dont overthink things.
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    • Kdizzle85

      I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions about the mask thing when you were possibly referring to a different type of unmasking unrelated to COVID 19, although that’s a hot button issue right now. Please forgive me.

  • Dinosaursandanime65
    That picture reminds me a lot of himWhat the bible says about unmasking
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    • I like your Dino pics but this looks kind of Halloween like - I prefer your robots.

    • He’s a Clash Demon. Whenever he makes a different face expression, his current face will fall off. Like a mask

  • Julious0202
    hypocrisy is a serious problem, creating a character for others while your insides are rotten