Why the bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened

Why the bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened

The bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened meaning a bad deed cannot be converted into a good one, and something that starts out bad, cannot end with good results.

A few years ago, there was a disabled girl who knew I did not like her because she had no respect for herself, or her parents, or her boyfriend, or her siblings, or God, or her body, or me. She would harass me with constant texts trying to force me to be her friend against my Will and I told her boyfriend something about her that led to him wanting to break up with her, so her attempt to force a friendship on me backfired.

I studied at the University of Toronto, which used to have an amazing reputation but a disgruntled scholar who was furious her job offer at our school had been rescinded after a notable donor to the school requested she not get hired, went on a legal and media campaign against the school both as a retaliatory act and also as a means of forcing the school to hire her against its Will. Later she got her job offer back after turning hundreds of thousands of people against the school but declined to work there, knowing she would never achieve tenure when everyone in the school hated her. Her bad act let to bad results.

It also says what is lacking cannot be numbered. The way I understand that verse is a bad deed done with good intentions cannot be counted as a good deed.

Like I had a friend who used to give me rides to the restaurant but I hated her because she would disrespect me during our conversations together, so to me, her free rides to our social events was worthless because she refused to treat me with respect. I also consider my parents love to be worthless because it is very abusive and slanderous and disrespectful and corrupt, my dad acts like he’s allowed to control every breath I take simply because he gives me money and will try to humiliate me and slander me if my tone of voice or manner is not feminine enough for him, and I hate him for not understanding I am not his property.

Why the bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened
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