One sin people often overlook

One sin people often overlook

Jesus was repetitively adamant about how important words were in determining your spiritual position in the kingdom of God

The words of the Syrian Phoenician woman altered Jesus treatment towards her daughter and made him willing to heal her affliction

The words of the lazy servant in the parable of the talents sent him to hell

The word of the faith is according to Jesus capable of moving mountains

And the word of the pharisees who blasphemed the work of God sent them to hell

One conflict I’ve had with my family is that on my dads side everybody goes through the motions of love by cooking and cleaning and helping and problem solving on behalf of each other

But there words are violent and abusive and reckless and slanderous and dishonest

You could work 14 hour days for some goal

And through irresponsible speech, make yourself unworthy of the reward you tried so hard to win for yourself

This is why we must be cautious not only of our service but also of the emotional impact and mood changes our words and emotions and social mechanisms have on those around us

Only those with gentle and gracious tongues are fit for heaven

One sin people often overlook
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  • Gravit1
    I think you catch some good points, but you miss the point in other areas. For instance you said: "The words of the Syrian Phoenician woman altered Jesus treatment towards her daughter and made him willing to heal her affliction".

    It wasn't her words and we do not alter God. It was her humbling herself before God. Words can express this, but humbling is an act. God does want us to watch what we say, but more importantly what we do or think, which is often reflected in our words. Changing words doesn't often or necessarily change our thoughts. However changing our thoughts or actions often changes our words. The Pharisees and all those who blaspheme The Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit can be done through words, but it again is often expressed through a mocking attitude/denial of the Holy Spirit's work or acts.

    So in short I agree that we should watch our mouths, but I disagree on some of your listed details and points. Also, even if we say something unwise or ungodly that does not negate the acts done through the Spirit. However Bad speech can detract from witnessing or preaching. So you bring a fair issue, just some details should be reconsidered.
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    • Gravit1

      Quick on the draw, thanks for the consideration.

  • Jjpayne
    I could not agree more! We all have to be careful with the words that we choose to speak
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • Zeus_66
    I'm not sure about all of that stuff, as I'm not up to speed on many religious topics. All I know is when I say something that makes my wife mad, she would agree that my tongue heals all wounds, if you get what I mean... 😛
  • nawtee_me
    I see no mention of a book of words. Only a book of deeds and a book of Life in Revelations 20. The Great White Throne Judgement.
  • OddBeMe
    What if we look at these words more critically than emotionally. Christians have been claiming they’re persecuted since the mount.
  • WhiteGlaze
    Truest take from the Bible I believe. Holds a lot more weight in my life
  • Wewladdy
    I don't know about gentle. We are called to be not just saints but also warriors of God. You know the verse that says "the meek shall inherit the earth?"
    The original meaning doesn't equate to what we think when reading meek. It means dangerous, strong, having the ability to cause great harm. But choosing not to (if it's avoidable) and instead using that force to protect our own people when needed.

    You're right about words and actions not matching up though. For me, it's more that I say the right things but don't do them. It's a struggle.
  • coolhandroo
    Your god sounds like an asshole. So much for all his lovr for his children. Any man who would send his child to he'll for somerhing stupid like lazy words is unfit to raise a single child and a god who would do this is unfit to worship. The bible is a note by the door from a dead beat dad thr kuran is basically low iq boiled down into violence and oppression and none of the eight armed God's have ever immpressed me enough to remember their names. The words of the wise man are truly a gift but no wise man has ever told me to speak how someine else tells me but to think for myself question everything be humble gratious and if I ever start tellimg the wise man about what the beard on the cloud thinks the wisest man of all tells me to shut the fuck up and has a sadness about the world of misguided sheep he is surrounded by