One sin people often overlook

One sin people often overlook

Jesus was repetitively adamant about how important words were in determining your spiritual position in the kingdom of God

The words of the Syrian Phoenician woman altered Jesus treatment towards her daughter and made him willing to heal her affliction

The words of the lazy servant in the parable of the talents sent him to hell

The word of the faith is according to Jesus capable of moving mountains

And the word of the pharisees who blasphemed the work of God sent them to hell

One conflict I’ve had with my family is that on my dads side everybody goes through the motions of love by cooking and cleaning and helping and problem solving on behalf of each other

But there words are violent and abusive and reckless and slanderous and dishonest

You could work 14 hour days for some goal

And through irresponsible speech, make yourself unworthy of the reward you tried so hard to win for yourself

This is why we must be cautious not only of our service but also of the emotional impact and mood changes our words and emotions and social mechanisms have on those around us

Only those with gentle and gracious tongues are fit for heaven

One sin people often overlook
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