Why you should treat everyone well, no matter what they do/did to you


I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. That's your business. This is just a suggestion to you and definitely to myself to start. Gods modus operandi needs to be known first, so let's give a little bit of that knowledge.
The law of vibration states everything moves. You live in an ocean of motion. Everything vibrates and everything vibrates on specific frequencies. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy states spirit or energy is always moving into, through, and out of form. In other words, nothing is created nor destroyed. And we will leave the other laws out for time sake.
If someone is angry with you, you're best to not get emotionally involved with them and maybe even that situation.

If something happen to you in the past, you are best to get into the habit of pushing that memory out of your conscious mind. "Let the dead bury the dead" Jesus said. If it is something that happened 3 years ago, you are most likely not the same person. You are a soul. The person you think you are is just an identity and your body is just an instrument of the mind. You can wake up with a new identity any time you want. It may take 100 days or 300 to crystalize into habit but the second you make a definite decision to be someone new you, you are that person right then and there. You may need to carry around a card to remind you to act, think, and feel like the new person you are. If you are no longer that person than you are someone else. You wouldn't be butt hurt over something someone else did in their life right? Then let go of what the person you use to be did. That's the best they knew. It is not on you, anymore, or as soon as you decide to be someone else. If it is still you then take responsible and forgive yourself. You aren't perfect but remember nobody is. Everybody has there moment, we just tend to only see our owns.

If someone is angry with you, why is it that you don't want to get emotionally involved? Because before you can give them the bad you so desperately want to unleash unto them, it must first come through you. If done you will be putting yourself in a vibration you don't want to be in. Emotion is conscious aware of vibration. There is a secondary law to the law of vibration that states you will attract more of whatever you are in vibrational harmony with. So you see there is no point in doing it. You will only get more situations that match that one. You have to be the bigger person and walk away and I promise you will be so proud of yourself for doing so. And while you're taking joy in the win over yourself, the other person is busy attracting more of the same negativity they just put out and keep holding on to. So be nice to your neighbors and all you come in contact with. Build the habit of looking for the best in everything. It'll take some time. Be easy on yourself but make up your mind you won't stop until it becomes a natural part of the way you live.

Love yourself enough to love your neighbor.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"

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Why you should treat everyone well, no matter what they do/did to you
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  • lilyanony1
    I try not to engage too much with my neighbours.
    In the uk we have social housing, own by the government.
    Unfortunately this is something I've lived in since I was a child.
    We lived in a one bedroom place my parents and I, so it was very overcrowded.

    What I'm dealing with is a financial imbalance, my neighbours live on state money and very few work.

    The worst bring all sorts round just to survive.
    It's difficult to know who's decent or who's trying to get In your pocket.
    Because right now everyone's suffering.

    That makes people think discussing others is acceptable. And in the case of social housing like this the poorest look for and seek out the one they think is the most afraid and financially sound.

    I'd never want to see anyone hurt, or starve but this country offers financial aid. I cannot help them because they invariably drag you down. What I try to do, is be pleasant with a basic hello, good morning, goodbye.

    I don't even want them helping me carry my shopping or anything.

    I've had a lot of problems here and some may even say its a racial issue.

    I'm a good person and always have been but I am trying to survive with the crap cards I've been given.
    (noone could have predicted the times we're living in now)
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  • dustybiker
    If you’d lived through, survived, what I have. It would turn that entire post upside down in your thinking. I have to be honest in that I only screened most of it, as I couldn’t stomach it.
    There are some beings (I say this as they lose the human title) in this world that do unforgivable things, and do not deserve respect nor forgiveness.
    I do hope you can hold onto that innocent thought-process for as long as possible.
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  • zeitgeist057
    I disagree, and here is why:

    Treating people well who treat others poorly is positive reinforcement of their bad behavior. If you do this, you are encouraging them to go treat other people poorly in the future because of the good results they got with you. This makes you partly responsible for encouraging them.

    Humans are social animals, and it is our responsibility to give feedback to other humans if their actions are inappropriate. It’s how we learn. People have to be taught to share, to be kind, not to be selfish assholes.
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    • dustybiker


    • YesICan


    • Apulu_3

      Sorry if my message would offend you but this is the work of karma not our. Sin doesn't counts on revenge. It is something which will stay in as even if we pay back to someone. Yes preventing it is better than doing this. If all will have thoughts like the question then one day the person would definitely feel guilty for his deeds. If we take revenge then a dark spot will stay on us. What will be the difference between the person and us? In return the person will take out his anger on us again or at someone. Revenge is a continuous cycle. If you forgive the person then you can break this hate cycle. From my perspective "Love someone so much that they can't hate you". It is okay if you think this opinion wrong I'm no one to judge you. But your answer won't change my perspective. I hope you have what I said. Again sorry if you got offended. I didn't meant it.

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  • daniiiiiiiiii
    Need help!
    I always try to treat people nicely no matter who they are and what they did. I do it so often that it has become a common practice to me. Even if someone is wrong I will be silent instead of being mad. But recently a friend of mine (who is not so same mind) and we are roommate for 6 years now is trying to convince me that i shouldn't do this. He will intentionally do things to make me mad like being rude and things like that and If I get mad it will make him happy. Don't know what to do anymore.
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    • gag2021

      I would have to politely distance myself from them if they persist.

    • Apulu_3

      You are doing a very great thing. I'm also like you. I start feeling guilty only at the thought of taking revenge so doing it is far off thing. Don't let him change you. You are going the right path.

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  • TruthBringer
    I have to disagree with this one. It's really simple: People who are deserving of respect will be treated with respect. Everyone gets the usual treatment with kindness. That is until they prove not to be worthy of it. Treating someone well is something that should be preserved for the people who are worthy of being treated well. And just like someone else here has pointed out, no point in rewarding bad behavior with kindness. That would be enabling them.
    A few days ago, my girlfriend and I were standing in a queue only to have two teenage girls trying to sneak their way infront of us. I told them that we were first in a respectable way. They decided to be rude by commenting back. With your logic, I should be kind to them. But this would only enable them. Instead, I didn't hestitate to put them in their place.

    In officer's training, someone who treats others badly (his mates or drill sergeants) will be drilled to the ground at best and thrown out of the program at worst.

    So no, I won't treat someone who treated me bad with kindness. I only reward kindness with kindess.
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  • jshm2
    You need to grow up , kiddo.

    You don't make a wolf go away, by giving it lambs.

    Treat people who are proper, well. Treat people who are shit, as they are. That's the right path. None of that bougie, new age "vibration" nonsense you're spouting.
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    • Totally agree. The vibration that you will send out if you are kind to a douchebag is the vibration of "please take more advantage of me than you already have"!

  • The_Outlaw
    I used to think as you do but to be frank, some people aren't even worth of being treated kindly or with courtesy or respect. If you repay others with cruelty, why in the hell would you want to repay them with kindness? They'll see you as nothing more than a 'weak' willed pushover that they'll only take advantage of.
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  • FatherJack
    I never mistreat anyone , unless deserved..." So be nice to your neighbors " , I avoid her on one side , you mention vibes , she is a seething cauldron of hate & negativity. I am neutral towards strangers , stony faced & unsmiling , not a people person & prefer to keep self to self , but do get your post
  • ChefPapiChulo
    While I agree with most of what you said, and this the wisest way of living. I don’t see what it has to do with the law of motion. You kind of took it out of context there but with almost everything else I agree.
    there is 0 point in staying about what someone else did. Because you become their prisoner.
  • 15_Debo
    I can't, don't, won't treat anyone well who treated me like a shit...
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  • BlacklightShade
    I have no desire to treat thieves, liars, rapists, abusers, murderers, bullies, and the willfully ignorant with kindness and compassion.
  • Moan_Chomsky
    Loving you neighbor or yourself is easy. Try loving you enemies. Its a thing I am working on- it takes enormous effort. I've managed it for my political rivals, sometimes, but not for the guy who murdered my father. I try, though. The funny thing about that is he is a Catholic, and I am a philosophical Christian (meaning 'atheist who thinks Jesus was a very good moral role model'). If I lived a few centuries ago, I would be burnt alive at the stake for having such a radical view. Go figure!
  • spookywashere
    Because Im a people pleaser and have a fear of abandonment. So even those who treat me poorly, I treat kindly to keep them around.
  • TangBang69
    The electromagnetic field is the energy field that frequencies exist within , makes all life and energy related and actually takes first place over water to make life possible. One to emit bad energy likely will intercept and recieve bad energy. Either way, bad energy is what makes good energy possible as nothing can exist without having an equal and opposite counterpart , good/bad, hot/cold, up/down, +/- etc that provides natural balance. If someone to treat others badly turns to treating them good, someone good turns to bad.
    In time, as every second ticks forward, 1 cannot come to be without -1 also coming to be, going eternally forward numbers go eternally backward into the negative. for eternity to be forever with no possible end... this is what perplexes me...
    ... there simply cannot be a beginning. The recognized symbol for infinity is indeed a loop.
  • doopayo
    I am going to have to disagree. I feel like for some reason a big chunk of us were taught treat others how you want to be treated and I know that’s good and all but tbh if someone doesn’t treat you with respect, you absolutely do not have to “be the bigger person” or treat them with any kind of respect that they didn’t earned.

    Treating others how you want to be treated even if they’re rude sounds like a good virtue but it’s really just a recipe to get walked all over for the rest of your life. It’s good to stand up for yourself and others and you can’t always be nice about it 24/7
  • exitseven
    The problem with this line of reasoning is that if you do not stand up for yourself people will always push you around.
  • Jansetta
    “Love yourself enough to love your neighbor.” My neighbor is always trying to sell me things she bought online but didn't suit her. 😒
  • lorenzomichael
    Because it's the right thing to do, and the more that don't agree is all the more reason to return kindness for unkindness. However it depends on the unkindness. kick my dog, or burn my house down?
  • veronicagirl97348
    of course if someone is mad at me i would want to at least know why. and try to resolve it and to apologize if needed. meh
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  • m33lad
    That’s loser talk! Bullies become evil because of nice guys. Who don’t stop them.
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  • gag2021
    I agree! Thanks for sharing! Life on Earth is too short to hold grudges toward anyone.
  • Babygirl_S
    I'm not strong enough to treat someone well if they treat me badly.
    • Sweety2087

      Same here especially since I found out about narcissism. I have to see my ex next month and will be cutting contact with him. People are going to go up in arms but I need to protect my energy and he just approaches me because he wants everyone to think he's a good person. While he cheated on me and then smeared my name from the start of the relationship until now.

    • @Sweety2087 @Sweety2087 The chances you ex is a narcissist is very, VERY low. Less than 1% of the population qualifies; and just about everybody thinks at least one ex of theirs is a narcissist. It is largely a bogeyman- something we use to devalue folks when they don't meet our emotional needs. It is very common for both partners to claim the other is a narcissist when they break up. We may be on different "wavelengths" though, and "vibrating poorly". The OP, too. The Law of Vibration or Attraction or what-have-you are useful metaphors perhaps, but on a philosophical level more than anything else. Everybody is the bad guy/girl in somebody else's story.

  • kingz96
    Wow this is amazing, you’re amazing for taking the time to type it.
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  • supercutebutt
    Even Trumptards?
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  • dudewithnoname
    Practice what you preach…
  • Grubhub
    That’s the truth
  • Anonymous
    My friends will tell you, I was always the last holdout in treating someone they no longer wanted to deal with or be friends with well because I always felt maybe there was something more in that person or they could change or circumstances, blah, blah. Now as I get older, I'm less about keeping people around and 100% about surrounding myself with people in my life that care that I or others have feelings, that are respectful, loving, caring, and kind. I don't need people that don't get that because they are literally wasting my time on earth. You give people a chance, you start with an attitude of "let them show me who they are," and if that's good, you continue to hopefully treat each other well, but if they are toxic nightmares, move on or try to give them a chance IF they are showing any sort of inkling that they are aware that their behaviors are toxic and are trying to change, but otherwise, spend your energy elsewhere.