Why you should treat everyone well, no matter what they do/did to you


I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. That's your business. This is just a suggestion to you and definitely to myself to start. Gods modus operandi needs to be known first, so let's give a little bit of that knowledge.
The law of vibration states everything moves. You live in an ocean of motion. Everything vibrates and everything vibrates on specific frequencies. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy states spirit or energy is always moving into, through, and out of form. In other words, nothing is created nor destroyed. And we will leave the other laws out for time sake.
If someone is angry with you, you're best to not get emotionally involved with them and maybe even that situation.

If something happen to you in the past, you are best to get into the habit of pushing that memory out of your conscious mind. "Let the dead bury the dead" Jesus said. If it is something that happened 3 years ago, you are most likely not the same person. You are a soul. The person you think you are is just an identity and your body is just an instrument of the mind. You can wake up with a new identity any time you want. It may take 100 days or 300 to crystalize into habit but the second you make a definite decision to be someone new you, you are that person right then and there. You may need to carry around a card to remind you to act, think, and feel like the new person you are. If you are no longer that person than you are someone else. You wouldn't be butt hurt over something someone else did in their life right? Then let go of what the person you use to be did. That's the best they knew. It is not on you, anymore, or as soon as you decide to be someone else. If it is still you then take responsible and forgive yourself. You aren't perfect but remember nobody is. Everybody has there moment, we just tend to only see our owns.

If someone is angry with you, why is it that you don't want to get emotionally involved? Because before you can give them the bad you so desperately want to unleash unto them, it must first come through you. If done you will be putting yourself in a vibration you don't want to be in. Emotion is conscious aware of vibration. There is a secondary law to the law of vibration that states you will attract more of whatever you are in vibrational harmony with. So you see there is no point in doing it. You will only get more situations that match that one. You have to be the bigger person and walk away and I promise you will be so proud of yourself for doing so. And while you're taking joy in the win over yourself, the other person is busy attracting more of the same negativity they just put out and keep holding on to. So be nice to your neighbors and all you come in contact with. Build the habit of looking for the best in everything. It'll take some time. Be easy on yourself but make up your mind you won't stop until it becomes a natural part of the way you live.

Love yourself enough to love your neighbor.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"

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Why you should treat everyone well, no matter what they do/did to you
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