What I believe the most common sin is - It’s not what you think

What I believe the most common sin is - It’s not what you think

If you ask me what the most common sin is, I would say it’s slander and wrongful accusation. I had Christians Unfriend me for “supporting terrorism “because I criticized a Christian politician for promoting Christianity on an Anti-Islamophohia website because she was indirectly suggesting the other group was backward, the person who I friended me falsely accused me in their mind, thinking I was bad for suggesting Muslims deserved to be treated with respect.

I had a guy harass me for 8 hours on Facebook and make up lies about my personality because I criticized Donald Trump and said I did not want him in power, his philosophy was, Trump represented Christian values because he hated Muslims, or pretended to hate Muslims to get votes.

I had people avoiding me for social interaction cause I told some unusual stories about my life and they thought I was lying. I had Christians ban me from their church parties saying I was lazy and selfish because I would avoid doing homework due to anxiety issues and nervous break downs at school (during my first attempt at a degree). I had Christians ghost me cause they heard lies about me from friends who were angry I rejected their offers to date me after they gave me rides him or spent money on me and even now 18 years later, people are still hating on me because they believe the lies of my stalker who tried to rape me when I was 20 years old. He had a very good reputation so everybody believed him when he made up lies about me after his attempted rape and murder did not work.

What I believe the most common sin is - It’s not what you think
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  • alance99
    I agree with you
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  • Cherry234
    I feel you. There was a guy on here who implied that I support incest because I don't consider it incest to want to date or be in a relationship with step siblings. He wants nothing to do with me. He said in his own words he's not sorry and I should never have anything to do with him. He said he doesn't tolerate sin in any regard because he's a "child of God." Yeah, right. Sounds hypocritical to me. So I blocked him
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  • PinkPeach

    Typically speaking, your average pro-choice member of the public will say, and probably believe, that the baby being removed is just a clump of cells or just a clump of fetal tissues. What does it actually look like?

    As early as an abortion can be performed, the baby has to be reconstructed to be certain that it is all there. Now, think about that. Six weeks, they have to be sure that the little head is there, and that the little limbs are there. Yes, they may be paraffin-like, but they’re there, translucent, but they’re there–and you have to check. And as they get older and larger of course, muscle structure is much stronger, but at every level you have to be certain that every baby’s body part has been removed. And when they’re twelve weeks old, you reconstruct them. You reconstruct a baby and leave it on an under-pad right there to be certain that you got it all.

    What was it like to actually see a baby after an abortion?

    They’re always destroyed, the baby’s body parts are always destroyed. Unless they’re a second or third trimester abortion, then they’re so strong they won’t come apart.
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  • horsenrhinounicorn
    For the world in general: Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh or the pride of life

    Watched the commercial, Coveted the product, purchased it, hid it from everyone and used it for themself.

    First it comes as something someone captures the senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, etc

    Then a choice/reaction such as pursue or depart

    For self use or for selfless use
  • HighValue
    False accusation has to do with something that has penalties/legal consequences.
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  • DJB72
    Original sin was "it's not my fault - it's hers/the snake's". Passing the buck.

    Look at scripture. Eve didn't sin. God told Adam not to eat the fruit of knowledge. Adam told Eve just touching it would result in death. Exaggeration of God's command let Satan get the lie in - because Eve was deceived already.

    When she ate it there was nothing. Death entered when Adam ate.

    The most common sin is passing the buck instead of repentance.

    That's my thoughts anyway, for what it's worth.
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  • austinjhonny
    i agree with you,
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  • Jouth
    well what if it is
  • Anonymous
    Muslim here, I agree but I blame it on the people for being ignorant. I feel you, it sucks when someone is misrepresented. Also how can a church kick you out? Never understood that.
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