Why all that glitter isn’t gold

Why all that glitter isn’t gold

When I was in university during my first attempt a degree (I left and returned at 27), I had a whole crowd of people around me who pretended to love and care about me to boost their reputation since I was always asking questions about God. One girl told everybody I said I hated her after she told me she would die for me, but she would brag to my face about how she refused to treat me with respect because I did not deserve it and she did not want to lower her social value by respecting somebody who she felt was lower than her.

Another guy told everybody he spent over an hour a day praying for me, but he lied and said I was easy even though I had never been on a date at the time and even though his best friend was stalking me, he told me I was so ugly that even if I was perfect like Jesus, only 2% of guys would date somebody who looked like me. He also told me I was mentally ill because I based on my romantic interests on character and not on physical attraction, which he thought was the craziest thing in the world. I was in love with a guy at the time who was angry at me, saying I had dozens of people who loved and cared about me when other people had no one.

I knew another guy that I thought was popular due due to deceit, I did not like him or respect him because he seemed like a pathological liar to me but I assumed other people liked him cause he always had an endless supply of money which he says came from his public speaking engagements and lectures so I assumed others could not tell he was a liar, the way I could. Today he had an engagement party, invited over 80 people on Facebook and only one RSVP’d that they would show up, not sure whether it was his sister or his fiancé or his employee that RSVP’d to come. I was expecting at least 40-60 people to come and bring their wives or husbands and families and only one person did.

The fact is, most of the people who look popular are simply good at hiding their enemies from you. Nobody has time for 1000 friends and most friends are just “hi,” and “bye,” photo huggers. Not actual friends. As an example, I knew a guy who appeared to have over 1800 close friends and when I posted his name online saying he was sending me death threats, not a single person flagged my post.

Why all that glitter isn’t gold
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  • Elladice
    Smiles... I guess it's because not only gold has the ability to glitter
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  • exitseven
    I just concentrate on the 2 or 3 good fiends I have.
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  • 15_Debo
    LOL because platinum, silver, copper
    all these shine, but they are not gold...
    plus there are craft glitters and sequins
    they also glitter...

    I know its just a funny explanation🙄
  • silkjames
    It's one of those days I see. Trust me I vent all the time that's what I like about this app just be u speak your mind!! And I understand what u are saying I always stayed away from peeps like that when i was in college if someone did not get my polite hint to leave me alone then I was more direct in my words. but I can't stand fake conflicts/drama specially the nonsense ones. I did my 4 years and kept it moving through life like always do but I understand what u mean. just don't let other people nonsense affect you just keep thinking about the things that matter too u 🥰
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