Why you need God to protect you and can’t do it yourself

Why you need God to protect you and can’t do it yourself

The bible teaches that when you try to treat people fairly, that God takes care of your interests and when you are consistent in your devotion to God, God guards your character.

In the last two years since getting laid off from work, there were multiple times where the right choice seemed like the wrong choice and the wrong choice seemed like the right choice. But, by seeking and accepting God’s guidance, I rejected the choices God told me to reject and pursued the choices God told me to pursue.

In the past few weeks along, I was presented with options where I went against everything my knowledge and training had told me to follow and do. It turned out, that the right choice was going against my previous training and skilled sets. At the time, I could not have possibly known that the correct choice consisted of making decisions that I considered to be stupid and irrational but I followed the path I thought I was called to do and it turned out that those were the correct choices after all.

I wrote a note in my journal recently that our knowledge is always limited because we are not God. The smartest person in the world can only see part of the picture and not the whole thing. This is why, it’s important to rely on God, if you want to make sure your choices are correct. God sees things in your situation that you do not.

As Bill Gates said, maximizing your chances does not guarantee success.

Why you need God to protect you and can’t do it yourself
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  • Anonymous
    We do the best we can, but there are many things that are beyond our control.
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  • fucallnighr
    I give everything to GOD
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  • Iknowbestgirls
    No maximizing your chances does not guarantee success but nothing is ever guaranteed in this world except death and taxes. But maximizing you chances certainly does increase your odds of success and that's what's important.

    It's impossible to know the whole picture. But if you can't rely on your own experiences you certainly cannot rely on a book that was written 80years after the death of Jesus Christ. By people that never met him.

    Also treating people fairly simply so that you are favored by your god is extremely selfish. 🤢🤮
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Sorry I don't subscribe to your religious beliefs. I don't need any God to protect me.
  • Exxon
    Do you believe in god?
    • Yes I do

    • Exxon

      sometimes I don't.. Due to the fact that so many bad things happening in this world, why god letting them? to see people suffering?

    • He rewards the suffering after people die

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  • Better_off_here
    i could not say it any better myself.
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  • Sualina
    I don't need God, bye
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  • ImmortalHanma
    God doesn’t even have guns tf