How I dealt with my depression mid week

How I dealt with my depression mid week

Earlier this week I wasn’t feeling close to God and was also a little depressed one day because I felt like I had failed to carve a place for myself that was significant and highly esteemed. Two things that helped me was that I realized my distance from God was due to disobedience and not a lack of commitment to my religious faith.

Secondly, I realized I needed to serve a cause that was higher than myself and bigger than who I was if I wanted to reset my purpose in life. Reading and seeing photos of Bill Gates daughter riding horses motivated me to schedule more exercise into my dates and I realize I was depressed because I had starved myself of higher inspiration.

I believe one of many reasons children are so happy is that they view everything they encounter as higher than themselves. It’s impossible to be happy if you believe your the top dog. Happiness involves worship and appreciation or admiration and respect.

How I dealt with my depression mid week
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