What God taught me about Submission this week

What God taught me about Submission this week

I struggled with jealousy for a few years when people achieved many times more than what I had and got attention and respect from all the people who would not give me the time of day and I realized something this week: God was allowing people to step on me, because he wanted to cure me of egotism. Jesus broke the bread which he said was his body, and He told us to break our bread in remembrance of him.

What I learned by reading about that, is that you can’t succeed until you are willing to sacrifice your comfort and happiness and ego, to let others excel above you and be happy, comfortable and successful at your expense. Just like the mustard seed that must die before it can grow into a tree that bears many seeds, so you must sacrifice your own rights and comforts for others, before you can find happiness, after you have helped others achieve their happiness.

A quote from a drug dealer to another drug dealer in a movie I watched was “Listen, there is no right or wrong in this business, there is just survival and death, win or lose.” Like the dealer, you must focus on service and not on rights and entitlements because you don’t want what you deserve, nobody does, we all deserve punishment. When you sacrifice your ego, the way Jesus sacrificed his comfort and dignity, you birth the path to your own greatness, but first, you must pave the way for others.

What God taught me about Submission this week
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    Truly inspiring. Always love your takes.
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