What I learned from the sheep and the goats

What I learned from the sheep and the goats

The sheep behaves like a hired nurse or customer service agent, he fulfills his humanitarian duty towards the needy among people and is polite and civil to the jerk that is blowing up his phone and being rude, or the stutterer who can teach him nothing while the goat is too vain and obsessed with his own beauty to care about those on the outskirts of God’s kingdom. The sheep focuses on the beauty of God, while the goat focuses on his own beauty.

So, the servant based Christian, spends his time worshiping God’s love and sacrificing his wool for the community. While the self-glorified Christian spends his time parading his own ego and worshiping God’s wrath. The sheep is merciful and accepts his own ignorance about the value or worthlessness of others, treating every stranger with concern, while the goat, cares only for others like himself, and uses his master only for personal gain, and believes he is superior to all others.

The sheep is the quiet factory worker who barely talks while the goat is the millionaire televangelist or talk show prophet who drinks champagne and has plastic surgery.

What I learned from the sheep and the goats
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  • loves2learn
    People’s true intentions are not always immediately apparent but in time they become clear.
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  • Anonymous
    Very nice
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  • madgoat
    Don't dis the goat, dude :-)
    For fun, I might define them as:
    The goat has his own autonomy to define his path.
    The sheep merely follows a path defined by others.
  • Seangreen
    The sheep follow blindly, the goat walks their own path. The bible is better at teaching compliance rather than what our creator would desire. Men wrote the book not God. Real knowledge of spirit comes from within not from outside.
  • purplepoppy
    So basically your telling people it's better to be a goat because they'll be rich and successful.
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  • zagor
    Why would you think that goats think highly of themselves? Or that sheep happily grow their wool for humans?
  • OddBeMe
    Both are easily shepherded…like religionists.