What the very rich understand that others do not

What the very rich understand that others do not

When Bill Gates was the richest man in the world, he made the commitment to only leave his kids with ten million each upon his death. Warren Buffet’s wife was worth ten billion and did the same, leaving each child only ten million when she died, and each grand child $100,000.

What people like Bill Clinton’s PhD daughter understand is that work is not a curse, it’s a gift. Without struggle and fight and hard work, sustainable happiness is impossible, and this is why many children with billionaire parents end up depressed, addicted to drugs or suicidal.

Without fight and struggle and deprivation, nothing gets appreciated. I actually read the children of poor parents were happier than the children of rich parents; because their emotional lives are richer and their imagination gives them the ability to appreciate the many things that their parents buy them while a rich child, doesnnot absorb their gifts at an emotional level.

Jesus said, lives are determined by our connection with God, and not just by the physical conditions that keeps us alive and that hoarding wealth, when you don’t have the time to appreciate it, isn’t just foolish, but deadly, since it destroys your spiritual connection with God and the Salvation he offers.

Just look at Jennifer Gates. Do you think she would have become a professional horse trainer and Stanford doctor, if she believed she would inherit 30 billion after her dad died? She might have but it’s also possible she would be focused on manicures and plastic surgery, and endless fashion and clothing. Look at Chaz Bono and his obese body to get an idea of what life is like when you have money, no responsibility, and little attention from your parents or care givers.

What the very rich understand that others do not
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  • BloJo
    There are three institutions that God gave to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that we still have today. All three are corrupted because of sin, but are inherently perfect. Marriage, Worship, and Work. God put Adam in the Garden to work the Garden. That is why we need to work, it is what we were formed to do.
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  • Aerissa_Jade
    Through out history, children who inherit fortunes often waste it away. Might take a few generations but it happens.

    Free stuff has little value to someone who did not have to work for it. Those who worked for it, understand its value the best.
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  • Xtcy2083
    "Without struggle and fight and hard work, sustainable happiness is impossible..."
    That's not true. The path to happiness will be different for each and every one of us, and there is no guaranteed way to achieve it if that's your goal. We're individuals, there's no magic formula for happiness.
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  • exitseven
    I agree with this. I had a hard time getting through college, mostly because of lack of finances and I really wanted to give my kids a better experience which I did. I guess they had a more traditional experience but do not have the same appreciation that I do.
  • doopayo
    God really didn’t like the rich though. That’s why the Bible says it’s harder for a rich person to get into heaven than a point one
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    • ZackBan

      It was the church who didn't like the rich because they wanted their money. Money is a human construct God has nothing to do with it if you're rich and decent no one will count your possessions in purgatory

    • doopayo

      Jesus condemned the rich

    • doopayo

      That’s what I meant

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  • Y2KxD
    I want to give my kids with more than what I'm left with. If I was a billionaire, I'd still have my kids work, but I'd also leave them my billions, granted they did work. With that amount of money, you can find projects you really wish to.
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  • zagor
    Yeah I met a friend of a friend who was in his twenties (at the time) and was getting 80K a year from family trust. He was a worthless lump.
  • koolbrz
    What if they are using loopholes to avoid taxes? Inheriting billions would be a lot of taxes
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  • malwins
    well u wouldn't think she would wait all this time for inheritance