A Cold Hard Truth I Learned From God this Year

A Cold Hard Truth I Learned From God this Year

One thing God forced me to accept is that a lot of people are going to avoid me because I follow God.

I had disabled girls reject me because I was too intelligent for then.

I had cynical people reject me because I was too optimistic for them.

I had secular people reject me because I was too religious for then.

I had liberal people reject me for being too conservative.

I had simple people reject me for being too complex.

I had fake people reject me for being too honest.

It hurts when you invest 2 or 4 weeks into a friendship and get ghosted.

I would say I got rejected by over 80% of the people I tried to be friends with in 2020 and 2021.

But God is a jealous God and will sabotage friendships He does not want me to have.

A Cold Hard Truth I Learned From God this Year
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  • captain_voidwalker
    The righteous path is seldom the easy path, but it is always the most rewarding
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  • collie22
    Christians will always attract the fiery darts of Satan
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  • Eeyore18
    For a while I have seen your posts and skipped right through them. And recently I had a great break in my mind and in my heart. I wanted nothing more than to have time stop so that I could be alone for eternity in peace. And then I decided to pick up the book that I was given several months ago. I put on some soft gentle music and started reading the first chapter. The book brought me more peace than the 19 years I've been alive. Just in that 15-30 minute time period, I felt as calm as I have ever been. As if time had stopped moving and I was in eternity. I've been pushing aside what God wants with me and been focusing on what I want. What are my desires? What are my goals? It's NOT about me! It's about God. What does he want for me? What are the goals he's given me? I hope to find out my purpose for this life.

    The book I picked up is called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

    I hope to see more of your posts on the Bible. I don't want to push it aside anymore. I need this in my life and I can't run away from it. Otherwise, I'll be even more broken than when I found it. Even though I've gone to church my whole life, nothing has made so much sense to me as these things.
  • emperor90
    Well actually god is not like that
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  • BestWoman
    If you want a true friend, God is enough.
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  • bintu_hajia
    God is everything...
  • Anonymous
    Its too bad you are sacrificing your social life on an alter of mythology. Fairy tales aren't real.
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