The importance of religion for successful people

The importance of religion for successful people

I find, it is essential that successful people adopt a humanitarian cause or a religious pursuit to avoid being contaminated by a faulty sense of self-entitlement. A person, must always seek to challenge themselves and aim higher, no matter how much they have achieved and they must always look to things higher than where they are.

I know virtually ever high status woman in my family who was born rich is either divorced or never married due to the fact, they grew up with a corrupted version of the world, a fantasy reality where money grows on trees and blessings come without humility and sacrifice and work.

The bible says those who are rich but don’t work, will lose their riches before they die. I’ve seen it happen to people who had a false sense of entitlement. Some are still rich in the physical sense, but are suffering diseases or trapped in abusive marriages or suffering mental illness or friendless.

The importance of religion for successful people
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  • Massageman
    Thanks for the post. You are correct!
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  • Citizenkirk
    The world 🌎🌍🌏🌐 owes me everything 🤯 what are you telling me, I'm not the center of the universe 🧐 mean right Galileo
  • slatyb
    I live in a city full of happy, successful non-religious people. The whole high-tech world is almost entirely non-religious.
  • najekim
    Sorry, but religious dogma had nothing to do with how well off we are nowadays. Hard work and belief in myself got me here.
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  • emperor90
    Not for everyone it is not
  • jackiechanfan
    yes this is true
  • Anonymous
    Eh, some of the most entitled people I've ever met went by reverend or paraded around their religiosity.
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