What the bible taught me about the purpose of life

What the bible taught me about the purpose of life

Before I became a Christian I thought I had two purposes in life: To glorify myself and to experience sensory happiness, I loved Burger King and McDonalds and Pink Lunch Boxes and Cartoons and Books About Popular Girls and Good Looking Guys.

Now I know life is about serving God and glorifying His name and reputation rather than my own. So I’ve stopped seeking validation and praise from human beings, And I try to not be proud or egocentric when I deal with people, and not demand all the praise for myself.

What the bible taught me about the purpose of life
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  • Shy80sgirl
    I think it is admirable to not glorify yourself, regardless of religious beliefs. When selflessness permeates even a small group of people, the world becomes a little bit happier. This is a very simple opinion, I know. I don’t feel the need to dive into various beliefs systems at all. Kudos to you and anyone who puts other’s happiness first
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  • emperor90
    It is good i guess
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  • collie22
    for me it's be a good person do the right thing and don't cut corners or we could say do things God's way do good works and repent :)
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