What God taught me about being single and unattached

What God taught me about being single and unattached

My biggest lesson from the Lord these last 3 years has been trust.

In 2020, God taught me to trust Him with my self esteem

In 2021, God taught me to trust Him with my money

In 2022, God is telling me, to trust God with my future marriage

I don’t know where to meet guys, or who in my circle would be faithful and willing, which Guy could give me healthy kids, whether God wants me to have kids, how many changes I have to make to get the guy and which changes will not be beneficial, how I can even date when I don’t have a car, which people are trustworthy and which ones are lying

And when I tried to cry over unfulfilled goals, God wiped my tears away, so I will trust God with my love life, let God choose my husband by sabotaging the connections He does not approve of, and binding the connections He does approve of, and let God work in His time.

What God taught me about being single and unattached
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  • corejjx

    We call it all you write it down "destiny"

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  • Whatever2929292


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  • Dinosaursandanime65

    Oh, yes. Reading that made me feel better. Thank God, literally, one of the last remaining normal AND good people and this potentially beautiful planet who’s people made look very bad. Though, it’s kind of inevitable. It was always going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Religious or Not, humans tend to worry. It kicks in to over drive and makes us productive or it kicks in and distracts us making us exhausted and feeling a failure. Humans think! What does God say about your “worry” and about “accepting yourself as you are” ?
    We are not obligated to marry, pair up with someone or have kids - be kinds to yourself.