What trusting God means at its highest degree

What trusting God means at its highest degree

I believe trusting in God means investing your emotions and thoughts to God and not making assumptions about people.

I was offended when a lady that I believed disliked me did not give me a link to a digital zoom event for a friend who was hosting the event.

Later I found out the event was cancelled because somebody caught covid. I did not know about this and held a grudge against the woman for not inviting me to the event when I was a member of the community she was in.

I also know at 23 I almost dated a guy but accused him of lying when he said he was going to Brazil immediately after our hang out and he decided I was unstable from the many messages I sent him and ghosted me. I later saw his profile online and realized he had vacation photos from Brazil.

And I can think of times where I got offended at a guy for asking me why I believed God wanted to heal my sickness and later he told me he asked me that cause his aunt had suffered severe tribulation for years and years and no doctor came to cure her.

Trusting in God means not jumping to conclusions and letting God handle all unknown matters beyond what you can control with your own effort and skill.

What trusting God means at its highest degree
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