Do you ever wonder what's the point?

Have you ever wondered if life itself was just like a road everyone was walking on and death itself was the finish line? Like there's more to the picture than this and life was only the meaningless gesture between you and the truth path at heart. I don't mean like a heaven where only good souls go. I mean like life is merely a meaningless thought with no real purpose and the feeling of those that have died were the real one's who got their true break? Doesn't ever the thought of working hard and earning a good life just to watch it fade in the end ever make you fell there's no point to it to begin with? Or when others die earlier than you expected that it was meant to happen like maybe none of us was supposed to exist in the first place?

Sort of like if you read the bible and eve never ate the apple and followed God's rule from the get go how would things be different? Would we all still be here? Or if we were even supposed to be here. Or maybe there was no God at all and we just accidentally came into existence making our existence here with no real point?

Time, Money, Sex, Eating, Sleeping, Working, carrying on and on til the next day and the next day and the next day. Creating new memories just for it to become past distant memories to be forgotten. We love, we hate, we hurt, we feel good. Til in the end it's all just over.

You ever thought what's the point?
Do you ever wonder what's the point?
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