Can I get a nose job even though I'm catholic?

Ok so my nose isn't abnormal but it's ugly. It ruins about 80% of my face. If I had a different nose I would at least look decent.
I can't find love because of the way I look, people have told me before that I'm ugly and guys have rejected me because I'm not pretty enough. Also my sister looks like the opposite of me and guys always look at her.
I just want to be loved and happy with myself. I feel so ugly that I don't even go outside nor do I even want my own mom to see my face because I'm so ashamed of it. Also yesterday I was supposed to be happy go shopping for some birthday money I got but I saw my sister and instantly went to the public bathroom and cried for the rest of the day.
I don't want to see "you'll find a guy that loves you for your personality" or something like that. Just so you know it's not comforting and it doesn't give one hope.
I appreciate people being nice but this is not the time for lies, I genuinely want to know wether I can get a nose job.
Getting a nose job when I'm older would definitely change my life.
Can I get a nose job even though I'm catholic?
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