GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?

GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?

I created my account a month ago and only yesterday did I actually become active on the site. Within the past 24 hours I have noticed a huge problem a vast majority of the users face- they stereotype to no end.

I can't tell you how many posts I've seen that lump certain groups of people together and give them all uniformally the same traits. Some examples?

- The pretty girl: Wants nothing more then to be with 'bad guys' and leave the 'good guys' in the dust. Often promiscuous and cold hearted.

GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?

- The good guy: Ugly as shit, doesn't get any female attention, is fed up with love

GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?

- The feminist: Promiscuous slut that hates all men and wants to be the dominant gender

GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?

These are just a few of the stereotypes I see floating around. People are often complaining about these people or making themselves the poor victim. Why? What makes you think that everyone who loosely fits into one of these labels automatically has to act that way?

Most of my frustration comes from when other people judge others based only off of their stereotype and assumptions but not off of their own personality. One of the most common situations is found between the 'good guy' and 'pretty girl'. On here, and many other forums on the internet, you will find a guy, who claims to be a good guy, going on and on about how pretty girls only want to be with good looking guys, or rich guys, and get dates frequently, and dont even notice them. Then, 8/10, the 'nice guy' will start insulting women for this reason. And they wonder why women dont want to be with them.

Do they not realize that women don't owe them every ounce of affection and attention and might have a type? You can bet that the 'nice guy' has a type too. Often they are so disillusioned that they don't even realize that they aren't really nice guys. If you truly were a 'nice guy' then why are you insulting women? Just because someone doesn't want to be or isn't attracted to you sexually with you doesn't you have the right to insult them.

This is only one exampling of stereotyping found commenly on here. I really wish that people would treat everyone as individuals and view them as such instead of quickly jumping to conclusions based on outlandish stereotypes.

GaG and Stereotyping- Is it a Problem?
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  • goflipaburger

    yeah, there's a lot of self-victimization without political purpose or insight. the stereotypes that people aggressively uphold here are used as a means to deflect any actual thought. it's easier to blame a problem they're experiencing (like being single, feeling rejected, or not being able/willing to understand complex political theories) on a stereotype instead of addressing the problem or making any changes within themselves.

    most people will grow out of it, i think. we all go through phases, I guess.

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    • SilenRose

      I'm beginning to doubt some of these guys will grow out of it. -_-

Most Helpful Guy

  • Michael-in-SC

    Yes, I agree. I'm very close to deactivating my account. This site has become a trash heap of late.

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  • ThisDudeHere

    I'm not saying stereotyping is good but then again every stereotype arose for a reason...

  • Pedantic

    A lot of members of the site know eachother. Some of the judgements are not without prior experience.

    There is of course a lot of judging outside this framework going on too. I think most are after amazon cards than giving people a proper wrap.

  • bryon

    I have to agree with you on this. After being here for the better part of a year , this situation does seem to run rampant ; not everyone is of such a small mind set but a huge percentage are.

  • YourFutureEx

    The bad thing is, you stated encountering these things in first month. I took four months. Maybe it's because this place is changed.

  • MDSone

    I think that you present a valid point. People tend to generalize because it is easier to deal with putting things into categories. I would say that for the most part what you wrote is correct. However, I do not want to generalize so I won't agree totally. :-)

  • allnite69withme

    Remember that you are on a site where anyone can post. If you read a good number of posts, you will find that although some are well thought out, far too many are incredibly ignorant. What you will need to do is learn to simply ignore then and put their stupidity out of mind. You will find others with whom you can relate and others who may actually help. Do not mistake this site for professional help.
    You are right - no matter how much our government preaches tolerance and acceptance, the schools train ignorance and, with ignorance comes all kinds of small-minded thought.

  • sp33d

    First world problems: there is actually no problem, but I'm bored so let's have a little controversy to spice it up.

  • Octavius

    The key to using this site is don't enter a question that looks like it's just going to be someone complaining.

  • Ihav2fart

    They want the good guys who give off a bad boy vibe. One who looks like they'll kick your ass, but really wouldn't hurt a fly.

    • Tromba

      No, more like a guy who is capable of kicking ass if ass kicking is called for but who doesn't do it unless he has to. A lot of women want dober-man, a guy who is dangerous to others but a devoted and affectionate doggy to them

  • LightUp

    Basically everything you see on social media XD

  • Anonymous

    "Most of my frustration comes from when other people judge others based only off of their stereotype and assumptions but not off of their own personality." .. like yourself you mean?

    • What I'm doing here is taking stereotypes, putting them in theoretical situations, and addressing them as a stereotype. I am not claiming that everyone fits one of these stereotypes. Im simply taking these stereotypes and breaking them down and showing how they are flawed. Looking back, perhaps there was a better way of showing this, but my viewpoint isn't completely skewed.

    • Anonymous

      I am not saying your viewpoint is skewed, I am simply saying they seems a bit stereotypical to me.