What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

I am from the south... specifically Georgia. As most people in the U.S. know, there is a huge snow storm happening in the east. Everyone is talking about shoveling snow for the weekend and 18 inches of snow. 18 inches! What?! That is unheard of down here! Subtract seventeen and you got the amount I usually see a year, if that. Here is what I think of when I think of snow, and how I would feel if I went up north.

What it's like to be a southerner in the snow

How cold? You're serious...?

The cold is wicked down here, but not really. The weather can go from 75 degrees F and sunny to 31 in a day. We had summer heat thunderstorm, snow, rain while completely sunny, and hail within two weeks last year. It's quite common for that type of weather in January through March when the weather is still in the New Years hangover.

I start to shake and my teeth start to chatter at 35-40 degrees F. We can't handle the cold very well. I play varsity tennis and we play in winter- spring. My hands get so number from the weather under 40 degrees that I can't even hold the tennis racket correctly. The girls who aren't playing form a huddle to stay warm against the wind. We sell hand warmers to each other instead of drugs!

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

Snow! It's snowing!

Sitting in class and looking out the window to see a snow flake is like seeing an angel. The entire class including the teacher is plastered against the window watching those rare little snow flakes fall to the ground. Usually, the teacher lets us go outside and stand in the flurry for about five minutes. Senior or freshman, the excitement is at the same level of off the charts. Once the first snowflake falls, everything turns to chaos with phones out rapidly texting others "Do you see it?! It's snowing!" "School is out!" "Oh my gosh! There's white specks falling from the sky!" "Get the trash bags, garbage can lids, and boogie boards! We're going sledding!!" It's a huge deal. If I ever dated a guy from the north, all he would have to do is show me the snow and Id be like a kid in a candy store and putty in his hands. Id most likely freak out and throw snowballs until summer came.

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

Go go go... To the store!

If your even hear a word that sounds like snow, RUN to the store. The shelves are most likely already half destroyed and the lines are a mile long. If snow and ice are involved, you will be stuck at the house for a day or two and heaven forbid you run out of milk and bread! I'm not even embarrassed to say my pantry and fridge are stocked with the snow and ice coming even though it's such a small amount that you could hold it in your hand. People are really nice down here and love to socialize and get to know complete strangers, but when the 'S' word (snow) is used, get out of my way, or I will run you over! People turn vicious at the stores. You wanted that last 1%? Yeah right, go find a cow slow poke!

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

A snow flake? Shut the world down!

Yes. We freak out and literally shut the state down when we hear the word snow. The school systems get scared and will cancel at the potential of snow, even if it's just an inch. Yesterday(Friday) my high school was let out two hours early to get home and prepare for the snow that would happen seven hours later. Georgia shut down in 2014 from two inches of snow. My normal fifteen minute drive home from school turned into three hours because of sliding cars and wrecks. Busses were ditched on the side of the rode and kids walked home (5-10 miles). But hey! Upside is we get MANY snow days!- most of the time it doesn't even snow!

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

What's the real reason for snow days?...ICE ICE BABY

Unfortunately, the snow in itself does little to get us snow days. Whenever it snows or drops below 32 degrees, the dreaded word 'ice' comes to mind. This is the scariest word in winter for drivers. In seventh grade, my bus got stuck on black ice miles from my neighborhood. I was stuck on that overcrowded bus with kids in all different stages or anger or fear for five to six hours. The bus driver refused to let us call our parents or even use our phones. Some kids fell asleep and others turned on the same songs and started dancing, singing, and rocking the bus until we were told to turn out phones off. Only the guys were able to get off to go to the bathroom. We made the news. I got home at eleven o'clock at night and was still forced to go to school the next day because the ice melted. Like I said, ice is a nightmare and no one handles it right. Whenever it snows, the ground is first covered in an icy slush before a thin layer of snow and to top it off, a thin sheet of ice on top. Very dangerous and painful to walk on. Another reason is that we have NOTHING to clear the snow. We have a lot of salt and a couple of snow plows and that's it!

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

Snow.... Natures gift that people actually want!

As much as people freak out about snow, we really do love it. I love snow and would love to see more snow than just ankle height. Snow is so beautiful and fun. I love snowmen even if they might have a red or muddy color from the clay and dirt. Golf course hills and the street hills turn into the biggest races of the year.

There's a creek in the woods that freezes over that I go to. It's right at the bottom of the big hill. Upper classman and college kids build ramps and sled down the hill to launch themselves across the creek and let me just say, those competitions got intense. When racing, always shove the other guy into the creek and hope you are able to make it over.

I also remember standing on the round part of the creek that froze over with a friend. The frozen tree branches bent over our head for us to hang onto and we walked across. The last snow storm, the ice didn't hold and I fell into the middle, about thigh deep. I had to pull myself out, but the water didn't feel cold to me at all(probably a bad sign). I couldn't feel the cold. My friend got concerned and made me walk half a mile home and shoved me in the shower to warm up even though I wasn't bothered by trhe frigid water. I wanted to stay out and continue with the fun!

You also meet new people to hang out with and become friends. I have friends that I call my "snow friends" that I call up whenever it snows. It's also a great time to put in a movie, get hot chocolate, pop the popcorn, and cuddle up under blankets at night after a long day of continual playing around outside.

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow

What is your winter/ snow like? : )

Questions? Comments?

What It's Like To Be A Southerner In The Snow
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    This is so perfect. In my nearly 30 years of living in Texas I've only experienced snow in state 3 times, and two of those times were in the last ten years. But snow, ice, anything below 60 degrees, people lose their ever freaking minds. When it did snow, there were like 200 accidents in the first hour because all those signs that read, danger on bridge in snow, were totally ignored, and those sand droppings they put out, did nothing but make your tires super grainy on the slush. I remember in middle school my New Yorker teacher was like, 'why is school closed for ice. It's just ice.' The next day, he was like, 'oh, I see.' LOL! You have to think of it this way though, its impractical, inexpensive, and basically useless for a state like ours to sell things like snow tires, or to keep a heard of snow plows at the ready... what? for use, every 10 years? I mean most of us spend at least 12 months in the year in shorts and flip flop style clothing b/c its ridiculously hot, so for someone to turn the thermostat down on that party, it's pandemonium.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • NearlyNapping

    I'm in the north, but it seems like everyone is getting snow but us. We are well below average this year for snow, and above average for temperature. Overall it's been fairly mild this winter.

    Personally I love snow. I love shoveling snow, it's great exercise.

    I'd much prefer a little colder with snow than just above freezing with damp or rain. I lived several years where it was just above freezing much of the winter, but there could be days or even weeks straight with fog, mist, and rain. That felt colder than it does 20-30 degrees colder with snow.

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    • Id like to shovel snow once just to do it because it's never been needed here.

What Girls & Guys Said

  • chrisbigman

    LOL And I thought the stereotype was wrong. LOL In case you couldn't tell, I'm a true northerner (from Wisconsin). I've been up here for 31 years and counting. I find it hilarious when people get so crazy about snow. But I guess I've been so used to it that it doesn't affect me as much as it does to you southerners.

    • Nope! That's exactly how it's handled! Ya we go crazy because getting snow here is like seeing a pig fly

  • North Carolina here. Winston Salem and Charlotte were pretty much in the same shape as Atlanta. I live in the mountainous area though about fifty miles from Charlotte. So im used to the snow because igrew up in East Tennessee so snow was common in the winter. This part of NC really dont see as much after you get into the Piedmont but this case is different

    • dat triad snow doe... i went to school at high point. we get a dusting and game over.

  • redeyemindtricks

    Born and raised in Long Beach. The what you say, now, again? WATER FALLS FROM THE SKY?
    You lie.
    Dirty lies.

  • lv4lv

    I never will understand. Why the rush to the store? Does one not usually have enough food in a home for a week?


    • To be completely honest, I have no idea!

    • 62893

      lol the pic of "snow in the south" was taken on a road near where i live

    • @62893 Wow! That's crazy. Maybe some of us northerners should come down there and teach you all how to drive in this weather. I know you don't get it as much, but when you do, hopefully you'll remember what we taught you. Would you people be willing to pay for our room and board?

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  • TadCurious

    I really liked this myTake. You write really well. When I was a young kid, I loved the snow too. But as I get older I think it's just a mess. I'm already ready for spring and warmer weather! lol

    • Thank you! I don't play in the snow as often as I did, but I'll sit and just watch it fall for hours. I agree with you... bring on spring!

  • Polocrew

    Alabama crew chekin in

    Yea its kinda like winning BBC championship for northeners '-p

  • Benk111

    oh you know the usual after a day of plowing in the neighborhood.


    • Goodness that's a lot of snow!!! Wish I could see that much snow in person some day. We got an inch and everything is shut down. Right now most of it is melted and now ice on the streets

  • front2back

    Meanwhile... in my Camaro...

    • Were you sliding or just driving?

    • front2back


    • Sliding is one of the worst feelings. You have literally no control- well if you don't know how to steer correctly then you're out of control. Id just walk home😂

  • Southern_Shorty

    Florida girl here! It snowed maybe like thirty minutes north of me today. I am a bit jealous those flurries didn't make down to my part of town, but it was probably best that way. We don't typically get snow and we already have awful drivers, so better off.

    I do think I might've had some flurries on the way home last night. It just smeared on my windshield.

    We had a 'snow day' two years ago. Everybody was pretty much off work and schools were closed. Black ice was a big thing. We actually had ice sicles!

    If it snows here, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be out there trying to make snow angel!

    • Where in Florida?

      My boy's from Miami. They've never had snow there in recorded history.

    • @redeyemindtricks Near Panana City.

    • Ahh yes, the "redneck riviera". LOL

      My friends in the rest of Florida all swear that yr part of the state actually belongs to Alabama.

      I mean, that even includes a friend who lives in Tallahassee. Yep. Someone in freakin' Tallahassee. Is tryna pawn you off on alabama. That's bad, girl. LOL

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  • AlwaysBelieving

    I'm from MN and have lived in Southern CA. It's the same thing over there. Though I will admit I'd think it cute if a gal (future s/o) me mesmerized at the sight of snow.

    • Haha. My friend from the North was with me when the 2014 snow came around. It hadn't reached two inches yet and I was glued to the window saying "come here! Look! Look it's snow! Look! It's A LOT of snow! Why aren't you looking?" I dragged him outside and threw a handful of snow at him and he couldn't stop laughing at my excitement. He said "Dont visit the north. You'd probably faint or die from how much snow we get" then he got a snow ball and it was like game over for me. (Two min later I was frozen to the bone with snow and he was just grinning and handing me his coat.) he still teases me about how excited I get. 😂

  • Watermelonoma

    Ah you amateurs. Come to Canada for some real winter weather

  • bloodmountain1990

    In Chicago area, our winters are known for being rather extreme, especially the ones we had from 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. I don't know why but I feel like I didn't really realize how cold it got until I was older and realized how much I hated it.

    At the end of 2013, beginning of 2014 we would have multiple snowstorms a week and if it wasn't, it'd be cold as fuck down in the 10s or single digits and it was just fucking miserable to be out in. This winter has been rather mild though with a few extreme days. I'm just jealous of people who live in areas like San Diego where it's 60s/70s all year round.

    • Maybe you should move to there (San Diego).

    • @chrisbigman I plan on it eventually. I do wanna live in the city of Chicago for a few years at least.

    • So, you aren't even originally from Chicago?

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  • 666MPH

    SoCal represent, no snow to speak of. It's like 60 degrees right now.

    • It's snowing (low is 25) here today and will be 57 in a day before jumping to 64 by the end of next week

    • 666MPH

      Haha, at least it's consistent about being too warm here. Crazy weather is no fun.

    • Jager66

      lol nice and I thought it was getting balmy at -4 here, was about to go for a walk without my coat it's so nice out.

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  • Zombie-Killa

    Southerner freezing his ass off, The end. That's what it's like :P

  • Indigocloud

    In the Bahamas... What even is cold?

  • Anonymous

    I'm in Boston right now and we are kind of entertained that DC is freaking out so much - but then again to be fair the south and... middle south? don't really have the best snow preparation.
    That said - I'm from the rural west and we drive with or without the snowplows. We only need plows once it gets more than a few inches. Sidewalks being cleared? Lol we just deal with it.

    I felt bad for laughing about the Atlanta storm last year though, once I looked into it more. That was some legit ice and that plus zero salt/sand/preparation and rush hour with people with no clue how to drive on it...

    It's not the snow that's an issue, it's the ability to handle it, whether that's knowing how to drive in it or knowing to how to fight ice from forming. And it is beautiful :) so I understand wanting to be out in it.

  • Anonymous

    New Jersey is outta milk!

    • How long do you expect to be in your home without the ability to run to the store?

    • Anonymous

      Well I personally am set, have a store within walking distance and don't mind it much actually.