My Views On Society! (Yes It Will Be Controversial, I Know How You All Love Controversy)

I am a part of society, we ALL are. Don't go blaming "society' because you are society too! The following is my view on society, and me being in them. (I added the song cause now I am obsessed with it and I didn't feel like finding a photo)

Sorry it's so lengthy!

I believe that society is all about appearances, "appearing" to look like a good person, "appearing" to be physically flawless, "appearing" to be caring, selfless etc. They go with the flow. They do what everyone else is doing, they like what everyone else is doing. if someone doesn't fit into the stream, they automatically hate them. Society now fears the truth, the face behind the mask of perfection.
I am the opposite of what society wishes for. (Im not tryna say I'm "different" or "hipster" or that I don't like "mainstream" things.)

I'm not fake, I say what I mean, not what others mean or what others want me to say, I dress the way I wish to, I act the way I would act. I'm not gonna obey the wishes of others simply to make them happy. I'm gonna take care of myself, in a healthy way. Society is cruel and selfish. They work for their needs, and their needs only. I on the other hand, try to care for everyone. I miss sleep for my friends, I get in trouble for my friends, but I also care for myself (or try to). Because if I can't care for myself, how can I care for anyone else?

Society is about rap, sex, drugs, parties, material wealth. I'm about metal/classical, watching Netflix, serious conversations and sentimental stuff. I don't care about the way someone looks, acts, dresses, their religion or race or sexuality. I like you for who you are, not for what others try to make you. Because all I want is loyalty and honesty, that's what I give in return. I speak my mind, no holding back.

There are individuals like me, but we partake of the minority.

Another thing in our society is our presidential elections going on in America. We have Trump supporters, Bernie, Clinton etc.

This is how I view them:

-They only support Trump when you have extra money, you're racist, you're a dude/a dumb woman, you're Christian.

-They only support Bernie if you're a college student or apart of the younger generation.
-They only support Clinton because she's female.

That's all bullshit. Trump is SHIT, racist, sexist, says all immagrants are rapists, said he'd fuck his own daughter etc. I'd personally vote for Bernie, but it's not a large % of people who fall under *college student/young* cause everyone else who'd vote for him isn't even 18 yet (like me). Then there're people who'd vote for Hillary just cause she's a woman and she'd be the first ever woman president.

Then there's periods.....just ugh. Here's a link that describes it Thanks to @GinnyWealey97 and her mytake

We're forced to wear pads or tampons so we don't bleed over everything, yet men are too scared to buy tampons for his sister/girlfriend? Its cause society will give him shit (mainly guys) for being a "pussy" or oh god, the HORROR "being pussy whipped" which is just basically ball revoking to guys. If you don't help us when we're menstruating, we have the option of bleeding on everything you love.

Then in society there's all this cheating. My main chick/side chick, my main nigga/side nigga, bullshit like that. There are people who think cheating is OK, or who cheat and then get mad when their SO leaves. Or when they have a back up.. "Oh if me and *SO name* don't work out, we can date." Like seriously? ONce a cheater always a cheater. There's the stupid people like "yea they cheated but I forgive them." That's just setting yourself up for more pain.

THEN There's standards for what makes you "cool".

1. You need to like Nicki Minaj or whatevever rapper/pop "artist"

2. You smoke weed or do SOME sort of drug

3. Have lots of sex

4. Go to parties

Then there's the problem with girls being hoes and guys being fuckboys. "If a girl rides her boyfriends dick 59 times, she's kinky as fuck. If a girl rides the dick of 59 different guys, her vagina is loose as fuck." Nooooo, not how that works AT ALL. That is mainly fuckboy logic but also societies. 1. Vaginas don't get "loose" and 2. WHO CARES HOW MANY TIMES/HOW MANY DICKS a chick fucks? More fun for her! Less for you! And for fuckboys, dude I don't personally fuck with them but hey they're getting their nut off so good for them. But along with this, there's the double standards. Fuck boys get praise from other guys, while guys AND girls hate on a girl for being promiscuous.

And guys aren't allowed to cry or show emotion, or else they're seen as weak. </3 honestly my heart breaks whenever I see a guy cry just because I don't see it often, I haven't become desensitized to the sight like people have for women.

Then there's the problem of just being different in general, the set stereotypes.

Oh you like metal music? Automatic drop out, unintelligent and mean.

Oh you like classical? You're 358 years old.

You like to party? You're a whore.

You like to wear revealing clothing? Slut.

You watch a lot of Netflix? Loser.

You get all A's? Nerd, loser, try-hard.

Rape. I have a few things to say about this. There's either sex, or rape. Sex means both (or more) people consent to the deed. Rape is where 1 or more people do not consent to any type of sex. When she/he says "No." then it's rape. The woman isn't always to blame, for her actions or dressing. The man can get raped too! Women and men rape each other! The things to cause someone to do such a thing, I'll never be able to understand.

"Oh but she was flirting!" Yea? Well she said no. WHICH MEANS NO.

"Oh but he was grinding on me/buying me drinks etc!" Yea? Well HE SAID STOP.

There's sex, and rape. You don't say "Swimming and non-breathing swimming" you say "swimming and drowning", not "sex and non-consensual sex" that's just a way to help describe what rape is.

Then there's the "cookie cutter" discussion of being skinny, curvy, fat etc. You're not fat cause you love food (I know someone who's only 16, weighs 220 pounds because of hyperthyroidism, which consists of Whole body: excess sweating, excessive hunger, fatigue, heat intolerance, or restlessness
Mood: mood swings, nervousness, or panic attack
Heart: abnormal heart rhythm, fast heart rate, or sensation of an abnormal heartbeat
Sleep: difficulty falling asleep or insomnia
Menstrual: irregular menstruation or short and light menstruation
Behavioral: hyperactivity or irritability, which caused her to gain a lot more weight than what she used to be.) Then there's curvy v fat women. Curvy women have curves, they have fat. They're not gonna have a 40 inch bust, a 32 inch waist and a 42 inch butt. That's physically unhealthy and very hard to actually get, probably damn near impossible. The "curvy" women you see are fat, just with good clothing and good photoshop. Literally all of these "perfect" looking men/women we see are most like going to be photo shopped extremely.

My Views On Society! (Yes It Will Be Controversial, I Know How You All Love Controversy)

You see what they did to her? Changed the coloring, slimmer her thighs, slimmed her fucking ARMS, got rid of the rolls, slimmed her belly fat, slimmed down her face a bit. Almost everything you see is changed.

I forgot to mention how society body-shames almost everyone. If you're skinny, you need to eat more and gain weight, and you can't complain about wanting to gain weight or even just FEELING fat. If you're fat then just stop eating! If you're muscular you'll get shit for having too much or not enough.

Then there's the stigma of mental illnesses. Self-diagnosing anxiety just because you're a little nervous. Or saying you have depression just cause you're sad. If you take LSD and trip balls that doesn't mean you have schizophrenia to see random shit!

Then there's bullshit about everyone being perfect or special, no. You're different, but you're no snowflake honey. Cool dye your hair, get a tattoo, get a piercing, wear dresses if you're a dude. Whatever. You're human, we're all different, that doesn't make you fucking special as shit. What makes you special? The things that set you apart from the rest of society. Find the snowflake in yourself.

Who the fuck cares? Oh wait. Society does. YOU do. Why? I don't fucking know! I don't give a fuck! Wear dreadlocks, listen to reggae, go to parties, watch Netflix, wear all black, believe in God or 2039847 Gods, or none, believe in ghosts or not, watch the Kardashians or watch Supernatural....DO WHAT YOU FUCKING DO.

But guys, whatever gender, race, sexuality, religion, whatthefuckever, you just fucking do you.

"We're all just humans telling humans to stop being human."

My Views On Society! (Yes It Will Be Controversial, I Know How You All Love Controversy)
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  • redeyemindtricks

    Couple of thoughts.


    • Hate on girls for being "promiscuous" is the domain of 2 kinds of people: (1) boys who want to fuck them but can't, and (2) bitchy Mean Girls.

    The boys you're calling "fuckboys" here -- if they're actually successful in their objective of getting laid, that is -- won't throw shade on girls who like to fuck. That just isn't a thing that happens... because they aren't stupid, I guess. As an analogy, I like empanadas a lot, so I'm not gna hate on street carts that sell cheap empanadas!
    I wrote more about this in my opinion here:

    Also, unfortunately, the hate that comes from girls -- aka "slut shaming" -- usually has little or nothing to do with how much, or whether, a girl is actually fucking. It's just a particularly vile form of bullying and ostracism, like when boys call each other "fag" (which, incidentally, also has pretty much nothing at all to do with being gay).


    • A thyroid condition is NEVER responsible for more than a moderate amount of weight gain. That's NEVER, as in "never". Never ever ever.

    Even patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis -- i. e., patients whose thyroid glands don't work **at all** -- typically only gain a MAXIMUM of 15 to 20 pounds over their default bodyweight.

    Also, it's weird that someone who's hypERthyroid (as opposed to hypOthyroid) would gain weight. The classic symptomatology of hypERthyroidism -- aka OVERactive thyroid -- involves weight LOSS, since the thyroid gland basically tells the body to catabolize tissue and use it to make energy (that's where all that sweating and shiftiness and excess energy comes from).
    I suppose it's *possible* for a hyperthyroid individual to gain weight -- if her/his appetite is just raging completely out of control -- but, typically, hyperthyroidism causes weight LOSS. In this person's case, she/he should definitely have some more lab work done. If not, then stabilizing the thyroid might, ironically, lead to even MORE weight gain.

    Regardless, if someone is more than about 20-25 lbs overweight, then that can't be blamed on the thyroid. That's a lifestyle issue. And once someone reaches a certain amount overweight, it's almost impossible to get back from, as I wrote here:
    So, yr friend is treading on some thin ice there.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Also, last but not least -- for a woman who naturally DOES carry somewhat more weight on her body, ironically, 40-32-42 is a perfectly normal and healthy set of measurements. What did you think was "wrong" or "unhealthy" about those measurements?

      Specifically, that's a waist/hip ratio of 0.76, which is still within the healthy range.

      If a woman is on the heavier side and has a waist measurement that's 85% or more of her hip measurement (or 80% or more, if she has hips wide enough to have a "thigh gap")... THEN that's when she should be concerned. In that case, that means she's gaining more of the unhealthy kind of fat -- visceral fat in the abdominal area -- which is an early warning sign of future heart problems and pre-diabetes.

    • Well my friend was always chubby and a lot of her family has weight issues but she only weighs so much because it makes it really difficult for her to work out etc.

      and the 40-32-42 thing I was just guestimating for an extreme difference between bust-waist-ass ratio

    • Yah, keeping weight under control can be harder when the whole family is overweight. In that case, honestly, it might just have to wait until she's out of that house.
      I have a girlfriend who came from a family like that. Bad greasy food was EVERYWHERE in that house, and it was basically their way of showing love AND controlling the kids at the same time. Ugh. It was so bad that she pretty much had to cut off her family completely for a while, because they just couldn't accept that she'd dieted down to a "new self" and was insistent on staying there. She still really can't go over to her parents' for holidays, because the food thing is just too much of a point of contention.
      If yr friend comes from a house where everyone's overweight, I imagine it's an environment a lot like that. Even if she learns better eating/activity/exercise habits and starts to implement them, her family will probably throw a lot of barriers in her way.

      Lol those aren't "extreme" measurements at all. The average

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16

    Oh I don't know, is it that we collectively thought Steve Jobs was a great man even when we knew he made billions off the backs of children?

    Or maybe it's that it feels like all our heroes are counterfeit; the world itself's just one big hoax. Spamming each other with our burning commentary of bullshit masquerading as insight, our social media faking as intimacy.

    Or is it that we voted for this? Not with our rigged elections, but with our things, our property, our money.
    I'm not saying anything new. We all know why we do this, not because Hunger Games books makes us happy but because we wanna be sedated. Because it's painful not to pretend, because we're cowards.

    Fuck Society.

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  • SomeGuy37

    I understand, and I agree with just about everything you said. I have said, several times, that I think of women at least as equals, if not better than most men!!

    I know when she is having her period, and I have towels, and her brand of tampons and pads, in case it comes early! It's not any big deal, and yeah, a few times, together, it happens. So what? It washes off! I kind of like that she wears soft cotton briefs, then, because her sensual, ample bottom looks AMAZING!! Not airbrushed, or censored, just her soft, natural, PERFECT body, not needing ‘correction’ in Photoshop!

    What is so wrong with being a 'NERD' and being smart? Is it because so many people in society are so stupid, that they think they should be offended, but don’t know why?

    Instead of 'No Child Left Behind' in education, why not let the SMART ones excel, and do GREAT THINGS, rather than holding them all back, wasting their GIFTS, because some can't get to the same level?

    Our nation has fallen, so low, in education, in relation to others, that it is embarrassing!! We focus on BS TV shows, sports, and nonsense, and we are failing our children!!

    Texting, gaming, but we aren't a GREAT NATION, anymore!! Crap values, and bad ideals, like SweetHomicidalQueen mentions are making us SECOND CLASS!

    Our children can’t do simple math!! They ‘text’ but can’t spell!! Most don’t even use SPELL CHECK, as it seems accepted to not understand the difference between ‘Their’, ‘There’ and ‘They’re’!!! A LOT, is TWO WORDS!!

    I am not going to apologize to any that I might offend, here, because you are not even at the ‘average’ level, to get a ‘C’ grade, if you are offended!! The United States was once a GREAT, PROUD NATION, that put men on the moon!! We built the Panama canal! We stopped the Dictatorial Oppression of Hitler, and the Japanese!!

    What are we now? What are we doing? How many times has Trump filed for bankruptcy? Four, that I know!! Is this the guy we want, as president? But Hilary is no better!! Burnie Sanders? Maybe we should just pick some homeless guy, and make him President!!! He can hardly do any worse than the clowns we have to pick from!!!

  • NotTheFBI

    Someone has the guts to say it. (You beat me to it)
    *Wipes tear from my eye* FUCKING BEAUTIFUL MyTake.
    Ok, thats enough swearing, too much fucking swearing can be bad... I heard... somewhere... oh fuck it... awesome MyTake.

    • lol thank you, and Im gonna keep editing it till the 48 hrs are up that allow me to

  • Righttobeararms83
    you cover too much for me too address here but I will say that quite simply guys go by the soda can rule.

  • Josht11

    Oh my god your totally the most unique teenager ever. Cos if there's one thing that makes a teenager unique it's saying how they don't conform to society careful with that edge you got there.

    • Josht11

      Just noticed most of the comments agree with you your such a unique minority lol.

    • Looks like you're butthurt that you probably fit in ~50% of the shit I spoke of

    • Josht11

      what I just thought it was hilarious I found yet another teenager who acts like society is this one big thing that's fake as fuck and everyone is one thing but of course your that cool minority who just does what she wants to do but society can't handle it. I mean most of the stuff you said about your self could apply to me and most people I know your not unique in any sense you are one of the most typical teenagers, edgy as fuck.

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  • funny_strange_man

    Take what I am going to say anyway you like. If a guy is under 6ft he is looked as being too short. If a women is st least 5'10 she is looked as being too tall. If a guy dies not have defined muscles he is looked as not having enough muscles. If a woman starts to have defined muscles she is looked as having too much muscles and is considered to be a guy. If a none white person has pride in their race it us considered okay but if a white person has pride in their rave it is considered racist. If a non white person only dates their race ut is okay but if a white person only dates a white person they are considered racist. It is mainly looked at as being immoral if you are anything as instead of being heterosexual. Over all it is okay for guys to have bidy hair but for women having body hair it is looked as being disgusting. If you are white a9nd listen to rap people think you want to be black. If you listen to metal then you are looked as being a Satan worshiper. It is okay for a so called tall guy to be with so called short woman but if a so called tall woman is with a so called short guy then it is weird. If an older lady let's say she is 40 years old and is with a 25 year old guy it is okay. If a 40 year old guy is with a 25 year old woman he is considered a pervert and she is considered a gold digger.

  • somebodysaycheese

    You say we are all humans, what if I told you I am not... lol I agree, but the trump thing and Christians. Christians aren't all white. So you should say white people and white Christians. I saw on CNN he has like 40 something of the white vote. And people don't love themselves that's why they are always striving to feel special. and mental illness I totally agree , we are beyond ignorant when it comes to that.

  • Hell yes! At least someone has it right. I get a lot of heat for liking Country Music because so many people think you're uneducated if. you listen to it. I also get a lot of im too conservative because im still a virgin at 25. I hate modern day popular music for. the most part because its not individual anymore it's all factory cookie cutter bullshit. I don't wanna hear about Nicki Minaj's anaconda or Kim Kardashians fake titties. I love cartoons. and. animation even though I'm 25 and most people think Im retarded for doing so. Fuck mainstream. People say I love food too much that why im fat, hell no I would love food. even if. I was skinny. Society is just to fucked up. Where have all the average people gone?

    • thanks for this, more for me to add!

    • You're welcome. Society really sucks balls

    • My sister is a huge one direction and. five seconds of. summer fan and she loves Meghan trainor. Sometimes I have to walk away I get so tired of. hearing it. She's only 13 but mainstream society has her brainwashed

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  • MrShinyPants

    Society is not only blind, but also doesn't know what it wants. It is always changing its minds on things never backs it up with convictions nor stability. One day it believes this then the next day it believes that always focusing on the wronf aspects which is why i pay society no heed nor put any faith in it. I do the individuals that stand out.

  • orphan

    this is one of your better takes... i enjoyed it... and could tell ya had fun writing it.

    props: Oh you like classical? You're 358 years old. (lol)

    slops: "Trump is SHIT, racist, sexist, says all immigrants are rapists, said he'd fuck his own daughter etc"

    he didn't say all immigrants were rapists. however, many people took it as such. sometimes you hear what you want to hear. i'd be happy w/ trump or bernie elected.

  • TheGreyMan

    Community over society any day!!!
    Oh, and I'd just like to state that I'm not afraid to buy tampons for my girlfriend... err... when I have a girlfriend that is. It means "Hey, I have a girlfriend and I'm looking after her needs"

  • Nathaniel1316

    Who's singing that song, I'm assuming it's a cover and I can't read the entire title.

    Also about the article. I didn't read most of it, but I read enough to know that if we got rid of tumblr we'd fix a lot of the snowflakes after about a month

  • kittykatbrat

    I live my life and expect others to live theirs, without seeking validation or approval or permission.

    I feel "mainstream society" is super pc and all bogged down in semantics.
    Both don't interest me.

  • HeWhoPonders

    "'If a girl rides her boyfriends dick 59 times, she's kinky as fuck. If a girl rides the dick of 59 different guys, her vagina is loose as fuck.' Nooooo, not how that works AT ALL. That is mainly fuckboy logic but also societies."

    I will be the first guy to admit that this is bullshit. Promiscuous guys (or "fuckboys" as you call them) don't criticize promiscuous girls. Only a guy who wants the promiscuous girls but can't have them criticize them because they're not sleeping with him. It's a lot like when a girl who wants the player to commit but can't get him to badmouths him and refuses to admit to wanting him badly when in reality she's bitter because she can't tie him down.

    I honestly didn't read the rest of it because that part turned me off to this Take.

  • JensonStatement

    people call me white for don't put butt on the first place
    people call me white for not liking rap music.
    i got your point.
    fuck mainstream.
    I liked the public transport as a kid and played bus driver a lot. they bullied me therefore.
    Fuck mainstream but somehow you got to love it because we can't be different if everybody else want to be different.

    You know what's the funny thing. Now erveybody wants to be or show their original selves now and i hate it because they still show a lot of links to eachother. Everybody now wants to be original, one of one but when you are you get blamed like "not that much."

    I like your story but i can't relate with some parts.

  • SovereignessofVamps

    Totally. If you don't do rugs people think there's smthing wrong with you. And no one will admit they're addicted to weed, ever. I've read that smoking weed leaves more tar in your lungs than cigs do.

  • helloitsmethere

    Oh my god... this was amazing!
    Thanks for making us teenagers proud! Everyone these days want to generalize the shit outta all of us and they sometimes don't see that there are a bunch of us who are actually mature.

  • AllThatSweetJazz

    Name one racist thing Trump has said.

    No one is praising "fuckboys" for their promiscuity. It's not impressive to me that a girl could get guy. However it is impressive when a guy can get a girl. It's impressive because it's generally hard. Personally I think I'd rather have like girls where it's easier and not impressive. But when it's difficult, that power is impressive, their promiscuity is not what's impressive. But even so, it's not like guys go round slapping each other on the back for a job well done. It doesn't mean they aren't still seen as assholes.

    • "All illegal immigrants are rapists" Even if they ARE illegal that doesn't make EVERY single one of them rapists.

      I love how you focus mainly on fuckboys and shit xD I see what stands out as a sour spot for you

    • I think he said illegal immigrants are coming with rapists not that all illegal immigrants are racist.

      Haha, yeah I see how it looks like that. I literally scrolled through this quickly and just thought this is just too much. I can't look at it, it hurts my face. The lists stand out so that's all I looked at, just those two things and a couple sections after the picture. It's too long, you need headings and formatting! Why do you hurt us so? I can't even... I can only odd.

      I feel like this is coming off as mean, which it's not supposed to, honestly, I'm just trying to joke here... and it's so fkn weird that I feel have to clarify that.
      The Internet. smh

  • Do people really still take LSD? LOL Really great Take... congrats.

    • bumhug0811

      Why? Do you have some? I mean... I'm asking for a friend. Lmao

  • Ironlak282

    Well looks like I live up to 3 of your 4 standards for being " cool " I guess I don't really feel that cool, I honestly do those things because I enjoy them but I guess their is an element of fitting in.

  • 0112358

    I probably felt roughly how you do, when I was your age.

    Now? Hmmm... Society isn't far off how you describe it, but i'm more sympathetic to it's members.

    That said, i'd say teen culture is especially bad. Perhaps I'd go as far as saying 'school' is culturally, especially bad. "Adolescence" is, in retrospect, a terrible phase, and its a shame it's becoming a bigger and bigger stretch of our lives, when we're really made to jump faster from childhood to adulthood (which you're not ready for till you actually start living as an adult).

  • Metlahaed

    Just so you know, the data suggests people that listen to metal have more intelligence than the general population. Metal and classical are the "smartest" music styles. Though, thrash metal doesn't follow that trend, and I think that things like Deathcore and... well anything ending in "core" would not follow that trend either, though for those newer genres I haven't seen any research done anyway.

    Also, there is no doubt that the girl in the "after" picture looks better. And there are more jobs out there for the purpose of fucking with pictures, the point is to not be judgmental of the real girls, and understand that media is mostly a lie.

    And just to throw it out there, I love sluts and would rather be with the girl who has 59 guys than the girl who had one guy 59 times :) go sluttiness!

  • Sunflower19

    I can not tell you how true all of this is!! Great take!!!

  • staleyseaofsorrow

    Once again, fucking outstanding. Truly outstanding. <3

  • takumii

    At a certain point it started sounding like a rant.
    I have been through a similar phase, at your age.
    I define society as a collection of people sharing similar philosophy.
    Can it be different than yours? Yes
    Will they accept everyone with different vows? No, that would kill the whole concept of society.

    Society is always gonna be there because of human's basic need to be social, and people like you will always get offended because of non-inclusion in this social group.
    So, I stopped giving fucks to what society thinks.

  • Unit1

    Words cannot describe the marvelous work you did. Praise you girl!
    Right in the head!

    This is all too true.
    And humans became all delusional based on society!
    Fuck society!
    Fuck everybody who has issues with me!
    Fuck the world!
    Fuck what anyone thinks about me!
    It's either them or me!
    But I will never change.

    Funny thing is, you said "I am a part of society, we ALL are. Don't go blaming "society' because you are society too!" and throughout the article you point out how society shames us all, thus, society is to be blamed for their perceptions on us.

  • JudgmentDay

    I watch SuperNatural and I don't give a flying fuck what others say about it, regardless if it's good or bad.

    I like it, but if anyone ever told me otherwise that I am wrong for liking it, watching it, etc. I'd tell them up yours and go fuck yourselves.

    I've learned to understand diversity and differences in people and in society, because no 2 people are exactly alike and like the same fucking things. You just can't expect everyone to like or dislike the same things you do, or do the same things you do, or even do things the same exact way you do. Or dress and look the same fucking way you do.

    Well, maybe if they were cloned somehow and had exactly the same DNA or some shit like that, but I really don't know in that case.

    No more stereotyping bullshit.

  • DarkHumorRUs

    So do you care or not? If you didn't care what everyone thinks you wouldn't have posted this.

    • I dont care, and posting what my opinion/thoughts are doesn't mean anything but that i wnated to share my thoughts?

  • TheSpartan

    This is all pretty mainline stuff. Where's the controversy?

  • Shorty1991

    Totally agree, I'm with you on the body shaming, interests and hobbies. Its all based on peoples idealisms. Some of them act like skinny, average or fat people should be non existent. I carry a bit of weight, but i dont give a shit as long as i can still see me feet when i look down. Lol. Why can't they just accept people for who they are regardless of what there waist line measures and their likes/dislikes? After all it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things. Its good to have varieties, don't you think?

  • skykidx1

    OK I watch anime I perfect kpop music but I love all music. am light skin black people look at me like am dumb when ever I don't know the newest rap song or thing. people think it's crazy they I never smoked or drink and always gonna ask 3 times like they can't belive it. I have a friend that says she sees me as a friend but we never hang out at all. yet she hangs with other people who smoke says we can hang when I find something cool for us to do. yet were both games and like doctor who.. she makes no effect to hang out with me and turns down any plan I come up with. I tried inviting her to zombie point ball she never replied back. yet we text every other day and talk at work.

    • @skykidx1 That was hard to read and not because I do not know how to read because I do. It was hard to read because of word use and punctuation.

    • skykidx1

      @funny_strange_man I know am working on it man.

  • Slimshady2017

    It is about that Eminem 50 cent ice cube snoop dawg drake little wayn Daddy Yankee and Bob Marley

  • 06CuriousMind

    Omg... Trump does not want to have sex with his daughter 🙄 Yes he loves her, thinks she's gorgeous, and successful. He's proud of her. Yeah he goes about it maybe in the wrong way but he's just a unique person and doesn't express himself the right way.
    He is NOT racist. He does not believe in illegal immigration, hint: because it's fucking illegal. They aren't paying taxes or following the laws of our country. He wants to make it easier for them to get through legally, but they should not be here illigally.

  • 00Lelouchxx

    Your that one person who doesn't fit in the mold so u hays the mold.

    The photo shop girl. I wouldn't even cast her dhd looks bad there's fat rolls on her stomach.

    There a reason there a division in modeling. These woman take care of there body and looks.

    And girls who can't or won't look like that get mad and say why is it called plus size.

    Also this is a mand world. That now being shared with the rest. it more so now becoming even with all race and people. Men and woman.

    And the tampon thing makes sense.

    Nobody wants to see her roles. She a pretty girl. Just fat chubby not healthy she slightly over weight.

    Aka plus size

    • Why should all girls look like that anyways? Why such rigid standards?
      U r ryt. Girls who dont look like dat say such things. But they say this because they realise they dont need to look like anyone else, and why should they at all? They believe in loving their appearance just like it is naturally given by god. Coz not all of us can have an A4 size waist and be healthy. for some of us , It can happen only when we r sick or ill.

    • @IndianGirl01 it for a job purposes. no body telling u to look like that in real life.

      She has a title MODEL

      What's your title girl in gag like this her job to look like this.

      And as far as relationship or why girl want to look like models.

      Its mostly for guys. Let be clear here

      You Want to be pretty and sexy. So u think that what guys like I better apsire to be that. Which is true we do like that. But what we don't like are fat girls. If I'm at a certain level of physical peak I expect my woman to be it.

      Now a fat girl won't get the same looks a model would.

      You think guys will pick rebel Wilson over Kate Upton your out your damn mind.

      But YOU wanna be accept or change the normal to fit YOUR Preference since you can't fit the mold.

      Guess what guys feel that way too.

      We play keep our body in top shape either being skinny or muscular. We force our self of thinking that money is thr only thing that can get woman. Being a handy man or sports man is very manly.

  • zagor

    To be fair, he said he'd fuck her if she WASN'T his daughter...

    • you don't fucking say that

    • zagor

      Hey just because you're rich doesn't mean you're classy...

    • that's disgusting

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    Well said. Yet another great my take

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    All I can say is. You are amazing #TeamSHQ <3

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    Loved it. :) 👍❤

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    💜ily :) mytake as always! 👍👊

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      *awesome mytake as always XD

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    This isn't a real before and after.