Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty


Although I believe that it is important for everyone to be fit and well, I also believe that a fit person is not necessarily a beautiful person. There are many reasons why a fit person may not be considered beautiful:

Fitness Does Not Mean Beauty!

- The fit person has a physical trait that is undesirable by another culture.

On GirlsAskGuys, there is a strong bias against darker skin color. So, even if the person is fit and healthy, he/she is not considered attractive. If you add different cultural standards of beauty, as exemplified in the picture above, then the fit person may be even less likely to be perceived as "attractive" by people from America.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

- The fit person is badly disfigured or physically scarred, and the scars prevent the person from returning to his/her previous beautiful face.

Physical scars damage the outward appearance of the person. And the person is left permanently in this state.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

- The fit person can age, and with aging, people are usually considered less beautiful than what they were in their prime years.

Aging deteriorates beauty. It's no wonder why the beauty industry tries to sell products that would reverse or slow down the process of aging.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

- The fit person may have a normal weight, normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, normal cholesterol levels, but the fit person is still not considered attractive because of a physical deformity of the face or the body.

The physical deformity may be a cleft lip. The person may be perfectly healthy otherwise. Fortunately, the cleft lip is entirely treatable, but surgery is just not accessible or economically feasible to everybody worldwide.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

- The fit person tends to wear extremely loose-fitting clothes, androgynous clothes, or a head-to-toe garment that conceals the body.

The burqa is a cultural dress that has stirred so much controversy in the West. While Western Muslim women may wear burqas, non-Muslim Westerners may feel threatened by the concealed face and body, let alone find a woman in a burqa attractive.

People who dissociate themselves of present gender norms may wear androgynous clothing, like this person below.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty
- Fatness is considered attractive by some cultures, because it is a sign of wealth and marriageability.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty

A fat woman in Mauritanian culture means that she is well fed, and if she is young, then she is marriageable. However, culture changes. Today, a young Mauritanian woman can be thin and still attract a suitor.


The belief that physical fitness is correlated with beauty is erroneous. That is never and has never been the case. Humans are mostly cultural beings, and culture shapes beauty standards. More generally in the animal kingdom, males may have some kind of weird physical feature that puts a burden on them by natural selection, but the maladaptive trait may be kept in the species because of sexual selection. Therefore, I contend that (physical) fitness does not mean beauty.

Fitness Doesn't Automatically Translate to Beauty
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Most Helpful Girl

  • KRIEL55
    well of course simply being fit doesn't make someone the most attractive person ever, but it most definitely benefits people. an attractive woman for example (in my opinion) has long hair, pretty eyes, and a nice fit and healthy body. you can have the softest longest hair with a one of a kind eye color, but if you are 200 pounds overweight, you will not be considered attractive. working out is a HUGE part of looking attractive. because not only does it make your body look better, it also helps your nails grow healthier and faster, helps your hair grow and have a nice texture, makes you stronger, more energetic, scientifically proven to relieve stress and make people happier, and some workouts can even improve balance. so out of all things, fitness is definitely the closest to beauty.
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    • No a beautiful face is closest to beauty.
      Fitness is closest to health and sexiness.

    • KRIEL55

      @adrianalima0 you can have the prettiest face in the world, if you are extremely obese, you'll be far from what's considered beautiful. being healthy and at least decent looking is what's considered beautiful

    • Anonymous

      You two just support my contention that beauty really is subjective. Some people connect beauty with fitness; some people don't.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ClassicRocker
    Fatness is considered in cultures where it is something difficult to obtain. Places where men and women actually work and have a limited food supply.

    Forget all the crap about fat vs. thin what is most attractive in your culture will always be what is difficult to achieve for those that are not wealthy.

    In the west that means toned, fit bodies sculpted in the gym with the greater leisure hours, and healthier nutritional input.
    It's cheap to be fat in the U. S./ Europe

    In country that are food insecure where people are often performing physical labor throughout the day it will be considered more attractive to be fat. To be a fat person in these countries means that you do not have to do physical labor, and have the means to provide yourself with ample food.
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    • Anonymous


    • So you recognize that in the west it is the case, and is justifiably so, that fit=attractive?

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  • Cosytoasty
    The thing about fitness is that it never *hurts*. Obviously if you have a deformity it won't turn you into the next top model but it never hurts to be in shape.
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    • Anonymous

      Underweight is as harmful as overweight.

    • Cosytoasty

      Of course and given the choice between under and slightly over i'd pick the latter. The thing is with the Western diet many people start off 10lbs over already which has slowly become the new 'normal' especially in the UK and US.

    • Anonymous

      I think that is the cost of affluence. The USA has a lot of industry, development, technology, and money. Many Americans can afford to eat good muscle meat on a regular basis, and not just the crappy non-muscle meat, regardless of the amount of nutrients in offal meat. But it's not meat or fat that makes you unhealthy. It's sugar. There is just too much sugar in everything processed these days. I may have been watching too many food-related documentaries on Netflix, but I am convinced that processed food, especially sugary processed food (juice, yogurt, fruit snacks), is harmful.

      When I completely avoided eating processed food, I noticed that it was considerably easier for me to lose weight. My weight usually fluctuated consistently between 170-180 pounds. Cutting out processed food and maintaining an active lifestyle (no, you don't have to exercise in the gym!) regularly help with weight loss.

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  • Bluemax
    "The belief that physical fitness is correlated with beauty is erroneous. That is never and has never been the case."

    No, it just means that there are exceptions to the correlation. It means the correlation isn't one to one. There is very much a correlation between physical fitness and beauty.
  • adrianalima0
    Physical Beauty is about the face which is why a chubby/rather fat or otherwise shapeless/curveless/flat thin woman can still be considered gorgeous/pretty/beautiful because of her face.
    Sexiness is more about the body. Which is why a skinny/fit or curvy woman can still be considered sexy even though they have a plain, average or messed up face.

    Beauty in general is about the person you are. How you treat others, how you express yourself, things like that.
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  • vnmc1231231111
    i bet most of those serial downvoting ridiculous chubby feminazis here are now booking tickets to mauritius XD
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  • Doffydood
    Winston: She's beautiful.
    Julia: She's a metre across the hips, easily.
    Winston: That is her style of beauty.

    Your Take just made me think of this and I think it's somewhat relative, so here you go :)
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  • takumii
    Being fit is primarily just for your own well being.
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  • harabi
    Wtf? How can I report or downvote that shitty rant. How do you get disfigured by fitness? The second collage is results of drunk driving accident. Take this down or I'm leaving this site forever.
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  • BigJake
    Well, I agree that there is a cultural component to beauty, but generally speaking, physical fitness is considered requisite to attractiveness. Tremendously fat or unfit people usually aren't considered attractive. That said, Western-type fitness models with six-packs and defined arms aren't considered attractive in many other parts of the world, either. Beauty, as always, lies in the eye of the beholder.
  • Fearless_banana
    Having low body fat and being muscular is universally attractive for the most part.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    True take.

    Fitness is more about your own health and how well you take care of your body. So some people like to see others that take really good care of their body.
    • Anonymous

      This is not always the case with the rise of Type II diabetes in normal-weight people who eat too much sugary food. Normal-weight people may look fit because of a high metabolism, but in reality, their livers are working hard to metabolize the fructose from Coca-Cola. Type II diabetes is not just an obese person's problem; it's everyone's problem.

    • I just mean people who look and are athletic.

    • Plus people can be overweight due to muscle mass and not because of fat.

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  • vishna
    I wish I was fit, not a certain size really, just fit, I'm a lazy hot dog.
    • Anonymous

      Don't be a lazy hot dog or couch potato! Do something active with your life! Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories just by doing housework? That's even better than going to the gym!

    • vishna

      lol, it's my summer break-soon I'll be melting in the sun walking all around the hilly campus :'c I do work out at the school gym a lot. This is just the laziest summer ever. :c

  • cavmanier
    Also being fit doesn't mean the person would have an attractive bone structure.
    • Anonymous

      I agree. I inherited my bone structure from Dad. He has a round face. Mom has an oval face. Even if I become fit, I don't think I'd look attractive, because I don't have high cheek bones. High cheek bones are considered more attractive than low cheek bones in Western culture. My paternal grandmother and aunts all share the same facial bone structure and body structure. I don't think that's considered feminine in Western culture; maybe in rural Chinese culture it is.

    • Anonymous

      As far as I know, my paternal grandmother and aunts have all been married. Marriage is usually lifelong.

    • cavmanier

      I mean like the persons figure and even where they put their fat. Like some girls will never had a big butt or boobs, which some guys like. I'm not sure what someone without high cheekbones would look like. Can you post an example?

      Attraction can really depend on the person. Generally I think most guys would find girls that are somewhat fit or in shape attractive. I don't mean muscular.

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  • anonman32
    the thing is that burkas hide your identity which is a problem in western society. i always wonder why people struggle with understanding this.
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  • IVoidWarranties
    Bullshit! Girl's when the Ken Doll body, not the flubber body
    • I prefer guys to have a penis, not a lump, also to be more fleshy and less plastic

    • @TheButterfly I said Ken doll meaning ripped! moron!!!

    • I was joking asshat, no need to be bitter

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  • ShaeNielson
    This is actually ridiculous.
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    • harabi

      it's idiotic. where are the mods?

  • YourFutureEx
    The society is fucked up.
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  • naturaldeven4
    which fat chick made this
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  • John_Doesnt
    Women who do burpees turn out gross.
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  • Anonymous
    *sigh* what to even say?😒

    You had me going there, and I was agreeing with you because it's true that 99% would not consider a disfigured face or ignorance of fashion as attractive.

    But then that stupid as all fuck plug there at the end😂 "Oh well fat people are called beautiful in some cultures because it means they're rich" there's totally not an underlying message behind that at all *cough* fucking sarcasm.

    You want to tell us that fit people are ugly if their fucked up in the face, and fat people are beautiful if they're rich. Well I still agree with you, I mean let's face it, it's the only Oprah ever got any dick😏

    But it's such an embarrassment that you have to stoop to such an apple and orange comparison to even have something to say. Here let me make a poll right now whether anyone would rather fuck these two people:

    Or these two people😛

    And let's see what kindof numbers we get back... oh wait, we already know that answer to that poll don't we? Because it's fucking obvious.
  • Anonymous
    Fitness lends itself to attractiveness. Obviously it's not *only* fitness and doesn't apply everywhere. Who even says that? You're making a strawman.

    The line about the clothing is just silly. You can still see their body and tell they are attractive.
  • Anonymous
    There is an extremely high correlation. The correlation is not 1.
  • Anonymous
    Tallness Doesn't Automatically Translate to hotness, aye?
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  • Anonymous
    only fat miserable people would write something like this to feel better about themselves.
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    • harabi

      only stupid fat people who feel like a peace-o-shit. for a reason