Accepting and Rejecting (Poetry)


Whenever you're offered something,
A need to make a choice is popped:
To accept what the thing will bring,
Or to reject before it's dropped.

Sometimes, you feel like accepting,
For you would want a commitment
With the person and with the thing
Offered to you with excitement.

Sometimes, you feel like rejecting
For you would not want involvement
With the person and with the thing
Offered to you with excitement.

You are always going to choose,
For making choices sets you free;
Think about what you'll gain or lose
Because there's so much more to see.

See, now? Establishing choices
Do entail consideration
Of your true feelings— your voices
To your journey's sure foundation

Accepting and Rejecting

Suppose accepting will prevail,
Persons involved will seal their deal.
Too early to judge, too late to bail,
They'll witness if young choice is real.

Accepting and Rejecting (Poetry)

While accepting makes you feel good,
Rejecting makes you uneasy,
For devastating one's mood,
You cannot help but feel guilty!

Do feel guilty all you want to;
You don't need to apologize
No one's at fault, not him or you
That is what you need to realize

Done right, rejecting is respect,
Doing it is facing the truth,
None would be that frank and direct,
Because it will not plague but soothe!

Accepting and Rejecting (Poetry)
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  • RedVulcan
    No one's at fault. Good job there, as a Canadian I feel I hear sorry thrown around too much.
  • Anonymous
    This is a nice poem, good take
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