5 Reasons Why I Admire and Respect Independent Women

5 Reasons Why I Admire and Respect Independent Women

5 - They don't adhere to traditional gender roles, nor do they expect their man to.

If it's one thing I respect about these women, it's their ability to study hard, work even harder and make their own money. I am not attracted to women who expect me to pay for the lion share of things while dating and when in a relationship. They don't expect preferential treatment, in fact they don't want it because they don't need it, they'll tackle all of life's hardships without the need of a man and without the need of preferential treatment.

4. - They challenge society's traditional perception of women.

Women are seen as needy, weak and in need of support through legislative means but in truth an independent woman doesn't care about how she is perceived, she knows she's as strong mentally as any man. She knows physical strength can only get you so far, it's mental strength that gets you the top and that's exactly where she plans on going. Society treats women with cotton wool wrapping but this woman doesn't need the cotton wool treatment, she can take whatever you throw at her.

5 Reasons Why I Admire and Respect Independent Women

3. - They are financially independent.

There's nothing better than a woman that earns her own money. She doesn't need a man to pay for her on the first date, she doesn't need a man to finance her love of shoes or travelling, video games or books, she can do that herself. So when she chooses a man to be with the man he can be assured that his bank balance won't drain and his credit card won't be maxed out, she has her own payment methods.

2. - They can intimidate men.

I love seeing men intimidated by an independent woman, they don't know what to do with themselves, they cannot rely on traditional gender roles with her, she's not interested in those and so she challenges him to find his own role in their relationship, she takes him out of his comfort zone and into uncharted territory. For many men this can be a daunting prospect as men are supposed to lead and women are supposed to follow. An independent woman comes along and screws that outdated plan up and encourages both parties to forge a mutually beneficial partnership with equal leadership.

5 Reasons Why I Admire and Respect Independent Women

1.- You know she wants to be with you.

There's a difference between wanting a man and needing a man. A woman can need a particular man without necessarily wanting to be with him. This may make most men feel appreciated but I'd rather be wanted and there's nothing better than being with a woman that genuinely wants to be with you. This is why I respect independent women because they know they can go it alone, they know they can be single and enjoy life, yet they choose to be with a particular man and that's a great compliment to any man.

5 Reasons Why I Admire and Respect Independent Women
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  • Anonymous
    5. Is so wrong. All men still expect men to adhere to gender roles that favor women while expecting men to not require them to maintain their roles.

    4. Except women even those that call themselves independent still try to hamster their behavior and rationalize why it's ok Pass blame back onto men. Also most women still wants to be "provided" for and expect men to make equal to or more than them.

    3. See point 3), Women say they earn their own money and don't need a man money bust majority still want men to make more or equal to them. Very few will date a man who makes less.

    2. Men aren't intimidated. Men are turn off by the arrogant, often feminist she bitch attitude that comes with the independent woman label. And her leading is more like her bossing you around and shaming you to submit to her will.

    1. Until biological clock keeps in and they have baby rabies by late 20's and early 30;s then they are scrambling for a man.

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    • I disagree completely. Few men will date women who make more, not the other way around, because they often find it immasculating. Women couldn't care less on the whole. But I do agree that too many women have the only ambition of marriage and babies, that's super annoying

    • Anonymous

      @Nothanks700 It's not the emasculation but a lot of guys have no problem dating a woman who makes more than them. The problem is very few women are willing to date down and for those who do them making more money often comes with them abusing it in the relationship and trying to control people.

      A male gager spoke to me about a woman who he use to talk to on several occasion and hid that she was rich. She then eventual revealed it as they got into a relationship. He said her being rich and making more money than him resulted in her very much tryin to control his behavior. She use the fact that she was the breadwinner to get a sort of "Im the person whose paying for most things so you do it my way" approach to the relationship.

      Most men will walk rather than stay and be in a relationship like that. Also the woman went broke and killed herself a few years later.

Most Helpful Girl

  • RJGraveyTrain
    You definitely have some good points, but there are a few things I think I should point out.

    As much as there are gents out there who apparently appreciate all of these said traits in a woman (for good reason), I don't understand why we are still treating it like these traits are well... special in any way.

    I mean, no one technically "needs" a man. If a woman is with a man based on his status it isn't really because she NEEDS him, she's fulfilling her own prerogative. It shouldn't be viewed as some kind of special behavior worthy of praise if a woman doesn't need a financial babysitter.

    I'd like to think that most of the traits listed here are just viewed as normal behavior for any person. Being with somebody because you want to be with them, have the ability to support yourself, and essentially not be a pushover.
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  • LittleSally
    Exactly... Which part of this is supposed to be bad? Yet... you'll find so many people who disagree - mostly men, of course, and some women who want to be housewives.
    • Anonymous

      The men who disagree are the men who complain about the gender role that men are expected to play in modern society. It seems to me that some men just like complaining about women.

    • Oh, that's definitely true...

    • Unit1

      Sad but true. Said disagreeing people can't be rational._.

  • EllieLexis513
    Lol... I tried telling my male friend a few weeks ago that into today society, I don't need a man to survive but I want one and want a happy relationship. He called me a selfish bitch and walked away.

    Yeah, we're not friends anymore.
    • I really don't get how the hell that's selfish, lol. If anything, being an independent women is actually generous to men since you're not syphoning off of a man's money or forcing him to do any role that society forced down on his throat.

  • BuchitaBuchys
    Yes, yes. And YES!

    Especially number 1. I actually was going to ask a question on this, do men prefer to be wanted or needed?

    It seems that many guys hate to not be needed. I get it, since the dawn of time, we needed y'all. But isn't it more of a compliment to be wanted? Like I'm with you because I sincerely think you're awesome, and not because I need help with my rent?

    Of course, there are downsides because we *can* be a bit overly confident even arrogant. But then again, you'd be too if you worked for everything, especially if you started with very little.
    But still, everyone has flaws.

    I LOVE this take, thank you anon! :)
  • Fearless_banana
    This is a good thought in theory but when it comes down to it you are basically saying women should be men. This type of third-wave feminist influenced propaganda makes everyone miserable. I actually cringed so hard at this mytake I turned into a raisin so that's not cool either.
  • Heera
    Some men complain about women needing money from them
    Then they complain about women being independent and not needing them
    And then they say women don't know what they want

    Great thing there are still great men out there who can be open minded and support their beliefs with arguments without stereotyping and generalizations. Good myTake, sir!
  • vishna
    Nice praise for the independent woman :) A lot of guys here complain about being expected to pay for dates and what not but want a stay at home wife-lol, she's just doing what you WANT women to do.
    • YES! I literally cannot grasp that mentality, You want a nice little stay at home wife but don't want to pay for dates? Not gonna happen buddy lol

    • vishna

      @BuchitaBuchys Right, where does he think she'll get the money from if she doesn't work? XD rob a bank?

    • Haha, I have no clue. Apparently, let her work a crappy little job, have her make less money than him, and then complain when she asks you to pay for dates because she needs the help.

      They set themselves up for failure sometimes, I swear lol

  • Prilee1992
    Independent women do not DEMAND marriage. That's all. So many women nowadays claim themselves independent but the realty is they're 'dominant' wanting marriage trying to boss the guy around!
  • Aztecwarrior480
    I honestly never understood why some men on the internet hate this idea. If anything, Independent women are much less financially stressful (for me at least). I mean, what's so bothersome to them about it? I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with an independent woman as long as she's humble/modest and doesn't have this radical feminist mindset (or any sort of inferiority complex) that she feels the need to prove something to me by competing with me.
    • But other than that, I still prefer to do my role, which is working and providing as well. My parter can still work and independently make her own income.

  • beebetree25
    When I become independent like this, id love to meet a man that is also. I dont want a man living off me financial or being a "stay at home dad" etc., etc.

    It can go always go both ways..
    But when you talk about guys... just get bent out of shape..
  • Huma450
    Great take. As an independent woman who put herself through college with her own money and has a masters degree at 22 I'm proud of my accomplishments. I encourage all women to be independent and live the life they want to.
    Some will be intimidated but I have found a loving caring intelligent boyfriend.
  • Relentless_Hippie
    You can be an independent woman and still believe in traditional gender roles.
    • How does that work? Do you mean like being a stay at home wife/mother and being financially supported by someone else?

      Not asking to sound like a bitch, just curious.

    • @Anotherdumbblonde
      Stay at home moms don't have to be broke, they could have a source of income coming in from a business or what have you. I guess I'll just speak for what I mean in reference to myself.

      Rearing one child is a lot of work let alone several children. I think children need a stable home and parenting and having one of the parents staying home with them is most ideal. I believe men should be successful leaders of the household and good providers. With that being said, I'd still like to work.

      I'm going to school for nursing. I believe if someone isn't financially stable enough to rear a child on their own income then they don't need to be having children. I'm going to make a lot of money as a nurse and I would expect the man I marry to make the same or more, not because I want his money, but because anything could happen in which either one of us could loose our jobs or be in a condition that prevents us from working.

      Even though I'd make a lot of money I believe

    • Men should be the leaders of the household. Of course we'd have to discuss important issues and I'd have a say in the things that take place, but all in all a man needs to run his household and I respect that.

      Also there's personality traits that I believe to be more feminine and masculine. These feminine traits I feel are what makes up a valuable and respectable woman and the masculine ones are what I believe to make up a valuable and respectable man.

      All in all to be traditional and independent means to be a mixture of several values and traits.

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  • cinderelli
    I'm on the way to be like that.. but people find something to complain about in just about anything.. and you'll see guys saying stupid stuff here as well.. I just believe in making a team when someone's in a relationship.. and I don't like to look up to someone whenever I need something.. or want something.. if it's someone else's money.. even if he's my husband.. I'd have to think about it.. like it's his Money and do I really need this thing. I shouldn't be spending his money on useless stuff I want.. he might not like it.. this is really the worst thing.. I cannot love like that.. so my money.. my decisions.. and I don't want to stay back in shadows while others take the spotlight..
  • JohnDoe3000
    So where can I find one of these (let alone one who isn't just looking for some dumb guy she can easily control)?
  • DooMguy

    yeah, that's right

    they're strwang indpendant woman who don't need no man. *clicks fingers* oh no he didn't, oh yes he did ! Oh no he didn't etc.


  • Alex88F
    that's a genre of women to treasure, in a society that breeds the idea that being a promiscuos gold digger is better than rise up and have higher stander than being a cock sucking, money robbing whore
  • Unit1
    So much YES =) Love these kinds of women! ♥ Liberty is so sweet!
  • SlightlyCrazy
    I like that
    It's very true
    Women like that have to deal with stupid stigmas and it's wrong
  • John_Doesnt
    You're so brave to not be afraid of having your sexuality questioned.
  • StickStickity13
    If they want to be "Independent" go ahead, I just don't want one.
  • Pilulu
    Wow, you like independent women? Like a bunch of other guys... Do you want a medal or a cookie?
  • Kko123
    Beautifully written!!! 😊
  • frecklejuice
    • Follow me. I want to send message to you. Otherwise I can't. :)

  • ChocoLada
    Very good myTake, you reasons are understandable.
  • Jayson101
    cool story
  • Danfrombackhome
    Cuck alert!
  • Anonymous
    5. I do not agree. Sure they don't adhere to traditional gender roles, but more often than not, they do expect their man to - if not, then he is not their "type".

    4. Men and women are different in almost every way imaginable. Ignoring it, is foolish.

    3. Yes, it's a good thing for sure, just too bad families needs both parents working to make a living, effectively neglecting the children - not so good.

    2. Intimidate is a negative, not positive. The daunting prospect is having a man and women fused into a woman's body, nothing else. Women do not know what they want any more, confused and generally not happier at all.

    1. Yes, and that is good.
  • Anonymous
    You have a problem with tradition because you have been brainwashed with the FEMINIST agenda since childhood... The nature of women has always been known and necessary steps have been taken to keep them in check... but this has been hidden and buried by feminist society.

    Wake up!!
    • Anonymous

      Also you LOVE seeing men intimidated by women? You're a trained feminist nazi.

      Just imagine how it would sound if you said I love seeing women intimidated by MGTOWs (independent men)

  • Anonymous
    why are we into the business of applauding people for doing normal things now?

    last time i checked, it is completely normal to be strong and independent and looking to advance your life...
    • Jager66

      apparently when a woman does it, it's super special and rare? I dunno.. seems dumb to me too.

    • Anonymous

      @Jager66 it really is dumb as fuck..

      when a guy is strong and doesn't rely on his parents for financial help, well "thats how it should be anyway" or else he's a loser.

      and like you said with women, when theyre strong and independent, they want applause and trophies.. i give up -__-

    • @Jager66 it is frankly a little rare. I have dated too many girls whose only ambition was marriage and babies, it's depressing. The my take was just saying "I like an independent woman," not that a woman being independent is any more meritable than a man.

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  • Anonymous
    Men respect "independent women", but they never want to be with us.
    • Anonymous

      Well I like independent women and I would happily date one.

    • Exactly

  • Anonymous
    I'm an independent woman and I approve of this message. Good take.