What Some People Don't Seem To Understand About Equality

What Some People Don't Seem To Understand About Equality

After seeing this reference repeatedly over social media, I'm getting pretty f*cking agitated.

So for anyone who agrees with this post, here is what equality for females should mean:

1. Equal Pay

2. Equal Rights

3. Equal Freedom Of Speech

4. Equal Respect

What Some People Don't Seem To Understand About Equality

Equal rights for women does not mean women are physically equal to you. And based on my beliefs, and the beliefs of many others, treating women with equal rights and respect does not under any circumstances give a man the right to physically hit a female.

We are mentally equal to you.

We are emotionally equal to you.

We are humanly equal to you.

We are not physically equal to you.

Do you understand the fucking difference?

What Some People Don't Seem To Understand About Equality
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  • Chief16
    Yeah, completely agreed.
    Violence is wrong. If you wanna preach nonviolence, tell it to both sexes. Just cause men are physically more tolerant to pain, doesn't mean we're immune to it. And its definitely no excuse for the 'don't hit back' thing you've going on here. Violence is wrong. Doesn't matter who it is. Doesn't matter what the context it is.
    P. S
    Equal rights and respect does not under any circumstances give a woman the right to physically hit a man. And obviously vice versa.
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    • Kko123

      Hitting is NEVER appropriate in a relationship. It's physical abuse! You said it all, Chief16!

    • Actually, although we are much more capable of physically doling it out, men actually have a lower pain threshold. We feel pain more vividly than women do.

    • Kko123

      @Nice_Guy_Last I've heard that before, because of having to give birth. But that still doesn't make it okay for either partner to hit.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Kirah
    "treating women with equal rights and respect does not under any circumstances give a man the right to physically hit a female."

    Right, and same goes the other way around. After all, not all men are stronger than all women. I'm stronger than a few of my guy friends. You don't get a free pass for being female.

    If a weaker man hits a stronger man, you don't tell the stronger man "you can't hit him back!!", so why should this be any different?
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    • Kirah

      Honestly, this whole debacle of "you can't hit a woman, ever!!" just reeks of sexism, unless you follow it up with "you can't hit a man, ever".

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  • Kylesar
    "Treating women with equal rights and respect does not under any circumstances give a man the right to physically hit a female."

    Bullshit. I don't know why women keep trying to defend women assaulting men. You hit me, I hit back. I'm not looking to hit a woman, but I will if I have to. I will stand up for myself and not take ANYONE'S shit

    What if she has a weapon and clearly intends to use it? There's an entire show, called Deadly Women DEDICATED to women who kill. Do you try to restrain her then and get shot or stabbed in the process?

    I'm sick and tired of women trying to do whatever they can to assault men and get away with it with the gender card. Your weaker strength doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want.

    If you're mentally, emotionally, and humanly equal, you're smart enough to know you risk getting your ass beat if you try to assault someone stronger than you.

    Keep your hands off of me and I'll keep mine off of you. Call me a misogynist, woman beater, whatever. If you can't show me enough respect to not hit me, don't expect me to respect you enough to not hit you BACK

    Get this feminazi, superiority bullshit out of here. You clearly only care for equality when it benefits you. You want everything in the world equal to men EXCEPT equal accountability.
  • hellionthesage
    But women have all of that and more? Their is no wage gap except in a few fields all of which are beneficial to women like modeling (the highest paid female model made 43 million life time earnings, the highest paid male model made 1.3 million) STEM fields (thanks to unfair hireing practices i. e. female highering quotas) and in social work where women make a dollar more then their male counter parts. So shouldn't it be equal pay for men? Women receive a third of the sentencing for commiting the same crime as men. Women receive equal or better custody of children 91% of the time compared to a mans 46% of the time due to court room bias. Women receive alimony and child support 80% of the time despite the fact that 80% of all divorces are filed by women, and if a woman cheats on her husband it in no way shape or form affects her ability to get alimony child support or by extention custody of her children despite her being the reason for the destruction of the marriage. Under federal law women have the right to choose to be a parent having the option of abortion, abandoning the child (safe haven laws), or give up the child for adoption. A man not only cannot avoid parentage if the woman decides it (she decides whether he is a the parent (paternity fraud is not illegal) and whether or not he gets to be in the childs life or not and she decides whether or not he pays child support all of which is out of his hands despite her getting to make those decisions for herself and for him. She can do all of these things with out the fathers consent, she can literally give the mans child away or kill it without any legal ramifications he doesn't even have to be notified. The court ruling hermsmenn vs. seyer stated that regardless of circumstances a man was obligated to pay child support, the land mark ruling which has been upheld in almost every state was one where a woman raped a 12 year old boy then sued him for child support, successfully.(this has happened multiple times). So shouldn't it be equal rights for men since clearly women already have far more rights then men do? Medical spending for women is 3x greater then for men in both public and private sectors. Prostate cancer kills more men then breast cancer kills women by a significant margin, yet breast cancer gets 2.5x the spending and research and all the publicity while prostate cancer gets none.
    • Men are shown as abusers despite the fact that 70% of all nonreciprocal violence is perpetrated by women against men, and over all men are more likely to be victims of both domestic violence (violence from women) and over all violence (80% of all violent crime victims are male). 98% of all work place accidents and deaths are male, 75% of all suicide victims are male. 80% of the homeless are males (despite this feminist claim that poverty is a "women's issue"). Men in all mediums are portrayed as violent and abusive (despite again women being more likely to abuse their partner then men) as rapist (despite the fact that less then 4% of the population is responsible for all rapes and most sex crimes and the fact that according to the CDC, NCVS women rape men at almost the same rates) and as incompetent bumbling idiots when in a father role (if their not being violent) so shouldn't it be equal respect for men since clearly women are the only ones getting that as well?

    • And when men bring up these facts all of which are backed by evidence they are shut down accused of being misogynist and hating women so when reffering to freedom of speech shouldn't it be freedom of speech for men as they are the ones constantly censored when they bring up their issues? This is what is wrong with the notion of feminism. Its not about equality its about priviledge and power. Women have always been treated better then men now its to such an insane degree that women are no longer able to reliably play the victim card because its just to blatently one sided.

  • Fearless_banana
    If you stood for equality you wouldn't be supporting feminism. It's a good thought in theory but the reality is that women and men are not biologically wired the same no matter how hard leftist try to push that. I stand for equality but it is much more complex than that first picture. What I don't stand for is supremacy and entitlements. Third-wave feminism is exactly that. You can support equal rights without being a femininst.
    • AWESOME! Feminist often say that if you are for equality, then you are a Feminist. FALSE. Feminists don't own "equality". There is Egalitarianism!
      Fearless_banana, I hope your take pisses off some Feminists!

  • frecklejuice
    I'm not sure if I agree with your take. The issue is that some women tend to use the physical difference as a justification to commit physical violence against men. "We are weaker, so you can't hit me back." This makes no sense to me.

    Yes, we are physically different. That's why we shouldn't go shirtless in public. Yes, we are physically different, that's why we get maternal benefits and other privileges pertaining to women only. But to use that to justify physical abuse against men?
  • admles
    "We are not physically equal to you."

    So? This doesn't mean you get a free pass if a man hits you.

    Raise your hand in violence to anyone, expect to get hit back. End of story.

  • alb84
    equal rights for women, means that a women who hits a man, has to be as harshly punished as a man who hits a women... LAWS (SHOULD) JUDGE ACTIONS.. NOT GENDER.. OR RACE.. OR HEIGHT, OR WHATEVER.

    you can have equality, or you can have privilege... you can't have both.
  • WalterRadio
    Equal rights does not mean equal.

    Very few women are mentally equal to me. Very few men are either.

    Many women have this thing called PMS. Never had it myself, but there are some women for whom I have marked on the calendar when to avoid them.

    One woman army captain I met one time is not physically equal to me. If we were in a firefight together, I want her in front.
  • Maverickj
    So basically, "you can't hit me, I'm a girl!!"?

    How about no one hits anyone? Your pussy pass has been revoked, stop whining.
  • Righttobeararms83
    Be that as it may everyone has the right to defend themselves regardless of the gender of their attacker. If you violently attack someone and are physically weaker then that's not your victims fault and thus deserve to be put down. This strikes of justifying domestic abuse which is always wrong man or woman.
  • anonman32
    if you hit me you are gonna get your face bashed in and i dont care what hangs between your legs.
  • 10dsw
    Equality at it's best:

    My co-worker's brother's wife has never had a job but was overly good looking and swooped into his life (he was a bit of a pushover himself). They had 4 kids. After 10 years of being together there was a domestic violence incident where she stabbed him once. She then stabbed him 71 more times. Surprisingly he survived.

    She claimed "self-defence" in the court room and received 2 years probation and custody of the children 4 days a week. Moreover she took possession of his home and 70% of his assets.

    He now lives in an RV and is likely going to have his custody reduced because the court claims that an RV is not a suitable living environment for the children.

    Let's break this down. He had a successful career as a fireman. He had a home. He was a loving, caring father. Custody of his kids was granted a woman who has never had a job and who attempted to murder her husband. Stabbing someone 72 times is not self-defence, sorry.

    Equality at it's best.
    • I have read about this way too much! Ladies, this is a great example of why Men won't marry you. Domestic violence. 50% divorce rate. False rape charges. The Family Court System that sides with Women the majority of the time. I could go on and on. What woman would want him now? 70% of his assets are gone. Since the ex-wife has custody of the kids, he is paying child support on four kids. If he ever looses his Job, GOD HELP HIM! He could end up in jail because of his inability to pay child support.

    • 10dsw

      @MagiAlphaOne Well I'm not getting married that's for sure. I drive my car knowing there's a less then 1% chance I will get in an accident and die, and yet I still feel uncomfortable...

      And I'm supposed to spend $30,000 on a 50% chance that half my assets will be taken away, as well as my kids and knowing that I will have to pay alimony?

      Thanks for the comment MagiAlphaOne. Agreed, this is why marriage rates have plummeted. People (in general) are smartening up.

  • 99percentangel
    Nah if I hit anyone I certainly fucking hope they defend themselves. I don't care if I'm a girl. If anyone hits ANYONE, they should get hit back. If someone hits me, man or female, I will defend myself, and I hope if I ever strike someone (which I won't) they defend themselves.
  • Anpu23
    There are times when self defense is called for, a legitimate threat to your well being is one of them. In domestic violence situations a woman are more likely to use a weapon then a man. A person who is attacking you with a knife is a legitimate target, just as an example.
  • AleDeEurope
    So why so much fuss about not having equality? All what you said equality is, is what women have in the West today.

    There's equal pay (yes there is, read economists, not freaking feminist bloggers -_-)
    There's equal rights.
    There's freedom of speech (could even say women have more).
    There's equal respect.

    Too many whiners I see... hmmmm
    • DouglasM

      There is not equal rights, unless your only definition of equal is "do women have everything that men do?"

      Men are LEGALLY discriminated against. That is not my concept of equality.

      Do you really believe that there is equal respect? How many times has your government discussd male isses in the oast year, and now often female issues? How many times have public discussions of female matters been disrupted by agitators, and now many times have feminists disrupted attempts for men and women to talk about male matters?

  • Stephen775
    Sorry but you can't have your cake and eat it. If we go by your flawed logic then that means a weak man can hit a strong man and the strong man isn't allowed to hit the weak man back. Truth is, feminism is not about equality. Women already have more rights and privileges than men in the Western world. Feminism is really about shaming and blaming men and getting more women into positions of power and authority. Fuck feminism.
  • Phoenix98
    Well "your" type of feminism isn't the type of feminism most people follow and third wave feminism is not at all about equal rights in any way shape of form. It's a hate/supremacy group, nothing more.

    Also your wrong on some of the things at the bottom.
    • NanaXXXX

      Actually she is right pretty much with the entire article. The only problem is that girls with this understaning of feminism fear to call themselves "feminists", because too many angry people (both men and women) have ruined the reputation.

      If anyone tries to use "feminism" as an excuse to spread hate, they are just idiots.

    • Phoenix98

      @NanaXXXX Not really, plenty of evidence to show the contrary.

    • NanaXXXX

      What evidence?

      Maybe you just hang out with the wrong type of people, because everyone I know has the exact same understanding of feminism that the mytake author has. . .

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  • Jager66
    You assault someone don't be surprised when they defend them selves and beat your ass down, regardless of gender. If I punch The Rock in the face and he beats my ass I have it coming, relative strength has nothing to do with it.

    Also, notice how you don;t care if men have equality only that women get it, you are not for equality you are for Feminism/gynocentrism/superiority.

    • I'm just hung up on the phrase "you don't care if men have equality" What rights do women have legally and socially that men do not? What is it that is 'unjust' towards men?

      It is a simple fact that the male gender as a whole (yes there are exceptions) are physically built differently than women. That's why, as equal rights would have it, women are free to apply to the NFL and Navy SEALS, legally.. they can do so, but thus far women have been unable to meet the same physical demands as the men fighting for those same positions.

      Legally there is no different punishment for a man hitting a woman, as there is for a man hitting another man, either way it is assault and battery and you're going to jail for it... the difference is, as a man, why would you WANT to physically injure a woman who you know to be at a disadvantage physically? Toddlers throw tantrums and hit their parents... that doesn't give the parents a right to beat them for it.

    • @jamiejean1021 if a grown person punches me, I will punch them back, I don't care if they are male or female. They deserve it.

    • Jager66

      @jamiejean1021 A legal right is : Lawfully guaranteed powers a legal entity acquires from winning a court decision.

      Some of the rights women have that men don't,
      -The presumption of innocence in a DV dispute.
      -They are 165% less likely to be convicted of the same crime.
      -They receive 63% shorter sentences.
      -They are not discriminated against in school and University.
      -Paternity fraud isn't considered a crime, the only gendered crime.
      -The right to vote, without the expectation to die for that vote.
      -The right to genital integrity.
      -The right to social programs (eg: 50% of DV victims are men, 1% of funding goes to men)
      -The right to choose parenthood.
      -The right to be assumed competent care givers for children.
      -The right to call unwanted, coerced sex, from the opposite gender rape.
      -The right not to be assumed sexual predators.
      -The right to government enforced gender quotas.
      -The right to gendered tax benefits for being a business owner.
      -The presumption of innocence in college rape

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  • AriadneSky
    i dont think people should ht people smaller than them. at least to be careful about the force. but being a woman doesn't mean you're going to be weaker/ smaller. a 6 ft 2 woman is likely not going to be weaker than a 5 ft 2 guy. likewise a 5 ft 5 woman weight lifter is not going to be weaker than a 6 ft guy who sits in a chair all day.
  • ScottSummers
    You are not physically equal with other women too. I bet you wound not hit a woman much stronger than you, because she would wipe the floor with you.
    Do not use your gender as an excuse to be an abuser.
  • aficionado
    Unless women become capable approaching men as much as men approaching women, I call bullshit on equality. Approaching men does is not physically demanding on you now, is it ladies? You can't play the 'we're physically weaker' card here. Joke's on you!

    P. S. Sorry for being crazy, I watched Suicide Squad just minutes ago! ;)
  • TesticleMonster
    I'm going to say this once. Equality is NOT uniformity. Equality is egalitarianism, equal opportunity. You reap what you sow, but you have to sow. You get the right to choose, but you have to live with those choices. With every right there is an equal responsibility to use it wisely, or face the consequences, of yourself, within yourself alone, without a consequence free safety net that invalidates the gravity of those choices. You do NOT have a right to equal salary. But you have EVERY right to walk the fuck away from an employer that does not respect your talents for what they are worth, in favor of one who does. The world does not bow to what you think you deserve. But if you even have the choice to take action and better your life in the pursuit of happiness, then you have absolutely nothing to complain about. The only person responsible for your life, is you.
  • dragonfly6516
    I'm offended by your implication that a woman cannot be as physically strong as a man. They may have a higher threshold for pain in some instances, but we can be just as tough.

    If a woman physically assaults and attacks a man for any reason other than in self defense, he has just as much right as she does to defend himself. If you don't want to get hit, then don't hit others! What happened to "treat others the way you want to be treated"?

    I'm not saying he should hit her with his full force, but he does have a right to attempt to stop any assailant from trying to cause UNDO physical harm. There are too many women out they're going around just hitting men for shallow petty superficial reasons just because they think it's OK, because they think they won't get hit back. And most men won't hit a woman even in self defense because they know most woman can't take that much pain.
    • ty , you are amazing XD

    • I agree completely. Since you are my girlfriend, you already know that I will most likely never hit a female, even if provoked. However, that could change if I am very agitated and/or pushed to the edge. For example, if I am being hit by a female, I will tell her to stop three times. Three, because maybe she didn't hear me the first two times over her hand/fist/whatever hitting me. After that, I may hit back in self-defense. If you can't take it, don't dish it.

  • WhaChaChaKing
    That's retarded. That isn't equality. If a woman is disrespectful enough to a man then she deserves to get hit back and vise versa.

    So if you get hit by a much smaller woman is it not okay for you to retaliate? Is it not okay for a man to defend himself if a woman boxer attacks him? You're ridiculous.
  • Tarvold
    Fuck you for spreading this bullshit about women being the exclusive target of physical violence.

  • FakeName123
    Actions > Words.

    You can keep up with your internet-feminism all you want, but the reality is different.

    1. Equal Pay -> You get paid the same if you perform the same. If your decision is to work less overtime and such you naturally earn less.

    2. Equal Rights -> There is not a single right in the west that men have and women don't. There are a few where it is the different way around

    3. Equal Freedom Of Speech -> Freedom of speech is free of gender

    4. Equal Respect -> Respect is earned and not inherently given. What you mean is common courtesy. I can show common courtesy to a person I do not respect.

    "We are mentally equal to you."
    "We are emotionally equal to you."

    Both are wrong since the male and female brain operate very differently.

    Conclusion: Think before you write.
  • astrOnaut01
    We may be physically different but I'm still going to hit you back if you hit me.
  • NotTheFBI
    Great MyTake... I'm sure you'd get hate by Radical Feminists for this for life if you didn't go Anon... so tell them I did it... Heh heh heh >:)
    *Grabs Popcorn and awaits my victims*
  • takumii
    Sometimes we are so blinded by the notion of equality that we forget self development in the process.
    The idea of fighting for your rights seems tempting, but I always choose to EARN the deprived rights, that path is more difficult but more rewarding for the society.
    • DouglasM

      Indeed. Sometimes, people need their right to equal OPPORTUNITY supported by society/law but this should never become a call for equal outcome. However, that is right where society is now, and anyone who presents facts of discrimination under the law - against males - will be shouted down.

  • simxc
    Yeah, fuck this. If I hit a man he has EVERY right to hit me back. I'm a grown adult. Not a child.
  • TheTrueLordJ
    I disagree. My girlfriend already commented on here, and I have my response to her, so now I will givebitnto you as well. I would most likely never hit a female, even if provoked. However, that could change if I am very agitated and/or pushed to the edge. For example, if I am being hit by a female, I will tell her to stop three times. Three, because maybe she didn't hear me the first two times over her hand/fist/whatever hitting me. After that, I may hit back in self-defense. If you can't take it, don't dish it.
    • Thats what I call "Chivalry 2.0". LOVE IT! If a woman decides to hit a Man and she won't stop, hit her back. Youtube is full of videos of women attacking men. Some of them are on subways where its impossible for the Man to retreat. He has no choice but to hit back.

  • gobsmacked3
    You really should have put your name to this to get the full respect it deserves :)
    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately it seems there are a lot of angry gentleman posting negative opinions in response to this, so I will refrain from the inbox spam lol

    • i appreciate this, but, you just treat them with the lack of respect they deserve

      easier said than done, and you are wise for avoided the inevitable hysteria

      i am a daft soul and would have loved it :p

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I wish I had the patience to handle the messages, but I feel it would have been a bit much lol

      What they don't seem to understand is that I'm not meaning it in a "feminist" way. I mean nowadays when a man and woman argue and the man hits/slaps the woman out of anger or for no reason at all people say it's okay because "He would have hit her if she were a guy!" but to me it just seems wrong to compare a woman who's typically around 5'3 with little to no muscle to the typical man who is around 5'8 and has significantly more testosterone.

      But oh well, it's a new age and I'm a conventional soul just living in it. :P

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  • Dark_Scorpio
    So my disagreement is with this part "does not under any circumstances give a man the right to physically hit a female". If a woman ever tries to put her hands on me I can and will fight back.
  • Thisperson98
    If a woman hit me, I would hit her back. Unfortunately for her, my punch would probably a lot stronger than her's.
  • BruceJender
    I touch women without permission, but they don't seem to mind lol.

    This happens when I'm flirting, I'll touch their arm or thigh, and judge their reaction to it.
    • In terms of men and women being paid the same... does Feminism take in account ALL factors?

      Answer: NO. Feminism, and the research into the "Gender Pay Gap" are based upon AVERAGES.

      Also women between 20-40 years old are paid more than men the same age.

  • acaurelia
    I can't STAND when a dude says "I would hit you, but your a girl" or "your too fragile" like hit me you fucking pussy!
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    Guys feel pain more vividly than women and have a lower threshold for it (we can't handle the pain as well as women).
  • Unit1
    Good stuff!
    I do understand and I support this type of equality!
    • Unit1

      Look at them butthurts disagreeing with me :P

  • FrankReynolds
    Intelligence crosses gender. Don't forget women are also as smart as men.
  • Mrwoo99
    Equal when it suits. Am sorry to say this but anything a woman can do a man can do better.
  • Djaaaaaay
    Your asking me if I get the fucking difference , so what's up with the ATTACK , the difference is your attitude...
    • Speaking of Fembots, the Kayla one from the 'scale of 1-7' question you answered recently of course blocked me...

    • Djaaaaaay

      @martyfellow why would that be

    • Fembots always get angry when you point out their contradictions.

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  • Alex88F
    We are mentally equal to you. < then stop for the love of god providing or encorauging women in being total sluts and in the same time princesses or sex-and-the-city wannabe witches.

    We are emotionally equal to you. < nah i dont think so. males are more rational and women more emotional.

    We are humanly equal to you. < true. we should have the same rights

    We are not physically equal to you. < false, it's all about hormones. work out really hard and you can get buffer than any other guy
  • windmill
    Only feminists who love self-pitying and self-victimizing will disagree with the picture that you posted.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Equal rights means equal responsibilities. And that's something feminists don't want to own up to.
    • DouglasM

      Just look at the response of self-identified feminist zealots to Phlip Davies MP disclosing that women are treated leniently in the courts! Feminists misrepresent or lie about what he said, lie about the government truths he exposed, and call for him to be silenced or even sacked. There is also a petition calling for him to be sacked.

      There is another petition calling for him to be approved. It doesn't matter what your politics, this is an opportunity to sign that petition and stand against the PC crowd that hates facts being used.

  • Loveherbut
    How about equal freedom of movement having safe world
  • HarvestMoon
    Dumbass article. Period.
  • GreatnessBack
    Nah, fuck equal rights.
  • ice_vampire
    Good post.
  • Papier
    I disagree.
    • aeblalock

      Can you explain? :)

    • Papier

      @aeblalock There is equality or there isn't. That is my stance.

      Equal respect? If someone, female or male, shows some kind of disrespect, shouldn't I give the equal amount of disrespect back? If I didn't there wouldn't be any equality here.

    • aeblalock

      I see. So you're saying there is equality in some cases, and inequality in other cases, am I right? You're saying it can't be "across the board" in one way or another?

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  • Anonymous
    Stop fucking hitting each other, kids!
  • Anonymous
    We are mentally equal to you... not you are actually not.
    We are emotionally equal to you... not even closes.
    We are humanly equal to you... correct.
    We are not physically equal to you... correct.

    There is not such thing as "equal rights for women", you have "equal rights" or you don't. Otherwise we need "equal rights for men" as well.

    When men and women have equal rights by law, then the fight is won, until then we still have issues. Feminism however is counter productive, and making the law less equal.
    • NanaXXXX

      How is feminism making the law less equal?

    • @NanaXXXX The American justice system favors women to an extreme. Look at this new law. This obviously fits to a woman's favor.

    • NanaXXXX

      @Fearless_banana Are you really using Wikipedia to make an argument? This law is not specially in favour of women though. Only the examples given in the explanation happen to describe women having sex without consent. If these happened to a man consequences would apply accordingly.

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