Am I Alpha Enough?


Am I Alpha Enough?

The reason I am writing this take is that I am have a bit of a crisis in confidence at the moment. I was in my new crush's house the other day and I noticed all these pictures on the wall.

Nelson Mandela

Am I Alpha Enough?
Mahatma Gandhi

Am I Alpha Enough?
Martin Luther King
Am I Alpha Enough?
William Shakespeare

Am I Alpha Enough?
Leonardo Da Vinci

Am I Alpha Enough?
Stephen Hawking

Am I Alpha Enough?

Albert Einstein

Am I Alpha Enough?

I asked her about it and she said it was her "Real Man" wall. I was a bit confused, so I went to gym and asked my gym buddies who responded "Yeah, you are so buff, you are a real man to us". I was still unsure so I contacted my ex and she said "Don't worry, I loved your false tan and the way your body shone with lotion, I often wished my body was as smooth and hairless as yours, you are a real man to me". I was feeling a bit better but couldn't shake the insecurity so I went home to ask my grandma, if I was an alpha male. She said "I was her number one alpha male and a real man to her".

Am I Alpha Enough?

(1) The Introduction Was Just A Bit Of Fun:

It was basically just an observation that a lot of people who think they are alpha males spend an awful lot of time and energy telling people that they are alpha, who are they trying to convince us or themselves. For research purposes, I checked up the definition of an alpha male


The dominant male animal in a particular group.

A man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.

To me, that sounds very much like a leader. What do I think are the qualities a leader requires in human society. A person (male or female) who will act for the betterment of the group they are in charge of, in the short and long term even if it is at a personal cost to them. Being a leader is not a time for self aggrandisement or narcissistically stroking your own ego or expecting others to do so. Real leaders act, while egomaniacs talk about how great they are and how they will change things (when they finally stop talking about themselves). Real leaders don't need faint praise and fawning crowds to do the "Hard Yards", they do it for the team. Real leaders don't need to be noticed if their team or group or society is performing well.

Am I Alpha Enough?

(2) Confidence Can Be Exuded Not Preached:

To me, a quietly confident person is much more admirable than a braggart, who has to tell you how self confident they are. I, for one do not really care if I am alpha, beta, gamma, iota or chi. Most people will not care about the size of your manhood, how many girls you have slept with, how many beers you can drink before puking etc. If a girl turns you down, it is not because she is a lesbian or a feminist, she might just not be attracted to your personality, they could even think you are boring.

Am I Alpha Enough?

(3) Quiz Time:

I googled for a "How Alpha Are You?" questionnaire on the internet and did it seriously . The results for me are an owl and a PSI/beta personality which I am very happy with.

Am I Alpha Enough?

You got PSI. A PSI personality is one that is contemplative and soft-spoken. Like a beta you are introverted and unassuming. You enjoy cognitive recreations like reading or puzzles. Nothing about you wants to be the center of attention. You are content letting the other more dominant personalities play out their social politics while you stay on the sidelines and enjoy your alone time. When you do socialize you are drawn to likeminded softer personalities, however when a more dominant personality befriends you, you value that friendship greatly as it is as window to the more sociable side you rarely see.

I am glad I got that result because my definition of alpha might be different to the quiz's, I could see myself being a good leader. I think I am finding fault with society's current definition of "alpha" and somehow it has become intermingled with good leadership qualities which I believe to be false. In the current conditions, these guys would probably score "alpha" and therefore be good candidates for leadership positions.

Josef Stalin

Am I Alpha Enough?

Adolf Hitler

Am I Alpha Enough?

Saddam Hussein

Am I Alpha Enough?
Muammar Gaddafi

Am I Alpha Enough?
Osama Bin Laden

Am I Alpha Enough?


I think I am advancing the theory that all the show in the world will not make you a good leader. I am looking for leaders that will provide a positive, constructive example for future generations.

Am I Alpha Enough?
Am I Alpha Enough?

Thanks for reading.

* This take is for the #BATTLEROYALE contest.

Am I Alpha Enough?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • btbc92
    I love how you expressed yourself with this my take. However I just believe that you need to put a stop with this Alpha male crap and just learn to be yourself. Once your confident in yourself as a person, you will eventually attract the right type of person in your life that will accept you for you. And the girls that you are/were attracted to may not be attracted to you in general. Not wither if your 'Alpha' enough.
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    • I was only joking in first part of take to make the point you are saying. Thanks for reading, I am the most "Unalpha" type person in the world, I don't believe in it for a second.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Good take
    shots fired man shots fired
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  • Fearless_banana
    Lol I like it. I don't think I've seriously used the world Alpha in Beta in a serious manner. I've never seen so many people freak out over a word before till I signed up on here lmao. We used to call boots in the Marine Corps beta all the time. It's just banter. I'll still say it when I'm with friends.

    *Joe goes up and approaches 2 girls at a club and pulls both of their numbers*
    "Joe.. that was alpha AF.. *fist pump*"

    That's literally all it is. Just a word to describe something. Most people who use the words aren't thinking about it from a whole meyers brig perspective to say. It's literally just a word.


    What I wrote on it before.

    Introversion is a word to describe a socially reserved individual.. just as extroversion is used to describe someone as an outgoing, overt individual.
    Alpha/Beta is just a word that is coined to express certain personality traits and social behavior. While not in an absolute form.. men and women certainly do fall somewhere on either side of the spectrum. This is an analogy if you haven't caught on yet. There is no reason to bring wolves into the discussion whenever this word is used on GAG everyone.
    • Interesting points - Your opinion was a good read

  • Valkyrie1
    Nice. I think a lot of guys confuse dominance with what most women find attractive which is confidence it's not the same thing. Dominance or aggressivness does not make someone more attractive. Someone from Berkeley wrote an interesting article related to this:
    • That is a great article - Thanks for linking it - I hope people read it

    • Valkyrie1

      Me to. I have been thinking about doing a Take on the alpha myth myself but I haven't gotten around to finishing it. Plus I'm woman so I'm not so sure I should...

    • Don't let who you are stop you - If you have any idea, go with it - That is what public forums are for, to express yourself.

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  • Phoenix98
    So I did the test and I got Omega which sounds about right.

    You got OMEGA! Perhaps the antithesis to Alphas, an omega personality is one that is self actualized. Possessing the confidence of an alpha but not the desire to rule, an omega personality is his own person. People are often drawn towards omegas but in a different way than his alpha cousin. The self condense and effortless charm an omega exudes cultivates a desirable personality that is non threatening and fun.

    also good take.
  • Loadedgamer
    The only muscle that's important is the brain, and you need to strengthen that brain by learning or reasearching the world viewpoints!

    Instead these body builder nimwits would just call me a nerd or a geek!
  • SuitAndTie
    Great take. I was reading the introduction and was thinking "wtf" but then realized it wasn't to be taken seriously. Well written take. Too many guys try too hard to be "alpha" when really nobody cares about how many girls they can get, how much money they make, what car they drive, or, and here's my favourite, how much they can "lift" 😂. Too bad there's always at least one girl out there stupid enough to focus on stuff like that.
  • Jayded1
    All the guys in those pictures are alpha as fuck The top set and the bottom set. If you can't see how someone like Gandhi was an Alpha King then perhaps you dont know what alpha is. . Being fit and weight training is a trait shared by submissive and dominant males equally.
    • I agree the top set are alpha but the bottom set are narcissists so I don't think they would make good leaders. A good leader puts the needs of the group they lead above their own.

    • Jayded1

      Alpha doesn't mean you are a GOOD leader, just that you lead.

    • Good point - I may have got lost in semantics a bit - I looked up definition of semantics to clarify I was remembering correct meaning seems pretty apt "the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The two main areas are logical semantics, concerned with matters such as sense and reference and presupposition and implication, and lexical semantics, concerned with the analysis of word meanings and relations between them."

  • Luminifera
    Oh my god. I fucking hate masculine men. Thanks for reminding me of that. Jesus fuck, boys are so retarded. You should all have gone extinct thousands of years ago.
    • Oram52

      What's wrong with Masculine men? And what would your definition of Masculine be?

    • Sounds like you had bad experiences.

    • dudeman

      if men disappeared women would die of starvation.

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  • lovelywiz
    I think I'm going to stop trolling and start being kind. You made your point but I'm tired of being a cynical and depressing person. I want to do so many things with my life but I lack confidence. I got psi but I feel as if I'm not kind enough
    • To be fair anytime I have seen you on GaG, you seemed nice. Confidence is a strange thing just say to yourself, I will be a little bit more confident each day. As you get more confident it leads to accepting yourself more which leads to you feeling more confident and so on. Have you ever heard the expression "A rising tide lifts all boats". I don't think kindness can be measured, it is more how people feel around you. Think about how the people who care about you, your family and friends feel about you then you see the good impact you have on peoples' lives.

    • lovelywiz

      My mother and her friends accuse me of being outspoken, a feminist, Annoying, anti social, nice, mature... Honestly it hurts my feelings which they accuse me of not having but I just hide it. But on the inside I'm very embarrassed about my self and the way I look. I guess I do have to rise all the boats

  • Polocrew
    Lmao I am yet to hear or talk to someone about how alpha they are in non joking non sarcastic way, "alpha beta" are just words for strong and weak brah. U dont need to lead to be alpha lol People will follow u when you strong because theyd feel inferior to you.
    • 😂😂😂👌

    • Polocrew

      @CheerGirl38139 People here obsessed with this shit lmao It's like teen wolf goin aroun here

    • Thanks for reading take - I think we will have to agree to disagree here

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  • YourFutureEx
    Even tho I hate Gandhi, I must admit that he's was an alpha.
    Even Mark Zuckerberg is an alpha even tho he had only one girlfriend in college and wears the same boring t shirt.
    The word alpha means more than that.

    One more thing I want to add is that if you say that you are an alpha, it doesn't mean that you are not. For example: Mike Tyson
    • Oram52

      How is Tyson Alpha? Sure he was Boxing Champ other than than what were his contributions? He went bankrupt. He was a rapist too.

    • @Oram52 Half of the world knows who he is and he can beat the crap out of most of us. He earned ridiculous amount of money. He made his rules. He was featured in headlines.

      Only an alpha could do such kind of things.

    • Oram52

      "Half of the world knows who he is and he can beat the crap out of most of us."

      That doesn't make him Alpha that was the point of the Take. Ability to beat someone up doesn't make you an Alpha, otherwise girls would be all over them. Just money doesn't make you Alpha either did I mention he also went bankrupt so did he turn beta?

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  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake. I enjoyed the humor in the beginning.

    "To be alpha or not to be alpha that is the question?"
    • Thanks for reading

    • coolbreeze

      Your very welcome. Thanks for writing something different and interesting. lol.

  • outmyroom
    I just love how much time you spend writing this stuff.
    • My pleasure - I just like talking and nobody interrupts when you are writing on here, why I prefer writing to chatting with a group in a social setting like a bar/coffee shop/cafeteria, people get excited and there is about 4 conversations going on at same time.

    • Fathoms77

      I love it, too. Such great stuff. :) And as Content Manager, I'm trying to figure out how to keep him around after the Battle Royale contest is over. Maybe I should just make him an Editor immediately after it's over. ;)

  • rjroy3
    True Confidence: Being yourself and knowing that's enough.
  • Zorax
    Great Take indeed, I mean, if Hitler, Stalin and Saddam were "Alpha", then I would rather be Beta.
    PS - I also got PSI personality on the quiz.
  • Levin
    You are definitely the most alphaist Gag poster. Well done!
  • dave1558
    if you have to ask if you're Alpha.. your not Alpha
    • Sssssssh! That was my whole take in a short sentence - If people see this, I will be found out (LoL).

  • For magical ponies sake not this shit again -.-

    There is no such thing as an alpha/beta male in human society! It's only applicable in the wolves but not in humans.
    Did you know, that the term REAL MAN is being used by society in order to manipulate men, making them insecure, that they are not manly enough? It's commonly used to extract some benefits from those, who got called not a real man.
    Every man is a real man: You can see them, you can touch them and you can smell them too!

    Seriously, this is just sick and contagious shit.

    Work on your insecurities but not by discovering your so called (not existent)"alpha-ness" and whether you're a real man or not. You're either male or female or transgender. No buts!
    • Very true observations

    • Unit1

      Huh. I honestly expected you're going to reply in a way like "It's not as easy as you think it is".
      But okay :)

      MGTOW and red pill philosophy addresses insecurities for men like us but in excess can lead to bitterness towards females. Something I gave up but retained the invaluable wisdom to not become a social tool. It's like peeling a banana and eating the fruit (gaining wisdom) itself and tossing away it's skin (stopping the bitterness towards females).

      Good luck dealing with your insecurities.

    • I was only joking with title and introduction - My real point was the bits after.

  • takumii
    Hmm.. I think if someone can define you in one adjective then you need to stop acting like an animal.
    • That is good - I like that statement

    • takumii

      Gee.. Coincidence. That sounded good in my head. Glad to know it did in yours too.

  • Oram52
    Nice Take, if only life was simple as Alpha and Beta.
  • Alex88F
    Stephen Hawking can kick anybody else ass to the Galaxy just typing knowledge into air and making it words
  • blondfrog
    Great take man! hope you guys kick those pussy girls asses lol and win the gift card
    • For me it is just the taking part - Between my master account and the couple of cards I have picked up on this account, my Amazon balance still up around 80 dollars, I only get second hand books so I have about 15 to read - I am very competitive about things but just with myself, I don't care about winning or losing as long as I did my best.

    • blondfrog

      I know man your a good guy I was just playing.

  • CheerGirl38139
    Pretty cool take bruh. 🙋
  • Josht13
    Cool story, bro.
  • 11_Fake_Bills
    alpha is irrelevant.

    goals are relevant.
  • John_Doesnt
    No you're not alpha enough.
  • ChromAzonyx108
    great take
    I did the quiz and also got psi
  • blustar
    Only a beta male would write a myTake like this
    • Everyone is free to express themselves on my takes.

  • TonyRyanAgain
    Lol, that was pretty funny. Good take.
  • ice_vampire
    Loved reading that
  • Anonymous
    Gandhi used to beat his wife and left his first wife and kids penniless. The only alpha males on your list are black
    • Interesting facts - Never heard those ones before.

    • Anonymous

      Its left out because liberals ignore their heros faults which go against their socialist narrative, that's how Obama has been given a pass for years.

  • Anonymous
    It's always the more "beta" guys who claim that "alpha/beta" doesn't exist, and do all they can to bash men they perceive to be "alpha". Funny that.
    • That has been the view of a couple of the responders so far - Thanks for offering your opinion

  • Anonymous
    I agree with your take. What defines a man is what he does and how he goes about it. Perseverence, strong intellectual mentality, and to be liked by a group of people who have your back because they know how strong or alpha you are. This doesn't mean putting a front and acting tough. It means being comfortable with yourself and your values, and being able to open up the minds of others so they become your followers. I have always been the "leader" of my group without even realising. It never crossed my mind, no one ever really told me until just recently. I suppose the best leaders are the ones who dont notice themselves being the leaders
  • Anonymous
    what is this shit u old mofuker
    • Everyone is free to express themselves on my takes.

  • Anonymous
    Sounds like your a pretty boy or jock type.
    I think your crush defines a real man as an intellectual
    • I was only joking in first part of take to make the point you are saying. Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous
    I took the quiz and got "beta" which really pissed me off (yeah I know it's just a silly quiz). The word "beta" has such a horrible, loserish, timid connotation to it though. I'm a guy who has competed in professional martial arts, banged numerous women and makes very good money. I never have been outspoken or arrogant. I also enjoy helping people. But that fucking word "beta" I hate it.
    • "Beta" is only a word, it is how you feel about yourself not how the world perceives you that is important.

    • Anonymous

      yeah it's no big deal. I"m starting to think this whole "alpha" vs "beta" male thing is an asinine over-simplication. We are not dogs, we don't live in wolf packs. Human beings are much complicated than wild life. Yes woman have biological preferences for aggressive men. However women too are complicated and the right one will like you for the right reasons. I've met "alpha" tough guys who are stuck in shit jobs because their "tough guy" attitude gets them in trouble with the law. I've met so called "beta" guys who do the right thing: get educated, get a good job, be honest, work hard and respect people. These guys usually make a good living. "Boring" or not I rather have money in the bank.

  • Anonymous
    You can never be alpha enough to satisfy Murican mythology
  • Anonymous
    Yep i agree.. This is actually the point I've been making long time ago, alpha which was derived from a term to describe leaders in the animal kingdom such as silverback gorilla.

    Alpha is not those bulky bodybuilders talking nonesense. If were gonna apply this alpha system on humans, it wouldn't be those bulky bodybuilders. In fact quite opposite of them. It would be those people who are charismatic with brave souls who leads that aren't bodybuilders.
    • Very true - Thanks for reading

    • The movie Sully is a true alpha male story. That is what an alpha does.

    • @Stuckintime I had to look the movie up. I remember that, it was the coolest thing ever. So many things happen like this but not as dramatic, a moment of unnoticed heroism saves countless lives. Like that runaway fire in Dubai last week, experts were amazed hundreds didn't die thanks to expertise of crew.