How to Become an Alpha Male



There has also been a poll taken in my honour demonstrating women's natural preference for alpha males (such as myself) over the inferior beta male variety:

Graveytrain has also highlighted the

necessity for dominant alpha male leadership in a relationship.

In light of this, I have explored the characteristics of typical alpha male leader types and exampled some of the key alpha male role models however I have yet to highlight the path taken by the young fledgling alpha male to become a swan...or rather, a lion.

Without further ado these concepts shall be elaborated upon:

1. Abandon Feminism

How to Become an Alpha Male

Feminism teaches man that wanting to be dominant is shameful and women need to be the man in a relationship. Obviously this is wrong and unnatural. Men and women are not equal and most women have sexual fantasies about being dominated. Women that don't are acting antagonistic towards social Darwinism (it is the male's natural reproductive role to hunt and provide for the weaker female species).

2. Break fear boundaries

How to Become an Alpha Male

This has to be taken step by step because society has programmed you to become weak and despondent. Hold eye contact longer than other people, let awkward silences role, make other people walk out of YOUR way, take up space, etc. To begin with avoid antagonising fellow alphas and large, hostile crowds. Start off small with weaker beta males , then work your way up as you begin to realise how your own fear and risk assessments work.

3. Brute force counts

How to Become an Alpha Male

If you are going to become a true alpha, you need to be able to defend yourself and look intimidating because most people won't like you very much. This is out of jealousy. I recommend old fashioned lifts like squats and deadlifts and 6-8 meals a day. Eat healthy and do cardio to avoid cutting fat. Women like a rugged man.

4. Defend yourself

How to Become an Alpha Male

Physique is not sufficient. For self-defence, I recommend full contact martial arts such as krav maga and systema. These are the most realistic and applicable systems. If you have to fight then always fight dirty. If you can't defend yourself then you need Machiavellian tactics to manipulate other men into acting as security. Personally I am able to do both as the situation requires.

5. Embrace capitalism

How to Become an Alpha Male

Nothing makes a man sexier to a woman than a fast car and luxury apartment. This is because wealth and possessions trigger the hunter -provider instinct in her amygdala. Multiple 'gold-digger prank' social experiments have confirmed this, eg Vitalyzd. For this reason you need to accumulate capital anyway possible and the way to do this is to overcome your moral qualms about the free market.

Build an investment portfolio, play poker, become a professional hedge fund manager, start a short do whatever it takes to achieve
financial abundance and forget about morality because...

6. Ethics are subjective and the world doesn't give a damn about you

How to Become an Alpha Male

Feminist society has tamed you to become beta males through a false identification with what is 'right'. There is no greater end than economic expediency and the development of modern day society according to capitalist principles. Markets are king so fuck's kill or get eaten.

7. Stop bitching

How to Become an Alpha Male

Life isn't fair: men approach women not the other way around. That's because women have higher standards related to wealth and status. Some would argue looks also. Stop waiting around for things to be different because they aren't going to be like that unless the trend of feminist emasculation goes through a seriously bad downward spiral.

Your reality won't change but your mindset can so get off your arse and approach .

Be direct, stop them in the street and state attraction. Be prepared to experience hundreds of rejections before you are successful. Most of all be dominant when you stop a woman in the street and make sure you have her full attention because women tend to daydream. After that you need to move her location to location before she has a chance to think. This is how you get her back to your apartment where you need to be dominant and sexually escalate otherwise she will lose interest.

Regards, the_rake.

How to Become an Alpha Male
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  • hellionthesage
    I can't help but doubt a man who claims he is an "alpha male", seems like they are trying to hard (I don't know you so you may be this is merely my perception of it). However I would simply state your idea of apha male seems to be lacking any real thought. How often does a powerful man go about mentioning his own greatness? Never, he doesn't need to. Now people who WANT to be important talk about there "greatness" all the time, simply to try and bluff there way through in the hopes of being viewed as important. I would say its the equivalent of comparing a chihuahua to a mastiff. A matiff is giagantic the chihuahua tiny, yet the chihuahua barks at anything and acts as if its dangerous while the matiff is probably one of the friendliest dogs around. Why? Because the chihuahua knows that it is not a real threat, that anything can easily kill it, so it bluffs. Meanwhile the mastiff is so large it knows that know one can really harm it so it has no reason to try and prove its self as a threat. That is the distinction that I would make between an alpha male and your version of an "alpha" male. Its essentially a sad attempt at trying to prove ones worth. Further more why be an alpha male at all? By your definintion a beta male panders to women yet so does your version of an "alpha" male, all that you do is for the attention of women which to me seems awfully similar to pandering, just of a different variety. In short what your describing is a more abrasive versian of a beta, needing outward validation for there existence. As for ethics, if we did not have ethics we would not have society, if we did not have society we would not have civilization and if we did not have that we would not only not be where we are today but would in all likely hood not be alive as a species (most animals are much more dangerous then us on an individual level, its only team work/socialization that makes us the dominant force) Ethics allow us to work as a group towards a single end, if for instance I pay for a service and the person does not need to provide it then I would not pay my resources for that service ie captialism could not function without the trust that ethics instills. If violence was perfectly excepted regardless of consequences then we would not interact since injuries are usually leathel in nature (and without trust, who would go to a doctor?) so society and civilization would break down. What you are suggesting is regression, not progression.
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      Yes, agreed - this post was essentially a troll (although I can't tell if you are now trolling me back!). But your points are worth addressing, so I have created another article with a more reasonable ideological stance.

    • A troll post only in so much as I looked for a discussion/argument. My statemens are not meant to incite emotions, only thought. Also a dislike for people who claim to be alpha males by simple fact that they are exhibiting the same behaviors as the so called beta males ie they fall all over themselves to attract and please women, they merely take a different approach. To me that isn't really very alpha just another kind of beta (not that I ascribe to these discriptions since as with nature there are multiple approaches and thus can not be summed up in the alpha/beta system)
      As for the dog analogue I do feel its accurate to most situations, those who have little act as if they have much, those who have much don't act much like anything. This applies to everyhing, you don't see intellectuals talking about how much smarter then everyone else they are because they don't need to, they prove it with there actions.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • GirlsLie
    I just cringe when I hear the words "alpha male".

    Everything in regards to dating comes across so fake to me. People are putting on a specific personality to impress everyone else.

    It must be a miserable experience to never be comfortable being who you really are and not having to learn to "become" something else.
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      With all due respect there is no greater journey than the path towards alpha maledom. It is the holy grail for all men. There is no persona or act: a true, authentic alpha male is the real deal, the borsalino hat.

      Regards: a true alpha

    • I laugh so hard every time someone calls them self an alpha. It just comes off as so insecure lol

    • GirlsLie

      Something being your preference, doesn't make it the ideal. Not every man has to be the way you want them to be and not every woman wants or needs a man to be that way. You do realize that once you start obeying what society thinks you should be (an alpha male), that you're nothing more than a follower who is doing what he's told to do.

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  • TheDevilInside
    How to become an alpha male: don't give a single flying fuck about all this "alpha male" talk and thinks that this take is genuinely stupid.

    A true alpha male is secure even if he's wearing pink and doesn't need to give him self a Labels just to make himself feel superior than any other guys. Labeling your self an "alpha male" just for wusses. Get it?
    • OMG an alpha male doesn't wear pink. I don't consider myself one yet I would never wear pink. Why are you trying to get guys to wear pink?

    • I'm not. I was just saying that real men still feels secure doing 'non manly stuff' because they still know they're a true man even if they shave their body hairs, wear pink, or opens up about his feelings.

    • @randomusername3464

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    Uh sir, once again, you didn't properly read my take. My take didn't suggest the NEED for alpha males, it talked about the DIFFERENCE between wanting dominance vs. leadership, which I explained to you. Just so people don't misunderstand.
    • I invite you to try and reread it so you understand what the actual message was. It didn't say: BE DOMINANT. I suggested that people were misconstruing the difference between wanting dominance and somebody who has leader-like traits.

    • the_rake

      Hello, I did understand perfectly well, I merely read deeper into your intended meaning: you want a man like Christian Grey to take control in your life, make decisions for you. I find it truly inspiring... never be ashamed about your feminine desire to submit to a man of great dominance.

      Kudos to you

    • LOL!!! You're fucking delusional. Christian Grey is a laughable character and I certainly don't allow anyone (let alone a man) to rule my life. You sir are completely seeing things from a very twisted perspective.

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  • Mustachekitteh
    I do not agree with "the men approach women not the other way around."If that was true I would never be in the amazing relationship I'm in now. Since my boyfriend doesn't talk to people for no reason. So I made the first move and I'm really glad I did.

    Also the whole alpha beta bullshit is just stupid. Who cares just be yourself and stop putting lame labels. Anyone who labels themselves that way comes off as stupid. Since intelligent people wouldn't give a crap.
  • musicbrain5
    My troll meter is really going off the charts with this one. Nobody besides a troll would constantly refer to himself as a "true alpha male" in every comment.
  • ThePragmaticRomantic
    Worrying about being an 'alpha male' is like worrying about being 'cool'. If you're thinking about it, you arn't.
    It's also a painful oversimplification of a complex social structure, it's been rather a long time since humanity has dwelt in small family groups with a linier structure. Society ever twists and turns, often making many 'alpha male' tendencies actively undesirable.
    • the_rake

      Yes it is true that the modern day alpha must adapt to the demands of 21st century feminist fascism.

    • Lol this take owner dude talks like he lives in the 16th century
      Or like a guy roleplaying for a Drama set in the 16th century... Role: fake Knight in Aluminium foil armor.

    • the_rake

      Hello, yes I have been likened to a knight by some. This is by virtue of my true dominant alpha male status.

  • dartmaul15
    you lost me when claiming YOU are an alpha.

    The alphas of this world is people like marc zucherberg, putin, gabe newell, bill gates... people with POWER, power that COUNTS! People everyone know has power, people who don't need to say "i am the king".

    Because that's what you do. You say "i am the king", but keep forgetting that "he who need to say 'i am the king' is no true king".
    • the_rake

      Hello, you are indeed correct. May I refer you to my other take, should you have time?

      Regards - the_rake

    • dartmaul15

      you know, i kinda love when guys post takes like this. Because they're so wrong, and the girls keep shooting him down.
      And overal the dude's making an ass of himself XD

      I'm curious, what is even an alpha male?

    • the_rake

      And the guys also :P

      Yea I had a LOT of fun with this but its time to stop.

      Well an 'alpha male' as I see it is a high status man with authority, charisma and leadership. He can be good or bad. He doesn't necessarily need to be some politician or corporate executive, just someone who gets what he wants.

      People are saying that you can't refer to yourself as one, but I don't see the big deal. As long as you understand the man makes the title and not the other way around (to paraphrase another user).

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  • abzence
    Just out of curiosity. What is the end game of being a "true alpha male?"

    I mean, once you have established total dominance and control over everybody else, accumulated all the wealth that will last a hundred life times and have more women that you have time to be with. What then?

    Is being a "true" alpha simply an endless journey to accumulate said "commodities" ad infinitum? Or perhaps all this is just for the purpose of more opportunities for reproduction?
    • the_rake

      Yes - our legacy will pass down generations of men that accept our values.

    • abzence

      So the end purpose of being an alpha is more reproduction? Does that mean that men in 3rd world countries that have 10-15 children are all alphas?

    • the_rake

      Yes, the chieftains of the tribe are often alphas and live polygynous lifestyles with the most wealth, status and women in the tribe.

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  • MaskedSanity
  • RedThread
    ugh whenever I hear the terms alpha or beta male I vomit in my mouth a bit..

    I by no means fit the standard of an "alpha" or traditional male but I still get attention from women.. Why? Because I treat them with dignity and respect and I don't behave like a modern day caveman.
    • the_rake

      Yes, it is true that beta males have strategies for escaping the friend zone. If this was not the case, they would not reproduce and there would not be beta males.

    • RedThread

      Ah thank you sensei.

    • the_rake

      That is no problem: as an alpha male, I always am happy to spread my wisdom.

  • PT1911
    All agree except #3

    Mostly because I have been in martial arts since I was a kid, brute force don't mean shit if you don't know how to apply it, and on a visual level, its... egh. I've been in fights with bigger/stronger people, and I'm already decent (5'11, 225 lbs, more on the chubbier side,) but still I'm better trained and conditioned than a lot out there.

    Point is, see what you want, take it, and light the world on fire because you fucking can.
    • the_rake

      Yes, hence I emphasised physicality AND self-defence. There are many elements that win a fight - aggression, psychology, experience and technical discipline. But physicality has other benefits for the alpha: status, authority and attractiveness to name a few.

    • PT1911

      Fair enough, just didn't like the picture ha-ha

    • the_rake

      No? Deadlifts are a superb exercise. Ed Coan was the best deadlifter in his day - an alpha male legend. I find the picture awe inspiring.

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  • Svengodofman
    Any man who has to show off his "dominance" through boasting is no true leader. A true leader is someone people respect because they show good leadership qualities. Boastful and tyrannical behaviour only pushes people away from you.
    • the_rake

      Hello, I use my alpha maledom to inspire, not to brag.

  • AvalanceJD
    Irrelevant although i agree with some things. So if a man has all of these for example, but doesn't like approaching due to his own personality for his own reasons not from fear of rejection and a woman did it for him once, she gets respect in her relationship with him later. He isn't an "Alpha" ? Are we wolves?

    I've seen similar cases of people. Don't think who they're more successful. Each to his own personality and life.
    • the_rake


      Yes your intuition is correct: a true alpha always makes the first move. It is hardwired into his nature as a hunter -provider

    • AvalanceJD

      We still have instincts as animals but i think we moved far from that. Our nature and way of life changed all that. Maybe that's why you see, less and less "Alphas". We're going to a different path.

      A friend keeps telling me that's in a man's nature to be with many women. Many women will freak out as they read this. Although i feel i have no need to follow that, controling instincts and our will is what makes us different than beasts. But i respect your point of view.

    • the_rake

      Channel your instinct so you become the very best you can.

  • GreatnessPersonified
    1. true
    2. "Hold eye contact longer than other people," I have a tendency to want to fight about it.
    3. true. I'm a small guy, with hard bones, and a mean demeanor.
    4. true. Trained in every martial art I could find.
    5. I care not for money, I WANT POWER!!!
    6. As Set Kaiba once said, "Screw the rules, I have money!!"
    7. thank god someone said it.

    funny take, good stuff!!
    • the_rake

      I see you have the makings of a true alpha. As an equal I commend you although resent the idea that this take is a joke. And money IS power. All else aside, a fantastic contribution. Regards.

    • Money is not Power. Money is money, power is power.
      I've seen people with money, and if I can go up to them and beat them to an inch of their life, then their money means nothing.

      Besides, the only power I seek is True Power!!!

      "although resent the idea that this take is a joke."

      I never said it was a joke. I found it amusing, someone else said that, but whatever.

    • the_rake

      Well if you have the skills to single handedly defeat my armies and apaches you must have greater physical prowess than the great chuck Norris. You must be a true alpha indeed.

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  • RandomUsername3464
    Nice encouraging take, brah. With all these damn takes on here that tell us guys that we basically we need to serve women and change everything about ourselves to suit them, this is a refreshing break from the ordinary crap.
    • the_rake


      I am glad someone sees this.

  • OrdinaryGentleman
    you belong here.
    I congratulate you on this my_take but based on your other my_takes you seem to simply say what you've been saying in a more direct fashion.
    • the_rake


      I can actually appreciate that it may seem this way but I did highlight in the other my_take (the one about what makes a confident attractive man) there may be certain ideas or tennets that I agree with in this my_take even if they have been ridiculed or hyperboled. That's because sometimes it's funny to self-deprecate as well.

  • verticallyinsecure
    i have honestly gotten sick of weak beta (yes, BETA) men being depressed about first world problems and coming up with absolute BS like this. by the way, ur last point, you yourself are basically just bitching here. Its good to have a good physique and stay fit only for your own self, not with the intention of being a playboy or something. There are equal number of retards among both men and women, just be wary of them, not a gender as a whole.
  • Lochlan
    Krav Maga is used to break the necks of Palestinian children. It's pretty easy to call yourself "alpha" when you fantasize about taking advantage of delicate targets.
    • the_rake

      Yes krav maga is a very powerful and effective martial arts system. It serves the Israelis well.

    • Lochlan

      Kike kun pao! Guess the "A"xis had a hand in turning them from Zionist "B"ankers to Beanie Penny Pinchers.

    • the_rake

      Yes WW2 made these Israeli boys into true alpha males, fighting a noble and just cause.

  • farscryer0

    /ˈsaˌtī (ə) r/
    noun: satire

    The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
    irony, sarcasm

    Example: "he has become the subject of satire"

    •a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.
    plural noun: satires

    Example: "a stinging satire on American politics"

    synonyms: parody, burlesque, caricature, lampoon, skit; More
    informalspoof, takeoff, sendup

    Example: "a satire on Canadian politics"

    •a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

    •(in Latin literature) a literary miscellany, especially a poem ridiculing prevalent vices or follies.
    • the_rake

      I never used the word 'satire' myself. If you want me to explain the troll in more detail I'm happy to.

    • the_rake

      That said, the take is probably compatible with all of those satirical elements.

      e. g.
      It encompasses a ridiculed exaggeration of the men's right activism (specifically MGTOW) while constructing a hyperboled straw man of feminism.

      this has triggered heated arguments from people belonging from different ideological corners (all of them misinterpreting the various and many blurred lines and all of them essentially overreacting to an ideological position that isn't tea and that I made up)

      More specifically it is a troll because it makes a comedy out of the 'battle sexes' - men who complain about life and women on sites like these, not to mention women who wish they could get a 'nice guy' but act antagonistically. I have essentially been successful I 'bating' these opposing camps into a ridiculous and stereotyped debate.

      THAT is what's so hilarious.

    • the_rake

      *that isn't real, not 'that isn't tea' LOL

  • front2back
  • Pampered
    I don't agree with feminism at all but for some reason I still don't agree with this take. I don't think women and men are as primal and simple as you're making them out to be. I think we used to but there's a thing called evolution. I like being bought things, catered to, etc (if you couldn't tell by my name) but my boyfriend is what most guys would consider "beta" and he still turns me on. He makes more money than me but barely spends it and saves all the time. I didn't date him for that reason, it was because he impressed me by how well spoken he was. He seemed like a smart guy which I found rare in my area, where everyone's on drugs or partying or pregnant. I dated "alphas" in high school only to impress my friends but they were jerks! Never again. I would date one if they were still gentlemen but that's usually not the case..
    • the_rake

      Yes, it is true that beta males often find a way to fill in the provider gap of the hunter-provider male. This way they can use money to create the illusion of status. It is the main beta male mating strategy, in fact.

    • Pampered

      He barely pays for me though, it's actually pretty even most of the time. I said I was initially interested in him because he was smart while most people in my town seem dumb. I've met rich guys but they were pompous assholes and completely turned me off. It sounds like you're going to believe what you want to believe and hear what you want to hear, so this comment's going to be wasted on you.

    • the_rake

      I hate to break it to you but this whole thing was just a troll...

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  • chuppachup
    The catch 22 about being "alpha" is that you become so cocky that you don't care about how cringy it is.
    • Esplorare

      Cringy my pussy.

    • the_rake

      @Esplorare for me it is not cringey it is a badge of great honour.

  • brain5000
    I would rather do none of these things and never see bare tithes again than do all of them and see a complete asshole every time I looked in the mirror.
    • brain5000

      ^titties - fucking autocorrect. >:(

    • the_rake

      Yes, this indeed is a prime reason why 'nice guys finish last'

    • brain5000

      Perhaps instead of "embrace capitalism" you should have said "embrace Darwinism?"

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  • MissLebanon
    dialling down my inner rage mode so I don't fall into the troll trap. This is hilarious, good job :)
  • fondue
    ...*slooooooow clap.* Find me in the kitchen when you're done. :|
    • the_rake

      I only have French bread and whole meal... my favourite sandwiches I have made with feta, salami and olives...

      Also what was the name of the thing on the earth of a golf stick... you know the thing you use to hit balls with. Ah yes a tee.

      Some of that wouldn't go amiss - a cup of tea.

    • fondue

      Seems like you have the sandwich making part down pact, no need for me to bother with that.
      Also... do you mean a club? That's the thing you use to hit balls with.

    • the_rake

      Yes, this is what I am used to my women making for me. Thankyou for offering to make this contribution.

      The tee is the metal part.

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  • elric
    Very good. I see you have solidified some of your previous ideas.
    • the_rake

      Thank you it is much appreciated.

  • godfatherfan
    I only read the title... but let me give you the quick version.
    1) never study. You need to be as stupid as possible
    2) Always act like a complete asshole douchbag piece of shit
    3) put others down constantly to try and hide the fact that your a worthless piece of shit.
    4) think that working out is the only thing that matters in life, along with steriods.
  • Maverickj
    Maybe I don't want to be an "alpha male".

    The best way to change something that is unfair is to NOT listen to people like you, and instead just try to change it.

    You seem really insecure about your masculinity. You sure you aren't an Omega male who is attempting to compensate for something?
  • gaaxure
    Step one: Stop listening to other people's opinions about how you should behave yourself to fit into that or this category.
    • the_rake

      Yes, indeed: 'a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep'.

  • kingoficeolation
    Why must it all be about brutishness and savagery? Wit and guile are mighty tools. With them, one may appear as weak and low, avoiding competition or perception as a threat, while in fact being able to run the show. Many of those you deem betas are simply using their brains and have a taste for subtlety.
    • the_rake

      Yes, cunning Machiavellian graft plays a vital role in the embracing of capitalism.

  • M_A_X
    An Alpha Male doesn't need to say they're an alpha male.

    Also, if everyone could be an alpha male, then nobody would be. I don't think you really comprehend how the economics of dating works
    • the_rake

      Yes, yes... your butthurt, I get it.

  • YesPleaseThankYou
    You misspelled the title: How to be a douchebag 101
  • 05candyman
    Talk about absolute nonsense. Please tell me you didn't spend too long on this mytake. Total trash
    • the_rake

      Hello, most of this is an end-result of my alpha maledom which I have spent years refining and crystallising to become the truly awesome alpha male bad ass that you talk to today.

    • 05candyman

      Damn, you are serious. What a lame

    • the_rake


      Yes the awe-inspiring awesomeness of my alpha maledom is something I take very seriously.

      Regards - a true alpha male.

  • JayneW
    where do I find such a man, or will he seek me out if I am worthy?
    • the_rake

      He will seek you out, assuming you have a strong feminine identity and do not play 'games'. Also if you are pure - do not sleep around - and accept polygyny.

    • JayneW

      what games should I avoid and there is a certain way to dress to show I am willing?

    • the_rake

      no games of feigning disinterest. dress elegantly / with style

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  • ConsultantIsBack
    This is just painful to see.
  • Polocrew
    Agree with abadonding femenism lol but yea alpha really is treating everyone equal and helping others , other than that. Its bullshit, its another stereotype Wk nerds have created
    • the_rake

      Yes - with regards to how a man of high status should ACTUALLY behave, yes this is a more accurate representation.

  • alibaba42
    i dont understand what exactly an alpha male is? thre is no such thing as an alpha male in 2015. An alpha male is one who dominates his territory and he would have fought for the right to the females within it.

    that is just not what humans are like in 2015. In any case, if you embraced all of the concepts above, you will not have time for anything else in life, and you'll be severely mentally challenged.

    No, an alpha male is simply a man who naturally earns the respect, affection and admiration of a large proportion of the males and females he knows. There is no rulebook and no one way to go about it.
  • Filipe97
    You're definitely trolling, nobody would say those things and be serious about it ahahah
    Nice one though!
  • pixelpebbles
    4 words: Don't feed the troll.
    • the_rake

      Sssshhhh... they will hear you!

    • Gommers

      That's actually 5 words, contractions don't count as individual words.

      Your point is invalidated based on your inherent ineptitude and incompetence.

  • ppd84
    Haha, great troll. Also, very.. American.
    • the_rake

      Thank you, thank you.

      Since it is my 24th birthday, I will make an exception and for once admit it was a troll. But this is a one time off.

      Regards, a regular man.

  • SIGguy
    It should be called "How to become a douchebag in 12 seconds". Funny you should be supporting capitalism from a proletarian standpoint, considering supporting such a concept goes against your best interest. And by defend yourself, do you mean assault a random stanger on the street? Going out to start fights with someone because something about that other guy threatens you, and lie about everything when the cops finally arrive? In spite of what you may think, brute force doesn't always get you everything you want. This post is just plain ridiculous.
  • Aeon_Flux_21
    " Ethics are subjective and the world doesn't give a damn about you"

    The most brutal truth I realized a long time ago.
  • genericname85
    a "real" alpha male can cry, wear a pink dress and a tiara while giving a blowjob to one guy, a handjob to two other guys at once, take one up the butt and make a sandwich with his feet, all at the same time.

    most imporatantly, an alpha male wouldn´t follow a "gag take" on how to become an alpha male, because he allready fucking is! you can´t "become" an alpha male. you are or you are not.

    and guess what, he doesn´t care what others say. HE is the alpha not the others. HE says what´s alpha or not. why would a wolf care for what the sheep say?
    • the_rake

      Yes it's all true, please see this mytake explaining the troll:

    • a true alpha male does not need to read shit on how to be an attractive man!

      just kidding :D i hope you enjoyed my satire a bit too ;)

    • the_rake

      Haha fuck you! nah I guess I deserve it LOL

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  • jacquesvol
    Good satire.
    • the_rake

      Thanks ;) Not many people got it.

    • M_A_X

      Satire actually has a point to make, so what was yours?

    • the_rake

      @M_A_X the point was to piss loads of
      people off, eg. you

  • Phoenix98
    -shakes head-
    • the_rake

      In some cultures this is considered a gesture of approval.

      Regards: a true alpha male

    • Phoenix98

      In mine it's showing disbelief and that this whole thing is ridiculous.

    • the_rake

      With all due respect, there is nothing ridiculous about the mytake: I speak only the truth.

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  • There is no such thing as a binary alpha/beta male. It's also just a really dumb term.
  • foxsquirrell
    I don't think one can become an alpha male, you are either born that way or you're not.
  • IndicateLife
    wow, just wow.
    • the_rake

      Thankyou for your appreciation.

      A world of alpha maledom is something that inspires great awe, so I can understand the effect this post has had on you.

      Yours sincerely, a true alpha male.

    • I feel like some guys could appreciate this to help them become more confident, but if all males became like this then who would be alpha? just a thought

    • the_rake

      Then there would be alphas and ultra-alphas. Yes, there will always be a top dog and as a true alpha, I will always aim towards it.

  • NotMyUsername15
    ... terrible, just terrible advice.
    • the_rake

      I must beg to differ. These principles have inspired many fledgling young alpha males.

  • fulloflife
    all so true, thats what i want
  • mexborough
    cool story bro. th3re' no such thing as an alph male.
    • the_rake

      There is and it is me.

    • mexborough

      yes, some ideology you made uo.. haha... sociopath dude... and a bigger alpha male will just kill you as you advocate haha.

    • the_rake

      No, for I have the brawn AND the brains. No man shall get past my hounds.

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