How to Become an Alpha Male



There has also been a poll taken in my honour demonstrating women's natural preference for alpha males (such as myself) over the inferior beta male variety:

Graveytrain has also highlighted the

necessity for dominant alpha male leadership in a relationship.

In light of this, I have explored the characteristics of typical alpha male leader types and exampled some of the key alpha male role models however I have yet to highlight the path taken by the young fledgling alpha male to become a swan...or rather, a lion.

Without further ado these concepts shall be elaborated upon:

1. Abandon Feminism

How to Become an Alpha Male

Feminism teaches man that wanting to be dominant is shameful and women need to be the man in a relationship. Obviously this is wrong and unnatural. Men and women are not equal and most women have sexual fantasies about being dominated. Women that don't are acting antagonistic towards social Darwinism (it is the male's natural reproductive role to hunt and provide for the weaker female species).

2. Break fear boundaries

How to Become an Alpha Male

This has to be taken step by step because society has programmed you to become weak and despondent. Hold eye contact longer than other people, let awkward silences role, make other people walk out of YOUR way, take up space, etc. To begin with avoid antagonising fellow alphas and large, hostile crowds. Start off small with weaker beta males , then work your way up as you begin to realise how your own fear and risk assessments work.

3. Brute force counts

How to Become an Alpha Male

If you are going to become a true alpha, you need to be able to defend yourself and look intimidating because most people won't like you very much. This is out of jealousy. I recommend old fashioned lifts like squats and deadlifts and 6-8 meals a day. Eat healthy and do cardio to avoid cutting fat. Women like a rugged man.

4. Defend yourself

How to Become an Alpha Male

Physique is not sufficient. For self-defence, I recommend full contact martial arts such as krav maga and systema. These are the most realistic and applicable systems. If you have to fight then always fight dirty. If you can't defend yourself then you need Machiavellian tactics to manipulate other men into acting as security. Personally I am able to do both as the situation requires.

5. Embrace capitalism

How to Become an Alpha Male

Nothing makes a man sexier to a woman than a fast car and luxury apartment. This is because wealth and possessions trigger the hunter -provider instinct in her amygdala. Multiple 'gold-digger prank' social experiments have confirmed this, eg Vitalyzd. For this reason you need to accumulate capital anyway possible and the way to do this is to overcome your moral qualms about the free market.

Build an investment portfolio, play poker, become a professional hedge fund manager, start a short do whatever it takes to achieve
financial abundance and forget about morality because...

6. Ethics are subjective and the world doesn't give a damn about you

How to Become an Alpha Male

Feminist society has tamed you to become beta males through a false identification with what is 'right'. There is no greater end than economic expediency and the development of modern day society according to capitalist principles. Markets are king so fuck's kill or get eaten.

7. Stop bitching

How to Become an Alpha Male

Life isn't fair: men approach women not the other way around. That's because women have higher standards related to wealth and status. Some would argue looks also. Stop waiting around for things to be different because they aren't going to be like that unless the trend of feminist emasculation goes through a seriously bad downward spiral.

Your reality won't change but your mindset can so get off your arse and approach .

Be direct, stop them in the street and state attraction. Be prepared to experience hundreds of rejections before you are successful. Most of all be dominant when you stop a woman in the street and make sure you have her full attention because women tend to daydream. After that you need to move her location to location before she has a chance to think. This is how you get her back to your apartment where you need to be dominant and sexually escalate otherwise she will lose interest.

Regards, the_rake.

How to Become an Alpha Male
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