5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics


The Olympics in Rio are now over. The next summer games will be in 2020 in Tokyo. But in 2024 I think America should get another crack at the Olympics. Here are five cities I would choose.

1. Boston, Mass.
5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics

The birthplace of the American Revolution should at least host the games once. Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium,Boston Harbor, and even Harvard and MIT could host Olympic events on their campuses.

2. Charlotte,North Carolina
5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics

Yes I admit after the HB2 law it's going to be hard to get anything in North Carolina. But Charlotte was in the running for a olympics bid by the IOC a few years ago. The whitewater center there is used by Olympic teams to practice the whitewater events. Plus Bank Of America Stadium. Charlotte Colliseum, Carowinds Themepark, The area rivers, and even the Blue Ridge Mountains nearby can all host olympic events.

3. Chicago, Illinois

5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics

Everyone has been saying this for years that Chicago should host an Olympics. Chicago is known for being a sports town with the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks all having prestige in the area. The Olympics would be a good investment for the Second City.

4. San Francisco, California

5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics

San Francisco would be a very good area for the games. With Oakland, San Jose, the whole bay near the Pacific Ocean would be great for the swimming and whitewater events. Plus with all the culture and history of San Francisco the Olympics would be a good fit.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics

With all of it's French, Cajun,and Southern culture New Orleans deserves at least one chance at the Olympics. The Gulf of Mexico, Superdome, Lake Ponchartrain, The Mississippi River, and even nearby places like Baton Rouge, Biloxi,and Gulfport could host events.

Honorable mentions:





Las Vegas, Nevada




New York City

Those are my choices. What would you list as your top American cities to host a future Olympics?

5 US Cities That Should Host the Olympics
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  • Waffles731
    You know that Boston was in the running recently for the 2020
    people were not happy myself included, I actually called the governors office to tell him that I specifically hated the idea, especially since they were going to spread the games out and my town was going to host the shooting events.
    There was so much opposition to the Idea and I really opposed it as well
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    • It surprises me. Boston doesn't want them.

    • Did you object to it because it would make your area extremely busy? My uncle lives in Chicago and he was mad about the potential of Chicago getting them.

Most Helpful Girl

  • CHARismatic110
    The Pope was here not too long ago. They aren't gonna let Philly host anything else big for awhile.
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    • They should at least host a future Olympics. Or let Washington DC host them once

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  • AleDeEurope
    Chicago! It would be great if it was hosted here, I think we have plenty of places to use, since we have a lot of sport's stadiums, a huge lake, open areas... and Chicago people LOVE sports.
    It won't be for the 2024 Olympics though, the US city candidate is Los Angeles, so maybe in the future... far future though.

    P. S.: Boston is not gonna happen, they thought of it, but they pulled back because most residents didn't want it and other stuff.
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    • Really, You would think Boston would be the top runner. LA has already hosted them twice. Athens should have got the '96 games, but they did help Atlanta. I think they could help Charlotte and Chicago too

    • I got that from here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2024_Summer_Olympics
      I know it's Wikipedia, but still...

    • Here were other candidates from the US not selected for the 2024 bid: Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D. C., Indianapolis, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Louis, Tulsa, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Charlotte, Portland, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Rochester, and Denver.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    None of those 5 are great choices
    Boston- too congested
    Charlotte- they can't even get an all star game bid
    Chicago- if you think rio had problems... Chi-raq
    San Francisco- the best option, but stupid expensive
    New Orleans- have you watched the news? 😳

    Out of the honorable mentions, the only good ones are Seattle, Houston, Dallas and maybe Nashville and maybe Cincy
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    • Denver did get the bid in 1976 for the Winter games, but withdrew thus Innsbruck Austria got them

    • Do you think maybe if Charlotte would have kept the all star game maybe it would have had a chance

    • I forgot about Denver. I personally don't know enough about the city and area, but you might destroy about half of the competitiors, especially marathoners and cyclists and triathletes. I also don't know how you'll deal with surfing and some water sports. Same with Vegas. It's hot as ballsack there and not exactly the safest. They also probably won't host it minimally until they see success with major sports leagues cause of the gambling thing... And the water sports issue. It's literally in the middle of the desert

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  • SarahsSummer
    Boston already voted it down. I think L. A. Would be good. It has the infrastructure already in place and the experience from doing it 32 years ago. There are plans in the works to bring it for the 2024 Olympics.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    I do know that in 1996 the Olympics took play in Atlanta. ^^
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    • I know Atlanta got a lot of jokes for hosting them.

      Here is a video about that https://youtu.be/hNMNCMSo5Mk

    • lel XD

    • Even though Atlanta hosted a decent Olympics I still though it was funny. I mean Atlanta Georgia is the last place most would have ever expected an Olympics to be hosted.

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    WE DON'T WANT IT! Boston was actually a candidate last time, but we pulled out because the Olympics almost always devastate the local economy
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    • Well Atlanta seemed to pull it off well

    • Everyone here (we don't even live in Mass) was against it

  • Spermdumster666
    America has hosted so many Olympics already maybe give other countries a chance like Austria or Italy. S Africa would be good or Nigeria
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    • They are wanting Dublin to get a chance for the Olympics. Dublin would be a good choice. Rome is in the running for 2024.

    • yeah your right Dublin hasn't had the Olympics. As I well I think countries who haven't had it should have it. I think the Olympics may be as corrupt as the fifa world cup

    • bobbyxx

      Rome is a candidate city. The other three bids you mentioned were cancelled bids.

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  • ginny_weasley
    All good choices. I think Tokyo is supposed to host next.
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    • Denver would be good for a Winter Olympics. Lake Tahoe would be too, but Squaw Valley had them in 1960.

    • I would have put Charlotte ahead of Boston, but Boston should have first crack out of any of them

    • Lake Tahoe and Denver are both good choices for the Winter Olympics and good for tourism

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  • EmpatheticLady
    Oh, lord. Not Baltimore. I can only imagine the traffic chaos that would occur here. XD
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  • bobbyxx
    The Americans should never host the Olympics again. The next Olympics should be either Rome or Paris. Both are historic cities and are right to host the games.
    • Why not

    • bobbyxx

      You have already hosted it four times and recently. Plus you are America, and also no American city can match up against the cities of Rome or Paris.

    • Like Europe should have exclusive rights to host them?

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  • Maxemeister
    I say New York or New Orleans. Give em sights to see
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  • legalboxers
    New York had its chance sometime back. Not sure what happened though
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  • Pinkbeauty
    I would vote for Seattle Washington
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  • lime_rampljuset
    2024 Olympics will be in Peru.
    • how do you know, the IOChasn't even voted

    • Will be confirmed in Peru*

    • Next year

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