How Much Do You Really Need To Know About a Presidential Candidate?

How Much Do You Really Need To Know About a Presidential Candidate?

There was a time in our world history where kings and queens routinely had their urine and feces analyzed and I feel like in this modern era we are almost to the point of demanding that of our candidates.

There is this incessant need to know everything all the time about the candidates running for president on down to those at a local level and I think we are reaching that point where we are all but demanding that they be God like saints in order to hold office. I mean I wasn't aware none of us on earth had ever made a mistake in our youth or supported something as we've grown up and matured, we have decided against supporting as adults, or that falling ill was a crime.

If we want transparency and candidates to be held to such incredibly lofty standards, than let's demand that of all candidates or reality check that system. You can't scream about wanting to see one persons records and then pretend like the same standard does not or should not apply to another. But even beyond that we have to allow candidates to be people. They aren't Gods. They don't rule over our very souls. They are mortals and mortals make mistakes.

How Much Do You Really Need To Know About a Presidential Candidate?

I think we are so wrapped up in so much pettiness and tit for tat that we are missing the point of why we're all here and trying to vote for someone to preside over this country. The focus should not be on what color suit someone wore, or whether their smile was genuine, or how many times they looked right or left, it should be on the issues at hand. Can a candidate effectively lead this country in your point of view. Do you feel they have what it takes to deal with education, crime, immigration, jobs, foreign policy, etc.? Your decision should not be based on things that are so arbitrary and inconsequential as to not make one iota of difference when it comes down to their skill level, their experience, their knowledge, and their promises for what he or she plans to do with this country if they win.

Vote for whomever you want, but really try and understand who and what a candidate stands for, what they have said, promised, and written as opposed to this whole "entertainment politics" we seem to have going on these days.

How Much Do You Really Need To Know About a Presidential Candidate?
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  • AthleticMom
    Need to know:
    1. Who will insure our kids, even those in the military and police, will be safe from harm and send mighty rescue when in trouble?
    2. Who will insure prosperity against hunger and shelter for our families?
    3. Who can gather other countries into joint efforts to solve international problems, especially those that have been with us for decades (esp. the thugs)
    4. Who is pulling wool over our eyes just so they & their covert friends in power can live like kings and Marie Antoinette while we continue to suffer down the drain?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    i dk but, i just heard trumps campaign manager say that the public doesn't have to hear about trumps health, yet, they have to hear about hillarys?
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  • NJ_Casanova
    I don't need to know anything... I'll vote for whoever is running against Hillary. The dumb girl doesn't even know how to email and is the biggest liar. She knows she's a jokes so she only talks about Donald to get the spotlight of herself and her flaws.
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  • Frankie1G
    None of them are really running for president, its all an April fools prank
    thats all
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  • Alex88F
    i can't trust politicians anyway. trained to lie to people and candy coat the truth so fuck em and their personal life
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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    To be honest, Presidents aren't even that important so far as the laws go: they are executive branch, not legislative. 66% is all you need to nullify their power.
    • They're not technically important in law making, but they act as a figurehead that represents our nation to its people and other nations. That can really make a huge difference in our foreign relations.

    • @PrincessofNohr
      I very much agree, although it is necessary to say that ambassadors also are more important that regard, as they put much more effort and get many more results from negotiations.

  • tyber1
    If you want a serious candidate who doesn't waste time focusing on ridiculous things, consider voting for Gary Johnson
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    • Someone who doesn't know what "Allepo" is Hahahaha. He's clueless.

    • @BruceJender he has gone on record saying he had known about Allepo, but thought they were talking about an acronym. Seems legit, considering the mainstream media likes to ignore conflict

    • @FallOutBoy2001 of course. That sounds like an excuse.

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  • Rissyanne
    I know enough about the candidates. I know I am voting for Trump
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  • EmoKate97
    "vote for whomever you want, but really try and understand who and what a candidate stands for"

    Wait you're telling me to vote for what candidate i stand for? Wow what a unique opinion! Thank you so much OP, you truly enlighten me. How would i ever know to vote for whoever matched my perceived ethics more without you!

    So fucking condescending, it makes me sick. Reminds me
  • Nothanks700
    I agree. I think it's interesting because if we hold them to these absurd standards, really bad mistakes are often thrown in with silly things.
  • andy009
    I think you should view their actions, past and present and use that to test their character... Example my political psychology is republicans but base on character I could vote Hillary... Trump is too unstable.. Emotionally that is
  • Paris13
    I usually, no Matter what it is in Life, do my Own.. Homework. This way, with Whatever goes on with a Certain Subject, I am prepared.
    I didn't know a lot about Hillary until I did this Over Time this Time, and with the News, always something New, enough to Put a Big Sour Ball and All in my Mouth.
    As far as Trump, He has been Around a long time. I knew mostly that He was a Successful Billionaire who Had a few wives. However, it didn't Take much for me to Know that this Man is the Man for the job in the White House.
    Good luck and Great question. xx
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    I feel that this election has got so caught up in knowing the candidates that policy discussion has taken a side step but we and the media are at fault. I say I crave policy discussion but when it goes a few days without a kick off I find myself thinking "Boring" so I can see why it is going down certain routes. In fairness I think both candidates are being unfairly treated, there were times DT definitely was wrong but there were other times when he was hit for bad phrasing while HC's every move is analysed because she is so cautious and people are just so used to DT saying mad things it is like water off a ducks back.
  • FatherJack
    All candidates are Rothschild approved... or they don't run !! Same in every Western country !!
  • chrisbigman
    As much as possible. Isn't that what employers do to us that apply for a job?
    • Anonymous

      It's not that we don't need to know things pertinent to the job, but if we want transparency and to know EVERYTHING, than we should demand that equally of both candidates. Where's that tax return?

    • I agree - any and all candidates should disclose information when it's pertinent to the job.

    • What? In the US, it's *very* illegal for a potential employer to ask ANY personal questions AT ALL.

      If they ask about marital status, age, children, health, social life, or ANYTHING that's not directly related to employment -- or even mention those things in innocent small talk -- and then don't hire you, that's potentially grounds for a very expensive EEOC lawsuit.

      Basically, employers pretty much can't find out jack about a potential hire -- unless she/he is too stupid to keep stuff off social media, or too uninformed/indiscreet to know how to field interview questions properly.

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  • llorando
    I need to know a lot about a candidate. so I know I'm making the right choice.
  • ElissaDido
    I dislike both, so I don't care about them tbh,
  • relaxrelax
    zero there's no point
    they are all evil
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  • Anonymous
    I think it is our duty know as much about every candidate as we can.
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