13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World


13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

I'm tired of the constant oppression I face as a left-handed person! AHHHHHH-

I'm just kidding. You read that correctly, I'm a lefty. We are quite rare as well, as only 10 percent of the population has their left hand as their dominant hand. The rest of the population is either right-handed or ambridexdrious. That means that they have control of both of their hands.

Let me tell you, being left-handed is not easy, and there are little conundrums we face on a daily basis. I could go on and on all day, but let me just limit myself to these twelve issues we lefties face:

1. Walking into a room of these is your worst nightmare.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Desks made for right handed people all around, and not just that, they are so tiny! You have to contort your body like an olympic gymnast you want to write on these bad boys. Your hand will fall off the side and stuff. But you know, there’s always one or two leftie desks way in the back of the room.

2. Using spiral notebooks.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Writing in these are a pain, and the rings dig into your hand as you try to write and you end up with indents in your hand. Taking notes in class is not so comfortable when this happens. What could be much worse than this? Oh, I know…


13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

It’s nearly impossible to write in these when you were born left-handed. You have to slide your hand between the rings, then when you reach the bottom you have to do the same with the bottom two.

4. Lead and ink all over your hand.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Since our hands are touching the places where we just wrote, all of the goop we have just finished writing smears, and ends up on the side of our hand. What fun. While drawing, my hand ends up like someone had puked a rainbow on it.

5. Hitting elbows with the righty.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

It’s never fun when you're placed next to one.

6. Scissors hate you.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

You only have two options: You find a pair of left-handed scissors, because they won’t cut, or you’re forced to use your right hand.

7. The cup holder in your car is on the right side.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

FML. So you’re saying I have to hold my drink with my right hand? Cruel, just cruel.

8. Can openers.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Our worst enemy. This is why I own an electric one.

9. Ice cream scoopers are judging you.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Why, Just why?

10. The feels that baseball mitts give you.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

They’re virtually unuseable and we need to use that one sweaty left-handed one way in the back.

11. The number pad of the keyboard is on the right side.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

So we’re forced to use the lame keypad at the top. Oh, and the mouse is on the right side as well. Will the tyranny ever end?

12. Mugs.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World

Nobody can read the funny phrase on them, so what’s the point?

13. Those feels when you see someone else who is left-handed.

13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World


13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World


13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World


13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World


Well, that about does it for this little rant. Which hand is your dominant hand? Do you know anybody who is a lefty? Besides me, of course. What other issues do you face if you are a south paw user as well?

Thanks for reading! :)

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13 Problems Lefties Face in a Right-Handed World
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  • gobsmacked3
    I have scars and breaks in all the fingers on my left hand from it being caned at school when I was a kid. Going to an ultra-Catholic school and being ambidextrous, every time I used my left they caned it referring to the thought that it is evil ( 'sinister' in Latin ) to use the left-hand side of your brain
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    • Yes, I've of them doing that. Luckily that wasn't the case for me and they haven't bothered me.

    • Harpesian

      Wow! I've heard of this, but dang. :(

    • Phoenix98

      ugh Catholics lol even we Christians don't particularly like them, I swear they're still stuck in medieval Europe like train of thought /=.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I am ambidextrous. But I am ambidexterity is trained, not innate. I was born as a left-hander, but that trait only manifested in writing and biking and anything that requires more control.
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  • MrOracle
    Don't forget Arya Stark!


    Maisie Williams is actually right-handed, but as Arya is written as a lefty, she insisted on playing her that way and learning swordfighting left-handed.
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  • lumos
    But... binders and those spiral notebooks affect us right handed people too D: it just depends on what page you're writing on... if it's on the left page, then it's bothersome for right-handed people. If it's on the right page, it's bothersome for left handed people...
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    The binder and other book are issues for everyone. The binder, just takle the page out like a normal person, and the other one get over it.

    The rest though I can sympathise.

    Though the mouse for your computer? Just change the settings. Easy done.
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  • Jxpxtxr
    Nice take!
    I think what always really annoyed me most about being left handed was the hitting elbows with other people and writing on spiral blocks. I'm actually kinda "both-handed" with everything but writing :P
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Left-handers have a HUGE advantage in any fight... because of the simple element of surprise. All the blows are coming from the "wrong" side.

    As I think you know, my husband grew up on the streets of Opa-Locka. He was on his own before his 15th birthday... and those streets tested him, early and often.
    He's left-handed. When I was first learning his whole story, he just casually remarked -- in one of those "oh, everyone knows THAT" sort of ways -- that simply being left-handed was -- and still is, if necessary -- enough to let him win most street fights (which have almost nothing to do with strength or size, and almost everything to do with deception and surprise).

    I was like... Fuck, I NEVER thought about that, even though I grew up in a pretty infamous neighborhood myself.

    But... yep. That's totally a thing.
    Left-handers win more fights. Way way way way way more.

    Lefties win SO many more fights, in fact, that when you look at anthropological records, there's a VERY strong and VERY consistent relationship between the level of deadly violence in a society and... the percentage of left-handers.
    The more deadly violence, the more lefties. Because they SURVIVE it. They WIN.

    I'd be willing to bet that left-handed Roman gladiators were serious winners, too.

    For the same reason, if you look at the élite levels of boxing, it's almost fifty percent left-handers. The lefties just keep on winning, and winning, and winning, until they've won so much that they've totally cancelled out their underrepresentation in the population overall.


    Also, in sports in general, there are TONS of opportunities for left-handers.

    In baseball, left-handed pitchers have the same element of surprise that left-handed fighters do. A left-hander's pitches -- just like a left-handed fighter's punches -- are always coming from the "wrong" side.

    This advantage is STILL an advantage, even if the HITTER is left-handed. That doesn't even make a difference, since left-handed batters -- like everyone else -- are still more used to right-handed pitchers.

    In hockey, the right winger shoots at the net from the right side of the ice. A right-handed shooter would have a horrible angle; a lefty is shooting closer to head-on. So, almost ALL NHL right-wingers are left-handed.


    Left-handed kids may have a harder time taking notes... but they're WAY more likely get to the big leagues.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    I wanna like this take, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the exact same post on buzzfeed or some shit with the exact same pictures 😑. All true, although the mug thing, the cup holder thing and the keyboard part really aren't annoying in the slightest bit
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    • Well, it's hard to come up with original problems that left-handed people face, so.

    • That's true...

    • I'll change the pictures since it bothers you.
      Many other websites have to posted the exact same article. I tried to add my own commentary to give it a bit of originality but I guess it's still a problem lol

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  • Luci92
    Omg all my struggles in a list!
    We're rare though :P
    Also apparently people's left arms used to be tied behind their back in an attempt to 'correct it' and to make them use their right hand.
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  • This_is_my_username
    Omg you''re left handed? you must be pretty smart. I can't relate to all this since I'm right handed but It seems pretty frustrating. Society should be thinking about everyone not just us righties. Not fair
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  • Skadouchebag
    I'd like to point out that

    #2-3 righties have the same problem when they write on the left page
    #8 just rotate the thing os that the can is facing you. that way you can twist with yout left hand



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  • MissMc3
    I do some things with my left and others with my right. I write and paint and similar things to that with my left, but if I'm playing sports like tennis or baseball then I'm right handed. It's fucked up.
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  • Schrodingerscat
    I can very much relate to 1,5,6,13.
    Some pesky conservative relatives of mine go on about how bad is it to use left hand to eat, write etc. (Doing anything with left hand -like giving money to other person, eating etc is considered bad manners here)
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  • MusicLover8098
    I feel you Rainbow. Espcially the writing ones cause I write a lot myself
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  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    I heard left-handers also tend to die sooner. It was true for my aunt. Somehow I feel it will be true for me as well.
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  • LadyTerror
    I'm right-handed but I don't see #7 being a problem. I hold cups with my left hand all the time :P

    Good take though!
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  • Blonde401
    Good take! You're also more likely to die early being a lefty :(
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - A bit of comfort for you 10% of people are left handed but 40% of geniuses are left handed
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    • That's amazing :)

    • But... that leaves 60% of geniuses who are right handed. So in addition to all the other disadvantages, we lefties are also less likely to be geniuses. :(

    • @Lightspeed-Lemon That is a good equation if one on ten are left handed and four in ten of geniuses are left handed. It means that if you had two people, one right handed and one left handed, there is a higher probability the left handed person is a genius.

  • nog6422
    For 2 and 3, righties have the same problem when writing in the left side of the notebook/binder. Adn you don't have the problem when writing on the left side. So it's basically equal.
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  • TheDevilInside
    Imagine living in a Muslim country. You are not supposed to eat with your left hand. My leftie friend had so much trouble eating after he knew that eating with your left hand is considered rude since the left hand is considered dirty. It's the hand you wipe your butt with. Also, giving and receiving should never be done with the left hand
  • Mesonfielde
    Hm, the mouse and the numpad don't bother me at all.

    I've been using right handed mice for a very long time, and I'm left handed
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  • Zorax
    I'm left-handed but I never had problem with mugs and keyboards.
    I never saw a room like the one on the first picture :P
    I don't play baseball... but the other problems are real, particularly - hitting elbows with the righty :D
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  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Wow, I never knew left handed people have so much problems, interesting myTake.
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  • TadCurious
    I'm a righty, but I really enjoyed this. (Not because I take pleasure in the oppression that lefties face, however!) I enjoyed it because it was fun, light, and made me laugh. (Easy for me to laugh, I know!) Seriously, though, I sympathize with the lefties. The closest thing I can relate to is being tall. I'm 6'3" and it seems like the world is made for munchkins. Cars, airplane seats, display mobiles that you hit your head on when you walk into a store. So anyway, you've written another entertaining myTake. I wouldn't blame all the lefties if they got together someday and plotted their revenge. LOL :)
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  • reixun
    Lmao my left handed friend was told that being left handed was a sin 😂
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  • Library
    This makes me happy that I'm right handed. I already face problems being a giant in the average sized world.
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  • sp33d
    I'm a lefty, all is well. I had a lecture in one of those lecture halls back in the day. I... improved.. the desk design a bit to better suit my needs. All in all, it's not all that bad, I can use "righties'" scissors completely fine :P
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  • Table20
    Lefty here. These are all SOOOOOO true. Great take.
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  • RedVulcan
    Well, there are mouse settings on your computer to switch to a lefty. Otherwise I feel some sympathy for you good madam and wish to direct you to the nearest Ned Flanders shop! I know several lefties and they share your pain.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    #1. made me LOL.

    #7. I thought there are cup holders in doors now? Though I doubt the water bottle you posted would fit.

    There are right and left handed scissors? I must not be paying attention.
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  • FemaleAssassin
    despite all that, i would NEVER want to become a right handed person, there will be nothing special about me anymore :(
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  • red324
    True, but I learned how to use a lot of these things with my right hand a long time ago. Like scissors, I can't use a pair with my left hand.
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  • Phoenix98
    Ugh right handed people, they make life so unnecessarily difficult sometimes.

    But I like being a left handed person.
  • singlebee
    Lol except for 2 and 5 I didn't have any other problems... :-) we don't play base ball here in my country though
  • WhereAmI
    I hate #2 & #4. Also, left handed electric guitars are hard to find in any decent variety or on sale.
  • Sunflower19
    I know the feels for all of these!!! 😂 I can't stand #4... It happens to me every day!
  • Chloe_14
    OMG I'm a lefty too!!! i can totally relate to all of the above!!
  • kingofknights
    In Australia, the cup holder and gearstick (manual) are on the left since we drive RHD cars. but yeah, these were annoying setbacks.
  • Pedro_N
    Lefties united! xP
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  • Thanorlin800
    100% agree I'm glad left handed themed stores are now popping up all over the place.
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  • TokyoGhoulLover
    '-' (coughisarighty)... backs away slowly '-'
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  • Hidden_P
    I swear I read this exact take about among ago...
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    • Well, I didn't copy from them.

    • Hidden_P

      Never said you did but I remember the binders and the notebook thing... That or I've had some sort of future telling dream...

    • Huh that's weird

  • BruceJender
    You do realise these are ALL first world problems.

    I'm ambidextrous anyway, so whatever.
    • You do realize that it was SUPPOSED to be first world problems? It was made to be humorous. -_-

  • FinnishBeautyGirl
    I'm righty, sowwy but I support you guys!
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  • Flow_like_the_wind
    Lefty checking in.
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    • Woo more lefty buddies!

    • Though, I can write with my right hand too lol. Actually I learned how to do almost everything with my right hand from a young age.

    • So lucky. My right hand writing looks like shit lol

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  • Aweir
    We lefties are the best. Great take
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  • anonman32
    can confirm most of them.
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  • scooogy
    They're left behind I'd say :P
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  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    Most modern presidents hsve been left handed.
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  • rgb008
    lol yessss
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  • justfluffeh
    Oh god, so much yes! Lol
  • animus1988
    you forget to mention golf clubs and stick shift