Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

How many of you are right-handed? I myself am right-handed. As a right-handed person, the world is suited to me. I never face inconvenience due to being right-handed. I always fit in being right-handed. It is the default. It is the majority.

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

How often would a right-handed person notice the difficulties of being left-handed? There are plenty (add to this list if you'd like): from scissors never being suited to their hands...

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

...to desk positions making comfort difficult, to credit card machines being on the wrong side

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

Being left-handed is on that person's mind when they come across situations that distinguish lefties and righties.

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

I can't deny the struggles of left-handedness legitimately because I just haven't experienced them. Unless, of course, it was opposite day and all the desks were for lefties, all the scissors in the box didn't fit my hand and etc.

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained

That's privilege, if you got it, you can't see it.

Left Handed vs Right Handed: Privilege Explained
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  • CHARismatic110
    Less about what hand is dominant, more about what privilege is in general, how easy it is to overlook, and how it effects those not privy to having it. At least that's what I got out of it.
    Is this still revelant?
    • reixun

      Exactly what I wanted, I should've made a conclusion that spelled it out so less people strayed from the main point of what privilege is.

    • Yeah, that probably would've helped a bit. People tend to lose focus and not understand unless it's spelled out for them. And even then, they still might not get it.

      But I got it. Good Take.

    • reixun

      Too bad I can't edit

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  • JiminsHoe
    I find the one with the man saying "Why are you people complaining Can't you see I have a burden too?" ironic considering you're complaining about being a lefty and "privilege" when there are things in the world like poverty, horrible parents, homelessness, loneliness, depression, etc. in the world, I doubt you really know what no privilege is like.
  • Fathoms77
    ... if we've reached the point where we're whining about differences in the lives of right- and left-handed people, there really is no hope.
    • reixun

      Look at charismatic's opinion because you've missed the point too pops

    • Fathoms77

      I get it, kid. And people your age need to worry a lot less about privilege and a LOT more about achievement.

    • reixun

      I don't disagree, this take is just for people who deny it's existence. Is it possible to edit it for more clarity?

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  • redeyemindtricks
    You're missing the important fact that being left-handed can also be a HUGE advantage.
    When it comes to survival -- including any sort of hand-to-hand fighting -- lefties have a GIGANTIC edge (... so much so that, the more violent a society is, the larger the percentage of left-handed people it has).
    Also, left-handers are at a great advantage if they want to become professional athletes.
    I wrote about all that here:

    The disadvantages you're describing -- except maybe when it comes to using large power tools -- are pretty much trivial. So, one could argue that left-handedness is even an advantage, overall. It DEFINITELY was for my husband, when he was growing up as a street kid (see link).

    The big question is whether this makes YOUR analogy worse... or better.
    • reixun

      Interesting, I think it would make it better because in every person "without privilege" there are unseen advantages. This entire take was a mess though, still wish I could edit for clarity.

    • "I think it would make it better because in every person "without privilege" there are unseen advantages"

      ^^ Exactly what I was thinking.

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I explain the problems we face daily in this take 😂

    Im tired of being oppressed!! Ahhhhh!!!

    Just kidding lol. Little problems I face daily are not enough to stop me from shining 🙂
  • Theodorable
    @reixun my new girlfriend is left handed, and now I'm scared she might die...
    • reixun

      Lmao rip, matter of time

    • Okay. I'm getting on Amazon and ordering her some left-handed scissors. For real.

    • reixun

      That'd be the cutest present ever hahah

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  • goldfinch23
    Somewhere I've read that left handed people are generally smarter than right handed people.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    You definitely missed a few. I also wouldn't say that the card thing is a big deal, or any deal at all. I also don't get the 2nd to last 1 😔
  • FallOutBoy2001
    I'm ambidextrous, save for writing (though it's improving) and I get so much shit for it but my coach is a leftie and so we can actually eat sitting next to each other however we please 😂
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I think there is a growing awareness of this - I have seen a lot of articles about this lately and it is only when it is pointed out, you see how awkward it is.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Wait are you serious? That's idiotic. Might as well list existing as a privilege. Right handedness isn't a privilege, its biology. Its you can't blame the majority for being right handed and demand they change to fit the minority that's idiotic. Are you privilege because as a woman your less likely to die from cancer then men? No because no institution is placing that on you its just biology. Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. No one gave that to any body except biology.
    • reixun

      You missed the point, this take is merely simplifying privilege for the basic person to understand and by the way most privileged people are privileged because of biology

    • But it isn't. What you said was not privilege it did not in any way represent privilege. Thats why I gave you the definition. No one gave that privilege, no one granted it but then refused it to another its biological ergo its not privilege. Its not advantageous to be right handed that does not confer an advantage over left handed people its just the way we are. The majority of people are right handed ergo most things are made for them. Its like claiming that since you can use penecillian for infections and I can't you are privileged. Its like saying since you have more melanin in your skin protecting you from the sun better your privileged, or because you are a woman and therefore live longer, are less likely to get cancer and various diseases etc. Its completely insane.

    • Its not about privilege its about self pity and demanding others treat you special when you have done nothing to earn that treatment. Its the victim mentality. In fact claiming its a privilege to be right handed would then mean greater sympathy for those who are not which itself would then be a privilege for them thus negating any kind of so called privilege that those who are right handed would have. This by the way goes for literally everything. It is nothing more then an excuse to tear down others, not just this but almost every single claim about privilege.

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  • Yumix
    right handed

    "There are plenty (add to this list if you'd like)"
    fapping with left hands feels shit
  • jacquesvol
    Left handed people have problems in this society, indeed.

    What about Daltonians (color blind people?) They are simply excluded from a lot of jobs. WHY? Most signalling and machine lights rely on color differences.
    So do clothing codes. A guy wearing purple or mauve will easily be considered gay. But Daltonians don't see much of a difference with blue.

    Even something stupid like a clock radio: those red on black time displays are not visible to daltonians in daylight. And it can be very difficult to find another color combination.
  • Bleh-___-
    F*ck binder rings
  • capturemyheartnow
    i am right handed.
  • Adigelunar
    thats perfect
  • Anonymous
    Can we have a take about first world American privilege.
  • Anonymous
    Racial privilege is BS, but Right handed privilege is very true.
  • Anonymous
    I think im going to write a mytake about being privileged because i don't suffer the effects of an apparent viral infection that causes people analyse any difference from one human to another and classify it as a privilege.