Why Abortion Will Always Be Murder

I am really shocked by people who think abortion is fine. The situation doesn't matter and it's fine to abort. Like really?

Pretty sad and not human. There is the baby (embryo) in your womb and just because you're not prepared to have your child you want to abort it?

This is the most heartless thing someone can do! it's your baby and you just murder it without giving it a chance to live, just because it can't speak and give its opinion.

How is this not considered murder?

Why Abortion Will Always Be Murder

This embryo suffered, it feels pain and it is not even able to fight you in any way but even then its own mother its taking its life away? How cruel is that?

As early as eight to ten weeks the fetus feels pain which is long and agonizing. Even if abortion were made easy or painless for everyone, it wouldn't change the bottom-line problem that abortion kills children.

Why Abortion Will Always Be Murder

So, if you're for abortion then what would you think if your mom just decided to stab you because you're being annoying? You probably don't want to be killed by anyone but you're not against murder when it is an unborn innocent baby?

Why Abortion Will Always Be Murder

No matter how small the person is, their life matters.

Now what about rape? I am truly sorry for people who had to experience getting raped but rape and abortion are both wrong.

The mother nor the child are at fault but don't do something so cruel to someone who is just as innocent as you in this case.

I am actually not one to talk; I have never been raped and I can't imagine what it is like to be a rape victim but I am against abortion in any way because nothing justifies murder to me. There are always other decisions to make; for example, if you don't want the baby then give it away to loving people, let someone adopt it.

Feel free to hate or to love.

Why Abortion Will Always Be Murder
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  • BuchitaBuchys

    You're quoting Reagan? Really? The same guy that said that trees pollute the environment? He's the last person one should refer to when trying to speak science.

    Either way, it's not murder. Like it or not, a clump of cells isn't human. And while I'm not for pro-abortion, I'm pro-choice. My sister had an abortion and it saved her life. She had gotten surgery, had sex, and got pregnant. Had she had the baby, her womb would have ripped open and she and the baby would have bled to death. Oh, but that doesn't matter because not all lives matter to you right? Just embryos.

    I really don't care the reason why someone aborts, it's none of my business. Be it because she was irresponsible with her bc and got pregnant, be it that she is financially unable to care for it, be it that she doesn't want to ruin her body, be it that she was raped, be it a life threatening medical condition, it is HER body, HER choice. The same way you can't harvest organs from dead people, regardless if it saves a living person, you cannot force women to be incubators so enough of that "put it for adoption!" crap.

    Speaking of which, adoption. The only way pro-birthers would convince me they're actually pro-life is if they would bring awareness and actually support social services like adoption, foster homes, welfare etc. But no, instead y'all lobby against them getting food stamps and healthcare and even call them leeches. So lets force people to have kids, and then cut back their resources and put cherry on the cake by demonizing and dehumanizing them when they ask for help!
    FUCK THAT. I'll never be pro-birth again. Im pro life, but the real prolife that includes abortion because women's lives matter too.


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    • You're a feminist. Of course you're pkay with killing babies in the womb. Evil woman.

    • @Love_Is_Eternal I'm not a feminist

    • yes you are

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ThatJarHead

    i don't see how it classifies as murder. Murder has to be done to a cognitive breathing human being. Besides, what if carrying the kid (s) to term puts the mother in mortal danger? What if it's a baby conceived via rape and the mother is only 13? There's a good chance having that kid will kill the mother. You're assuming every pregnant girl is able to carry the baby to term. And if we think of it and treat it as murder than wouldn't masturbation if your a man be murder as well? You're essentially killing hundreds of thousands of unborn children. It's not changing. Why do we need to start arguments about it?

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    • 23 chromosomes and 46 are not the same bud.

    • I do agree with legalising abortion if the health if critical, but if its rape then I despise how the child is penalised instead of the perpetrator of the act. Spare the child and make the perpetrator suffer. Give the child to an adoption agency and give it the very least a chance in life. No one know what the future holds after all; and everyone deserves an opportunity.

      Harsher penalties and work should be the charge for rape; make the guy work dangerous jobs at idk- 10 hour per day to support the child and any rehab costs for the mother. Make the perpetrator the one guilty rather than the innocent.

    • Anonymous

      please educate yourself, sperm is not a fetus honestly I just can't take these meaningless opinions anymore

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  • curiousnorway

    I'm agree with you and you have many good points. Killing a unborn human is murdering too, because they are still alive organisms. Abortion is a socially accepted way to murdering someone in the Western world and I can't understand why it's accepted. If abortion should be accepted, then stabbing your alive children or your neighbor should be accepted too. Killing is killing regardless of who you kills. But a question by the way: What is your opinion at cases where a 12 - 16 years old teenager gets pregnant with a accident and wants to get abortion? I'm just curious.

    • cipher42

      Pulling weeds isn't murder. Using hand sanitizer isn't murder. Just because something is alive doesn't make it immoral to kill it.

    • kukukuku

      @cipher42 it is not smth. It is human being

    • cipher42

      @kukukuku: By your definition maybe. In any case, my main point is that this person's reasoning was that because the fetus is alive we should not kill it, which is clearly idiotic reasoning.

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    it truly is sad that one human being can kill another just because of inconvenience

    • bente2

      'One human being can kill another', no. One human can kill a cluster of cells.


      @bente2 you are a cluster of cells

    • bente2

      That is true, but I actually am a concious being. But then again, I agree with death penalty to some extent too. I don't value humans (or embryos for that matter) too much. We're destructive and selfish beings.

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  • lumos

    Good thing you're not the one in charge then.

  • Every time I masturbate, I commit genocide.

    Seriously, there are no "pro-life" people. You people are "pro-birth". If you were "pro-life", you'd never risk the life of the mother and the newborn baby's future
    And you'd never brush your teeth to kill those innocent bacteria. You'd never bath. You'd never eat meat. You'd never fry up those living plants in pan and boil them alive.

    You are selfish. Mean. Inferior. Scared.

    Please excuse me, I don't meant to be rude. Mind my French.

    • Anonymous

      just how much of your attitude did you get from facebook or instagram hmm?

    • Zero percent maybe?

    • Anonymous

      i guess about a 110%

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  • godfatherfan

    Your a sad human being. Probably a religious zealot.
    when they are just a bunch of cells, incapable of living outside the mother, it is not a child or human being. While I would agree that late term abortions are murder, anything in the first trimester is far from it.

    • 'a religious zealot'- sorry, science agrees with religion this time.

      The same person, as a zygote, an fetus, a child, a teenager and an elderly person all have one thing in common. Their genetic code is already predetermined at the combination of the male and female gamete, and are only waiting on development based on their life cycle. Therefore scientifically speaking it is only a PART of human's life cycle. Two human parent creates a human child- SURPRISE. I would like a counter argument by presenting a legitimate and well documented case of a woman giving birth to a tree or a bicycle, a dog etc. just not a human. Even better, someone make a personal claim of themselves not going through embryonic stage. Then you can present a loophole in my theory. Until then, my theory remains universal and therefore correct.

    • Anonymous

      I am a really happy human being thanks and why does it suffer from pain then? you see the childs arms and hands and head and call it a bunch of cells?

  • Sophiaaaaaa

    Personally, I could never get an abortion. If you're gonna take the responsibility of doing a baby making activity, then your going to have to be responsible for giving birth to a child. Guys also, if your girl gets pregant, you're a dad. Your responsibility. You see kids having sex at 13 and 14 and when they get pregant its like 'oh I'll just get an abortion' like its nothing. If you can't handle the fact that after you've had protected sex, they is a 99% chance you could be pregnant! then don't have sex. even if it means giving up your baby for adoption if you don't think you can provide for him/her, don't take the easy option and just abort it. Don't get me wrong, I think it's bad and insensitive for people to harass woman getting aboritions outside clinics because at the end of the day, it is their choice. But it's just annoying as hell seeing kids having sex like the most casual thing on earth, then when a mistake happens it's like 'oh well, let's go to the clinic and then get a Starbucks!" If a girl is raped then that's terrible for her, and I don't want to give opinions on stuff that sensitive. But literally, when your having sex you need to be ready, know the consequences if something goes wrong and not take the easy way out.

    • Anonymous

      exactly most of the girls I know would even abort because they don't want a baby boy but a baby daughter or because they take drugs daily and ''don't want to let the baby suffer'' and I also made clear that I can't judge a rapists joice I just don't see how murder can ever be justified but I still wouldn't know what I'd do in a rape victims place

  • Zorax

    Abortion is not a murder because a fetus is not a conscious being... I mean, it's like you are saying that picking plants is a "murder" - yep, plants are also living beings, but they are not conscious. If a woman is raped, or her health/life is in danger, or any similar reason, she has a right to abort.

    • Anonymous

      it is, a fetus can react to anything, it also reacts to the knife that pierces trough its body but what can a fetus possibly do?

    • cipher42

      @123cheesecake: Again, do your fucking research, and maybe also quit being so idiotically pedantic. Consciousness in this sense doesn't mean whether we're currently aware of our surroundings. A "conscious being" therefore is a being with the capacity for sapience and sentience, something that sleeping people certainly have, but fetuses earlier than 20 weeks certainly do not have. And honestly, I think you're perfectly aware that that's the case, and are simply being argumentative being you don't want to have to accept the facts.

    • cipher42

      @redhood7: you have an incredibly narrow and and misinformed view. Firstly, you clearly don't understand what personhood even is. And secondly, you have absolutely no idea why women ACTUALLY get abortions. Or you do, but pretend not to because it'd be inconvenient to acknowledge. I'm honestly betting it's the second.

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  • ginny_weasley

    Most abortions happen in first trimester. It's not human, it's a cluster of cells that has potential to be a human. With that logic, if I throw away popcorn kernels, I just threw away popcorn that could've had the potential to be movie style popcorn.

    • 1) you're metaphor for a foetus is both correct and incorrect. Everything in the universe is a cluster of cells, from a pencil to an African elephant
      2) sorry but comparing an unborn child to popcorn is pretty degrading anyway
      3) a foetus is a human, and unless it passes away, it will be a human for the rest of its life. If it isn't a human, then what is it? A mouse? A dog? It's a human.

    • @Sophiaaaaaa oh god and people say liberals are offended by everything
      1. An explanation can't be correct or incorrect, pick one
      2. It's not a human, see point one
      3. Its not a human, I don't even think it has a brain. If a woman is pregnant with a mouse or whatever you suggested you suggested, I recommend she see a doctor or lay off the coke.

    • Anonymous

      well every pregnant woman must be pregnant with a mouse or something else because it's not a human right?

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  • meowcow

    Few people consider an embryo a human being until it bears some resemblance to a humanoid figure.

    While you post a picture of a fetus, most abortions from unintended pregnancies occur when the embryo is nothing more than a blastocyst. Essentially, a ball of cells with no differentiation (no tissue layers, no organs, no nervous system, no limbs). At that point, it's not much larger than a poppy seed or a peppercorn. And the abortion itself is not quite like pulling a dead baby out of one's vagina. At such an early stage, a salt injection or methotrexate injection is enough to stop the ball of cells from growing and it simply passes out during a bathroom break.

    It's hard for many people to get worked up over a tiny ball of undifferentiated cells.

    As a non-religious and science based person, I do not consider a fertilized egg (i. e., the moment after a sperm has entered an egg) a human being. The embryo is alive in the sense that it is functional. But if I cut off a piece of skin, that too is alive, yet that piece of skin is not considered a new life form. If it's not a human being, it's not murder. It just depends on what you use as your definition of a human being.

    • No True Scotsman Fallacy.

      Science gives us a clear definition of what a human being is and we can either accept that or become cognitively dissonant like Young Earth Creationists. But once we accept it, then it means accepting - inevitably - that the unborn fall under it because biologically they are alive, human, and their own human like everyone else.

    • meowcow


      You made no sense at all.

      The question was NOT what a human being is.
      The question was what stage of development constitutes a human life.

      You said science gives a CLEAR definition. I suggest you actually point people to where this definition lies, because as a scientist for over 18 years, I have yet to see the scientific community come together to define the point at which a sperm and egg becomes recognized as a human being.

      Federal law does not recognize an embryo as a human being until the 24th week of pregnancy (the point where an abortion is no longer a legal option).
      With the decline of religion among millenials, a rising proportion of people do not consider aborting an early-term pregnancy as murder. It's mostly religious people who still think that.

    • Science tells us exactly when an organism is alive and it tells us what that organism is and whether or not that organism is in fact its own entity or merely an organ of another. By virtue of science, we can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that the unborn are human, alive, and their own live humans. In other words, they are a living human. And thus they are entitled to life like you and I. Anything else is just vain philosophical speculation that is arbitrary and unscientific. The federal courts can give it what they want, but essentially it is as absurd as arguing that teenagers are less important because they are not elderly and vice versa.

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  • cipher42

    Uh, sources? Because according to every decent source I've read the fetal nervous system isn't developed enough to feel pain until at least 20 weeks. In fact, the brain waves from the fetus aren't even strong enough to be considered legally alive (as opposed to brain dead) until around then.

    In any case, here's the issue. No one has a right to another's body. In fact, bodily autonomy is an incredibly basic right, to the point where you can't even take organs from a dead person without legal permission from them while they were alive. So, consider. What's the real difference between refusing someone an organ that would save them and refusing to host a fetus in your body? You can explain it as responsibility or direct action or something like that, but the fact is that even in a situation where someone were to harm another person intentionally to the point where that person needs an organ transplant or similar, you can't force the person who hurt them to give them that organ. That's because of bodily autonomy. The same should go for fetuses, particularly considering that a fetus certainly doesn't have anywhere near the same capacity for suffering as a full grown human, if any at all.

  • DaniaMQ

    I'm not with abortion just coz the mom "isn't ready" to be a mother. But in with it is extreme cases. Like my moms. If she didn't abort the she would've been dead by now. I prefer to have my mom over a new brother/sister honestly. I would have loved to have baby brother or sister but that's not the case. Coz like i said, i would lose my mom if she was like 'oh no its a murder, in gonna risk my life and get the baby. Its okay if i die'

    • cipher42

      The issue is that legally, you can't restrict it only in very specific circumstances. You can think whatever you like morally, but in terms of legality the restrictions have to be for more legitimate reasons.

    • Anonymous

      that case is extreme and it's a hard decision but a mom should love her child more than herself right

    • cipher42

      @SS-rated: no. That's not how it works, not morally and especially not legally. If you personally believe that for your situation, fine, but you have no right to regulate other people's feelings and certainly not their actions regarding their own body.

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  • I say never argue with narrow minded or very religious people because you only waste your precious efforts and energy practically arguing, might as well argue with a stubborn wall.

    @JudgmentDay take my "advise".

    • Anonymous

      oh you're discriminating me but who the f*ck cares because i'm only religious

    • A-xactly.

    • No, I'm not discriminating. I'm giving advises to fellow readers to never argue with people, who have a firm position on that topic.

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  • Kanoro

    Using the word "murder" just makes it sound as though you deliberately went out of your way to kill someone for some specific gain, revenge, or reason. You're talking about the embryo as if it's a human yet you keep referring to it as an "it." There is something wrong with that statement. I think an embryo has no thoughts, feelings, or emotions or any concept of existence at all. Even newborn babies don't (more than an embryo for sure though). The brain doesn't get to that point until you are 2 or 3 years old. I respect your opinion and not trying to be douchey. My personal belief is that if people get pregnant when they aren't ready then they are irresponsible. However, aborting the child will ensure that they actually have a fair chance at life without having 2 parents who are always dumping them off at a babysitter while they work their 2 minimum wage jobs a day to support them. Not to mention I doubt many women want to go through the pain of childbirth for someone they plan to put up for adoption.

    • The same person, as a zygote, an fetus, a child, a teenager and an elderly person all have one thing in common. Their genetic code is already predetermined at the combination of the male and female gamete, and are only waiting on development based on their life cycle. Therefore scientifically speaking it is only a PART of human's life cycle. Two human parent creates a human child- SURPRISE. I would like a counter argument by presenting a legitimate and well documented case of a woman giving birth to a tree or a bicycle, a dog etc. just not a human. Even better, someone make a personal claim of themselves not going through embryonic stage. Then you can present a loophole in my theory. Until then, my theory remains universal and therefore correct.

      Case about 'consciousness'- when we go to sleep. Guess what. surprise. We lose consciousness of our surroundings. Do we stop being humans then?

    • Please debate my fact that 2 human parents creating a human child. I would like a credible, peer reviewed source of such instances where 2 human procreated and created a bicycle. Until then, it is a UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE FACT and NOT AN OPINION that the child IS HUMAN.

  • Prettygurl12

    Regardless of whether I agree with you or not... I have a linguistic and historical issue with your statement that abortion isn't human.

    Humans have not proven themselves to be very kind or life-sustaining. I'd argue that it's, in fact, extremely human to kill other humans - whether they've been born or not.

    Shall I cite the Holocaust? Or How about the Civil War? Or Khmer Rouge? Or any other instance throughout human history where humans have killed other humans?

    This mode of killing isn't "un-human" you're just choosing to ignore all the other instances where human nature has reared its ugly head in order to prove a point.

    • Josht13

      does your issue really mean shit though? no one is gonna argue the holocaust is right or natural.

    • @Josht13 But it happened. And a human did it. And humans did every other mass slaughter of humans. So she can't argue that this method of killing is "the worst" or anything.

    • Josht13

      I didn't read this I'm just saying that just because shit happens don't make it right, the linguistical criticism was nittpicky af

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  • MargaritaPeach

    I really wish that people would take advantage of the many, many forms of birth control that are out there. Even more than that, I wish Mother Nature would make some people sterile and unable to have children in the first place.

    • kukukuku

      it is funny how women who get abortions get offended when you tell them you wished they were sterile

    • @kukukuku Isn't it, though? Even though the risk of sterility after having an abortion is quite high.

  • CisScum

    I am for abortion until a certain time period, once the baby can be considered human then yes that is just irresponsible and inhuman. I am for abortion because what if a girl is raped or accidents can happen, I don't think a girl should be forced to have a child.

    • Anonymous

      but the child should not be forced to die

    • CisScum

      But in my opinion the baby is not truly alive until it has brain activity. Until then I don`t consider it murder. Besides, using your logic that is, babies are not forcibly murdered, they are murdered unknowingly. A woman should not be forced to have a baby if it is very early in the pregnancy.

      Do you really want rape victims forced to have a child? Or people who accidentally get pregnant? Then what happens to the child, goes into foster homes or gets raised for the wrong reasons. That is not a good life in my opinion.

    • If a rape victim gets pregnant and don't want children, they can give it a foster family or adoptive parents. There are many people who can't get children in the natural way, but want some. Why not let them adopt then?

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  • cpzpbx3

    An embryo cannot feel pain at eight or ten weeks gestation. I don't know who told you that, but they're wrong.

    • Anonymous

      you can read that anywhere

    • cpzpbx3

      I'm sure you can read that 2+2=5 somewhere but that doesn't make it true.

  • PlacentaSalad

    The only way women cannot have abortions is through oppression, which I'm pretty sure most women, given the feminist movement, are against. Do you like being oppressed, SS-rated? Do you? Your argument is sexist and puritanical even so, because what you are saying is that a woman is required, against her will, to suffer nine months of pregnancy just to save a 'life,' even if pregnancy could create deadly complications for herself such as death. Nobody, by law, is required to save anybody especially at the cost of their own life as noble as it'd be. I feel that it is important for women to have access to clinics that are safe and accessible and where we, people who should just mind our own business, leave it up to their moral conscience to decide themselves.

    People will continue to get abortions regardless of whether they are anti-abortion or pro-choice, as they have in the past and as they do now. Even if it endangers them, or is illegal. Even the Catholic Church, prior to 1869, allowed abortions before the fetus started to move. I'm willing to bet that there have been many women who have or will abort despite having a belief that it is immoral and unethical.

    An embryo is not a fetus, by the way.

    • bobbyxx

      Abortion because of disability is suppressing disabled people.

  • 123cheesecake

    The same person, as a zygote, an fetus, a child, a teenager and an elderly person all have one thing in common. Their genetic code is already predetermined at the combination of the male and female gamete, and are only waiting on development based on their life cycle. Therefore scientifically speaking it is only a PART of human's life cycle. Two human parent creates a human child- SURPRISE. I would like a counter argument by presenting a legitimate and well documented case of a woman giving birth to a tree or a bicycle, a dog etc. just not a human. Even better, someone make a personal claim of themselves not going through embryonic stage. Then you can present a loophole in my theory. Until then, my theory remains universal and therefore correct.

    Case about 'consciousness'- when we go to sleep. Guess what. surprise. We lose consciousness of our surroundings. Do we stop being humans then?

    I find it funny that pro choice people explain it subjectively rather than an objective manner by citing it 'as a bunch of cells'. Guess what, I can dehumanise a person by calling them 'a bunch of muscles attached to bone' and then kill them. Does it make it right? No. Does killing a child just because of their age acceptable?

    The whole pro choice argument is highly reminiscent of racial killings and enslavement of indigenous people by colonies due to difference in skin colour. African Americans used to be treated less just because of differences in traits!
    A child is no less of a person than a teenager just because of the differences in the maturity of their lifecycle. So why is an embryo any different?

    • Starrk

      We don't lose complete consciousness of our surroundings when we sleep. There's a reason why alarm clocks, a baby crying, something crawling on us or someone yelling can instantly wake us up. When we sleep our brain begins to filter out unnecessary "white noise" that it deems as distractions to sleep (Ex: a TV playing in the background, the crickets outside, the AC cutting on), but when out brain detects a stimuli that it registers as too important to filter out then it alerts you of this which causes you to awaken.

      We're not brain dead when we sleep, our brain is just working at lower capacity. Comparing the brain activity of a fetus to that of a sleeping adult/child is extremely fallacious since a fetus does not yet have the proper brain development to obtain consciousness.

    • This is what I have been saying forever now: the pro-"choice" crowd HAS no objective, scientific argument. Their entire platform is nothing but empty rhetoric. For that matter, you are correct about the racial thing because abortion itself in America DID actually arise as a part of the Eugenics Movement. Even Margaret Sanger herself was a eugenist who spoke for the KKK in 1926.

    • And since @Zorax blocked me in the name of "tolerance" and "progress" because he could not fathom an opinion different from his own, I hope that you do not mind me pasting my response to him here.

      "Guilt by Association, nice, another logical fallacy.

      Substantiate your claims that I am a religious bigot, or that even if I am, that it has any bearing whatsoever on the truth of my arguments. Truth is truth regardless of the voice it comes from. It is determined not by whom is stating it, but by the underlying logic which you have failed to address. Merely shouting your opinion louder does not make it true. There is no scientific, valid reason to presuppose that the unborn is not a human. A human is formed at conception, since that is when life begins, and since the sort of life that is formed is in fact a human one. Again, pure biological fact. Unless you are also willing to state that a child is not a human because it is not an adult or that an adult is not a human because it is not a

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  • meatballs21

    Early on, when the overwhelming majority of abortions are done, it is only a cluster of cells with the potential to grow into a human being.

    By the same logic, throwing away a bag of acorns is the same thing as cutting down a forest.

    • The same person, as a zygote, an fetus, a child, a teenager and an elderly person all have one thing in common. Their genetic code is already predetermined at the combination of the male and female gamete, and are only waiting on development based on their life cycle. Therefore scientifically speaking it is only a PART of human's life cycle. Two human parent creates a human child- SURPRISE. I would like a counter argument by presenting a legitimate and well documented case of a woman giving birth to a tree or a bicycle, a dog etc. just not a human. Even better, someone make a personal claim of themselves not going through embryonic stage. Then you can present a loophole in my theory. Until then, my theory remains universal and therefore correct.

    • Actually yes, if no more acorns are to be available, then that species of tree can no longer exists and therefore create a forest of the said species. On its own it might not 'account' much, but saying a cent is less important than a million is like disregarding individual bricks on your mission to build a brick wall. Without the cent, we wouldn't have the dollar.

    • @123cheesecake How do you sleep at night with the knowledge of all the natural miscarriages and trees that failed to grow?

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  • kittycat119

    It's not murder. It's not even a living thing yet when women mainly get abortions. If it was actually living and could feel then abortion wouldn't be allowed. They're just getting rid of something that has the potential to start to develop into a human. It's not the same thing

    • Actually it is alive as soon as the sperm meets up with the egg.

  • If you don't believe in them then don't have one. Just don't try to force your opinions on others.

    • Anonymous

      no one has to read my my take mister

  • Maxemeister

    "Why abortion will always be murder"

    "Rabble rabble rabble"

    Yeah the mother should split in half because the baby's life is more important than hers. Yup.

    Think of it this way. Many early stage babies have the same amount of cells as many diseases. Larger embryos can be the size of bugs. We kill such things all of the time.

    A baby in the womb is a parasite. It saps the mother's energy, causes her pain, and lives inside her. It endangers her.

    Look at what religion has done to the world.

    • The same person, as a zygote, an fetus, a child, a teenager and an elderly person all have one thing in common. Their genetic code is already predetermined at the combination of the male and female gamete, and are only waiting on development based on their life cycle. Therefore scientifically speaking it is only a PART of human's life cycle. Two human parent creates a human child- SURPRISE. I would like a counter argument by presenting a legitimate and well documented case of a woman giving birth to a tree or a bicycle, a dog etc. just not a human. Even better, someone make a personal claim of themselves not going through embryonic stage. Then you can present a loophole in my theory. Until then, my theory remains universal and therefore correct.

      Case about 'consciousness'- when we go to sleep. Guess what. surprise. We lose consciousness of our surroundings. Do we stop being humans then?

    • Anonymous

      uhm religion? does this make sense? Dude...

    • The Christians are coming! The Christians are coming!

  • BaileyisDarcy

    "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born" well no fucking shit sherlock.

    I never would have guessed.

    An unborn child, is not an unborn child it is a fetus. It is not a child, or a baby, or some cute little miracle it is a fetus that leeches off it's mothers body and honestly does not start caring about ANYTHING until long after it's been BORN.

    Yes, it feels pain, but guess what! So does the mother giving birth to it. So does the father breaking his back to supply for it. So does the friends and family dealing with the mothers little episodes that occur as a result of the baby creating extra hormones that send the mother a little nutty.

    I mean hell, why are you putting the life of a fetus over that of a capable human being? That blob in her stomach? You are putting it, a non functioning, non cognitive, unthinking leech, over the life of a productive member of society.

    It's NOT murder, because it is NOT life. Yes, it is life in action, life being created or whatever, but it isn't LIFE. I am life. You are life. The blob is not.

    There's a difference between a mother sticking a knife between her five year olds ribs, and twisting it until the kid bleeds out, and a woman going to see a doctor to get a LITERAL parasite out of her womb.
    Do you know why some miscarriages happen? Because her body recognised the fetus as a foreign object and got rid of it. Her body recognised it as a parasite, which is exactly what a fetus is. Yes, typically it's the kind of parasite you want, so you can become a parent, contribute to overpopulation, but not always.

    Sometimes that teen doesn't want a child. Can't afford to have one. Maybe they know they would never be able to give it up after carrying it for nine months. Maybe an expecting mother has been told she has a higher chance of death if she carries out the pregnancy. Maybe it was rape, and not being able to get that abortion is forcing the woman to live with that night for the next nine months, and then further if she doesn't believe in or can't bring herself to adopt out.

    There are so many fucking variables that all you 'pro-lifers' miss.

    I don't care about that bloody fetus, if it's only going to cause harm, and especially if it'll only have harm brought to it, when you guys force it to be born into a situation that is not capable of handling a baby.

    Have you looked at adoption and foster stats recently? Try taking a peek at them before suggesting we all contribute to them.


    I actually pointed this out before in my own lengthy Take which did not receive nearly as much attention as yours has.
    But essentially you are onto an extremely important point for understanding the abortion debate: the pro-abortion crowd HAS NO LOGICAL ARGUMENT! Their entire platform is based on an appeal to emotion, empty rhetoric, and red herrings. Hence why they have politicized it as a matter of "choice" and/or "female rights." Because they are trying to draw attention away from the true nature of the act, because once you understand that, then you understand that abortion is absolutely and unequivocally wrong regardless of whatever they say.

    You have stuck to the science. You stated nothing but pure, biological fact. And that is admirable. I have done the same. This is ALL you need to do, and then you will win every single abortion debate that ever arises. Biology confirms that the unborn are living humans, and their own humans at that. The abortionists cannot dispute this. No amount of rhetoric or empty appeals to emotion can change a single iota of established scientific fact.

    Essentially it is about the abortionists trying to justify the systematic slaughter of an entirely innocent, untried class of minors whose only crime was their very existence. The insane lengths they'll go to to try and do this is laughable.

    • nog6422

      No logical argument? Pregnant but don't want kids, get rid of it. Seems pretty logical to me.

    • @nog642 White and don't want Blacks, send them to the sugar plantations to work as slaves. Simple isn't it?

  • Sweetie3423

    I honestly believe that it doesn't have developed mind yet and it fully in human form. That it is not considered murder. Plus would you want another child to suffer due to bad parents. Just the way I see it.

    • Anonymous

      i explained that it is not what you ''believe'' in, Just because it is not fully developed it is not considered human? I know children with brain damage and some who have miss an arm or a leg, are they not human to you? It is obviously not developed because it's a fetus but it still is living it feels pain and even if it doesn't, it dies.

    • Like I said its just the way I see it. Have I ever done it no but I have nothing against others who do it. Every one has a right to make choices in their circumstances.

    • If you're accidentally pregnant and don't want children, people can adopt your child or become their foster family.

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  • nog6422

    Yes you're ending a life. I consider that life sub-human though. I don't value it much since it's not conscious at all. Some poeple do abortions really late into the pregnacny though at which point the fetus has some rudimentary form of consciousness and I start having a problem.

    And don't give me that "it has the potential to become a conscious human being" bullshit. So does a sperm but nobody cares about the quadrillions of sperm that die every day.

    • Wow, 23 chromosomes does not have the genetic code to fully develop into a full human being. Stay awake in school please. Humans in average tend to have 46, but 47 can occur with some instances of genetic mutations.

    • Anonymous

      what is it then if not a human? a rat or dog by any chance?

    • nog6422

      @123cheesecake A sperm on its own will not become a full human. A fetus on its own will not become a full human either.

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  • JudgmentDay

    That's why I think it's best to get a Vasectomy instead of ever being in or causing a situation where an unplanned for and unwanted pregnancy occurs. Take no chances with birth control that "might" fail. Because that is usually what will lead to abortions in the very first place, not properly using birth control or that birth control has failed such as from a faulty or defective condom, etc. Anyone else agree with me on this?

    @Unit1 ?

    • If a man and a woman participate in sex, then they are essentially both equally responsible for all outcomes.
      So yes, it's always best to prevent it in the first place to save the fuss for both people. For men to not worry about getting someone pregnant and for woman to not worry about going through an abortion.

      Hence, if YOU as yourself do not want to deal with pregnancy then take charge and use birth control. Never trust someone else to be on it for you. It's a lesson only the foolish will learn... or maybe not but then I don't care.

    • bente2

      What if i get raped and get pregnant? I can't get a vasectomy nor do I want one because I want children later in life. What if someone older gets raped? Should they have gotten a vasectomy? Should they now carry a child they will hate because they will always see it as 'the baby of my rapist' ?

    • @bente2 You get an abortion. Simple as that.

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  • Tanuron

    We still conisder mercy in todays society to be just fine, if an animal suffers we put it out of its missery cause you want to spare it for its pain. Cause seriously, life is a bitch, life is not easy, life is hard as hell. It would almost be impossible for say a rape victim to nurse a child without destroying its childhood cause of resentment, knowing the child is a product of something cruel and horrible that happen to you. Even if you adopt, the thought alone is not pleasent. Do I want to be the mother of an evil product? What if it was the child of hitler?, since many these days would wanna kill hitler as a child to stop evil before it happens, granted you dont know that in advance. But do you wanna be responsble for it? Even though abortion you prevent a life before it starts, like its not conscious. Wearing a condom could even be considered murder then. Since it prevents the potential of life, hell even masterbation then. Murder of thousands.

    I think the option should be their regardless, to ironically enchance the quality of life. Since again life is a bitch, lord knows how many times I wish I was never born. If I grew up in a better home, maybe I would feel like my life would be worth living.

  • ElissaDido

    I'm not a fan of abortion but this MyTake has poor arguments and extreme views that, I don't subscribe to.
    There ARE cases where it's fine to abort:
    Jeaopardy of the Mother's life.
    Before 3 months I wouldn't really call the embryo a "Baby". Not that it's okay to use abortion as a contraceptive technique.

  • Library

    Whether or not it is murder, it's the woman's body and her fetus so it's still her right to abort a fetus if she wants to.

    • The fetus is actually a different entity, and has its own body. Therefore it is a different person.

    • Evident as the fetus has the chromosome of both the mother AND the father. Therefore it is a foreign INDIVIDUAL body. The mother's genetic code would only be half similar. That is why the embryo is located within the embryonic sac, to prevent the white blood cells from destroying the individuals due to the foreign (dad's) genes.

  • vishna

    An embryo is not a child. Abortion does not kill a child. Abortion terminates a pregnancy. Yes, it is a loss of life. But it's not the same as murdering a fully developed child. And while I would certainly hope women have abortions as early as possible, some women don't have the money to terminate immediately or knowledge that they're even pregnant until a month of two in. Now, unless you can provide peer reviewed data to back up the claim that the embryo feels pain at 8 weeks, you simply can't throw that claim around and use it as a basis for your argument, not even if you put write it in bold.

    • A baby is not a child, a child is not a teenager, a teenager is not an adult, and an adult is not a senior. But all are equally human beings. The unborn are merely an earlier stage in the life of a human. Biologically speaking, the unborn are alive, human, and their own human. Thus they are no different from you and I. To support abortion is to be unscientific. You either deny the science by claiming that the unborn are not their own living human beings, or you accept the science but deny the morality, essentially becoming a Nazi who has no qualms with the systematic slaughter of your fellow man.

  • JohnnyBritish
  • No rational minded person would take this seriously. Roe v. Wade determined a long time ago that is a woman's right to abortion, so your belief on morality doesn't matter anymore. It stopped mattering before you were born.

    • I hate to be that person, but you are appealing to authority which is a logical fallacy. Heller v. DC decided long ago that the 2nd Amendment applies to all American citizens yet liberals have still been pushing to overturn that ruling.

    • @JRICHARDS1996 You must not be a rational minded person. As for your second amendment argument, you forget that Republicans have been pushing to outlaw guns from the mentally disabled. It goes both ways and we have overturned other retarded & unnecessary amendments as well. Humans have been having abortions for thousands of years and we're not gonna stop because a few idiots get all sad.

    • I am not the one who committed the logical fallacy. I am absolutely aware that Republicans have been inconsistent as well. Electing Trump who was an outspoken gun control advocate most of his life was an insane move. But that does not take away from the Democrats' disregard for the 2nd Amendment either. Humans have been murdering one another and possessing dangerous weapons for most of history yet we still have laws in place. Why does abortion get a free pass?

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  • relaxrelax

    hun get raped and then ill go up too you and say keep the baby of your rapist

    if you can do it ill be surprised

    but other then that abortion is not okay

    • cipher42

      That doesn't work that way, at least not legally. If abortion is okay in the situation of rape, it must be legal in any other situation. Either it's okay to abort a fetus or it's not. After all, it's not like the fetus is at all at fault for how it was created. Hold your own personal opinions in regards to morality if you like, but legally it's ridiculous to oppose abortion in only certain situations.

    • tyber1

      If you make abortion only legal in cases of rape, a lot of innocent men are gonna end up in jail.

    • relaxrelax


      look im not saying its not wrong cause it is wrong
      abortion is wrong
      but how can you expect a women to hold a baby when it was through rape
      its not a fun experience

      she has to be REAL strong to go through with it
      and most women are not that strong especially today
      men and women today are mentally weak

      today we can barely take advice and test things out without fighting with each other
      over small things

      some guy got killed for 100 dollars
      you see how small that is

      now GODs word said hey no abortion and he is right
      but i can't control people they won't listen they believe there is no GOD cause they lack knowledge

      but that's there own fault
      they don't study

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  • aftermath

    I think abortion might be okay in some cases (looking at it logically). Of course there will always be an ethical issue but at the end of the day it shouldn't be outlawed I think, maybe very strongly regulated and only presented as a last option if all else fails. Please, if anyone sees a flaw/misunderstanding in my view then reply (all hate replies can go up the ass :) )

  • tyber1

    You have to consider more than the existence of life, the quality of life is just as important. If the quality of life would be low, then perhaps it would be better off not being born. Some people live torturous lives because their quality of life is not considered.

    • Everyone should be given a chance. Not all is set in stone.

    • tyber1

      @123cheesecake so if the baby is addicted to crack because the parents use drugs that's just okay for you, we should see how it plays out? Many of the people who get abortions are irresponsible or not able to provide for a kid and they would destroy the kids life anyways.

    • tyber1

      @123cheesecake and then those kids turn into fucked up adults who are more of a detriment to society anyways.

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  • sugar95

    I don't particularly have a strong opinion about abortion, but right now I think if the woman becomes pregnant due to her own foolishness, she has the responsibility to raise that child or give it up for adoption - just let it live. It's disgusting that it's even possible to simply eliminate a developing life inside you. If the woman was raped, that's a different story and I don't have an opinion on that - I'll have to think about it.

  • Source that fetuses feel pain?

    Anyway, I think my mom would've been better off if she had aborted me and my sister, and I wouldn't blame her if she went back in time & did so.

  • Love_Is_Eternal

    It's human nature. Human beings are the onl species destroying the planet. We are naturally selfish and will do the most evil things when we can get away with it. It shouldn't surprise you that abortion is acceptable in our society. Human beings have been killing each other for thousands of years. It's our evil nature.

  • QueenBeeJay

    I think people try to argue that is isn't murder or killing a living thing because it makes it seem more acceptable.

    It's 100% killing a living thing...

    But I still don't disagree with it. I have no right to get in between a woman and her reproduction rights.

  • SovereignessofVamps

    Honestly, I'm pro choice and... if supporting abortion and being willing to get one myself, makes me a murderer or at least potential/willing murderer, I'm OK with that.

    I love debating, but... it is a human life so... I disagree it's on the same level as an actual baby that's been born, but since you are stopping a human life, it's almost undebatable to me. So I admit it then... I don't know how else to put it.

    • I just feel like if I decide I don't have the resources to raise a baby, then I should be able to make a choice so that it doesn't have to suffer... or me, since I could choose adoption, but pregnancy can have complications and be so...

      You could say it's a little selfish, but I don't think so. It's my body and I want to protect it, and also stop a kid from suffering.

  • steveguitar

    It really depends. If a girl was raped and got pregnant then by all means abort, that baby wasn't created out of love, and was probably going to a bad life. But even as someone who isn't religious, I still understand that it is a human being. The only other problem is society when you aren't prepared to have a baby. If I were a girl, I would put the baby up for adoption.

    • cipher42

      Adoption is all well and good for those who can manage it, but for some it's the pregnancy itself that's the bigger issue. So it's not as though abortion and adoption work for everyone equally.

    • bente2

      Sure lemme talk to you when you grow a vagina, get periods and expience the pain of pregnancy and childbirth.

  • ShaeNielson

    You do know how horrible the adoption system is, right? A lot of those children never get a loving family.

    I believe in the rights of those who have already been born and I support women's right to choose.

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    "Always" in your delusion. Don't even claim it's a fact because if that's the case, every time if men and women have sex, there are millions of sperms that dies. "Sperm is not a fetus" Ok if sperm is not a fetus them why is a fetus a human? They're still living things. We can all be delusional about abortion as we want. Nothing is facts about it.

  • honeyskies

    Ok so let me put it this way. I got my period when I was ten. What if I got assaulted me pregnant. Neither me or the child would be able to survive. I was barely 94lbs at the time. Would you expect a 10 year old child who was raped carry out a 9 month pregnancy and risk her own life? I would’ve died and the child would to. My body was still small and developing I was still a baby myself.

  • Luci92

    I disagree, while I don't think it's something that should be done willy-nilly, there are circumstances where I believe having an abortion is called for, like rape, inscest and otherwise.

  • somebodysaycheese

    Abortion will always be murder because they are killing a human. Period! No if ands or buts.
    Only brainwashed people who beleive it isn't. I once didn't think it was murder than I was like " But it a human being I would kill".

  • JohnDoe3000

    I'm sorry, I just can't believe a small lump of cells is conscious and has feelings, or that if it does it has them beyond the scope of that mosquito you just swatted on your wall... God agrees because he lets 40% of conceptions end in a miscarriage anyway.

    Plus, the state can't force anyone to sacrifice themselves for someone else so there is no argument to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term if the pregnancy endangers her health.

    Of course people who are against all cases of abortion are in favor of massive government spending on foster care, maternity leave, sex-ed, availability of contraception and condoms, etc... I mean, they're motivated by ethical arguments, not just repeating religious mantras, right?

    • bobbyxx

      '40% of conceptions in miscarriage'. What a pile of crap.

    • @bobbyxx

      It really isn't, ask your doctor. The reason it seems implausible to you is that many of these miscarriages occur before the woman knows she is pregnant (and the embryo is still so small it's not, or barely, visible).

  • capturemyheartnow

    Abortion is not a murder as it is allowed as per law. If laws permit abortion , then it is not a murder. But the church believes otherwise.

    • RedHood7

      You're right, it's not murder, it's an execution.