Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November

Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November

Because over time our entire political system has become a complete joke. It's completely based on money. And these are just the popular mantras, but after 30 something years on this planet, I've decided they're true, but for specific reasons:

No one involved in the White House or on the Hill has an actual "job" like they used to when the country was founded. Being a Senator or a Rep used to be be something else you did, not the only thing you did. You didn't get paid a livable salary to come to DC and you didn't spend all year (minus vacations) in the city. You were at home, in your home state, doing your job. You ran a store, you were a farmer, a doctor, a butcher or some shit.

Entire lifetimes are spent in office...why? How is that reality? Every single one of them is a millionaire...how does that represent anyone? How can they possibly relate to a huge swath of the country? The districts at a state/local level are absolute dogshit, carved up literally block by block in some arbitrary fashion that negates the effectiveness of being represented in the first place.

And the term "middle class" is completely meaningless. There is no definitive line that says 'above this, you are middle class, but above this, you are rich'. It's an impossible to define and completely meaningless term that does nothing but make everyone feel like a unique and special snowflake...the "average American citizen" snowflake. 40% of our income, out of the gate, goes directly to the Government. In addition to all the consumption taxes we pay (sales tax, property tax, gas tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, and on, and on, and on), and yet these idiots aren't even marginally close to HALF of a balanced budget.

Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November

They blather on TV, radio, in the paper, and talk about taxes, about nonsensical political moving and shaking, about topics that seem to "matter" but realistically make zero difference. Major headlines are made for bills about personal rights, privacy, and a slew of other things, and then completely negated by riders on other bills under the radar, piece by piece, until the people that paid for the influence get what they originally wanted anyways.

The entire voting populace - which is what, maybe a third of the eligible voters that are alive and mentally coherent at any given November? - are given the illusion of having a say, when it doesn't matter. They call, they put Facebook posts up, they put signs and banners on, send stupid emails, write letters...'we're making a difference!'. No, you're not. You're killing time, like knitting, but more social, and you don't have something to show for it later.

It's a COMPLETE joke. An absolute circus. Our country exists still solely by accident, and by the forward motion created in WWII by becoming one of the largest economies and military powers in the world. And with each generation, we become more entitled, less creative, less hard working, and more egocentric than the generation before. It's a fucking shit show, and these asshats get on TV and talk about jobs, the economy, and the 'good ol American dream'.

Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November

So I love Trump. I fucking love him. I wish he was actually going to run all the way to the White House instead of just fart around until the primaries like he usually does. I wish he'd take shots and get on TV and give press conferences drunk off his ass. I wish he'd tell reporters to go fuck themselves. I wish he'd treat international diplomacy like it was an episode of what's his show where he got to say "You're Fired". I LOVE that he pisses off all the politicians on both sides, because he's different than the good old boys (and gals) that come up year after year after year.

How can he possibly be worse than what politician after politician after politician does in office? What's he going to do, piss off an ally by spying on them? Inflame enemies by attacking their countries with remote controlled planes? Spend more money than we have? Pass laws for things with good intentions, like healthcare for people who don't have it, without considering some of the gigantic gaping holes in getting it out there...like a working website to sign up for it in the first place?

Sit on his ass and do nothing while OPM has the biggest leak of clandestine and TS information in the history of mankind? Bail out gigantic banks instead of busting them up after they fucked around and lost billions of dollars and screwed over half of the globe? Have the most non-secretive affair ever? Then lie about it and spend a million man hours talking about who he did or did not fuck instead of governing? Cause gas lines and shortages, fail to rescue hostages from a shithole by piss poor planning? Invade a country and blow it to shit without figuring out how to get back out of said country, after we just did the same thing 40 years prior?

Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November

Seriously...how the fuck could Trump be WORSE than the parade of human turds in suits that march into the Capitol and White House every day, every year? He can't. He can't possibly. But the sheer fact that he's universally hated by every one of those lying out of touch idiots makes me want to vote for him as King let alone President. Go Trump.

Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November
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  • Anonymous
    Correction *Make America HATE again.

    Vote for Donald Trump and watch your nation crumble throughout and after his election period. He will create irreversible damage to your culture, policies, and relations with other countries. It will take generations to fix his messes which should be expected from someone who has absolutely zero experience in the field, no professionalism, no tact, and barely has the basic components of being a decent man. Your selfishness and self-absorbed point of view will come back to haunt you and if he is elected, you will be ashamed to admit you were one of the idiotic fools who put the fate of your country in the hands of such an unstable lunatic.

    Not only that, but other countries will finally reach a boiling point and realize just how sick they are of America's meddling, America's f*cked up choices, and all the f*cked up things that America produces. They will then potentially form an alliance against America and I wonder how eager they'll be to go down in history as dismantling the world's most advanced empire?
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    • gotc147

      You appear to be confusing Trump with Clinton.

    • Botchie

      I think you're a bit late to the party here. America is already filled with quite a bit of hate. This election, regardless of the winner is going to be the breaking point.

      And I completely agree with you that America shouldn't be meddling in other countries' business. It should only offer help and give the help that is asked for. No one asked for Obama to go and give his opinion on Brexit.

    • Anonymous

      @gotc147 You appear to be assuming that your thoughts and feelings matter and mean more to me than they really do.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    there are plenty of problems with our political system. but trump is not even closed to qualified to fix them
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    • Phoenix98

      Except that no one was ever supposed to be qualified to be president our system was made originally so that anyone who was voted into office by the people could run the country regardless of experience and place in society.

    • @Phoenix98 no one was supposed to be qualified for president?

      the system was designed so that anyone could run and be president yes. but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be qualified. no one should hold a position they are unqualified in life especially the role of leader of a country

    • Phoenix98

      Sorry that first part sounded better in my head.

      while that is true the ironic thing is that, career and experienced aka qualified politicians are what got us into the mess we're in. More of the same especially Hillary is not going to fix the problem's.

      Is trump qualified in all areas to run the country? no but he does genuinely want to help our people out and make this country great. And Trump listens to those below him who know how to do the job better then he does, provided they have our best interests at heart and are following the constitution.

      His own company isn't full of stuffed shirt 1 percent people. A lot of the CEOs in his company are blue collar guys like me and you, who earned their way to the top. A lot of the construction workers, and foremen who work for him will tell you that Trump actually talks with them and listens to their ideas and even uses them if they are good because they know how to do the job. And he doesn't treat them like peons either.

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  • lumos
    Oh yes he fucking can, and if he gets elected, you'll be able to see it with your own two eyes. The guy has no idea wtf he's doing. It wouldn't surprise me if he'll end up getting the entire US nuked to death.
    • you guys are on that path already lol.

    • lumos

      @Death_of_rats uh, Finland is far from it. Which is where I'm from. Fyi.

    • apologies. i couldnt see where you're from. i meant the US is on the path getting nuked to death regardless of who the next president is

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  • meowcow
    So... let me get this straight...

    You are sick and tired of the US government and life in general being all about money. As you described it, "Because over time our entire political system has become a complete joke. It's completely based on money."

    So the solution is... to vote for the richest presidential candidate in US history who has publicly acknowledged that he pays no federal income tax because "he's smart" and that "even if he did pay, it would be squandered".

    A man who has never lived a day of his life without a silver spoon up his butt. A man who cannot possibly relate to low income, or even middle income Americans. A man who has been given millions of dollars in loans by his father, and saved from bankruptcy multiple times by his father, and had his companies go bankrupt at least 3 times where he filed for Chapter 11 protection to screw over the average American by using the bankruptcy protection laws to avoid paying creditors and small businesses.

    Reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.
    • He may be as rich, if not more, than all the other politicians. The difference is he has no issues hiding it, and that whenever he discuss income issues he sounds honest. At least he has his experience as a businessman and he seems honest in his campaign. He also does not have that rich guy-political correct posture that all the others have, which may be why congressmen hate him.

      I don't agree with everything the take owner is saying here but he has a point in this specific regard. They are never going to put a poor/middle class representative in these elections starting off, yet this guy seems different and that's why he prefers him.

    • meowcow


      Oh, he's different all right.
      He has no issues hiding his wealth? Is that why he's hiding his tax statements that will show he's paid no federal income taxes since 1995? He basically insinuated that in the last debate. Today, it turns out he used his bankruptcy losses in 1995 so that he does not need to pay federal taxes.
      I wonder if you truly understand what he did there. In 4 separate cases, his casinos went bankrupt. He filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy so that the courts protected him from repaying people he owed money to. Trump owed millions to the Americans who built his casinos. Trump owed small businesses hundreds of millions of dollars because they provided his casinos with food catering, custodial duties, construction work... etc... Once Trump declared bankruptcy, NONE of these AMERICANS got paid. He ruined the lives of thousands of people.

      And today, he's getting rich via those "losses" that offset current income. Those losses were off the backs of Americans.

    • meowcow

      Don't forget... he also claims to be capable of "bringing jobs back to Americans", criticizing that China is taking all of the American jobs...

      Yet, most of Trump's merchandise that he sells is... made in China.

      That's just the ties...
      Don't forget the suits, dress shirts... and if you've ever been to a Trump hotel, he also sells a bunch of gawdy trinkets and As-Seen-On-TV junk. All... made in China.

  • somebodysaycheese
    Lol. Im not voting trump BUT id never vote hillary only someone consciously stupid would vote for someone whos emails have incriminate her.
    To me i think how can trump and Hillary be friends for 20 years and nor have anything in common?
    So ill be voting for neither
    • Don't forget about the millions she has gotten for speeches lol. Oh and she thinks separating investment banking with the normal banks is wrong so that when they lose they lose your money lol. This whole system of Corruptness should be brought down on all their heads.

  • snowboarder720
    You'll be eating your words when Trump loses. Yeah he claims to be a successful business man when he gained a lot of financial support from his father. Not to mention he hasn't paid ANY income tax. Think about how much he owes the government. Let alone he's not even qualified to become president. He's very uneducated, rude, avoids a lot of questions, rambles on endless tangents, and interrupts anybody. It's like he only wants to become president to prove how stupid America is.
    I'm not saying Hillary is perfect or anything. However, she witnessed an idea of what being a president was like when her husband was president. Our economy was actually pretty good when Bill was in office. Not only was she there with him during every step of the way, but I can only imagine the discussions Bill and her had. She already knows the challenges being a president may face, she's well mannered and collected during debates, she answers questions directly, and has plenty of training. She basically has more experience than him.
    I'd also like to point out that most of my favorite celebrities are endorsing her (including Bernie). I'm not here to say you're wrong for voting for him but say he's very under qualified for being president. He doesn't represent USA very well and that's a quality I like to see in my president.
    • john52461

      he paid the legal amount, he doesn't owe the government anything unless dodged taxes illegally, any more that we all pay is immediately blown on bombing something... anything overseas. It's not like we all pay more and get something out of it, all wasted on war and bombs. Good for him if he didn't pay much, we all try to pay as little in taxes as we can. Did you know there was a time when there was no income tax?

    • I'm not the guy for politic talks, really. I am making a judgement call, because politics get VERY complicated. I can agree with anybody on that. What I'm saying is I'm following the people I look up to which is Bernie. If he endorses her, and she presents herself well. Then fu*king fine, she gets my endorses too. Her and along with Obama. I absolutely love this country and everything it consists. Generations of my grandfathers have fought on this land to serve for my right to vote. I'll vote for exactly who I think is better qualified for my president, like exactly how my family fought and died for my right to do so. Regardless of who I vote for.
      Nothing else is relevant, I conduct perfect research about who my future president for. It honestly doesn't change my judgement. As an Electrical Engineer, I conduct my research precisely and accurately.

  • GoldMeddle
    Trump could be worse if Putin insults his hair and he nukes Russia. Trump could be worse if he makes decisions based on his business dealings. Trump could be worse if he has no idea what he's doing.

    The only argument I here for why anybody should vote for Trump is "this guy's worse."
  • Nothanks700
    I guess I can understand the fascination with Trump. He is seen as an outsider, where as Hillary is seen as anything but. However, there are severe problems with your logic.

    1. Congressman had other jobs at a time when the main mode of transportation was horse drawn carriage. It's completely implausible to expect congressmen to have other jobs when policy is so complex, and we live in such an interconnected world. Also, Trump can not continue running his business and be POTUS. Or if he does, then he isn't actually being the president. It's a full time job, requires extensive travel and diplomacy, and requires numerous sleepless nights. You have literally no idea what the President actually does if you think he or she can run a business at the same time.

    2. I agree on large form, how many of our congress people are out of touch with reality given their wealth and status, and it is not representative of the population. But, how is Donald Trump, a man who has a suite that is literally gold plated a cure to that ill? Hillary might be rich, but she's doesn't live like a Nigerian Prince.

    3. Middle class has a very basic definition. It is the statistical middle (not averag) of earnings among the populace. And this income has a large and disproportionate skew towards a very few amount of people (the 1%). Donald Trump has not indicated any valid plans by the way, to lower taxes or balance the budget. No, Fuck China is not a plan.

    4. Our politics have gotten absurd yes. But I would argue, only because of Trump. Our politics had their silly and frustrating moments before him, but were to be expected. Gore V Bush and Romney V Obama were good solid campaigns on both parties. This however, is a shit show. But regardless, please take a look at where you are. You have a ton of opportunity, are in one of the richest countries in the world, and take a crap ton of things for granted. Donald Trump could ruin all of that. He's the only candidate I have ever said that about.

    5. Finnaly, what's worse? Donald Trump is worse. You'll realize that if he gets elected. He is dangerous. Being cynical is fashionable, being intelligent is rare. I'd suggest you try and be the latter.

    • I think you make some solid points here. Farmers in large plantations were the 18th century equivalent of CEO's. In a time before industrialization and the capitalist system the landed gentry was the top rung of society. So yes, his opinion on "No one involved in the White House or on the Hill has an actual "job" like they used to when the country was founded" is not very well supported.

    • As I said in another comment though:
      He may be as rich, if not more, than all the other politicians. The difference is he has no issues hiding it, and that whenever he discuss income issues he sounds honest. At least he has his experience as a businessman and he seems honest in his campaign. He also does not have that rich guy-political correct posture that all the others have, which may be why congressmen hate him.

      I don't agree with everything the take owner is saying here but he has a point in this specific regard. They are never going to put a poor/middle class representative in these elections starting off, yet this guy seems different and that's why he prefers him.

    • goaded

      @legs_n_sheets "He may be as rich, if not more, than all the other politicians"
      But we won't know for sure if he doesn't release his tax returns.

      Given his not paying federal taxes "makes [him] smart", I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Hidden_P
    Pass the popcorn this one is gonna be good.

    • goaded

      Isn't it the wrong Spock in that box?

    • Hidden_P


      Hilariously appropriate. It will be the wrong president too.

  • G-Daz
    I don't believe Trump is perfect... but honestly, Hilary is a mess, she's an extention of Obama and perhaps worse. Say hello to beating Obama's debt total and policies. Trump would at least make a difference for the better mostly
    • goaded

      You know George W was handed a surplus when he came into office and could have paid off the national debt by not doing anything?

      Go look at a graph of how the USA does under R and D presidents.

  • Rissyanne
    Great take... if Hillary gets elected the country will go down the drain.
  • gotc147
    Anybody who disagrees with this is either one of the three classes of people set to benefit from a Clinton Presidency (very wealthy, criminals or terrorists) or is so short-sighted they are voting against Trump because he said some mean things.
    • Or, you know, has more than 8.26 brain cells 🙄

    • gotc147

      @Other_Tommy_Wiseau So which group do you fit into?

    • What do you mean, group? Am I republican or democrat? Neither. Both sides are stupid, but relatively recently, republicans have taken it to new heights that I couldn't fathom being possible based on what we know and how we act in society. I base my ideas on what I know, not let opinions be formed by someone else's opinions in a political realm or by political rhetoric. Some things I'm more on a liberal side, some things I'm more on a conservative side. I know when things make sense on an authoritarian plain, where others make more sense "libertarially". I have no agenda. Things aren't black and white like people try to make it. It's a combination of many things. But people are generally too stupid to see that and both people who support or can deal with the ideas of Clinton or trump are the epitome of that stupidity. With that said, trump takes it way beyond that and people who can't see the hypocrisy in it and choose to follow his line of thinking are the definition of stupid to me

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  • ginny_weasley
    That awkward moment when you find out Trump is outsourcing the presidency. If he wins. So Pence will be president basically. And he is 5,000 times worse than Trump if that's even possible. Plus Pence is a homophobic jackass.

    • AssJacket

      Former Indiana resident here - Pence "fixed" our economy by using our universities (IU, Purdue and Ball State) as a piggybank and then by cutting funds on things like roads and healthcare. He basically doomed future generations of Hoosiers for the sake of looking good on paper. On top of that, he's a religious zealot who is willfully ignorant of all things science.

    • @AssJacket I totally believe it. As an atheist and believer in science, the fact that he could be the most powerful vice president is terrifying.

    • john52461

      If you're worried about the treatment of gays then you should be worried about Hillary's idea to bring more muslim refugees who grope women in the street and believe it's ok to kill gays. Just look at what happened in Germany.

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  • Elelei
    Trump is a member of the super rich. He's ruling class. He doesn't give a rats bum about anyone but his rich friends. He worships money, like all rich people. And all they care about are issues that affect the rich: security, war, no taxes, and no tarrifs, and lots of trade agreements that ruin your job, your education, and your life. You should have supported Bernie, he was the only candidate with a remotely acceptable platform.
  • Fathoms77
    Bitter, cynical, almost hopeless... and yet...

    I just can't help but agree with all of it. How sad is that? :(
    • jman46241

      Bitter, cynical, almost hopeless... Trump? More like tired, uplifting, responsive.. There's nothing sad about a man that actually shows a little concern at least :)

  • VirginiaBeachBum
    IF he gets elected (and that's a big IF with his stupid ass comments and Twitter rants), he'll be the subject of the fastest impeachment in US history.
  • DodgersGM
    I agree that money has corrupted American politics, and that until we've got true Campaign Finance Reform, we're just gonna be stuck in a holding pattern.

    With that said, if you don't think Trump is a money-driven politician like the rest of 'em, then I've got news for ya. He might even be the biggest offender. lol
  • StiffLeg
    So yeah, I think it's high-time we start rounding up the Trump supporters and institutionalize them before this kind of dumb-as-fuck way of thinking continues to spread in our country. Anyone using the word “braggadocious” or believes Hillary's been fighting ISIS her "entire" adult life, should be restrained and placed in a padded cell till further notice!
    • gotc147

      Hm, have you ever heard the name "Adolf Hitler?"

      You should do some research on him kid, he did exactly what you're suggesting.

    • goaded

      @gotc147 You don't know what you're talking about.

    • gotc147

      @goaded Yes I do, you're just too blind to see the comparison.

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  • SleepingSnorlax
    I feel like you haven't listened to anything he's said
    He is not a good choice for president
    Well neither is clinton
    But... and im going to try not to throw up in my mouth as i say this... clinton is a better choice for president
  • AleDeEurope
  • Aqualung
    Ask yourself two questions; 'are you better off now than you were 8 years ago.' And "How could it get any worse?' We need to resume our position , all the other nations a fucked up or complacent. It sucks having to babysit the world, but look at what the fuck their doing!
  • john52461
    The fact that you have to post this anonymously but people can openly support Hillary without death threats or anything shows how messed up our country is. A guy just got beat up for wearing a Trump hat, a mob chased him and would've beat him to death but he got out of there somehow.

    I don't like either candidate but companies like Boeing give money to the Clinton Foundation, then days later they get a contract to make some planes :) One is a jerk and the other is a corrupt criminal
  • Jan1ssary_
    I don't follow elections in your country but If I was American I'd vote for Trump. Because he looks like someone patriot/nationalist and cares about his country, which is I appreciate.
  • Sublime45


    Lol Trump.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    And this is why people give a fuck
    Oh, wait
    • PT1911

      I don't agree with you on the subject matter but damn that's a good gif haha

    • @PT1911 the point being that people are gonna vote for who they're gonna vote for. These stupid takes telling everyone why they're voting for either person is about as useful as eating shit for nutritional value. Most people who are in the middle (such as I) generally don't like either, but a lot see the stupidity that is trump. People need to stop pretending like he's some kinda genius in disguise. But his condemnation doesn't mean I support Hillary either. For that reason, I'm just voting for myself. The country wants to treat it as a joke, so I will, although I whole heartedly agree that I'm more qualified and smarter than those 2 fuck faces 😑

      But yeah, it's 1 of my go to gifs 😂

      Was that rant necessary? Probably not, but usually worth noting 🤓

    • That same rant you just posted on your own comment, in which you admit was unecessary, is the same exact thing as to why the take owner felt the need to write his rant about why he is voting for Trump, that you just criticized.

      +1 for the spirit of contradiction.

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  • TuMeManques
    I don't love trump but I agree with so much of what you're saying.
  • Tarvold
    If I was American, I'd be voting Clinton.

    But since I'm not, sure let Trump win. Why not. There's so much money to be made when he wins, it'll be awesome.
  • CisScum
    He used to be friends with Bill Clinton and Hillary so... I am sure he can ruin it just as well.

    But also considering he would be bad with foreign affairs, I would be scared if he was my president.
  • Jager66
    I wish the U. S. had elected Ron Paul when they had the chance...
    • john52461

      No they boo him on stage for saying the golden rule and standing up for liberty

    • Jager66

      @john52461 yeah pretty much, it's a sad state of affairs.

  • Elarra
    Our entire political system is a joke, so might as well put a clown at the head of it.
  • BruceJender
    I'm just enjoying watching the US fuck itself in the ass.
  • Keyspirit
    True! Let alone the Tree Trump will make Americunt great again! Go McDonald Trump! 💪🏼👈🏼
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Congress is no longer beholden to the people but to special interests and the rich. When they continually push for policies no one wants, when they try to go after programs that people want, and when they try to push for more free trade aka send your job overseas so someone can do it for cheaper, this has to stop. Marlene trump is bad, but at least he won't sell out our manufacturing base to foreign countries. At least he can shake up the establishment and break up their shit. Oh well, I'm voting for him too, sorry everyone. Before things can get better maybe they have to get worse.
  • legs_n_sheets
    Wait a moment... Are you saying that because we have taxes we should'nt have any debt? Having debt, you could argue, is actually good for the country. I think it was mentioned during the campaign we have had balanced budget before, and a surplus even.

    With that said, even though there are a couple of other things I don't agree, between Clinton and Trump at least, Trump is the way to go. Just look around you, the Obama presidency is responsible of all the shit you're being critical about today. It doesn't make sense to vote for Hillary, given she is a direct follow up of Obama, she's an extension to that agenda.

    I don't fully support Trump but I prefer him to win. The fact that Congressmen hate him is really an incentive to vote for him. As you said, he can't be worse than all those other politicians? He can't be worse than Bill Clinton, or Obama and his loving muslim, nose dripping in middle east agenda. This question remains out in the open and I applaud you for that.
  • ThatBritishLad
    When will they say who won? I want to know so I can stop seeing US politics on everything for a little bit.
  • Alex88F
    Trump = American Berlusconi
    Prepare the pillow to bite America, you're gonna be raped for good
  • John_Doesnt
    You could have summarized that into 2 words "I'm retarded".
  • relaxrelax
    i just hope he is not lying but telling the truth
    i highly doubt it

    but i hope im proven wrong
  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    That's the ticket, Man. Hit em hard in the mouth and watch them cry about it.
  • NatashaBeauty
    go trump
  • Phoenix98
    More or less I Agree.
  • echoaj
    My friend, you have drunk the cool aid.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Good impassioned take but I still hopes he loses.
  • Kantana
    He's not Hillary and therefore has my vote.
  • Im_God
    He worships me. That's all the reason you need.
  • Anonymous
    "Seriously... how the fuck could Trump be WORSE than the parade of human turds in suits that march into the Capitol and White House every day, every year? He can't. He can't possibly. But the sheer fact that he's universally hated by every one of those lying out of touch idiots makes me want to vote for him as King let alone President. Go Trump."

    Please research HOW he plans on making America great again. War, racism, deportation, rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, tax cuts when America truly can't handle it with the debts. Try reading about real issues, try even listening to him at least once. If you have and you have come to your above conclusion. I fear for our future.
  • Anonymous
    I SUPPORT TRUMP! so go #*#(*%&#*($# haters
  • Anonymous
    "Why I'm Voting for Trump Come November" – 'cause you're a f***ing idiot?
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I've yet to see a mytake that's titled "Why I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton Come November". But seriously, just vote for whomever you want to vote for. I don't care, you don't have to tell us so deeply about whom you gonna be voting for.

    I think doesn't really matter anymore. And I think we're still fucked either way, unless if you are rich or have lots of money already, then maybe you're not since if things don't go well, you can always relocate elsewhere because you have the resources to make that happen.
  • Anonymous
    I'm with you Blue Anon.
    I could care less if he has a few bad habits or has too much lip. Look at the Muslim in the White House, this mouse.
    Clinton is a liar, a con to boot, and finding out that her VP is a loose lip loser, happy to Vote for a Man for a change who wants to make America Great again.
  • Anonymous
    Mike Pence is a piece of dog shit. I hope the bastard drops dead. Trump is a nice guy compared to that cock roach. He goal is to destroy any type of people that he does not like in the gas chambers.