Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far


When voting for the president this cycle i considered a number of things but it really boiled down to two things. Whether or not that person could actually win and a handful of issues that i felt could be dealt with in the first term of a presidency. Ultimately, though i was not happy with either candidate i voted for Trump and so far, i generally like what I am seeing and here are the reasons why:

1) The Keystone and Dakota pipelines -

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

A sure way to help sustain energy independence I see this as way to help eliminate dependence on Foreign actors like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and yes even Russia and China who can drametically affect the energy market through demand and geo political interests. Im not a climate change denier, i very much believe climate change is real but I see a true risk of geo political forces that can and will put the US in a position where we can not affect future policy if given the chance. We need to consolidate our growth and financial position in the immediate future and this is something we cannot do with Europe like growth and skyrocketing debt, a result of Obamanomics, and an accidental approach to management of the economy.

2) The Supreme Court -

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

The Obama administration embraced the Consitution as a living document, a document whose purpose changes with time...conveniently ignoring the fact that our forefathers implemented a method of change, the amendment process. Much easier to install a Judiciary that is willing to legislate through broad and ever changing interpretation. One conservative originalist judge will offset the trend favored by Obama. This looks like a sure win. Better yet, two are in the offing and with such a young court a second will likely secure the SCOTUS to be conservative for decades to come.

3) Lower court and executive appoinments across the board-

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

For this, we have to thank Harry Reid. In a moment of an extreme lack of judgment Mr Harry Reid moved forward with the nuclear option in the Obama administration and the Dems moved forward with an unprecedented number of unchecked appointments across both legislative and executive appointments. It's time to undo some of that damage.

4) The re-assertion of border control and legal immigration -

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

Not much need be said...a country that asserts it's own law should not be followed cannot reasonably claim that it has an effective immigration policy or manage it's own budget.

5) Voter ID -

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

Not yet accomplished but in the headlights of the Trump administration, and Voter ID is likely to be accomplished in the next two years. Keep your head down President Trump and get this one done.

6) Meaningful tax reform and deregulation -

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far

Time for an overhaul folks. Obama and Bush had free reign and implemented regulations like they were equivalent to gold raining from the skies. Time to go undo all the nonsense and get to a tax policy that will enable the economy to strengthen to late Clinton early Bush levels, not some anemic let's be like Europe nonsense.

I could continue on with all of the "gravy" Trump has given me to be glad about....the ban on funding international abortions, the federal hiring freeze, the agreement to halt lobbying on behalf of foreign governments by former executive branch employees, the undoing of the HUD's reduction in housing loan fees....and more to come. But the above things are the reasons why i voted for Trump even if i dont like the man himself.

Why I Voted for Trump and Why I am Happy that I Did so Far
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  • LoloWaye
    Meh. I don't support him simply because of the way he talks about people. That may seem childish but it's against my beliefs and I'm not interested in being a hypocrite. However I hope he does a decent job. Hopefully getting the Flint water crisis figured out before he even thinks about building a wall.
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    • Anonymous

      Thats the best argument against Trump so far.

    • LoloWaye

      Tbh I hate everything about politics. This past election has definitely brought out the worst in people. I read some of the comments asking why you went anon but I understand. People are nasty.

    • Anonymous

      I dont like the guy..., but i kinda felt like i had to choose which pile of shit i was going to eat from.

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  • Red_Arrow
    1) The Keystone pipeline is owned by Canada. Why are we running g THEIR pipeline through America?
    "NASA climate scientist James Hansen stated in 2013 that "moving to tar sands, one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuels on the planet" is a step in exactly the wrong direction, "indicating either that governments don't understand the situation or that they just don't give a damn"." Since it involves science and environment, Trump doesn't understand AND just doesn't give a damn.

    2. The Constitution was written at a time where the state's government voted for federal officials, not the people. And the people referenced were white men. Forget women, minorities, etc. We have grown to believe "All men are created equal" includes Blacks, Hispanics, etc., and women. You want us to go back?

    3. The right has complained for years about governing by executive order. Trump has broken records on that already.

    4. I am skipping this because there are good and bad points, and too much extreme feelings right now to discuss.

    5. Voter ID implementation has proven to be aimed at preventing all but the rich from having a good shot at voting. The number of laws shot down by the courts prove that.

    6. Too much harm was being done to Americans by Big Money Interests. Regulations were put in place to protect us in matters from drinking safe water to not having our earnings being ripped off to supplement the rich. Trump is already putting what we eat and drink at risk, and aiming to change the rules to allow the rich to get richer at the expense of the middle and lower classes.

    As for halting lobbying fro foreign governments by former executive branch employees, now it is being done by CURRENT executive branch employees.
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    • Anonymous

      THere isn't much that is well thought out here.

      First, the keystone pipeline does nothing to change consumption or capture of oil from tar sands

      second, We have congress for making law as well as an amendment process, the judicial branch is made to enforce law, not make law. Its the concept on which our government is built, separation of powers.

      Third, it was the Dems who acted to remove the filibuster at a super majority threshold on a vote of a minority. It never should have been done, now it is time to balance the tbles after which the Republicans should move with the Dems to reset the rule so it can't be undone


      Fifth, that is not what has been proven at all. It has simply been ruled in different cases that the burden of implementing a voter ID law outweighs the benefits of managing the risk. Time change and there are precedents set throughout the world of Voter ID as beneficial and effective. Brazil, voting is compulsory and state issued ID is required.

    • Anonymous

      And last, tax reform and deregulation must be done correctly. Regulation adds cost to everything you do around you. Done correctly, all boats rise on the tide. Its ridiculous to assume that only the poor should benefit.

    • Red_Arrow

      The Keystone Pipeline being discussed is the Keystone XL, an extension which will transport 830,000 barrels of Alberta tar sands oil per day to refineries o the Gulf Coast. Tar sands are a sticky, sludgy deposit considered the planet's dirtiest fossil fuel.

      While Congress makes law, the Judiciary still interprets it.

      I still point out that the current "so-called" president is running the country by Executive Orders at a rate far higher than what the Republicans complained about with Obama.

      Yes, it has been proven, time after time as those laws are found unconstitutional. By the way, there are states with mail in voting in general, plus states with mail in absentee voting. No ID needed. Signature is checked. Works fine.

      Regulations add cost. So do laws. Shall we just get rid of all laws? You are suggesting getting rid of the regulations which will benefit the rich at the expense of society in general. Purity of water. What is added to foods. Safety of cars. Air to breathe.

  • ladsin
    1.) I believe in global warming, I just believe the true threat... Global warming will eradicate all life on this planet (with the exception of some thermofiles as far as I know) that seems like a pretty big threat.
    2.) we don't need guys today making rules because some guys already told us what to do a few hundred years ago! I need to know what you're upset about the Supreme Court passing to go on further.
    3.) meh not gonna touch on
    4.) yeah, let's waste 20 billion on a wall that will be largely ineffective and pass the buck onto consumers when our president seeks to impose tariffs on imported goods from our third largest trading partner.
    5.) if you really think, as trump says, that there were millions of people voting illegally... You're beyon... No, I won't say that. I will tell you to look into the research that shows that notion is ridiculous.
    6.) yeah yeah yeah. I know. The top need more tax breaks because trickle down. I'm sure they won't just hoard more of the wealth. They're completely satisfied with making only 300x what the average worker makes. Oh wait, you mean they make 500x? Yeah that's what I meant they won't go above that because they're moral and will help us little guys out.
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    • Rissyanne

      Tell me... what does it hurt to have everyone have a voter ID? I dont understand what the big deal is.

    • ladsin

      @Rissyanne one example would be Texas, where there are no driver's license offices in almost a third of the state.. Leading to some 15 of Hispanic Texans (in particular) to have no DL at all. It's hard for working class people to be able to take off a day to go to the DMV when you're living paycheck to paycheck. Having worked in the landscaping business everyone I know needs to work an extra day a week just to make ends meet.

    • Rissyanne

      So how do they cash their paycheck?

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  • Paris13
    I Stand by the Man who I have the Most Trust in, and this is Donald J. Trump.
    Although Dems are Sore Losers and are Continuing to Show Bad Behavior, the More they Gripe, the Stronger we will Wipe... Crime out and More in Store.
    Beautifully Done, hun. xx
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  • Cosytoasty
    "Whether or not that person could actually win", isn't this COMPLETELY missing the point of a democratic election? It's your country, not a popularity contest to pick the winning side.

    But, your views on those issues are completely fair enough.
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    • Anonymous

      It's strategic voting. It wsant that i thought he would win, it wsa just that i thought he could win. For instance, from my point of view, why waste a vote on Gary Johnson when there is no way he could win. There are reasons people might want to vote for him knowing he won't win, my statement doesn't make their vote any less valid, it's just a choice i am making about how i want to use my vote.

  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Alright, i am fine with a reasonable discussion about this.
    1) Key stone XL, just transports oil meaning less jobs for truckers, and just pretty much tearing up land, we already have a steady supply of oil and the United States has some of the largest oil deposits.
    2) I don't even know what to say to that, it's just jargon blaming Obama, even though he followed things by the book. Leading this country out of a massive economic disaster in 09'. A conservative party that upholds religious values and sticks to old world beliefs for SCOTUS is not a good idea.
    3) I don't know enough about this to have an opinion, but the way it was explained made no sense.
    4) Building a wall with billions of dollars of tax payer money for something that can be beaten by a 40$ extension ladder is ridiculous. The border should be more protected, true, but the immigration reform is a joke and making mexico pay for the wall is borderline retarded.
    5) Voter ID, it is completely ridiculous that this is brought up since in the last conservative presidency when Bush took office, he did did an investigation into the very inner workings of our voting system. A total of 85 votes were tallied as fraudulent. That is.00004%.
    6) no problem here, but so far there has been no push and we are not likely to see a change until 2018 on tax reform.
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  • DiegoO
    If you are so proud of Trump show your profile, what do you got to hide?
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    • Anonymous

      You cannot deal with fact so you hide behind the drivel, I've already explained it here once. If you can read, please feel free to do so.

    • Irrelevant
      Did you even read?

  • Map4Territory
    I personally have different views on many of the things you cited, but it's nice to actually see a thoughtful pro-Trump position on this website. Nice job.
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  • Intraluminal
    Oddly, although I hate Trump, I agree with all of your reasons and agree that Trump will probably accomplish them.

    The problem is that he will be doing a lot of other stuff that I completely disagree with. Destroying any chance of universal healthcare, making abortion a regional decision, putting truly horrible people in positions of power, etc. The good will be outweighed by the bad.
  • spoonman2014
    Have you seen the mans cabinet picks? Our military and homeland security will be fine and everything else will go down the tubes. I think Gary Johnson or maybe... maybe Jill stien would have been better because they are not nearly as crazy, looney or corrupt as Hillary and Donald are. Sure Gary and Jill are looney in their own ways but Gary hands down would have made more sense, I think the powers that be knew that worked things in their favor and were not fair to him
    • Anonymous

      He's three weeks in, and honestly im no fan of Trump... so far, im getting what i expected out of him... but i didn't have really high expectations...

  • Avalon2
    I'm a day one Trump supporter and he's doing a great job actually.
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  • badboy666
    I did not vote for Trump, but in general I am pleasantly surprised (mostly for the reasons you mention).

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  • Pyrofox
    The key stone pipeline conflict is all cause the workers didn't do their own paperwork they are payed to do and just blindly gave the all clear.
    • Pyrofox

      I mean you dont get much lazier than putting a pipeline through literal grave sites. I mean the keystone pipeline pretty much went from a great ecnomic site to probably what will be the most heavily guarded pipline in the world. As its the perfect situation to put US government getting squeezed from both sides if a enviormental issue such as a oil spill occurs and if that oil spill is on native land. Thats double the damages it would cost. As that gives one group the right to request clean up and the other can sue the feds. There isn't a better target for a anarchist to take advantage of especially if they want to put the oil companies in bind. I mean how hard would it be to just edit the pipe line to go around the native American land.

      Then again its all to classic for humanity not to care about the environment till the sh*t hits the fan.

  • jjesica346
    can't you think for ya self? How does one become/stay so oblivious to reality? Your leader doesn't even understand Science. Pass out the Crayolas... trump fan in need of note taking!
    • Anonymous

      That the best you can do, come out with insults?

      I list facts and positions, ... you, you list insults... well done and excellent job of fitting into the stereotype.

    • jjesica346

      You brag about a pipeline that will emit 20% more greenhouse gases over traditional drilling?

    • Anonymous

      First, your premise you make that I brag is false. I have stated a position, i have not gloated or bragged. Second, the pipeline doesn't emit more gases. The tar sand oil is already being extracted and processed, delivered by truck and train and i am aware that the extraction and refining of this oil is more intensive. But that doesn't change by putting a pipe in, it will still be extracted and consumed at a rate dependent on oil production levels set by OPEC. Rather, i would have North America control our own demand and fungibility/speed are key to striking energy independence from those that would rather have us embroiled in their webs because it suits them to have us dependent on them.

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  • godfatherfan
    So your saying your a complete moron lemming... got it.
    1) with every republican't comes a recession. That is proven by history. With the coke head baby bush, we got the Great Recession which was worse then the great depression.
    2) Republican'ts are out of touch with America. And now you have someone that even republican's can't stand. An egomaniac narcissist.
    3) Democrat's are for the people. Republican'ts are only for rich and big business.
    4) doesn't matter. anyone that even thinks of voting republican't is an idiot.
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    • As a libertarian, I'm just going to point out your comment did not do much to prove your own intelligence or articulation... Probably some 12y/o who decided to stick a 48 as his age. Sigh.

  • Dred1614returns
    I'm with you. Get ready for hate.
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    • Anonymous

      Its hard to respond to reason with name calling and insults and still look like you understand what's going on. Therefore, there won't be a lot of hate here, though there will be some that just dont get it. I don't mean that i am right and cannot be wrong, i simply mean that a reasoned discussion takes effort and consideration. You can't do that when you are foaming at the mouth with anger.

  • steveguitar
    Trump is just about the worst thing happening in the world right now. And anybody who voted for him is an idiot. Anybody who votes on the right side of the political spectrum is against the positive progression of humanity, against environmental change, is blind or ignores climate change, wants humans to keep using oil instead of changing to better energy sources.

    I could go on and on about how backwards conservatives are, and how regressive their ideals are. I cannot support ideas based on a system that wants to keep the world in an age of constant oil, gasoline, plastic, chemical use. Wants to destroy and be rid of free healthcare, may be getting ready to start other wars rather than use discussion. Wants to use competition rather than equality, and take money from wherever they can. Anyways it's almost 5am. I'm tired

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  • LB33777
    If you're so happy why are you anon?
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    • Anonymous

      In spite of the downvotes, this is a fair question. I said im happy so far... two weeks into a 4 year term. That isn't a very high bar to hit. Second as to why im anon. Its mostly because i find i can't have a reasonable open discussion with the liberals on this site. I keep a public profile and allow anyone to message me in the event they want to ask a question etc. When i suggest to people that i think he has done well in some spaces I get anger and name calling of levels that approach ridiculousness. I've never once called any of these people names even when they offer their own opinions on why they disagree and it's rare that anyone actually offers a well thought out counter that doesn't involve a rant of expletives and name calling. Take a look at my post here. How many times did i speak negatively of "liberals", i didn't call anyone names or talk about how they are stupid. I simply disagree with some of their viewpoints.

  • RealandGenuine
    I agree
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  • Phoenix98
    Nice ^^.
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  • Sabretooth
    pipe's causing issues for residences.
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  • Exterminatore
    Good take!
  • Daynada
    I didn't and I'm glad I didn't
  • Anonymous
    as a non amrican, trump is the best thing that happened to the usa, a leader with balls which is a first in a western country, he doesn't want illegal immigration? well who does, he dislikes muslims? just look at how fked up their home countries and anywhere they go become... pipelines? well if you want indepency and to be a western developed country some changes have to be made, as for taxes... dude we pay at least 20% in taxes every month where i live and i dont much for it , you are having it much better so stop complaining.

    you disagree with trump? its simple give up your American citizenship and move to another country, really it ain't that hard.
  • Anonymous
    good for you
  • Anonymous
    you got conned, he doesn't care about you, he cares about his money, and himself
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  • Anonymous
    US is a country full of immigrants. ;) Illegal immigrants. The true and first Americans knows that.
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    • Anonymous

      hmmmmm, i wonder how the "native americans" got here? curious isn't it? And i wonder why they were often at war amongst themselves over territory and resources? Seems very strange.

    • DiegoO

      Europeans were at war as well, is not like Europe was the land of friendship. All their wars they expand worldwide and before the natives discovered The Americas there was no human population so they can´t be called in no way inmigrants.

    • Anonymous

      @DiegoO And yet they were at war amongst themselves for territory nd resources. I guess that it's ok to battle as long as you don't use a boat? Or maybe war is only ok if it is among people with identically colored skin? The whole "native american" thing is a pointless ridiculous argument.

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  • Anonymous
    Ya built that pipeline. Fuck those natives that are worried their land will be poisoned. There is only 1 major pipeline leek a week in the us. That's almost safe. What do they want? We already routed it away from white communities for safety concerns. It's not like we contine to screw those people after 400 years of steeling their land, writing agreements only to ignore those very same legal agreements and screwing them more. They're not white so they have no place in trump' 'merica.
    Fortunately the right wing media frames this as an economic issue rather than children being at risk of toxic poisoning. This way people like you can ignore the fact that business is deemed more important than American citizens themselves, particularly if they are not white, and we don't have to care that those with the weakest voice are completely ignored.
    Build the pipeline baby. There are a handful of rich fucks that need to be a little richer; and a few more dead americans doesn't matter.
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    • Anonymous

      Fuck the natives that worry their land will be poisoned? You mean the ones that left a $22Million dollar clean up job to the state government at their protest camp? Those natives? THey are hypocrites being paid to protest. All that land around their reservation that was willfully sold to the government...95% of that land was owned by tribal members and sold without protest at top dollar. Fuck you and them.

    • Anonymous

      Your ignorance is astounding. You believe all the tripe people richer than you want you to believe.

      The mark of a simple minded person.

    • Anonymous

      Last i checked ignorance is reserved for people that choose to ignore fact, not those that consider it with logic. I give fact, you give insults. You are not worth my time.

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  • Anonymous
    Agreed. Two thumbs up.
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  • Anonymous
    Sounds good, I personally will wait until he actually does or fails to live up to his promises. 8 Years of Obama has made me wary of presidential promises.
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