Why America Must Vote For Trump


I'm here to write a short Take about why I think Americans owe it to themselves to vote Trump. As we all know, making a decision on a presidential candidate involves discussing more than 1 reason, but I am going to center this short take around 1 reason alone: foreign policy and the respect America receives around the world.

Why America Must Vote For Trump

The reason I think it would be a disaster to vote Hillary into office in this day in age is because of who we happen to be dealing with in today's world. We are no longer in a world where Russia or Germany or Japan are the top threats. We currently live in a world where most of the world's worst actors come from the middle eastern countries. A nuclear Iran is very much a real threat to America.

The reason I think Hillary would make for a bad president today is because as we know, women are not respected by the men of the middle east. I think we can all agree that women are looked at as second class citizens in that part of the world and get no respect at all. With that fact in mind, how would America, in its right mind select a female to represent America to people like Ahmadinejad, Rouhani (Iran), Erdogan (Turkey), Abdulaziz Al Saud (Saudi Arabia). The aforementioned leaders of the middle eastern countries would not only laugh at the U.S. for bringing a female to represent America, but they'd probably force her to wear a hijab which would totally emasculate this country.

GaGGers, I am not a sexist, I love women. I just don't believe it is the proper time to have a woman lead the most powerful country in the world when that countries biggest adversaries are people who have ZERO respect for women.


This is not meant to be an anti-Clinton pro-Trump piece, this was just meant to share one perspective on why I think America would be better off (at this particular time in the world) with Trump.

Why America Must Vote For Trump
Why America Must Vote For Trump
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  • tricia103
    People are so ignorant these days. Do you not know what Donald Trump has done for people? When one of our very own soldiers was stuck in prison is Mexico for years, what did Obama or any other democrat do? What's that, you say? Couldn't even make a phone call? Now, what did Trump do? He PAID OFF ALL OF THE SOLDIERS FINANCIAL NEEDS WHEN HE WAS RELEASED AND HELPED THE FAMILY WITH MONEY!

    People get mad because of his stance in illegal immigration. So, y'all think it's completely okay for people to come to the US illegally, bring down our economy, and bring up our crime rate? Because I really don't. Plus, TRUMP IS ALL FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION. HE HAS MINORITY WORKERS WORKING FOR HIM!

    On the other hand, Trump is caring. Did any of you know that he gives FREE childcare to all of his workers? And that the childcare is right in the workplace, so workers can visit their children during their breaks? SWEET, isn't IT?

    Now, as for the foreign policy actually mentioned in this take, I completely agree. We need a MAN with a pair of FUCKING BALLS TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY. DO YOU ALL WANT AMERICANS TO BE KILLED BY TERRORISTS? By electing Hilary Clinton, we will basically be saying "Hey, all of you that hate Americans and want to ruthlessly kill them, come on in!"

    Initially, I did not like Trump. That is, until I really, really took the time to research him. And also, his speech at the convention? AMAZING!

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    • Anonymous

      thanks for reading! i see you're very passionate about this!

    • jjesica346

      Stop listening to ya parents little girl, get a mind of ya own!!

    • @jjesica346 who said she listened to her parents?

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  • VictoriousSausage
    Honestly, Britain's relationships haven't been hindered whatsoever after we "elected" Theresa May, but Trump is a real idiot, no offense but he knows nothing about politics, he's more likely to model your country on a business and try and run it like that, seeing every citizen as employees of the state, and his words have given a lot of hate preachers the lean-on they need to start pushing their agenda. look at the UK, i'm using my country as an example again, but when Brexit hit, and ever since then, hate crimes increased by 50%, people, including my friends are genuinely afraid of going outside because of what's been happening. now think about america, take what's happened in the UK, and times it by 10, British people often have our stoicism to fall back on to prevent us from doing anything outlandish or extreme (most of the time, depends on how you're brought up) but in the US, you're all incredibly passionate people, and that's both a gift and a curse, i would really fear for the world if Trump took over, more than i would if Hilary did.
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    • Lol elected she was chosen for you.
      Brexiters: "we don't want unelected politicians running our country"
      Tories: "Cameron just stepped down we will chose your next PM".

    • @QuestionMan yeah i think it's hilarious, but it's the way the conservatives work in the UK, that's why i put elected in "" quotation marks

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  • Errhh
    Trump as president is either a joke or a tragedy.
    It takes a large group of ignorant people to bring someone that politically clueless so high up in a presidential election.

    Seriously... 🙈!
  • QuestionMan
    This has to be the weakest anti-Hillary argument I've ever heard.
    To play devil's advocate one could say that a powerful leader commands respect regardless of their gender.
    Look at Thatcher, she was known as the Iron Lady and no one would mess with her.
    • Anonymous

      i said at the bottom it isn't a pro trump or anti hillary...

    • The last sentence
      "I think America would be better off (at this particular time in the world) with Trump."
      So yes it is an anti-Hillary piece.
      C'mon man you had so much material to use on why Trump would be a better leader and you decided to play the woman card.
      That's pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      dude, america loses either way.. i think trump sucks, i just think hillary is even worse..

      dont sit there and try to tell me that i am pro trump

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  • lifeisbeautifulxoxo
    I disagree. Trump is the worst candidate for President. I'm not a fan of Clinton either but I trust with nuclear weapons than Trump. He has the temperament of a 6 year old child. He thinks providing jobs is making sacrifices. What a croc! Don't waste my time with that fool.
    • killary's temper is no better than Trumps! She throws tantrums all the time too! Especially when she's being exposed for her wrong doings!!!

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    You really want that guy in charge of the Nuclear codes. the Free world
    "He didn't mean it" "What he really meant" "He was joking" press statements 24 hours later won't cut it after he has a tantrum and throws his rattle out of the pram. He is "Tempermentally Unfit" to be President of the US
    • Jager66

      there are plenty of good arguments to dislike Trump, this is not one of them.

    • jjesica346

      Exactly accurate!!

  • renogaza
    pls stop bringing politics into gag, its not healthy for the community to be yammering at who's the better demon in the elections.
    • Anonymous

      you didn't have to click on it ;)

  • PrincessofNohr
    I honestly think this argument is weak. Someone brought up Thatcher, who is an excellent counter examplr. Trump would do far worse for our international image because of how he is essentially a walking meme generator. All news about him is based on the stupid crap that comes from his mouth, not his policies or deeds. It's gold for the press to generate fast views, but toxic for our reputation.

    He's already an international joke as well. He is openly supported by North Korea, Britain has said they will essentially disown us if he is elected, and he and his staff have ties to Russia that raise eyebrows. His election would dissolve any alliances we have left in this world.
    • jjesica346

      Ik war war and more war! The man is a fool. How can ya inherit 300 million and still go file bankruptcy four times? He's nothing more than rich trash!!! If he is elected ya know he would use militant/police force just to have black people say "why yes sir" and "why no sir"!! For all of trumps fucking white trash followers that aren't loaded, wake the fuck up he's only out for his ivy league buds... he has no probs shitting on ya heads while calling it an honor for each fool that voted for his sexy ass, baaahhhaaaaaaa!!

  • jjesica346
    Bernie and that's that!!! Hillary is evil, Donald is a moron!!
    • Anonymous

      well bernie isn't winning the presidency

    • jjesica346

      Only because the primary election was rigged... im hoping his name will be on the ballot or i will not vote

    • Anonymous

      of course it was rigged.. hillary is a cunt

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  • Forename
    This is a well-produced piece of garbage.
    1) The only state in the Middle-East where women aren't respected is Saudi Arabia, and guess what: most Arabs hate Saudi Arabia for it. That being said how would that make Trump a better choice. If he were to become president, there'd be a bigger chance of a nuclear attack than Hillary.

    2) They'd force her to wear a hijab? How would that even occur? I don't know why I didn't see such shit coming from the average deluded American.

    3) You are afraid of what other people in the world might think of the US? The US is already the most hated country in the world, and it only became worse when you decided to put Hillary v Trump.

    This basically just tells that you are an indoctrinated republican who does not know anything about the world outside the US, i. e. the average American.

    That being said you should just have chosen Bernie when you had the chance, as 80% of the Earth's population outside the US advised you to.
    • Anonymous

      thank you for reading!

  • Rissyanne
    Everyone that wants to vote for Hilliary needs to see Hilliary's America. You will find out just how evil she is.
    • Eric644

      I hate both of them and will not be voting for either of them, but Trump is worse.

    • Rissyanne

      @Eric644 Sorry I dont agree with you. Hillary is a vile person. If she is elected... we will have 8 more years of Obama. This country will messed up beyond repair.

    • Eric644

      Hillary is bad, but Trump is worse, sorry have to disagree with you on that. AT least with Hillary, i know she will be a failed one term president, with Trump we are looking at the end of America and the beginning of a dictatorship led by a guy that loves Russia more than he loves America. He can go to Russia and be buddies with his boy Putin all I care, he does not deserve to be even at the white house gates

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  • the-mad-german
    Killary will be the dead end in foreing affairs to the US. Also for personal rights, also for workers lobby...

    The etablishment is the citizens enemy. and the enemy of the etablishment is your ally. Dont be stupid america... vote for Trump.
    • The establishment is made by the citizens and should be rightfully represented for by the people, if you want things to be fair and righteous in your country, get a proportional representative system, create a national health service, stop bombing and threatening people and deal with the corruption in your law and business sectors. Trump is probably the most corrupt politician I've ever seen, his views are skewed and his arguments flawed, he has an agenda, but that's basically like saying, "i'm going to do this, and do that" you can say that all the time, but it doesn't mean you'll actually do it. look, i know Trump seems like an appealing candidate, he's not a politician, which means he might be more honest, but he might also be your worst nightmare. please, don't just vote Trump, do your research, and then vote Trump if you want to.

  • Skadouchebag
    Is it really that hard to imagine this guy sending our soldiers to go die in a war all because one particualr person got under his already thin skin?
  • cth96190
    Make America great again.
    My dream is thorough investigations, followed by treason trials and a guillotine on the lawn in front of the Washington Monument.
  • HarvestMoon
    "This is not meant to be... pro-Trump piece, this was just meant to share one perspective on why I think America would be better off... with Trump."

    You're stupid. I'm not insulting. I'm just describing you.
  • jcoldstream
    I'm in Scotland so I'm looking forward to Trump winning a thumping victory. Firstly it will run the Democrats' noses in their failure: you can't help the poor and be a capitalist at the same time. Secondly, Trump is one of the funniest comic turns I have ever seen, and I remember Neil Kinnock. Thirdly, while he is buggering about building the Berlin Wall across Mexico, dropping nuclear bombs on the Ukraine and chaining women to their kitchen stoves, he will have less time to keep turning up here in Scotland and trying to convert the Highlands into a continuous golf course.
  • cinderelli
    You based your opinion about Hillary on gender? Com on.. we live in 21st century and you want a fucking stupid piece of shit to run a country? Basically the most powerful nation on earth? He wants to start war... he insulted Mexicans... called them rapists and murderers.. insulted a Muslim family just because they were Muslims and didn't even care that their son sacrificed his life for America.. he doesn't care about the poor.. or the family people.. he wants to fly drones and kill people.. his speeches have frequent "Bing Bing Bing bong" wtf is that.. he's a 5 year old... he's a joke and if America makes him president.. I don't know why the hell is that nation so powerful with that much dumbness in one single country
  • Maazin
    Hillary or Clinton or Obama again , nobody cares bro...
    You would still need to wake up in the morning and slog in that job of yours, if you have one already...
    Good grief.

  • JohnDoe3000
    I wonder if Trump can even point out Iran on a globe, meanwhile Hillary has experience as secretary of state... There's also this huge disconnect between red-state Americans and most of the rest of the world (except maybe the Russians) about Trump: you see him as this heroic tough guy, everyone else sees him as a joke. Clinton is widely respected around the world. Citizens and leaders in America's most important allies (other Western democracies, Japan, South Korea) all overwhelmingly support Clinton over Trump.
    • You're either a paid shill or a brainwashed idiot.

    • Anonymous

      @dllucas2015 he's a shill for the dems lol

    • I'm not even a US citizen, but whatever...

  • jacquesvol
    Thus in your idea Angela Merkel ( and Margaret Tatcher and Indira Ghandi ) were bad choices or not?
  • LoveHorses
    Do not trust Donald Trump at all. He's a hothead and he puts his foot in his mouth. Really the United States is screw with these two clowns.
  • smølf
    American and the world at large, would NEVER be better of with Trump, at any time or period.
  • Phoenix98
    Not what I was suspecting but hey I'll take it.
  • luisnunez
    You are such a moth...
  • Anonymous
    Women are respected in Turkey. Tansu Çiller was a Prime minister of Turkish Republic and no one laughed at her because of her gender.
  • Anonymous
    I don't see where the opinion of they have to worse actors has anything do with the topic. that being said I think Hilary is a horrible idea, I don't exactly care for trump either but there is a lot more that I do agree with
  • Anonymous
    Your post is equivalent to a white man's hairy ass (designed) for my big black boot to kick!
    • Anonymous

      i bet you're not even as big as i am though. im probably just as dark too ;)

  • Anonymous
    wow. gotta love all the anger over Trump on here. I personally hope that all you that hate him so much will pack up and leave the country after he wins. We don't need this much hatred over a man that won't be any worse than our current president. Give the man a chance to see what he'll ACTUALLY do. Don't just live your lives in fear from what the liberal media tells you. -.-
    • Eric644

      he won't be winning, he may be popular in places like Alabama and West Virginia, but he is doing poorly in the swing states; he is losing Virginia and Colorado by double digits, he is losing Arizona and Georgia, Utah is a swing state this year, and there may be indication that Kansas may be close too, Trump will lose just as bad as Goldwater.

  • Anonymous
    I'm not a fan of either and really wish there was a better third option. There has to be.
    • Anonymous

      there is but the big corporations dont fund them, so basically were stuck with these 2 clowns

    • Anonymous

      So tragic.

    • Gary Johnson.

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