Hillary Clinton: A Corrupt, Anti-Woman, Anti-Black, Anti-Gay Politician


Let's set the record straight on how Hillary Clinton is corrupt, anti woman, anti gays, and anti blacks. Gather around to hear the straight facts about miss Hillary "I oppose everything I supported in the 90's."

Hillary Clinton on Blacks.

Here's what Hillary thinks about black youth and the justice system. "We need to bring black kids, super-predators without conscious, to heel."

Here's her supporting her husband's 1994 Crime Bill which began "mass Incarceration" that actually helped lower crime... and locked up a ton of blacks. Of course, she opposes police arresting people now because that's racism. And bad for votes.

Hillary on Rape Victims. In this case on a 12 year old rape victim.

"In 1975, Clinton served as the defense lawyer for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old factory worker accused of raping Shelton after luring her to his car.

Taylor pleaded down to 'unlawful fondling of a minor' and served less than a year in prison after Clinton was able to block the admission of forensic evidence that linked her client to the crime...

Shelton said Clinton accused her during the case of 'seeking out older men', and demanded that the 12-year-old undergo a grueling court-ordered psychiatric examination to determine whether she was 'mentally unstable'.


Oh, and Hillary on her husband's various rape accusers and such?


Keep in mind that Clintons paid out $850k settlement to Paula Jones for Bill's sexual assault/rape... does that sound like innocent people who wanted their name cleared?

Let's see... Senator Hillary Clinton on gay marriage?

And lastly let's talk about her private emails...kept private to hide corruption! While storing classified data in an unsecured manner, because who cares if China hacks your computer and people die?

FYI Bill Clinton pardoned a man for the exact same crimes Hillary was facing charges for. Violating rules on how to store classified information is very serious and can result in years in prison.

Let's talk about how they used hammers to take care of her phones that she used to send emails.


Let's talk about how the emails were so sensitive the Clinton people used bleachbit to wipe the servers to prevent the FBI from recovering deleted emails. Because who the hell can trust the FBI, right?


Let's talk about how Hillary is either such a moron, so brain damaged, or such a liar she claimed after her Secretary of State training she didn't know that "C" on emails meant "classified." Hell my brother is in the US military and knew he wasn't even allowed to take certain textbooks out of the classroom due to classified material lest he do prison time.


Keep in mind, Hillary is in perfectly fine health. Here's Washington Post on September 6 reminding us that only conspiracy wackjobs said Hillary had health problems.


Hillary Clinton: A Corrupt, Anti-Woman, Anti-Black, Anti-Gay Politician

Here's Hillary on 9/11, perfectly fine, just feeling overheated. And collapsing and being dragged into her van. I love how her feet drag on the ground there. But hey her doctor said she's in good health! Right?

Hillary went from "Only wackjobs say I have health problems" then collapsed on 9/11 and "was just overheated" to "wellll I have pneumonia"... What's next month? "Weell I have onset parkinsons but I am fine..."


There's your pro black, pro gay, pro woman candidate in her professional career, ladies and gents. Such a professional she didn't know what C meant on her emails after becoming Secretary of State (they probably expected her to learn it on the job and she had no training, right?) You want to talk about integrity? Reliability? There you go.

Hillary Clinton: A Corrupt, Anti-Woman, Anti-Black, Anti-Gay Politician
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  • AleDeEurope
    I honestly can't believe this woman has the support of so many people. It just shows you the ignorance and carelessness about their lives that so many people have.
    She has this facade of a fighter for women and minorities, when in reality she's just playing them for their votes. Problem is, these idiots believe her xD

    Trump may not be the best candidate ever, but at least his policies are much better and he's not a piece of shit like Clinton.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • alaysatlorp
    Best take on this whole website. I give you my applause sir.
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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    I've come to a conclusion about this debate: the two parties are seeing just how ridiculous their candidates can be before people snap and leave for third party candidates. The results of this election will likely mean nothing, unless a third party candidate wins.
    The two parties may have vastly different views on every point, but they very much rely on each other to prop each other up. Separate, they seem like flimsy, ridiculous political positions, but together, they are a divisive, powerful political system.

    Think for an instant: why are we having racial tension between cops and African American individuals when we have an African American president. He is the highest level of the executive branch, a branch in which police belong. How does he not have better control of his office as the Commander In Chief?

    Think also, we've had a Republican congress for quite some time now. How is it that we've had serious budget problems and overspending when they are the ultimate deciders of spending?

    The answer is surprisingly simple: the current direction of the country is exactly where politicians want it to be going: extreme divisiveness that causes people to not think clearly or logically so that politicians may do as they please, spend as they please, and otherwise sow discontent. How else could the current leaders in the presidential candidate race have negative favorability with voters in their own party?

    The political game the Democrats and Republicans have been playing back and forth have wracked America with a host of problems, while politicians have been making more and more. There's no difference between the two. Wake up people.
  • Rissyanne
    Very good take. But her sheep are so brainwashed they won't believe it even if the evidence is in their face. This woman is more than evil. But most likely become our next president. This country is so beyond fucked.
  • Fathoms77
    There's absolutely something wrong with her health, and they're doing anything they can to cover it up. Not like it really matters... just give her the White House keys now because it's over.
    • For all we know she'll collapse and have a seizure at the next debate. You remember a year ago people were saying Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush was the nominee? And Trump was a joke?

    • Fathoms77

      The only way Clinton doesn't get in at this point is if she really does have a major health event, or someone digs up actual evidence that she was the trigger woman behind all of the mysterious deaths attributed to the Clintons. And even then, I'm not sure it'll matter. :P

    • OfDeath

      It's true. A month is an awful long time in politics

  • Soteris
    My counter argument.
    Donald Trump.

    Your move sunshine.
    • Nice, France, Truck Massacre.
      Charlie Hebdo.
      Bataclan Massacre.
      Brussels Bombing.
      Cologne Mass sexual assaults.
      The insanely high rape rate as Swedish men stand by and let invaders brutalize their women.
      Boston Marathon Bombing.
      Fort Hood Massacre.
      San Bernidino Massacre.

      See... your way... and Hillary's way, is awesome. If you want whites to be brutalized and massacred. But I don't hate women that much.

    • PT1911

      Donald Trump is vastly superior to this cunt.

      Though I wish he'd top with the reality tv bullshit

  • DodgersGM
    I don't think anyone doubts that Hillary is a mega-politician. I mean, I lean liberal but I don't buy a word that co mes out of her mouth. lol

    With that said, what amuses is me is the hordes of anti-intellectual Trump people who think he's *not* a politician.

    A person's bat-shit-craziness doesn't preclude them from being a sleazy politician, people. Like, c'mon. Have more sense than that.
  • Paris13
    Good One, @RationalMale.
    The older she Gets, the More Corrupt she Becomes.
    Good luck and Watch the Debate, Mate. xx
  • YourFutureEx
    Trump is where it's at.
  • john52461
    There is a movement happening in the USA, there are thousands of people trying to get into Trump's events with more people outside and he's not even a good candidate. It's not because of him! People are tired of the main stream media like CNN and are finally waking up the bias and lies they present so you can keep picking the candidates they want. Trust in the media is at an all time low.
  • FemaleAssassin
    That doesn't change the facts behind trump's POV , just wait till he becomes the president and more than half of his EX supporters will be crying their asses off about it, hilary might be as corrupt as george bush but trump will be the dumbest president in history who screwed his own people over cuz of it, just wait and see.
  • Library
    You know, every politician is corrupt. It's not just Hilary Clinton.
  • bolverk
    AS someone who has no stake in the American political process I have to say "Get it out lad, don't choke in it, tell us how you really feel!!" you really like crapping on the lefts Saint don't you!!

    I do notice that she weather vanes to the political wind.
  • TripleAce
    It doesn't matter how bad or corrupt she is. When 'they' want something to happen it will happen. Isn't it odd how Hillary is taking the lead at the polls but yet the crowd around trump gets bigger and smaller for Hillary
  • OfDeath
    Looks like you should be running Trump's smear campaign on Hillary.
    So far all they've mentioned is the Emails and that weird press conference about alleged rape victims.

    I trust there will be a lot of dirty laundry being aired as we move closer to D day though.
    A month is a long time in politics.
  • tyber1
  • JCT666
    Don't forget Hillary Clinton has received donations from the Ku Klux Klan and is also good friends with Robert Byrd who is a grand wizard from the movement.
  • Phoenix98
    Not sure about anti-gay but as for the rest I agree with.
  • Relentless_Hippie
    In that first video she says nothing about black kids saying they're without conscious and need to be brought to heel. She's talking about gang members. The only one associating the super predators with blacks here is you. The only one who appears to be anti black here is you.

    As for the rape accusations thing, she was a lawyer. She did her job, I thought in the US you're innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent. As for her husband were they women he abused or just people he slept with? If they're women he slept with there's nothing wrong with "slut shaming" them because they'd be sluts who deserved to be shamed. Unless he flat out raped them then it's different, but where's the proof of that? And even if they were given money to keep quiet about it to a true victim money isn't going to help anything. Victims don't take money, they take justice.
    • Good points. She did just do her job. Just like Donald did his in running his businesses to maximize profit... just like Hilary. Can't fault her if you don't fault Trump. The crime coincidently refers to blacks and their affiliation with gang activity and how statisticslly prone they are to it. So racism or not, it doesn't make the crime bill a bad thing for the general public in either case, even for gang members (think about that one). But flip flopping to say it's now racism is bull s***. She should have divorced Bill when he was impeached, end of story. Yeah, noble thing to stand by your man, but at some point when does nobility become matyrdom? She should be inspiring her contituents to do what's best for everyone, not simply stoically sit there and "take it" like a disempowered voter.

    • She redirected and projected her anger with her husband on her husbands mistresses, rape or not. And that was bull s***. Just like other a**hole guys high fiving Bill for "banging b****es" in the White House". I don't like that whole family. And I think good men should want to punch Bill in the mouth. Women can deal with Hilary.

      Trump had sold me and I believe a majority of people on his candor long ago. Problem for me, he just basically says, "I' know I'm an asshole, therefore I'm not a politician". Implying politicians say "I'm not an a**hole". He chooses to use his candor on issues that tear down his opponents too much. Bait and switches too much. Not the mark of a good leader. Stick to the issues, don't behind obscure implication too much. Like he only wants your vote so he can stomp on it.

      I swear, the way these two debate sometimes is so reactive. Childish. Not like true leaders. F***, are we running a country or trying to garner ratings?

    • @mostwomenshouldstfu Exactly how I feel about it. I don't trust any candidate that uses smear campaigns in order to get voters on their side, and truthfully I don't think any of them has ever not done that. A good presidential candidate to me is someone who consistently talks about and remains true to the issues presented and what they plan on doing with the country. Too many of them are focused on pointing fingers and saying "Oh look at so and so, they did this so they're baaaad!" It's like grade school children arguing. I'd much rather see an opponent be so focused on the country and the American people that they don't have time for that. That's the kind of leader we need, not someone trying to win a popularity contest.

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  • Righttobeararms83
    All true. Its sad that other countries can produce superb and creditable female politicians for the top leadership position but the closest America can get is Hillary and Palin.
  • rjroy3
    If she fainted at the next debate that would be perfect.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    A lot depends on next 72 hours - If Donald Trump has a good debate, I think the current crisis for him will be averted.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    smh... so much raw stupid in this world... we need another world war... bring on Trump!!!

    any woman willing to vote for him will get exactly what she deserves... and I hope karma acts soon.
  • John_Doesnt
    Better to vote for a corrupt politician than a corrupt reality tv star.
  • Thisperson98
    Hey, you forgot, "this is all in the past". XD *waits for someone claim we should forget about her past and brings up Trump's past*.
  • JamesBoradil03
    watch Hilary's america it goes through all of this.
  • BirdsRights
    If only there were other options for a decent candidate...

    A bird can dream.
  • DWornock
    So what? There is not a nickel's worth of difference between Hillary and Trump.
  • LoveHorses
    Let's see if she is anti-women, anti-black, and anti-gay. The Republicans would love her to death.
    • Rissyanne

      I guess you didn't read the take or watch the videos

    • LoveHorses

      @Rissyanne I did, she sounds like a Republican.

    • Rissyanne

      No she sounds like a fucking democrat. Do you have any idea who started the KKK? FUCKING DEMOCRATS

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  • NevedaGirl
    She's a libtard. They love women rights, black lives matter, and the gays
  • Jeeevan
    She's disgusting.
  • Puppylove94
  • damnwinter
    Good. People need to know. Thank you!
  • Adigelunar
    Good postw
  • Kiran04
    Pretty much sums up my thoughts on Hilary Clinton.
  • RockRules
    Sounds like she's a Republican
  • Anonymous
    It's no surprise the media only showed the video clip that provided the least visual detail of her collapsing and being thrown into the car, even though the other views (as you used) were widely available.
  • Anonymous
    ""We need to bring black kids, super-predators without conscious, to heel."

    So were you just betting on no one actually watching the video right under this quote? Because that is not what she said at all. "Bring black kids" was no where near close in her speech to what she said about super predators. I don't even like Hillary but come on. Don't just flat out lie.
  • Anonymous
    You didn't change anyone's mind, spent too much time typing this propaganda and trump is going to lose anyways so nothing you said matters. You're not so rational after all.


    Hillary is laughing at you.
  • Anonymous
    Looks like it's time to vote for Bozo the clown or maybe i'll vote for Humpty Dumpty. No wonder many of the other democratic countries in the world look at us as a nation of idiots.
  • Anonymous
    hillary is still going to win... LOL
  • Anonymous
    look trump is not a saint but I prefer him...
    thank you for sharing this because there is no way to argue it...
    if anyone sees this and still supports hillary then that person is dumb and cannot function as a critical thinker simply...
  • Anonymous
    Another jealous person adding lies no one can't Hillary Clinton down
  • Anonymous
    Yet still a notch better then trump.
    • Rissyanne

      After reading all that... you still support her. Very very sad

    • Anonymous

      @Rissyanne I did not say I supported her. She's just not as much of a disaster as trump.

    • Rissyanne

      With every thing she has done to this country you are crazy for thinking that.

  • Anonymous
    Even if all the allegations about Clinton are true, I'd still take her over Trump any day
  • Anonymous
    i think you meant to put Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton. But, you must be one too, so, you might as well fire back, right?