Immigration: Not Left or Right Issue, but Right or Wrong Issue


Immigration: Not Left or Right Issue, but Right or Wrong Issue

I am writing this article to show two sides to Views on Immigration. What was already a "Hot Button" has now exploded with the outcome of this election. Let us view some factual information:

Immigration is a classic example of an issue that should not be about “left or right,” but “right or wrong.” The United States’ borders and immigration laws are the nation’s first and last line of defense against international terrorists, transnational criminals, aliens with dangerous communicable diseases, and those foreign nationals whose presence in the United States would undermine national security, public safety, and the well-being of American citizens. In fact, a country that is unable or unwilling to take defensive measures to prevent the entry of aliens posing a threat to national security has no justification for a military. The purpose of our armed forces is to keep America’s enemies as far from U.S. shores as possible.

Below You will see Two Lists with Ten Items: First -Hamilton Project believes it is important to ground the current immigration debate in an objective framework based on the best available evidence.

Immigration: Not Left or Right Issue, but Right or Wrong Issue

List One: The Hamilton Project Ten Economic Facts About Immigration

1-Today's Immigrants hail From More Diverse Backgrounds Than They Did a Century Ago. 100 years ago 95 % of immigrants were from Europe and Canada. Today large immigrant populations from Latin America and Asia. Largest home Country of Immigrants, not surprising is Mexico.

2-Immigrants Bring a Diverse Set of Skills and Educational Backgrounds- Immigrants are both better and worse educations that US born citizens.11% of foreign born workers have advanced degrees

3- On Average, Immigrants Improve the Living Standards of Americans, the most recent academic research suggests that, on average, immigrants raise the overall standard of living of American workers by boosting wages and lowering prices.

4-Immigrants Are Not a Net Drain on the Federal Government Budget. Taxes paid by immigrants and their children- both legal and unauthorized-exceed the costs of the services they use.

5- Both Immigration Enforcement Funding and The Number of Unauthorized Immigrants have Increased since 2003.

6-Immigrants Do Not Disproportionately Burden US Corrections Facilities and Institutions. Immigrants are institutionalized at substantially lower rates that US born citizens.

7-Recent Immigrants Reflect America's Melting Pot- some groups are concerned that recent immigrants choose not to integrate and assimilate into American social and economic life, in contract to previous generations of immigrants.

8-The Skill Composition of US Immigrants Differs from that of Other Countries. Compared to Countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, the US has a greater proportion of low-skilled immigrants.

9-Immigrants Start New businesses and File Patents at Higher Rates that US Born Citizens. Today's immigrants possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Immigrants are 30% more likely to form new businesses than US born citizens.

10-American is Issuing a Declining Number of Visas for High Skilled Workers. With its top-level universities, dynamic business environment, and wide ranging economic opportunities, the US has a history of attracting high-skilled workers.

Now, on to Trump and his ideas on Immigration. "Some actions, like reversing President Obama's immigration executive actions, can be done unilaterally" and others, like building a wall and strengthening border security, will require Congress to change current law or to agree to spend the billions of dollars such proposals will need.

Immigration: Not Left or Right Issue, but Right or Wrong Issue

Trump says:

1-Build an "impenetrable physical wall on the southern border" and he says Mexico will pay for it

2-End "catch and release". If anyone is caught illegally crossing the border, that person will be detained until deported

3-Deport immigrants in the country illegal CONVICTED of crimes.

4-End sanctuary cities ( there are cities where local law enforcement officers are not required to alert federal authorities to people in the country illegally)

5-End Obama's executive actions, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and triple the number of US Immigration and Customers Enforcement Agents.

6-Suspend issuance of visas to people in places where "adequate screening cannot occur until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put into place."

7-Make sure countries take back their own citizens when the US orders them deported

8-Fully implement at all land, air, and sea ports a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.

9-"Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet" that attract immigrants who come to the US illegally.

10-Reform legal immigration and keep it "within historic norms", to serve the best interest of America and its workers.

Consider that the primary mission of the armed forces of the United States is to keep America’s enemies as far from its shores as possible. How can the armed forces of the United States protect America and Americans if the enemies of the United States are capable of entering the country by evading the inspections process, running the borders, stowing away on vessels or gaming the visa process? Terrorists who seek to attack the U.S. see the borders of the United States as the enemy lines they need to cross. They know that they cannot launch a frontal assault on the most effective military force on the planet, so instead they seek to engage in asymmetrical warfare which is not unlike guerrilla warfare tactics.

National borders are certainly no less significant than are the property lines of real estate property.

Immigration is a tough issue in our Nation. We are a Great Country because we are the "Melting Pot" but at the same time, we need to protect our borders to ensure National Safety and Security. 1/2 of US technology start-ups are founded by immigrants. The largest immigration Lobby Group FWD.US is backed by Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook:

Silicon Valley has a very high interest in Immigration Reform. They want expansion of the H-1B Visa Program to bring in the overseas talent to high tech. Is this all at Risk? They are fearful. Most of Silicon Valley is, but not Peter Theil. Peter Andreas Thiel is a German-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and author. Thiel co-founded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk and served as its chief executive officer. Since he is pretty much Silicon Valley’s only conduit to the new administration at this point, it will be interesting to see what he pushes for and what he does not.

The new Trump Administration in 2017 has many large tasks to focus on. Hopefully they will be more than social issues about "who should use which restroom". Hopefully his team, will be diverse, and well rounded enough to come to consensus and be sensible when issuing reforms for and against immigration. Please realize that legal and illegal immigration are two different issues to be addressed. What will happen? Will there be a wall? Should the large immigration populations in places such as very liberal California be worried? Will Silicon Valley have a voice in the reform? Who's Voice will ring loudest during this reform? Let us watch, listen, and see. The Transition team is finding it's voice, and the First 100 Days will say a lot about our new President, Mr. Donald J Trump!

Immigration: Not Left or Right Issue, but Right or Wrong Issue
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  • beautifulangel76
    I don't think that all illegal immigrants should be deported but I also don't think it's fair to those who do things the right way. There have been cases of them coming over here and having kids here in the states so that legally no one had the right to tell them to leave which isn't right. The process should be made easier but not so easy that just anybody could come over here. I think that an easier process and stricter laws on immigration will help protects us from terrorists and the small amount of people that come here only to harm others.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RationalMale
    Of course the Tech Industry wants massive H1-B visa expansion!

    Why pay American citizens with tech degrees 60k a year when they can flood the market with poor foreign labor who will do the same job for 30k a year?
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    • Yeah it's funny how people who support immigration always forget to mention this lol. But if lots of skilled immigrants do that why would we do the same to low skilled Americans who are barely surviving nowadays. Cease all immigration. Except for scientists, there are not enough scientists to lower wages for all the other. Also, scientists further our scientific frontier which is always a good thing. I would give amnesty to people already here but that's it. Build that wall.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard Why give Amnesty to illegal immigrants already here? Send them back to their native lands! Giving them mass amnesty makes no more sense than declaring amnesty for all muggers or all tax evaders or all shoplifters. If they broke the law, that needs to be rectified.

    • @RationalMale You have no clue what you're talking about obviously, most of the people here on H1-B visas aren't making 30k a year, most are making anywhere from 80k to over a 100k a year, and there aren't enough Americans to fill all the jobs they do... so what you'd end up doing is collapsing the hi-tech sector in America instead of strengthening it. Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant, I live in Silicon Valley so I know the truth, you are just spouting falsely reported "facts".

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    can we talk about welfare and other government funded programz?
  • TadCurious
    I don't agree with all of the Hamilton Projects "facts" about immigration. I don't believe all of those points are true facts at all. But more specifically, I'd like to address the outrageous abuse of the H-1B visa program. Silicon Valley and people like Mark Zuckerberg tell us we need to dramatically expand the number of these visas in order to bring in many tens of thousand more so-called STEM workers from foreign countries. But why do they really want to do this? It's not because there's a shortage of Americans with STEM degrees. In fact, there are many Americans with these degrees who cannot find a job in their field, or who are being laid off if they did have a STEM job. (More about that later.) In fact, salaries for STEM fields have been largely flat for over a decade, which is not what you would see if there was a true shortage. No, Silicon Valley wants H-1B foreign workers because they can pay them lower than the prevailing salary and keep them more or less subservient due to their employment-based visa status. And the most outrageous thing of all is that companies that employ STEM workers are in many cases laying off Americans with those skills and replacing them with foreigners on H-1B visas. And to rub salt in the wound, the laid off Americans are forced to TRAIN THEIR FOREIGN REPLACEMENTS in order to receive a severance payment. Think about that. These are Americans who did all the right things. Worked hard in school. Stayed out of trouble. Earned a STEM degree (s) at a university and got a good-paying job to support themselves and their families. And because of their own government issuing these H-1B visas, they get canned, kicked to the curb, and have to train their foreign replacements. They feel like strangers in their own country. This has gone on at Disney, Southern California Edison, Microsoft, and many other companies that hire lots of STEM workers. A country's immigration system should be for the benefit of the American people. Senator Jeff Sessions has been very vocal in trying to bring to light the abuses of the H-1B visa program (and other visa programs as well), and I'm encouraged that Trump has looked to him for advice on immigration issues.
    • @TadCurious There aren't enough American software engineers to fill a quarter of the job openings in Silicon Valley... if there were then there wouldn't be so many job openings in the first place. I live here, I see it... do you?

    • zagor

      @Idonotgivearatsass Bullshit. I know a couple very talented software engineers from my last job who took over a year to find new jobs after the office closed. They were up on the last technologies. Their problem? They were over 40. The people in S. V. just want people who fit their narrow stereotypes. And a lot of them cold-call candidates and then make something up just so they can say they "tried" to find someone for the job so they can hire H1-B workers. This is especially true of Indian recruiters who want to bring more of their countrymen here.

      And if H1-B wages are comparable, then why did SCG&E, Disney, and now UCSF all lay off experienced IT people to replace them with H1-B workers? It's a scam, with NO vetting to ensure that the people brought in have any special talents. In fact the slots are often filled up by mediocre but cheaper workers so that when a company DOES find a brilliant individual, there are none available.

    • zagor

      So the douchebags lobby for more visas instead of insisting on standards for those hired - yeah, like the companies can be trusted to make those determinations.

  • TheFlak38
    Well said. Same thing goes for Europe where I believe the situation is much worse (I say "believe" because I live in Europe and don't know enough about illegal immigration in America).
    Where I live many parents do not dare to let their kids exit the house unattended. Especially those with daughters, since the muslim INVADERS (not immigrants) sexually molest even 10 year old girls.
    Our armed forces do everything they can do bring these invaders on our soil with the blessings of our traitorous governments and the useful idiot of the marxist/liberal/left. They come here and smile to your face telling you how you are being culturally enriched while in reality they come here only motivated by self interests.
    Since then we had terrorist attacks in Paris, Belgium, Cologne, Nice, the Greek Islands on the Aegean Sea are in a constant riot situation and full of diseases and crime rates are higher than ever on the whole continent. Then the useful idiots start to cry and wave banners like "Pray for Paris".
    • If they dont like it they must use their voting power to change that and protest in the streets. Just look at Poland.

    • TheFlak38

      @Righttobeararms83 And that's the problem right there. They won't vote to change it because they're too stupid and brain polluted. Take a look at Greece for example. Two times they elected a government that does everything they can to oppress the Greek population and then we have stupid people like this one here (see my opinion)...

      Who dream about a marxist utopia. These people are the tip of the spear for the degeneration of our continent. The reason Poland is not like this, is because they suffered enough duringthe 20th century, like the rest of Eastern Europe, to just hand over their country to foreign invaders without a fight. Eastern European countries are the last remaining sane countries of the continent and probably our best hope.

  • Righttobeararms83
    Immigration has always been tightly controlled in America. Immigrants used to spenmnd months on Ellis island waiting to hear if they were going to be admitted. there's a big difference between legal and Ilegal immigration. Years ago huge immigration was allowed and encouraged to build and populate the country by offering opportunities, opportunities are light on the ground in America right now. Immigrantion always needs controlling.
  • FatherJack
    Here in the UK , unfortunately the larger percentage of immigrants are here for welfare benefits handouts & nothing more. The ones that are here to work do work hard , a very large Polish influx since Poland joined the EU , they are known to work hard. Attitudes vary , depending on where they are from.
    • Cosytoasty

      And they're the ones getting beaten to death by chavs in town centres. The 14 year old 'boys' with grey hair and beards from Syria however have the full protection of the state.

    • FatherJack

      @Cosytoasty Most of these fit , military age " boys " are not even from Syria !! I agree , the " law " heavily protects them... there is a huge hidden agenda here !!

  • Saoirse_Nua
    As you say immigration is a hot button topic - I would agree a coherent policy is needed - The closest I would be to DT's views would be the last stance of his campaign of just enforcing the current laws then some of the other issues can be thrashed out like the approach to legitimising productive illegal immigrants and families. If the policies were deemed to be fair, there might not be a need for sanctuary cities.
  • peachblossomluck
    I'd like to see the end of us having to help these people who don't respect the USA and are just taking advantage, while our citizens get shortchanged.
    • FatherJack

      Ditto here in the UK , we've had a HUGE influx since Tony Blair ( bliar ) became PM. We are already a very densely populated country , esp SE England.

  • John_Doesnt
    The economy would collapse without illegal immigrant workers. End of discussion.
    • jakebrake7

      Finally one sane person.

    • Nah people would just have to do their own gardening, clean their own pools, clean their own homes, look after their own kids, do their oen construction work or hire an American and pay him a decent wage.

    • @Righttobeararms83 ridiculously ignorant, but with a screen name like "righttobeararms" I'm not surprised.

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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    At a time when so many Americans can't find work you want to import millions of refugees lol. Then when Americans get angry they called racists. This plan worked so well Americans ended up voting for trump.
  • JohnDoe3000
    A country is most successful if it lets in a moderate amount of high skilled immigrants. A practical problem here is that countries won't always take their citizens back. Trump says he's gonna do something about that but European countries have already been trying for a while, mostly unsuccessfully... Trump, as usual, is talking out his ass.
  • ProbablyTooMature
    Curious, how many of your stats regarding "immigrants" factor in "illegal immigrants"?

    I work with MANY immigrants with Masters degrees... but I doubt many of the 11,000,000 illegal immigrants have advanced degrees.

    Having said that, I DON'T want immigrants (illegal or otherwise) shipped out en masse. I'm simply saying I would wager that your stats only reflect legal immigrants... which is not who Drumph has an issue with.
    • #10 on Trump's list above tells his story about his view on legal immigration. Yes the majority of his issues stem around illegal immigrants, but he wants to further develop a plan to "control" legal immigration as well!

    • And? Maybe if we had better laws around legal immigration people wouldn't need to come over in droves illegally. You're putting the cart before the horse and hating a policy that is still vapor.

    • @ProbablyTooMature- hating a policy? can you please point to me where you EVER see that I hate it or any indication of my personal beliefs. I am unsure why you would say that, I am a Trump supporter, and actually am for most of his "change" ideas- with the exception of a few that are not ones regarding this article topic.

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  • mwin2030
    Immigration is a HUGE issue, and I don’t feel intelligent enough on the issue to really say one way or the other what the solution is, but I do believe the policies need to be revised to reflect the modern times and how small the world has become, but I also feel that individuals need to take some kind of personal and civic responsibility for the issue as well in what they’re doing. What I mean is obeying the laws of the country you’re trying to immigrate to. People should NOT, absolutely NOT, be in a country illegally. I don’t care what you’re reasons are. If you can’t do something the right and legal way you should NOT be doing it. That’s my bottom line.
  • MrShinyPants
    As long as they're hard workers, honest, honorable , compassionate, honest and good, I don't mind, almost all Americans come from immigrants, if their scumbags, rapists, killers etc.. then he'll no, already have too many of them
  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    1. No illegal immigration
    2. Limit legal immigration to hot chicks, And a few highly trained specialist.
  • jacquesvol
  • Toad-1
    Very nice take. Not sure where I ultimately stand but I do feel our immigration policy needs a serious overhaul.
  • jakebrake7
    If Americans would be willing to work for the same amount of money and as foreigners, there would be no need for foreigners but the question is how many Americans will be willing to work for that amount of money? I don't think there will be that many. Plus if you force manufacturers to keep all the jobs here, the prices would dramatically go up. An iPhone made in America would be much expensive than the iPhone made in China because they'll have to pay much higher wages to their employees and the'll be forced to increase their prices. As a result their foreign competitors will see the benefit and because of their competitive prices, their market share will increase and the American market share will decrease causing lower production. The result of which will be inflation. A perfect example of this is the American Auto industry. They were doing great until they had the biggest market share in the world and there weren't that many Asian car manufacturers in the world.
  • Adigelunar
    good share
  • MissSakura
    u r right
  • Anonymous
    "Taxes paid by immigrants and their children- both legal and unauthorized-exceed the costs of the services they use."

    You mean the taxes paid by legal immigrants are more then enough to cover for unauthorized immigrants?
    I would also be curious to know, is an immigrant in the US just a person with a different nationality?