It's Time to Ditch the Medical Profession and Return to Nature

It's Time to Ditch the Medical Profession and Return to Nature

I don't know what it's like in every western country, but over here in the UK people are getting sicker. Mental illness, digestive disorders, auto immune diseases, cancer, heart attacks etc are increasing. Another problem is that sick people are having to wait much longer to get an appointment. Usually weeks. Not only that, but people are told that there is no cure for their disease and that diseases just happen and nothing can be done to cure or prevent them. This is a big lie.

The truth is this: diseases don't just fall out of the sky. People cause their illness, either through stress or bad eating habits. It's usually takes years of unhealthy living to get sick. A fat person does not become obese overnight. It takes years of overeating. Diseases do not happen overnight. It takes years of unhealthy living. The stresses of life, watching depressing news every day, fear of the economy, unhealthy eating, alcohol, pollution in the air, pharmaceutical drugs etc are all making us sick. And when we get sick we go running to a doctor because we've been conditioned to believe that doctors are health experts.

Not true. Doctors do not study health. They study chemical intervention, how to hide symptoms by prescribing drugs. And quite often the drugs they prescribe do more harm than good. They also say that everyone who grows up in the next generation will all eventually get cancer, and despite billions of dollars going to cancer charities, more people than ever before are dying of cancer.! It's time to go back to nature and take control of our health.

These is a book I recommend called "Free Food and Medicine." This book has photos of hundreds of wild edible plants and weeds that are not only super nutritious, but are also a medicine. The book tells you exactly which plant or weed you need to treat certain diseases. And it's free. You can grow a never ending supply of free food and medicine in your back garden. Pull out the weeds and they will keep growing back twice as much. I'm not saying you have to live on plants and weeds, what I'm saying is that if you are ever without money, you can have free food growing in your back garden and will never have to starve. And remember, these foods are also a medicine. No need for prescription drugs. These are also fruit trees you can grow that can survive winter. Or how about growing sprouts? Sprouts are super super nutritious, high in protein, and costs only pennies a day. All you need is a few sprouting jars.

It's Time to Ditch the Medical Profession and Return to Nature

But it's your choice. Junk food is highly addictive, but at the end of the day nobody puts a bar of chocolate or pizza in your mouth except you. If you want to spend your hard earned money on junk food that you get from the supermarket and eventually make yourself sick, then that is your choice. Your doctor will be happy to give you a load of pills or some other drug with side effects. But it doesn't have to be that way. Start researching how to grow your own food, like people did for thousands of years. Learn how to heal yourself naturally. Knowledge is power.

It's Time to Ditch the Medical Profession and Return to Nature

You would be surprised how much you can improve your health just by doing some simple things. Some years ago a doctor named Dr. Batmanghelidj was imprisoned in a Middle Eastern country. Inside the prison were a lot of sick people, and becuase he was the only doctor, they all came to him for help. Luckily the prison had lots of clean water, so Dr. Batmanghelidj told them to drink as much water as they could. Within a few months, they all started getting better and many were completely healed of their sickness and disease. When Dr. Batmanghelidj was released from prison, he wrote a book called "Your Body's Many Cries For Water." These sick prisoners were just suffering from chronic dehydration. Most people have no idea of the healing benefits of water. How many people could believe that so many illnesses is caused by chronic dehydration? Get the book or simply watch his videos on YouTube.

The time has come to stop relying on medical doctors. The only doctors we need are emergency doctors. These do a great job and they are a God send. But treating disease with drugs is not the answer. But it's your choice. Some people are not willing to change their diet or make the effort to grow their own food. They would rather live unhealthy, spend their money on junk food, and then take drugs when they get sick. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is a way out. Below is a short video on free food and medicine. I hope this myTake has been helpful.

It's Time to Ditch the Medical Profession and Return to Nature
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  • FallOutBoy2001
    This was the biggest load of bullshit I've read on here in a long time, and I've seen some outlandish ideas.

    What do you make of childhood cancers, congenital conditions, or genetic diseases or mutations? Your reasoning is flawed; while food and environmental factors do affect a person's health, there are other reasons, outside of our control, that mean we get sick.

    I was born with pneumonia, and was in respiratory distress for the first few days of my life. Was that my fault, or the faults of anyone around me? Nope, and I would have died if not for modern medicine. My friend was born severely premature, and would have died had it not been for modern medicine. Seeing a theme here?

    Many people need to be on medication to function with some semblance of normalcy. My best friend is on a prescription drug to ease the pain of the daily migraines he gets - he has a genetic conditions from his mother's side of the family. I have ADHD and should be on a medication for it, but I manage to function just well enough that I can usually get by. I know people, not only online but in real life, who would have killed themselves or died by other means had they not had access to these medications. Prescription medications and new practices save many, many lives.

    Are there problems with them? Yes. Many are addictive, especially painkillers (not so much anti-depressants and the likes) and antibiotics are creating antibiotic-resistant strains of diseases, which can be deadly. However, these medications save many more lives, and help people live normally.
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    • You're so stupid. Prescription drugs have also killed and harmed lots of people. Almost all diseases can be cured with natural treamtments, but I suspect you're far too brainwashed.

    • But you can't cite a single reliable source or study, nor logically explain how you're point is the correct view. I knew you were stupid, but this is ridiculous

    • My beliefs are based on years of research. How can years of research be put together in a source, you thick dimwit?

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  • Waffles731
    How about this, you can stop taking medication and trusting medicine but when you die from treatable illness and cancer and meet god, he can call you an idiot
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  • JenSCDC
    "But treating disease with drugs is not the answer."

    Golly gee, you mean those antibiotics didn't actually cure my MRSA infection? You mean those medications I take every day for my bipolar are a waste and it's just a total coincidence that if I don't take them I feel like crap? Wow, the things you learn from random idiots on the internet.
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    • Sounds like you're far too brainwashed to reason with.

    • JenSCDC

      Just how does knowing that antibiotics work make me brainwashed?

    • Because it sounds like you believe that prescription drugs are the best way to treat diseases.

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  • NearlyNapping
    There is a serious lack in medical knowledge. There is also a serious lack in studies in nutrition.

    But this is not the answer, not even close. A very small number of these things are well known and work to some extent. Many are meh. Much is total BS. Some can be downright harmful.

    There is one very huge problem with this. If everyone did it, a large majority of people in the world would die. That's because it's not possible to feed the world's population by "natural" gardening. Advanced science and technology are the ONLY reason why we are able to feed as many people as we do.

    So growing some of your own food is great. Growing all of it is very difficult, but doable, depending on where you live. But for everyone to do it is impossible.

    I have an older book similar to the one advertised. If you dig through it, it claims that just about any plant has multiple medicinal properties. That's total BS. Even the majority of the ones that do have some legit properties, the effectiveness is so low as to be almost worthless, not to mention possible side effects.

    A book like that may have some slight value. It can be a starting point for doing further research. But to assume that ANYTHING in that book is legit without extensive further research is seriously irresponsible. You could do a lot better with a few clicks on the internet.
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    • Sorry, but you are dead wrong.

    • No I'm not. This is about 95% pseudoscience. There is nothing new about these kind of claims. Most have been around forever. I've studied it myself since before you were born.

      And the part about not everyone can do this is absolutely true. The vast majority of the population are dependent on technology to stay alive.

    • Again, you are wrong.

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  • bcromartie
    "I don't know what it's like in every western country, but over here in the UK people are getting sicker."

    Citation required.

    "Mental illness, digestive disorders, auto immune diseases, cancer, heart attacks etc are increasing. "

    Citation required.

    "Another problem is that sick people are having to wait much longer to get an appointment. Usually weeks."


    "But from the time of its founding in 1948, the British National Health Service has allowed – and, depending on which party is in power, promoted – a private insurance market."

    (https://thehealthcareblog. com/blog/2012/01/16/the-awkward-world-of-private-insurance-in-the-uk/)

    I knew this but ultimately whether it takes "weeks" or not is actually a choice rather than an NHS failure. It's just many people in Britain approve of the system:

    "n Great Britain, satisfaction with access to affordable healthcare (43%) is consistent with satisfaction with quality (42%). In Canada, satisfaction with access to affordable healthcare (57%) is slightly higher than satisfaction with quality (52%). But the most dramatic variation in satisfaction with these two facets of the healthcare system occurs in the United States, where only 25% are satisfied with the availability of affordable healthcare, but 48% are satisfied with quality."

    (https://www. gallup. com/poll/8056/healthcare-system-ratings-us-great-britain-canada. aspx)

    Hence why private insurance isn't widely popular rather than some Communist/Socialist enforced policy.

    "Not only that, but people are told that there is no cure for their disease and that diseases just happen and nothing can be done to cure or prevent them. This is a big lie."

    Citation required.

    "The truth is this: diseases don't just fall out of the sky. People cause their illness, either through stress or bad eating habits."

    (thinks of genetic diseases instantly but doesn't say a thing)

    Citation required.

    So, hook us up?
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    • I see, another one who can'tuse common sense. Where is your evidence that men commit rape more than women. By your logic, if something cannot be backed up by citations, then it should not be believed. Almost every moron knows that diseasdes have increased over the last few decades. Look how many people are on drugs compared to a few decades ago. You naive sheep.

    • bcromartie

      The problem with that assertion is that you presume (ironically) that doctors are legitimately making accurate diagnoses and that this explains an increase in medications that people are prescribed.

      If what you said is true however, that doctors are a sham, there should be a rigid disconnect between the amount of medications offered and prescribed and the amount of diseases. As a matter of fact using "common sense" you should see a steady rate of disease, not more, and then a significantly greater prescription rate, showing the disproportionate misuse of drugs.

      To be honest whether you're "trolling" or not this would be an interesting discussion but you do need some form of evidence as a basis because your own logic you just presented defeats itself.

      "There MUST be more diseases IF there are more prescriptions!" is just obviously not true.

    • Sorry, none of what you said made any sense.

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  • Rawrzz
    I can't help but notice that you continually, throughout the comments section, appeal to logical fallacy as a means to defend your positions. It's the same sort of reasoning people use for ghosts and demons and psychics. Continually readjusting the parameters of why evidence is unable to be found, bordering on magical thinking.

    e. g. "Why aren't there studies showing this?"
    "The studies are suppressed."

    I forget the name of the logical fallacy, but it's "Someone benefits, therefore they are the reason." Not necessarily the case.

    While it's totally rational assumption within the confines of a capitalist system based on profit, it's only a possibility: not a certainty. You need proof.

    I fully recommend a lecture course by Doctor Steven Novella. Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills. Pretty damn expensive (but there are ways around that). I think that's the one.

    As humans, we are capable of rational thought, but very predisposed towards cognitive flaws and pitfalls
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    • JenSCDC

      Not to mention that without some sort of unnamed "evidence" we have to consider that any work published by experts working for reputable organizations is just a bunch of lies.

  • meatballs21
    Stop eating the junk and you're most of the way there.

    I for one am not prepared to going back to dying from preventable diseases and easily treatable illnessss just because you think there's some kind of conspiracy by modern medicine.

    Drinking "as much water as you (can)" can lead to serious health problems.
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    • Then you are seriously brainwashed and naive and ignorant and will eventually get sick and probably die like so many others.

    • Have fun licking the slime off rocks in your cave before breaking your leg and dying of rampant gangrene.

    • Have fun being drugged up with all those horrible side effects when you get a serious disease and you are told there is no cure. Thick dimwit.

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  • TheFlak38
    Come on mate, you're smarter than this.
    If you catch a cold and go to the pharmacy and buy every medicine and every pill and swallow them all together then you can say good bye to your immune system and yes you wil alwys be sick. Drugs are not something that is created overnight by some crazy scientist who jumps from one "Eureka" to the other. It takes time.
    They test the drugs on patients. Many different patients for a long time and the medications are made of plants that can be used as medicine so what's your problem all of you who agree? So when I extracted my wisdom teeth and got swollen cheeks like you have never seen before because of an infection I had back there in the mouth, I would choose some plants from the wilderness to heal myself, instead of the medications that my doctor offered me and healed me in less than a week with much better safety and accuracy.
    This reminds me of another article I have posted here.
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  • darkfoxjj
    Today people (in the west) live longer than they have ever done. And it is expected they will continue to live for longer and longer. Perhaps even 150 years.
    Butttt, they will then have to live with more and more chronic diseases.

    This is because of advances in medicine.

    Of course preventing the disease from occuring is the best strategy to beat disease. So yesss people should live healthy.
    Homeopathy has not been widely accepted to be a scientific alternative to western medicine.

    By the way doctors also study the healthy working body. And they know in general what are good things to be doing and what not. But no they will not know everything, noone does.

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    • Based on my reasearch the medical profession kills more people than it saves, due to overprescribed drugs and unneccessary surger, and medical errors etc.

    • darkfoxjj

      In Northwestern EU countries the healthcare is top notch, drugs are not overprescribed.

      You are being very vague in your definition etc.

      In a lot of other countries drugs are indeed overprescribed. It doesn't kill people though, it will make it tougher to fight the bacteria that cause disease though.

    • Curmudgeon

      In Northwestern EU countries populations are much more homogenous, so they have less of a spectrum of medical problems with which to deal. At least for now, that is.

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  • ginny_weasley
    What's another word for alternative medicine?

    Natural selection.
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  • SnowHearth
    What you eat affects your health, but not all diseases can be treated naturally, especially the ones caused by mutated virus and bacteria.
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    • Almost all viruses can be cured with high doses of vitamin C. This is another thing they don'twant yoi to know.

    • Or my rubbish maze around the infected area.

    • JenSCDC

      Please cite peer reviewed articles that back your assertion "almost all viruses can be cured with high doses of vitamin C".

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  • Phoenix98
    Western medicine isn't the problem it's the companies that make the drugs and medicine that is the problem they don't care about making you better only making a profit. If everyone is cured and healthy there's no profit.

    But with that being said I do believe in natural remedies as well for instance Chinese herbs and roots, flowers etc have a long history of being able to cure numerous aliments, green tea and other forms of tea help combat mental diseases which is why things like Alzheimer's is almost none existence in China.
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    • Curmudgeon

      The point is that there will always be death, and there will always be efforts to extend life and improve the quality of it while living. "Live like you will die one day, because you will..."

      And those individuals and corporations who make breakthroughs here deserve to be handsomely rewarded.

      As for modern diseases, the realities are that Alzheimer's and cancers were less of a cause of death back in the days when many people were being cut down by polio and influenza before they even had the chance to develop Alzheimer's and have their cancers grow.

    • @Curmudgeon No true, because in recent deacdes there has been a huge increase in young adults, children, and even babies getting cancer. This was unheard of 100 years ago. And this bullshit myth that people today are living longer. Really? My grandma's grandparents lived to almost 90 years old, and that was many decades ago.

    • Curmudgeon

      Sorry, on average, people are living longer. This is in large part why the "Social Security" and "Medicare" old age pension and health plans, which are taxes upon the younger to fund and care for the retired, are going bust, along with declining birth rates. Median life expectancy has gone from 62 in 1935 to about 80 now.

      Your ancestors may have been hardy, lucky, affluent or all three, but in the 1890's (your great great grandparents time?) median life expectancy was 49.

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  • Righttobeararms83
    From 1915 through 1997, the infant mortality rate declined greater than 90% to 7.2 per 1000 live births, and from 1900 through 1997, the maternal mortality rate declined almost 99% to less than 0.1 reported death per 1000 live births (7.7 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1997) (3) (Figure 1 and Figure 2).
    • Not true. More babies died as a result of doctors making errors.

    • More babies died of disease, viruses and infections. You know polio, rubella, meningitis, measiles, scarlet fever, flu, influenza, dysentery, typhoid small pox etc I could go on all day. Basically all those things that everyone forgets about and a modern doctor probably couldn't recognise because he's never seen it in his whole career.

    • Not true. More babies died as a result of medical errors and intervention.

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  • Username678
    As a biomed student I just saw a huge Ebola cow eating people pictured in a poster and you standing behind it, screeming-we don’t want vaccines made of deadly diseases.
  • JohnDoe3000
    Have you ever been to a doctor? Because they* WILL tell you if they think your lazy, potato chips crunching, ass is the cause of your problems.

    *American doctors are exceptions, but that's not because they choose to be.
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  • Fathoms77
    Doctors know disturbingly little about health. As in, shockingly little.

    They're good for surgery and that's about it. If I break my leg or I need a transplant or something like that, I respect their ability to fix me. But treating every possible ailment, from a freakin' hangnail to the common cold, with medication, is idiotic, and one of the surest ways to either A. become reliant or addicted to meds, or B. just get sicker, or both.

    It's certainly no coincidence that most medication has a myriad of side effects that other medications seek to stop... business is business, after all. Take one, need another. For the most part, just about any suffering is best tackled with natural/homeopathic cures, and that does include major diseases like cancer, in fact.
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    • Red_Arrow

      What is one natural/homeopathic cure for a blood cancer or a brain tumor? How about one for diabetes? Bipolar disease?
      Even using supplements to aid medical cures often counteracts the medical benefits. I saw CoQ10 touted for protecting good cells while fighting cancer cells, but even a quick look showed it would be damaging. Several months after I figured that myself, studies came out showing how they were harmful to the treatment.

    • @Red_Arrow Diabetes type 2 can be cured either through very strict diet or eleotin tea. For cancer you just need to rebuild your immune system or take natural cancer cures.

    • Doctors specialise now. You get better treatment that way. I talked to an old indian doctor who used to live near us about it when the local hospital was being closed down. He said that in the hospital he used to do every medical procedure and threat every aliment. He said that for instance he used to reset broken bones most were set back right but he could never have done it as well in a million years as a specialist who does only that.

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  • JCB314159
    I think the sentence "I'm not claiming to have any evidence" says quite a lot about @Love_is_Eternal. Any moron can make idiotic claims when they think they have evidence, but it takes a special type of moron to make idiotic claims when he knows he doesn't have any evidence.

    As for everyone else here, remember the maxim "Never argue with an idiot. They'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience".
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  • BigBallerSodaPop
    So if you get prostate cancer, you're just going to take burdock root?
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    • Well I know quite a few people that cured prostate cancer naturally, so I would have plenty of options to choose from.

    • Waffles731

      Does the burdock root go up the ass

  • John_Doesnt
    I hope this was a British joke like Monty Python. I thought you Brits were supposed to be educated on stuff. This sounds more like something an American tween would say.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Great info! I really need to get serious about this. Thanks for sharing...
  • jacquesvol
    Try that on your own body and health.
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  • Adigelunar
    thats good
  • MissSakura
    well done
  • Anonymous
    I agree almost entirely. In fact many medications are no better than placebos in treating illness, the Drug companies just keep running the trials over and over again until they get lucky. Not to mention many "drugs" are simply derived from plants, asprin for instance comes from the bark of the Willow Tree, I forget which one but one famous ADHD medication is some form of cocaine. FYI one of my Professors used to work in the pharmaceutical industry, if you ever wonder what heprin is, its rat poison. Granted a smaller dose so it thins blood instead of killing you, but still. I believe we need to improve our culture where eating healthy, exercising, and trying natural and psychological remedies before we attempt medication. Our society is too focused on the profits of drug and insurance companies and not enough on environment, and good health!
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  • Anonymous
    Yes, you can treat lesser evils like a fever, a cold or lifestyle-influenced diseases purely with plants but not even plants can actually cure cancer. They can lessen the symptoms but I'm not aware of a case where plant medicine managed to cure cancer.
    Modern medicine is one of the big reasons why humans as a race are still alive. Many old deathly diseases no longer exist because of vaccines, antibiotics, etc. All you're talking about in your take is the effects an unhealthy lifestyle in whatever form is going to have on your body and that is indeed your decision. However, that's not a flaw in medicine itself but how we're shaping our environment. In case you want to know, last year, the measles (very dangerous for young children, can easily end DEATHLY) started spreading in kindergartens in Berlin because some idiots decided it was a good idea to not vaccinate their kids. Surprise, one child actually died. Medicine is not evil, it safes lives.
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    • Rawrzz

      At the same time, not all medicine is good, either. Just listening to a commercial about some psychotheraputic drug. Like 75% of the commercial is talking about the side effects. "May cause premature death," etc. And in that really happy voice, too. We do tend to overperscribe many types of medications due to Big Pharma's profit margins, often treating people who do not need to be treated.

    • First of all there are mamny cures for cancer and there have been alternative doctors in America who use to cure cancer using specific herbs, but the government and big pharma had them shut down. Also there is no evidence that vaccines save lives. A good argument can be made that vaccines cause autism and brain tumors in children. There's a reason there's been a big rise in children getting autism and brain cancer. It's quite shocking how easily women are brainwashed by the medical profession.

    • Rawrzz

      Nununu. A bad argument can be made about vaccines causing autism. Medicines aren't all evil, either. Shit, have you ever tried cocaine? Or MDMA?

      I'm only half joking. But, ya know, emergency doctors also use medicines.

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  • Anonymous
    Then please go on and explain childhood cancer or genetic abnormalities to me?
    Why do healthy parents have sick children when the child hasn't been stressed or affected by environmental factors?
    Your reasoning is flawed. While food and environmental factors do affect our health, there are many more reasons we get sick.
    If nature alone could heal us we would have thrived centuries ago. But we have only found cures to many fatal diseases in recent years after discovering antibiotics and vaccination.
    Unlike your feeling that tells you humans are getting sicker every day, fact is as we grow older and live longer our cells have to endure more. A life expectancy of 80+ hasn't been normal in human history ever! Up until 70 years ago life expectancy would be around 60. So a lot of cancers and cardiovascular disease thatbare typical for this age range would never even have a chance to happen.
    If you decide to preach to us, you should first correct your statistics by giving a weight to our advancing age and the growing population!
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    • Sorry, you are wrong. Today people are getting cancer at an earlier age. More children are also getting brain tumors and autism. Most likely from the vaccines. The rest of what you said was utterly stupid and ignorant, I can only get depressed at how brainwashed some people are.

    • Anonymous

      Ao you are telling me childhood mortality is actually higher now?
      Well looks like I'm not the idiot here.
      You are an extrimist who is convinced he is right. And no word or reasoning will help guide you.
      Good luck on your way to your death bed.

    • So you don't deny that people are getting cancer at an earlier age. Thanks for agreeing with me.

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  • Anonymous
    I was going to tell you that all of this is bollocks and that you've been smoking something. Then I remember this nice old lady where I grew up who used to be a well respected doctor. Specialist of some kind too.
    She apparently felt much the same way you do, learned about herbs and more natural (as in it does not mess with your body but rather strengthens its own abilities to handle things) cures. Which is what she does to this day.

    Now with that confession out of the way she would never tell anyone not to use a doctor if they're really sick. She might have a few remarks about what treatment is correct in the less dire situations though.
  • Anonymous
    Do you realise that humans are screwing themselves over as a population, by not allowing the weak to die off. Genetically, we are weakening ourselves and introducing more genetic anomalies.

    Yet, despite this, there are ethical issues when it comes to dealing with genetic modifications and human-animal hybrids. I guess those crazy experiments in the early 1930s scared people.

    Most advances come at the boundary of ethical.
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    • This is true. Even if you take someone with a basic genetic weakness as short eyesight well that person would not be able to survive childhood up until recently in human history let alone pass on their genes. We are eventually going to have to start genetic engineering to weed ut defective genes. Most of the Eugenics done in the 30's in America and Europe was done on bad science, more of assumptions and searching for facts to back up theories rather than letting facts speak for themselves.

    • @Righttobeararms83 Well let's hope they start with you first.

    • Yeah maybe they could rub maze around me instead.

  • Anonymous
    I think you have to learn to not deal in extremes. Diabetes for example, does not get better if you stop taking insulin. Many mental disorders do not improve by ignoring medications, and on down the line. Look, I've been there. I once believed that doctors might be a bunch of money hungry individuals more in love with my dollar, then helping me to get better, so I went off medication for my condition for an entire year. I exercised (still do) religiously. I cut soda, cut out all junk food, cut back on my meat consumption, ditched dairy, I didn't drink... I f--king grew my own corn and tomatoes and herbs in my backyard.

    I was as healthy as one could expect in my mind, but the truth was, I wasn't. Over time, my illness only got worse and worse until I was hospitalized all in the name of trying to do things naturally. Now I'm back on medication, and instead of being sick 24/7 and being in and out of hospitals I'm able to live a normal life again, taking medication. This is not some f--king "choice," I made. This became life and death because I tried to do things naturally. Either I continued to live in lala land and succumb to my illness over time, or I could take medication... and I took the medication.

    One cannot deny the power of drinking water, and healthy exercise, and cutting stress... and I DO agree with you, that that can help a lot of people with a lot of conditions, especially when it comes to obesity, but throwing a blanket statement over everyone and claiming that we should all decide that doctors and their medical interventions are useless, is putting a lot of people at risk and is not advisable for many people like myself and others because essentially what that does is advocate for doing nothing about your health and just "hoping" everything will be fine when with a lot of conditions, this makes it much worse if it's not treated and in fact can lead to your death.
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    • Fine, believe what you want, but you're still wrong.

    • JenSCDC

      So you're saying that insulin doesn't work?

    • @JenSCDC I'm saying the rest of your info is wrong because I know of many people who have cured diabetes type 2 using natural treatments.

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