Trump's Not Your President? Then Get Out...Even Though We Know You Won't

Trump's Not Your President? Then Get Out...Even Though We Know You Won't

I didn't vote for Donald Trump. I worry about what this guy will do as this country's president. Someone this inexperienced in the realm of politics with his personal history should raise some serious red flags for anyone with a brain.

Disclaimer over.

Now, let me just say: To all you people, especially the college students, flipping out and screaming, "Trump's not my president!" and threatening to leave the country, I've got just one response:


The democratic and election process is hardly perfect but I don't recall anyone complaining this bitterly when Obama was elected (twice, by the way). It's the same process, too; nothing has really changed. I don't recall anybody asking for "grief counseling" after Obama was elected, though that was primarily because if anybody tried that, they'd be immediately branded a racist. One of the liberal's primary - and most asinine and infuriating - hypocrisies is that basically, only white people can be racist. And that protesting and rioting is fine if a white president gets elected but if ANYBODY burned the American flag because Obama was elected, that person would've been absolutely eviscerated in the media.

Trump's Not Your President? Then Get Out...Even Though We Know You Won't

By the way, college students have actually torn and burned the American flag in recent weeks. That's not a statement. It's not an expression. It's the reaction of a woefully disrespectful, highly ignorant ten-year-old. And that's what all these freak-outs are- temper tantrums from those who have shown their true colors. Peace and love, my ass. It has always been "my way or the highway" for any card-carrying liberal in the past decade and when they lose, this is how they react. Pathetic.

So I repeat:


But here's the thing: They won't. You think they're going to leave the golden goose? LOL Seriously? They're not going anywhere, though frankly, I seriously doubt anybody would miss them if they did leave. The people who have left that actually matter, the businesses the liberals have managed to drive out of the U.S., might actually come back. And I think it's hilarious that certain celebrities and athletes have sworn to leave...oh, the same immensely wealthy people who frequently hide their money overseas so they don't have to pay U.S. taxes? The people who became Gods in THIS country? And if they went elsewhere, they lose their deity status? What, George Clooney gonna strike it rich again in Bollywood? Give me a break.

Trump's Not Your President? Then Get Out...Even Though We Know You Won't

And as for the people who don't work, won't work, and are afraid their endless supply of checks in the mail will stop, by all means- leave. We're done supporting you. And if you do work, if you're just plain disrespectful with the mentality of a child and you run around burning the flag and rioting, then you should just be arrested. This includes college students and any of the unbelievably out of touch, elitist professors who support such disgusting behavior.

I think Hillary Clinton, despite all her flaws, would've been a better choice. But Americans have picked their horse, so everyone needs to start acting like adults and accept it. If you choose not to accept it, the airport is THAT way.

Trump's Not Your President? Then Get Out...Even Though We Know You Won't
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  • CHARismatic110
    That's yalls go to answer for everything. If you don't like it, you can leave. People protest peacefully, "if you don't like this country, you can leave!" People speak up for what they believe in, "if you don't like this country, you can leave!" People are against Trump running for President, "if you don't like this country, you can leave!" But when people got so serious about leaving that they crashed Canada's immigration website, it suddenly became "oh you people are a bunch of pussies, y'all are weak, running away from your country because you don't like something is pansy bullshit!" So I'm confused as to which one we're supposed to do.
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    • People protesting peacefully? I don't call riots peaceful.

    • @Thisperson98 lmao of course king kiss ass is here and commenting.

    • Fathoms77

      Do? Stop acting like children.

      All this Take is really saying is that if you've already SAID you were going to leave, then leave. It's basically just telling people to stick to their word, I would say. :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    did all those who said obama wasn't their president leave?
    did all those who questioned his citizenship for 8 years leave?

    NO... so trump supporters or those who are upset that people are upset trump is their president need to settle down with this "if you don't like him leave". every four years someone loses. every four years millions are disappointed. they have a right to voice their frustration and the right to protest within the constraints of our law.
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    i'm thinking to moving back to the states
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  • lumos
    Oh, you don't remember republicans being whiny crybabies about Obama? Let me brush up your memory a bit...

    Protests are bound to happen after every election. Pretending like republicans didn't do this after Obama was elected is not only ignorant, but a downright lie.
    Americans actually didn't get to pick their horse, Trump only won because of the electoral college. The majority voted for Hillary.
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    • Got to hand it to Republicans, they know how to crack a joke.

    • How soon they forget.

    • Fathoms77

      Trump won because of the democratic process. You don't elect a president based almost entirely on two major states (in this case, New York and California) simply because a ton of like-minded individuals live in one place. This is WHY the electoral college exists.

      And here's the big difference between any Obama protests and the Trump protests: One was roundly rejected and bashed by everyone, especially the media, and the other has been nothing but SUPPORTED, media definitely included. And very few, if any conservatives, publicly leapt to the defense of those Obama protestors, while every liberal on earth has disgustingly supported these violent, childish uprisings in the past few weeks.

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  • WhiteSteve
    Never agreed with "don't like it then leave." I'm an earthling, not an American. I just live here, bruh, I owe no allegiance to any person or entity. I'll be here til I die or decide I want to move, unless some government whose authority I don't acknowledge or accept for myself tries to forcibly remove me, in which case I'd fight to my probable death.
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  • chrissykerdock
    I don't know why people are so upset with Trump when our other choice was Rodham Hillary Clinton not really much of a choice... one candidate promised jobs jobs jobs a better economy and other promised nothing and how bad the other candidate was... the refusal of Trump is a movement a brainswashing movement with no real substance behind it... if your talking about Trump's promise to deport illegal immigrants it's not a bad thing if you check the stats of all the women raped and some killed in border towns by illegals it's staggering but no one in the media wants to talk about that... and it's not to say he's against mexicans... the problem is mexico is a source of cheap labor and rich American business men are for cheap labor like the bush's who are on the board of directors of over 50 companies including Enron when that scandal hit Bush was left alone because he wasn't a majority owner just a minority owner... politics is very complex and it's mostly about $$$$ the working class has none but hollywood and other types do like former congress, politicans of all sorts... so don't be so fast to bash trump he was our other choice for president who happend to win the election... hillary wasn't amazing.
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    • MrNameless

      I didn't vote for Hillary, but she'd be so much better than Trump in economic stability and experience. Because if Hillary won, at the very least, things would be more or less the same like Obama in terms of stability.

      Trump on the other hand doesn't know what the fuck he is doing (has nothing set for healthcare, education for instance) and he's completely unprofessional. And he's blatently more open to give corporations tax cuts, actually immigrants/muslims, or put muslims on a database, as well as increase overall hate crimes--which have spiked since he ran for president more than a year ago. So domestic issues is something to worry about, but so is foreign policy. He's unprofessional and wants to wave his dick around to other countries to show how powerful america is. Do we REALLY need to increase funding on military, when we can do it on other things like education and healthcare? Hillary is hawkish too, but she's professional about it and has experience.

    • MrNameless

      Ask yourself this.. How can someone who was born rich and treats life like a game, have any idea or understanding what middle and working class go through? I

    • @MrNameless there's a movie out or been out noew on dvd called hliary's america it's more like a scam and i feel o'bama scamed the American people

  • Elarra
    You don't agree with me so get out of the country you were born in.

    What a dumb and uneducated mentality. People can say and act how they want. That's what the freedom America has lets people do. You can't then tell people to get out for exercising their freedom of speech. Are you even American?
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    • ?-"People can say and act how they want", "You can't tell people...". Make up your mind.

    • Fathoms77

      So you're advocating burning the American flag and violent rioting (which is very different than peaceful protesting)? And I suppose if this is "freedom," you'd condone the same behavior if Clinton had been elected, right?

    • Elarra

      @Fathoms77 I don't place value in material things, including the flag, which is 100% legal to burn, so you're asking the completely wrong person about that.

      Also, I didn't say I condone violent protests but let's be real. This country was founded on violent protests so let's not start getting all high and mighty in 2016.

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  • Rissyanne
    Hillary Clinton was not the best choice. She is only out for herself. She sold her secretary of state office. And she would have sold the presidency. She took millions and millions of dollars from countries all over the world. Do you honestly think they didn't expect anything in return? I believe she is probably scared shitless. But no she wasn't the better choice.
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    • Do you know what the biggest thing is that Hillary has that Trump doesn't have: actual experience in politics.

    • Rissyanne

      @helloitsmethere Yes she does... corrupt experience. And after 30 years she hasn't accomplished anything. Well unless you count... Benghazi... where she let men die. Or her server where she had classified information.. Or the Clinton Foundation... the biggest scam running. And she did protect her sexual predator husband. And dont forget how she sold her office to foreign countries. She took millions from Saudi Arabia... a country that has Shari Law. She new about Anthony Wiener texting underage girls. So I am sorry but her kind of "experience" is something the country does not need. And the country has spoken... Trump was elected. Suck it up

    • The country actually has spoken and Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million votes.

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  • JudgmentDay
    Leaving isn't as simple since there are many requirements. Unless you have family, relatives, friends or acquaintances already living in another country, you can't even stay in another country for long period of time such as 4 years for something like this. And depending upon what their immigration policies and laws are, and how strict their policies and laws are for immigration.

    Money is another HUGE factor. How the fuck is someone supposed to support themselves once they had moved to another country? Such as without being accepted and hired to work somewhere first? Again, like I said unless they have close friends or families because if somehow these people close to them own a business of some kind and could use their help. So then they can work for them and support themselves. If this isn't possible then that means no money, no income, meaning those that choose to leave would only either be panhandling and homeless, begging on the streets or living in shelters. Unless they want to turn to a life of crime themselves and take their chances that way, good luck with robbing and stealing and trying to not get caught while living in another country. Money makes the world goes round, unfortunately.

    So unless you were already pretty financially wealthy and stable just leaving and going anywhere won't be easily accomplished and neither will the results be as good as you hope or want it to be.

    And one other thing, unless you speak another language other than English, otherwise you are limited to moving to nations where English is the primary and most common spoken language. Or, better start learning other languages, and learn them well once you are there.
  • bedroomdweller
    Wow... you people are idiots. The take owner is basically echoing what many liberals and celebrities were saying, or according to themselves "threatning", that they were going to leave the country if Trump won. Trump won and now we get all this bullshit violence, destruction of private property, insults, making traffics while putting people in danger and disrespecting the American flag while disrespecting others after they -liberals- themselves pushed the PC culture to ridiculous and fact shaming heights. You fail to see the irony the take owner is exposing: Lots of you said you were leaving, then fucking leave! And stop disrupting the everyday peace, in the worst ways.

    Also, there are more choices than Canada. Go with your fellow muslims to Saudi Arabia, or go to your fellow Mexicans to Mexico, I don't care. You can cry and protest (in a peaceful manner), and disagree with Trump all you want (just remember he is YOUR President so remember to respect), but the moment you cross the line and resort to violence and destruction you're more than welcome to get the fuck out of the country (remember the ironic context discussed here). Pretty simple.
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  • BruceJender
    So at this college in Massachusetts, a bunch of progressive shits took down an American flag at half mast because it has now become a symbol of "racism" and "oppression". Guess what the college did? Agreed and have banned it campus-wide.

    GG USA.

    Nothing more sickening than seeing your country's flag being burnt. Disgusting behaviour.
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  • martyfellow
    Trump has a noted fascination with bimbos. They all seem to support him.
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      as i'm sure you're aware, i have never found a white man physically attractive (apart from dicaprio in his prime) but i care a bit about america and that's why i support trump.

    • @COCOCHANEL Chuckle, you don't like white men but you support the whitest guy America can produce, a guy who treats all non Caucasians with open contempt.


      why does supporting a candidate who happens to be of the opposite sex have to mean that you like that person physically or sexually?

  • PancakeFury
    The Donald isn't president. He's the president elect. He becomes president on January 20.
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  • PT1911
    I'll disagree with you on hillary being the better choice. She pissed off the entire intelligence community as anyone who did what she did would have faced jail time, and if the accusations of laundering state secrets through her foundation are true, execution for treason. Source: friends in army intelligence, who also knew people in Benghazi.

    That being said, the downfall of the left is the idea of "perception is reality". They are so disjointed and disconnected from what makes up a huge majority of america: white blue collar workers. That's what got Trump elected. To them, and to the people that voted trump, it's about putting more money in their paycheckd, it's about keeping their towns and. areas safe and prosperous. It's about nothing shipping out their livelihoods to foreign countries. The democrats were the working man's party, until tumblr and elitest globalists took over, citing that being offended is a valid argument. Well it's not anymore, because no one cares about the feelings of those that constantly cry about their supposed perpetual victimhood.

    Calling a majority of the population racist, sexist, homophoboc, islamaphobic etc etc etc enough and they'll push back with arguably the greatest middle finger that has been known in. modern politics.
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  • CheerGirl38139
    Well said. I didn't support him either. But the GOP nominated him. I voted for him to block Hillary.
    He won. I didn't like it when Obama won,, but I didn't cry about it. He wonever too.

    GTF over it already
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    • It seems liberals have used the victimhood card for so long... they think it's going to change the results magically if they throw violent tantrums.

  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    The left went full retard/hypocrite and lost all their imaginary moral high ground, They have become everything they bashed the far right for being, And they are still too self-deluded to see it lol
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    • @COCOCHANEL They will keep blaming the stupidity of people who don't think like they do and the unholy 'whitelash' and internalized misogyny lol
      And they will ride that meaningless popular vote to hell and back!
      I'm happy that got so rekt :)

    • Liberals are quite something, aren't they?

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  • G-Daz
    It's all hot air. None of them will leave and they were threatening to move to Canada and not venezuela, mexico/... heck the way the left likes to police language on islam. They should have suggested moving to the land of the free in saudi arabia
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  • Waffles731
    I'm staying, I can't let that fucker wreck my country
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  • UnderlyDedicated
    This is why America is in decline. I stopped reading once you mentioned how no one was so upset when Obama was elected twice. And your reasoning is because they'll be branded a racist? Lmao. Well Clinton won the popular vote. That's why people are pissed. When more than half the country voted for one person and that person lost of course you'll have an up roar. And telling people to leave? Yes that's very American of you. Grow up. Oh and the last comment "Americans made their choice..." yes we did and it wasn't Trump.
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  • Phoenix98
    I didn't vote for Donald Trump. I worry about what this guy will do as this country's president. Someone this inexperienced in the realm of politics with his personal history should raise some serious red flags for anyone with a brain.

    I guess you didn't know that our founders designed our system that way so that anyone regardless of experience could get in, as long as the people voted them in. Our election and governmental system was never designed for only people with the necessary experience to get elected and govern it was designed with the opposite in mind.

    Many of our leaders never had the political experience necessary and did just fine.

    Otherwise I 100% agree with your take so respect to rest of you take ^^ except for Clinton being the better choice part you couldn't be more seriously wrong there. And FYI Trump has gotten more done then Obama's entire 8 years in office and he hasn't even gotten into office yet.
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    • Red_Arrow

      What is it that you think Trump has done for this country? (Other than seriously divide it.)

    • Phoenix98

      @Red_Arrow Wait and find out ^^ he's actually already done some of it.

      and our country was already divided thanks to Obama and the democrats so you can't blame that one on Trump sorry.

    • Red_Arrow

      I saw a divide while Obama was president, but it was caused by the right, not by Obama or the Democrats.

      And I heard you the first time that he has already done some of it. So I asked what it was that you think he has already done. And now you say "Wait and find out." If he has already done it, it should be visible. But I don't see it and apparently neither do you since you are unable to answer that.

  • Death_of_rats
    any word on the cry baby "celebs" who threatened to leave the country? iirc samuel jackson said he was going to live in south africa if trump won lol.

    Bunch of pussies having a tantrum because democracy prevailed.

    All these libtards need to go back to their safe spaces.
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  • edeline
    Ugh what a head ache. Just by this I see you only look at what you were spoon fed by so called journalist in regards about the whole election. Talk about distracted. You really come off as a bitter pseudo intellectual. If you really want to learn a few things, shoot me a message.
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  • ProbablyTooMature
    "It's the reaction of a woefully disrespectful, highly ignorant ten-year-old."

    True, however, there's that whole annoying First Amendment thing...

    But I agree, the country would be better off without these fucking whiny extra special snowflakes and their delicious tears.
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  • mike5150
    I find it funny all the people still saying they will leave. Weather you like him or not this country has been through far worse than Donald Trump. We have survived the Revolutionary War and the birth of this country, The Civil War, two World Wars, we have ended Slavery and Segregation, and overcome the Great Depression. If the only thing you can offer this country is to leave when the going gets tough, then just go and never come back.
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    • "Weather you like him or not this country has been through far worse than Donald Trump."
      It's suppose to be "Whether"


      @PancakeFury last time i tried to gently correct the grammar of some angry leftist she bit my head off and i did it in a much kinder way than this...

    • mike5150

      @COCOCHANEL I don't really mind I was a C student in school so I got used to it.

  • helloitsmethere
    My face while reading this myTake:
    You DO realize that Hillary won the popular vote right? So basically you want more than half of Americans out of the country just because they disagree with your views? It's our first amendment, we can protest all we want.
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    • She got less than 50% of the vote...

    • @Thisperson98 she still won the popular vote by 2 million people

    • I couldn't care less about that. More states supported him. The states are the people when it comes to the federal government. Thus the people voted for Trump.

  • lkjhg69cum
    Well said. He was elected. If you don't like it then work on a decent candidate for the next election, you'll have 4 years to get someone ready. This rioting is bull sh! t.
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  • jacquesvol
    Popular vote count right now:
    Clinton: 64,826,475
    Trump: 62,493,730


    Nuff said.
  • oddwaffle
    This is actually pretty good. US people living abroad can put down Trump as the reason for them to abandon their citizenship (thus do not have to pay taxes).

    Also, please don't crash the Canadian immigration website... again.
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  • dudegrt09
    I think the guy should be given a chance. Some of his words do make a lot of sense. He is not against immigration but he's against illegal immigration. Neo-nazis, racists and supremists try to associate themselves with him but I don't ever see him endorsing them nor does he want any association with them it seems. He is just not Politically correct so lot of things he says are taken the wrong way. I hope he will fight extremists, instead of supporting them for vested interests
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  • Negrodamuss
    If only Republicans took this advice when they protested and complained over Obama's victory
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    • Fathoms77

      What? Did I miss the rioting when Obama was elected?

      Anybody who said anything against was instantly called a racist, so everyone was basically just forced to shut up and accept it. Do you really think college kids were burning the American flag after Obama was elected?

    • you had many protests like this by college republicans over the fact that Obama won re election

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  • ginny_weasley
    Here's an insane idea. We have freedom of speech. If you want a country where it's required to love whoever the hell is in control, go to North Korea. Usually when freedom of speech doesn't benefit someone, they bitch about it and say they're being persecuted. Do not deny that republicans are incredibly hypocritical but I won't deny that democrats are as well. If Hillary won the electoral college, all trump voters would be calling for the electoral college to be amended. We have freedom of speech here. Even when it doesn't benefit you or you just don't agree with what they're saying. Deal with it because when you want to complain about the government, you should really only do it when you weren't complaining about other people protesting.
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    • You do know, the take owner based that on what liberals said, right? I mean, the "if Trump wins I will leave the country" BS was started by crybaby liberals themselves... It's about the irony of that.

    • @bedroomdweller it's not like anti-obama people were gracious and accepted his defeat.

    • No, they cried but at least abstained from deatruction of private property and burning the American flag for anyone to see. Liberals are reaching a level never seen before in a while... but whatever that wasn't what I was arguing.

  • sdistotallyme
    Amen to that. This is spot on. I very reluctantly voted for Trump. However after I witnessed how the left has a nationwide benjamin button complex when they don't get their way I've become more and more proud that I supported trump.
  • normalice
    you don't recall anyone acting this bitterly when Obama was elected? Did you live under a rock or something?
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  • uknaked
    I am not American, but who is potus affects the whole planet, quite simply, accepting trump is idiotic. To put it simply and trying not to offend, trump is a misogynist, megalomaniac, sexual predator, failed businessman who is already making money out of his position (illegally) to prop up his failing empire, overall, to put it clearly, he is a lump of shite.
    He will ruin the US economy, ruin many Americans lives supporting the far right extremists. To put it bluntly, he is another bastard like hitler!
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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    "The democratic and election process is hardly perfect but I don't recall anyone complaining this bitterly when Obama was elected (twice, by the way)." I'm gonna have to stop you right there. For 8 years, many people, pres-elect included were questioning his citizenship, comparing him and his family to monkeys, threatening to leave America (still here tho), calling him the antichrist. I even saw footage right after Obama's last election of Republicans crying, literally fucking crying real tears. Republicans are just as whiny when they don't get their way. They didn't burn flags but some of them burned crosses and made lynching effigies.
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  • Cherokeehp
    But Americans didn't get the horse they picked. Hillary actually won the popular vote.
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    • Actually the people did get what they wanted. The people wanted Trump.

    • Cherokeehp

      @Thisperson98 Technically they didn't.

    • You do realize in the government the people are represented by the states right? More states supported him, thus the people supported him more. The people don't vote for the president, they vote for electors who casts votes on behalf of the state.

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  • Idonotgivearatsass
    You are aware it's perfectly legal to burn the American flag aren't you? Just as the Supreme Court, since they're the ones that decided it wasn't a crime.
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    • Yea, but burning the flag is very disrespectful. If you hate America and you want to burn the flag to prove it, you should leave the country.

    • @Thisperson98
      Just who are you disrespecting, the country? You can't disrespect a thing (which the country is). Have you ever considered that burning the flag doesn't mean you hate the country, but you do hate what it represents... and those are two entirely different subjects.

  • DizzyAster
    I just hope Trump doesn't screw up too much, or else we'll all be speaking Russian.
    Oh, and about leaving: make me.
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  • dtk91504
    "When Donald Trump said he would run as a republican, I was surprised because I thought he was running as a joke"
  • Iron_Man
    I am proud and voted for DONALD J TRUMP
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  • DareYouAsk
    He's not gonna do anything... he is just talking and his words will stay words.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    This... this is beautiful. <3 <3
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  • Righttobeararms83
    The Mexican boarder is wide open.
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  • Puppylove94
    THANK YOU. Well said and awesome take.
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  • amphet11
    All hail lord Trump
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  • WhaChaChaKing
    I can bitch all I want and I'm not leaving.
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  • MisterSir
    make me
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  • bruce3
    nice take
  • Adigelunar
  • Sabretooth
    hardly matter where you run to.
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  • Anonymous
    17 days, biatch, 17 days
  • Anonymous
    Arnt you even a little bit scared or pissed off that he went back on his word so many times before? Medicare is gone and social security too.. oh and good luck with getting overtime a your job if you even have one. you'll be crying real soon
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