Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians


You always see alt righters and SJWs(feminists) battling each other on the Internet. If you disagree with either one of these two, they will call you a "libertard" or a "misogynist". They don't accept criticism because they assume they are right.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

1.) SJWs aren't civil rights activists.

They claim to be anti racists, anti sexists, tolerant but they aren't who they say they are. They discriminate against men like Asian and White men and blame all of their problems on people they hate. Ironic for people who claim to be anti bigots.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

2.) Anybody that disagrees with them are called misogynists, racists, homophobes, transphobics.

Whenever someone attempts to debate with them and always defeat SJWs in a debate, the SJWs will call the person all sorts of names.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

3.) Gestapo mentality of SJWs.

They try to silence anything that opposes their ideology. They try to hurt the reputation of those that don't agree with them.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

4.) They think they are helping men by shaming masculinity.

There is nothing wrong with masculinity, masculinity is a great trait. SJWs constantly promote femininity and androgyny for men(no offense). If a man is masculine looking, all of the SJWs like the feminists and white knights call him arrogant.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

5.) Alt righters have a large number of real racists in their ranks.

Despite claiming to be non racist, they actually have white nationalists who constantly subtly bash other races. They are just like SJWs, they claim to be something they aren't. A lot of them say they aren't bigots but they show bigotry by being against interracial marriage and bashing other people's cultures. They fail to acknowledge that U.S.A is a country of various cultures melded into one culture. That's what makes U.S.A great.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

6.) Complain about people being too sensitive but get offended when someone disagrees with them.

They say things like "uh you must be a libtard." "You must be a cuck". In other words they show hypocracy just like the SJWs.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

7.) Like to shame men that aren't macho.

Alt righters Shame men that to them aren't rough. They always tell other guys to "man up". Even if a guy already looks masculine, they still tell him to man up. They do this because of jealousy, they believe that a man can only be masculine if he is ugly. That's not true, Many masculine men are considered handsome by many women because of their face, body and class. There is a difference between class and effeminacy. Alt right guys like to shame shy men and act all macho about it. They usually do this online.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

8.) Gestapo mentality of the alt right.

Whenever someone debates with them, some of the alt righters threaten the person especially if the person wins the debate. They will say "Don't mess with me cucked beta male."

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

9.) Alt Righters and SJWs boast and bully.

They'll say "feminists are the majority" "White nationalism is on the rise" that's nothing but propaganda. Statistics contradict their claims. A lot of people don't think like these two groups. SJWs and Alt righters have a tendency of calling people "gay" for any little thing.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

10.) Now let's take a look at real civil rights activism/Egalitarianism.

Civil rights activists/Egalitarians are way different than those two groups. They are rational and fair. This is why I respect civil rights activists and Egalitarians.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

11.) Civil rights activists/Egalitarians don't complain about endeavors.

They know that what they want to accomplish will not be easy but they don't give up: they remain strong and continue to peacefully struggle to further their cause without harming others.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

12.) Civil rights activists/Egalitarians don't generalize entire races, religions, cultures, sexual orientations or sexes.

They don't go around blaming their problems on entire races/ethnicities, cultures, religions or sexes.They know that not everyone of that group is a bad person.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

13.) Civil rights activists/ Egalitarians don't exclude people from their group based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientations or sex.

You always hear the SJWs being hypocritical by using words like "cis scum" and the alt righters saying "F-ggot". Civil rights activists aren't like that, they accept diversity. Look at MLK, he gladly accepted white people who sympathized with him.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

14.) Civil rights activists and Egalitarians don't use gestapo tactics to silence their opposition.

They are smart about this, they know that by using force to silence people; that will harm their own cause. They know that by letting their opposition run their mouths, the opposition's reputation will be harmed. This works because civil rights are a good cause.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

15.) Civil rights activism/Egalitarianism isn't about bowing before opposition in order to further their cause.

It's a strategy to expose your opposition's flaws to the public in order to gain support. Civil rights and Egalitarians can still act in self defense if necessary but they don't show violence/hostility.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

16.) Where do MRAs(men's rights activists) stand?

It's a diverse group in race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, politics and environmental issues. there are even a lot of female MRAs. I'm not going to lie to you, there have been a few "bad apples" in the MRA movement that subtly show bigotry. However, those bad apples usually get scolded by most of the MRAs. The few bad apples usually get disavowed by the MRAs. MRAs aren't a hate group, they don't demand less rights for women. They simply don't want men to be expendable or a second class. They want both men and women to have the same rights and privileges. Most of them identify themselves as present day civil rights activists/Egalitarians.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians

17.) Famous Civil rights activists/Egalitarians are still revered.

These people have accomplished so much and have gained so much respect that people still admire their deeds today.

Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians
Why SJW's and Alt-Righters Aren't True Civil Rights Activists/Egalitarians
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    I agree, and most of them don't even realize they are SJWs and alt righters.
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  • lime_rampljuset
    Nice one!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I agree with most of what you said. However, under #10 (real civil rights activists/egalitarians) you have a picture of Obama. If you consider him to be a real civil rights activist/egalitarian, we disagree. He has manipulated race relations for political advantage and he has been a divisive force in this country. He has not advanced the cause of race relations or equal rights whatsoever.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      I'm referring to the people he's talking to, the members of the 442nd RCT. They were one of the first civil rights groups.

    • Okay. I can agree with that.

  • TheFlak38
    I dont identify myself as a Right Winger although I agree on many things with them so since I agree with everything you say about libtrads , without adding anything to it, I will give you a reply to the other half of your article where I disagree.

    5) Anti raicst is a codeword for anti white you have proved it with your own words above. Not a word at all about non White people constantly bashing our culture although they INVADE our lands and are supposed to be happy with what we have created. Nationalism is what keeps a nation alive. It's what preserved nations for centuries before fifth column marxists began destroying our nations from the inside. And please realise that White Nationalists exist outside the States as well.
    Yes, we are against interracial marriage because it is a politically motivated concept promoted by the media, academia and the State in their struggle to cause unnatural demographic change in White countries ONLY. "That's what makes U. S. A great." We all see what a peaceful, crime free country the USA is.

    6) and 7) You don't prove anything here. That's how toddlers talk.

    8) This sounds more like the hollywood portrayed, retarded skinhead that gives only a bad name to his movement.

    9) The reason BREXIT and trump got the majority of votes was because of nationalist politics. Le Pen is about to win this year, Golden Dawn in Greece rose to the third strongest party in a recent poll, Hofer got almost 50%, Wilders has good chances as well, political leaders in Hungary and Slovakia closed their borders, declared muslims as enemies of the State and vowed to not accept a single Arab muslim, Italy soon votes to leave the EU. White Nationalism is on the rise and you best get used to it. Your multicultural anti white utopia had its time and its almost over.

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    • ADFSDF1996

      I've seen your opinions and posts before, I know you are a white nationalist but you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. Interracial relationships have been around for many years, they haven't changed anything. You may have a problem with interracial marriage but I don't. I'm actually a man of mixed ancestry that was born in the US and lives in the US. I'm assuming you are somewhere from Eastern Europe. I believe people have rights, like the right of interracial marriage. Even though you don't support interracial marriage, you have to at least respect people's choices if they choose marry interracially. I see your avatar has a Wehrmacht soldier, with a German shepherd. Nothing with your avatar. Look have you ever tried to communicate with someone that isn't of your race? Try talking to someone that isn't of your race, you might even become good friends with them.

    • TheFlak38

      The guy in the avatar is me in the War&Peace show.
      What makes you think I couldn't be friends with someone from another race? Or that it hasn't happened already?
      You don't have to be White to be right and there are plenty of non-White people who agree with me. I know a member here on Gag of Asian origin that was living in Germany and left the country two years ago to return in Asia because Germany is a fucked up multiracial shithole where women can barely walk through a major city without being sexually molested.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Anyone can be friends with someone of a different race.

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I like this take. Alt-righters are just as bad as SJWs. Both groups have their flaws. I was actually going to write a myTake about it. Most of them claim to not be racist while they call black peoples thugs and criminals. It's just so backwards to be honest.
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  • Peskyn3gr0
    MRAs are sexist, they don't do anything constructive, just bitch about women. They're as bad as the alt-right.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      The SJWs are sexists, they complain about men too much.

    • Peskyn3gr0

      No, they're really not. How many feminists have you actually met in real life? I get it, the red hair lady is a bitch, great... that's not the majority of feminists, most of them just want to be treated equally. I used to bitch about feminists all the time until I got out into the real world and started dating more.

    • ADFSDF1996

      I've explained it clearly here. It seems that you have met women that aren't actually feminists but Egalitarians. How many MRAS have you met? I've met many MRAs and feminists and I can easily spot the difference.

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  • IceCubedude
    the wests problem is simple, too many pussies who are afraid to say what they want, they let fkers like these have all the freedoms they want and never ever question their actions, and what do you get in the end? fat fks with 10 piercings shaming white people for being white , and guess what, white people dont say anything about it they are too scared to say anything.
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  • ColinHarvey
    Holy shit there is no "alt-right," that's just what reddit fags call each other to jerk off about how alternative their opinions are. You sound as crusty and uninformed as Hillary saying it.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      Of course, there is always those few people that have to share rude remarks. This is why I didn't feature the anonymous option.

    • Who uses the anonymous option?

    • ADFSDF1996

      A lot of people use it.

  • G-Daz
    Did you really equate the right with sjw, if anything the left have been the most racist and caused the very issues you have a problem with above. Shocking
  • PurpleTeardrops2
    Good mytake! I agree :) tbh I hate the transtrender sjw's the absolute most! They're such a fucking distraction and derail the deserved attention of race relations onto themselves -_-*
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  • Hihikinn
    Men's rights movement activists in my country always says both gender are equall so women should be at home because it what women want LOL!
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    You know, I wanted to bust your dick on the mere fact that no shit they aren't, but then again, the people on this site are, overall, pretty stupid and would be retarded enough to think that sjw's and alt-right people would be considered civil rights and egalitarian activists, so good job 👍

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  • Luci92
    Meh, I'm over it.
    Not bothered with labels anymore either, they become easily misconstrued.
  • Browneye57
    Uh, some right, some not so much. Too long, but good effort.
  • lumberman9
    There is hypocrisy and contradiction on both the right and the left
  • Blitzkrieger
    the problem of the alt-right is that they are being targeted by agent provocateurs from various other movements as well as the government.

    the alt-right is not about white supremacy but regularly you see the argument of the alt-right that they consider whites to be evolved more than lets say blacks. thats an argument of white supremacy, and not the alt-right. white supremacists have placed moles in the alt-right movement. often time governments do this too. they do it with any movement be it communists, anarchists, anything.

    its an underlying war between these movements.
  • dudeman
    ahhh the fake news of the alt right.
  • John_Doesnt
    I agree and I also have crabs.
  • UpsideDownTableLamp
    you hit the nail right on the head