3 Disadvantages Women Have in Society

3 Disadvantages Women Have in Society

1. The pressure to look perfect.

As a female I know that looks are the most important part of a woman in this society. When I was chubby and my teeth weren't straight everyone told me how I was fat, ugly, disgusting, and also I was told how no one liked me. I had guys online stop talking to me because they didn't find me attractive. I had no friends and everyone of both genders were openly rude to me and generally unkind because they didn't like how I looked on the outside. My friends always found my appearance a huge problem and would openly degrade me about it in public. Woman get death threats if they are too physically unattractive. This video is a great example on how we treat woman who don't fit our beauty standards. There's more pressure on woman to look good then men.

2. Woman are weak, childish and can't defend themselves.

If a man hits a woman he's instantly viewed as the scum of the earth. Even if the woman was abusive and hitting him if he lays a hand on her. he's a bad guy regardless of what she does. People think that woman are soft, gentle flowers that are helpless, weak and can't do any real damage. I once heard a guy say if a grown man hits a grown woman that's like hitting a little baby, even the most powerful, strongest woman couldn't fight the weakest man. This is wrong because we are fighting for equality and as long as people keep this myth alive that all woman are weak, childish, helpless beings we will never have equal rights. . This is some of the reasons woman and girls get away with bullying, abuse and murder because society gives woman excuses and allow them to be set free from responsibility.

3. Being a whore is bad for a woman but great for a man.

If a woman has a lot of sex partners she's viewed as disgusting, horrible and people shame her. But if it's a guy who has a lot of sex partners he is viewed as amazing, smart and wonderful. Unprotected sex and having a lot of partners is dangerous for guys and girls. But it's only bad when a woman does it? Hmmmm another reason why I can't stand this society!

3 Disadvantages Women Have in Society
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  • LogicBomber
    1. The pressure to look perfect. Is not a disadvantage for women... it's a disadvantage for people. Men have just as much pressure to be attractive, but men also have pressure to be wealthy, successful, a provider, good in bed, etc.
    Also belittling a man for lack of any of these things is openly acceptable in society. Unlike the societal backlash of calling a female anything for any reason.

    2. Woman are weak, childish and can't defend themselves.
    Society doesn't "see" women as weak and defenseless. They push girl power bullshit constantly, and tell women they are strong and independent.
    The issue of men hitting women being seen the way it does, isn't a disadvantage of women, it's a disadvantage to men. Women abuse men at an equal rate to men against women, but this bias prevents fair treatment of male victims, and it blames them for the actions that happen to them.

    3. Being a whore is bad for a woman but great for a man.
    This doesn't apply unless you are in high school.
    Female sexuality if glorified in society. Women can openly discuss sex and orgasm without shame or ridicule (unlike men). TV and media openly talk about female sex and orgasm while shaming male sex and orgasm. Female orgasm is used to sell shampoo FFS.
    A female can state on social media that she is going to male strippers and it's seen as "girls just having fun"... a male walking by a strip club is considered a pervert.
    Female sex toys are sold at walmart next to lube. Male sex toys are seen as gross and creepy.
    Female fantasy is glorified and celebrated. (50 shades of grey movie launch)
    Male fantasy is shamed and attacked constantly and require men to hide it and feel bad about it.
    generally a male who sleeps with lots of women is seen as a womanizing asshole except by other males like him.
    A male who goes after younger women is a creep and a pervert, a female who preys on younger males is a sexually powerful woman who knows that she wants and gets it.
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    • Tony1974

      Females are constantly having "wardrobe malfucntions" and never got to jail. If I guy did any of what I've seen these "woman" do they'd be in jail and have to register as a sex offender...

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  • Elarra
    This isn't as true as it used to be, but it is still pretty relevant today.

    Though I'm more fascinated by the male comments feeling they need to defend themselves on a Take that has absolutely nothing to do with them. I saw one guy told you to get a bigger tampon. It sounds more like the people who need a tampon are the guys whining about their own woes.
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    • kyk49317

      Umm no. She wrote a take that makes no sense and the guys are calling her out on it. Just like when someone writes a column in the opinion section of the newspaper and people comment on it.

    • Elarra

      @kyk49317 Take made perfect sense. You just disagree with it, which is fine, but the guys are not calling her out on it. The Take isn't about men, it's about women, so to come on here and start talking about male problems is what doesn't make sense.

    • Gafaxa

      It does because some of these are debatable if not wrong. Men and women aren't equal biologically so true equality is questionable.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Problems for men:

    1. The pressure to be absurdly rich, without needing to work.

    2. Men are expected to be invincible, able to fix anything, and telepathic.

    3. Being physically undesirable to even one woman means simply asking for the time of day can get you stigmatized as a creeper, with no further justification apparently required.

    Actually, depending on where you go in society, promiscuous men are also looked down upon. The ones who brag of breaking women's hearts are not hailed as amazing, smart, or wonderful. They're called assholes.

    It's true that not all women are helpless. That being said, a man should know when and when not to intervene if a woman clearly gets into something over her head.

    Can't recall any gal I know ever getting death threats for not measuring up on the physical attractiveness scale.

    Though, I have told the ones who were especially cold-hearted toward others that I hope their nursing home bed some day is freezing cold, and that they shiver to death on it whilst reflecting back on a life filled with nothing but regret for how they treated others. Dying as old maids, because they mistreated men until no man would go near them.

    Yeah, that's about the harshest insult I would ever say to a woman.
    • See that's something I always had a really hard time understanding. Women expect men to do all the chasing but when a guy you don't like talks to you he's a creep. Cmon that's so freaking stupid. One of my friends asked a girl in high school out, she laughed at him and then just turned her back. She at some other point asked me for help on her busy work in school and I laughed at her and asked her is she was really so dumb to not be able to do it. Other people asked me if I was mad at her and I told ten the same story I told you, alll the guys understood yet the women didn't.

  • Sametheon
    This is laughably pathetic, seeing women still attempt to throw up these facods even as the feminist narrative collapses around them. It's not hard to spot that men are much more oppressed in our current society, once you look past the supplanted ideas of women automatically being suppressed and actually observe the facts as they truly are.
    Men are 15 times as likely to be incarcerated.
    Women are allowed sole custody 82.5% of the time.
    Men 2 times as likely to be homeless.
    Men are 33% more likely to drop out of school.
    Men pay for childcare exclusively.
    A fetus is considered property of the woman, and the man has no stake in their own child.
    Men are 4 times as likely to kill themselves.
    Men die 5 years before women on average.
    The draft exclusively affects men.
    Divorce courts provide women with 50% of the man's money, regardless of if they actually contributed any money or effort into the relationship.
    Even if a DNA test proves the husband isn't the real father, he still has to pay child support.
    Men are 2 times as likely to be murdered.
    Men are over twice as likely to work more than 50 hours a week.

    Let's not pretend like women are oppressed. Let's realize the victims of our current system and DO something about it.
    • Dog19

      Hey, I wrote a male version and female version

    • Sametheon

      I could write about how Stalin was the truly oppressed one, but because I also talked about how things were also kinda not happy, I'm in the right.

      Sorry, but the argument doesn't work here :(

  • ninjast4r
    Allow me to retort.

    1.) This is all women have to bring to the table when you think about it. A good looking woman has everything while giving nothing. Look how many famous men fall victim to good looking female nobodies and end up losing millions of dollars in divorces because her goal was to bleed him dry financially instead of cultivating skills, or personalities? Men suffer from this too, only a man who isn't good looking has additional pressure to BE good. He's got to have money, and or personality, and or be really awesome at something. Lots of ugly guys get hot babes because he works his ass off and tapdances like crazy to get her. Ugly women bemoan being ugly and how unfair society is. That's the difference.
    2. It's interesting that you bring this up as a weakness, because most women use it to their advantage. Women being 'weak' automatically shields them from the law in domestic disputes even if they're really at fault. I had a buddy who got slapped with an assault charge because he grabbed his baby-mama's arm too roughly to get her to stop hitting him after she started throwing punches and broke his nose. He went to jail, she didn't. I know plenty of women who use "I'm just a girl" to avoid responsibility and manipulate men into doing what they want.
    3.) I'll use the key and lock analogy. A key that can open any lock is amazing, but a lock that any key can open is horrible. Women are supposed to be choosy when it comes to sexual partners. A guy who can seduce a woman or women is looked at as a hero because of all the hurdles he had to jump to get there. Again, men have to be amazing at something to get laid. Going back to my first point, women don't have to try to get sex. They can pretty much do any guy without much effort. Naturally it's easier if she's good looking, but I know plenty of ugly-ass hoes too. A woman who puts out will end up having tons of sexual partners, but chances are she's not a prime cut of beef, if you catch my drift.
  • Browneye57
    Hmmm... you 'can't stand this society' - emkay. A bit dramatic are we?

    All of these pressures or 'disadvantages' you perceive are just that. Perceived. Your feelings are what gives them legs. Consider just being your own person and not so concerned about what everyone else thinks. You'll be much happier for it. Stronger too.

    But let's address each point:
    1. The pressure to look perfect is simply yours. No one is putting pressure on you, certainly not to 'look perfect'. Most people with any kind of cognizance make an effort to at least make themselves presentable, good hygiene, clean clothes with some style, and do something with their hair, stay in shape. This is for both genders. If you're overly worried about 'looking perfect' then that's on you.
    2. You're confusing equality with being the same. That just isn't reasonable. Men and women are very different in many different ways, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Cherish the differences instead of lamenting that they aren't the same.
    3. Being a whore and having a lot of sex partners is two completely different things. One is sex for pay, the other just gives it away. Which do you think makes more sense? Remember, women are the keepers of sex, men are the keepers of commitment. Don't give away your sex without some kind of commitment, otherwise there is simply no impetus for a guy to commit to you. You're simply a pump and dump. And don't fuck around too much because eventually no one will want you. Choose wisely, treat kindly. You'll be much happier.
    • What if a women was a whore in one city but then left for another city. Nobody would even know. Heck my friends can't even guess how many chicks I've ducked how the hell you going to know about women. I honestly don't have a problem with it. Oh by the way, lots of pornatars are married and have kids. They have normal lives except for their job. How are they less ten other people and nobody will want them. I'm sure there are lots f guys who would like a pornstar as a wife.

  • Bandit74
    1. Men are pressured to look perfect too. We compared to 6ft tall ripped guys with chisled faces and perfect hair. You just need to be "not fat" and the ammount of effort it takes to be not fat is nothing compared to the ammount of effort required for a guy to put on lots of muscle and maintain a low body-fat percentage. We also have more pressure to be confident, outgoing, and financially succesful.

    2. How is that even a disadvantage? It just means you can get away with more shit. You cam go up to a big guy and tell him he has a small dick and that he's ugly and reasonably expect that you won't get hit. However if a small guy said the same thing he is getting his ass kicked.

    3. Promiscuous men are only praised by other men, women only tolerate promiscuous men, but they never praise them. So a question is why dont womrn applaud promiscuous women and why are you more willing to tolerate promiscuous men?

    Well for starters if a guy is promiscuous that usually means he is above average in terms of sexual desirablelity otherwise he wouldn't have been able to convince so many women to let him have access to their bodies. Now for women you don't need to be exceptional to get laid. There are plenty of fat plain looking sluts, but you would be hard pressed to find a fat mediocre looking manwhore.

    Also men generally invest more in a relationship and tend to lose more in the case of a divorce. Guys dont want to be the one paying to take a girl on dates and potentially marrying her knowing so many other men got his potential wife in bed with zero effort and zero investment.
  • JustinTheGreat
    Women have disadvantages, but men do too.
    Let me just talk about your points.

    1. You're saying that women don't ever refuse to date a man because she doesn't find him attractive? Men can't be ugly? I dont know what planet you live on then lol. I've been rejected because I wasn't up to someones beauty standards before. I've even heard a story of a teen boy killing himself because he got bullied for being ugly. And I've seen many many women openly demand that men have to look a certain way (height) in order for her to date him.

    2. you're talking about how Men get thrown in jail for abuse and murder, but women who do the same, walk free. isn't that a man's issue? Plus i've heard (dont know if its true) that women get less time in jail than men even when committing the same crime. How is that an issue for women? I'm sure the actual women who are getting away with crimes dont see that as an issue.

    3. Getting personal, i've had a lot of sexual partners for my age. I dont really tell people date, but if they do find out it doesn't go well. They kinda get grossed out and then they think im a player. And then they dont talk to me anymore. So I dont think thats JUST womans issue either. Unless im the only one who gets shamed for it.

    I'm not saying men have it worse. I'm just saying that we BOTH have issues
  • RockingRitu
    Okay. Here Is what I want to say regarding your points of views. Let me come here point wise.

    1. Yes they society gives women a pressure to look good. That is just ridiculous I mean it is not the girls fault if she is ugly according to you. For someone else she is pretty enough. If you find her ugly then just GTFO from her life. I don't believe that by wearing make-up a girl can look good If so then every girl would be the prettiest girls in the universe and If you even believe that she can't look good by wearing make up then imagine about her. What would you do if you was at her place? That is just ridiculous. I personally don't care about how a girl looks also I get mad at guys who just get turned on just because of her looks. I believe there are many guys who feels like me. I like when girls are kind hearted and have a good personality. So, I believe that one day they will lead the society so girls don't have to care much about their looks. I feel sad for you. Many people hate you just because you look bad? This is inacceptable. I like they way you think. I haven't got enough time to read the complete story you send me but I read a part of it and I am liking that story. By that I can tell you that you are a really good writer. But just no one care your writings cause you look bad makes me really sad.

    2. Yes being honest women are weaker than men. But not always. We can kind many women knocked out a very powerful men in just one punch. Though They are really rare. But their men should protect them whenever she needs. I believe that. Women are childish. Men are too. But we just don't show that near everyone. that just the difference. But we can't take advantage of that.

    3. I mean its kinda different. There is a lot of difference between a whore and a person who have sex with many people. If you talk about Whore. I would say there are two kind of girls, 1. Who enjoy doing all this and get a lot of money. 2. Being forced to do by kidnapping them or the poverty force them to do so.
    If you talk about the first category I would say they must be killed (both men and women) If in the second category. Its kinda okay, But I believe there are many other ways to get money. Please stop doing this shits. If you talk about the persons who have many sex partner they must be suffer the same thing "KILL THEM" Regardless the gender. I never heard a man having a lot of sex partner called amazing though. But I hate them all.
    • I believe both man and woman should have sex with their partners only. Dying is better than having sex with random people According to be.

      I feel pretty sad for you. I never knew that you have to go in such difficulties. I feel sorry for you now. by the way I had to split it in reply because the 2500 character limit has ended and I needed to say more. :P

  • Noel23
    I understand and agree with those points. But, I will say that it's within the awareness of what we're up against as women that makes me defy those beliefs/stereotypes. I think the more you give them power (or adhere to them) the more that they continue, so it's good to challenge them with your wit and knowledge/understanding.
  • Phoenix98
    1. Society puts pressure on everyone to look perfect men just as much as women, our muscles and strength is the equivalent of your hair and makeup.

    2. That's kind of a biological fact about 90% of the time if women actually were able to take care of themselves and were physically strong then there wouldn't be a 1400% increase of sexual assault and rape in Europe right now. Nor would there be a massive surge/increase in gas pistols, rifles and knives being bought for self defense. Plus it's an actual fact that men are stronger and faster then women the weakest man will still be stronger and faster then the weakest women. It's like this because men were created with the intent of us being explorer's builders and soldiers and similar fields. And being brutally honest women are weaker then men and more childish when it comes to how they act.

    3. Being a whore is bad for anyone man or women I see very few people that look at two whores and say hey great for the man for being a man whore but booo on the woman for whoring around, that's not how it goes at all.

    Your points are useless and irrelevant because 1 and 3 are the same for men and women and 2 is just a scientific fact.
  • Tdieseler
    1... males dont give a shit.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    2... umm.. you need to meet some of the women i know...
    3... I like whores... committed.. whores lol
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    1. A shared problem.

    2. Is actually a problem for us.

    3. Is no longer a problem in 1st world countries.
  • Jager66
    #3 Women who have multiple sex partners are significantly less likely to have a successful long term relationship later in life. Since marriage is the best way to raise children this is a big fucking deal.

    if a woman is 25 when she marries and her only sex partner is her husband she has an 80% chance of success. That drops to 50% if she has had 1 previous partner and continues to drop all the way down to 16% at 6 partners. This trend is not seen in men and pretty sure those are CDC numbers.
  • Centurion20000
    #1 You have your problems; men have theirs. You can complain when you are expected to be the breadwinner and sign up for the draft.
    #2 Enshrined protections via the police and preferential and prejudicial in-favor treatment in any sort of dispute between a man / woman.
    #3 is because your emotional bonding patterns via sex are very different than men.
    • Believe me there are women who don't get emotionally attached after sex. On average they do but there are a lot of outliers.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard : And that's exactly the problem, after X numbers of partners women become incapable of emotionally bonding with men and view sex as a transactional event.

      X is different for each woman but after that point they are too damaged to make a decent lifelong wife.

    • May be true but keep in mind that lots of pornstars are married.

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  • ivysaur
    1. Yes, unattractive people are unattractive

    2. Yes, women are much, much physically weaker than men. Almost all men are stronger than almost all women.

    3. True, men who sleep with many women are viewed as "powerful", but this isn't gender specific. I guarantee you that if you sleep with many women, you will also be looked up to by your male friends.

    Women who sleep with many men are regarded as "slutty". Men who sleep with many men are regarded even lower than these women.

  • Maik567
    Number 3 is honestly just bullshit. Take a look at the responses to this question: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2233742-would-you-consider-a-man-that-has-multiple-sex-partners-that-s-also

    Most girls see a guy being promiscuous as a bad thing, I really have no idea why so many girls keep pretending that men being manwhores is seen as a good thing when it's clearly not.
  • Kirah
    Want to know the reason for #3? It's ridiculously easy for a woman to have sex. For a man, having sex means he worked hard. For a woman, having sex means she opened her legs.
  • CrazynKinky
    1) Really doesn't matter. Not a disadvantage. I'm happy rocking a messy bun and no make up with whatever I want to wear on. People want other people to be hot not just women. It's easily ignored.

    2) It's fun to prove them wrong. Also not a disadvantage. Easier to impress people with nothing and abusive women aren't at one because they don't get blamed.

    3) Really doesn't matter no need to tell the world your sex life anyway.

    Disadvantage of women in society people complain about insignificant things
    • I agree with 2 being seen as the weaker sex is an advantage.

    • its actually being weaker your self thats the disadvantage

  • Espolareisback
    A lot of these social issues ate things that we women are responsible for and we should leave men out of it.
  • Unit1
    You just listed the active double standards, that will unfortunately never die. Such is our society.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Women in general need to have an emotional connection with a man before they have sex, so when a woman sleeps around it does seem very strange. Plus men in general have a higher sex drive so it's understandable that men need to sleep around more than women. It's not rocket science.
  • Assholeman16
    I feel like with all this "women are all beautiful" body shaming stuff that women are advantaged. Men that are ugly or fat have no movements to back them up.

    In all honesty a women that sleeps around is bad because a woman might have 5 guys a week wanting to have sex with them and if they say no to none of them that is bad taste. A man that sleeps around might not get that far.
  • ColinHarvey
    What a surface-level analysis you have done. If I was your teacher you'd get two gold stars for effort.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I think this is less and less true as time goes on though.
  • Tarvold
  • Kiran04
    Piss poor attempt overlooking the massive advantage women have over men in western society.
    • Yeah that true. You ever see any homeless women in the western countries, I never have. You ever see that most occupation deaths are overwhelmingly men. Most scuicides, men who lost their homes to their wives, men catch a lot of shit and some women say we are privileged. lol Hilary Clinton even said that in war, no one loses more then women, oh really. So it's women who get shot and killed. Mmmmm really interesting.

  • 10dsw
    Waaa Waaa Waaa join the gravy train of butthurt gagers
  • JensonStatement
    The first one is for both and i think men are more treated and harmed by this than women. We both have an instagram-standard on our head carrying for people to judge us. Everyone have to be a fitgirl or a muscled lightskinned guy.

    The 2 is pretty right. I've been looking and studying why and how this established itself.

    A point about 3. Now almost every girl is saying that some man are manhoes but most of them can't power their words by hating them. They love it and then others will say that Bateman was right. He said that men who have more sex with more women, get more attention of more women. Just like the 80/20 rule. Women chase 20% of men and complain about them and fuck it up for the other 80%.

    Eventhough men are complaining about this they're still less than women complaing about this. Most of them even enjoy hoes.
    • Men who do sleep around only get to sleep around more because of the traits and confidence they have that get them all those women. It's not like a girl goes, you've slept with 20+ people? Let's fuck!

    • @bloodmountain1990 What can confidence not do! It's true that girls are not like; "You slept with 20 girls? Let's fuck!" But it's also not like; "You fucked 0 women, let's do this!"
      But i saw this a lot of times. They say that they hate a manhoe but fuck'm. Maybe they have confidence or some are just dicks.

      Maybe this is not what you meant but i almost don't slept this night.

    • Right, that is true as well. My point being is, regardless of your sexual history or lack of, I don't know why you would bring that up. Most times I've gotten laid, women never asked about how many people I've slept with or how recently I got laid. The most they ask is I'm clean which is ok.

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  • John_Doesnt
    I'd be at a disadvantage if I never knew when to shut up. So I sympathise with the opposite sex and their disadvantages.
  • lucasnabizada
    Oh my... There are things to clarify...
    Being a man whore is only well (in women's perspective), that's the only place where it is admired because these guys are "popular" with the ladies. For me personally a guy who sleeps around is emotionally unstable and I don't admire that. So in the end maybe you should look at women and ask why guys like that can sleep around. There is no offer unless there is demand ok...
    Woman are only 'physically' but not emotionally, weaker or, not as physically strong as men... Sorry that's a truth... May be inconvenient but testosterone the hormone of men increases muscle mass and strength, estrogen does not...
    Lastly men face the exact same shit pressure to have muscles in order to appeal to women.. That's a burden we all face lmao, it's not specific to any gender... Moreover man have to actually make the move to attract women, we don't exactly get to choose partners as much as women, so I guess you should reconsider your points..
  • FuryOfTheDragon
    I agree with this and I've also been and is still being bullied because people think im weak, and ugly.
    The media puts this type of crap out there against women but it is the same with men too just more with women.
    there's a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful but you dont notice this even tho its right in front of you. Example: Magazines, beauty magazines. They advertise women to look a certain way FOR MEN. And then younger girls are always looking at themselves, checking if they look good enough. Then their seen as sex objects.

    Shows a lot of mens desires in game/film characters for women to look a certain way and if you aren't like them, you ain't good enough.

    I dont like it when people call women whores because they like sex, if you like sex then thats fine, ain't hurting anyone.
  • koko124
    Well, it sure sounds like you've got a lot of disadvantages. Sucks to be you!
  • yotes-of-472
    That's not totally true. It is just how society as a whole views it but not me.
  • Steve2017
    classic example of a woman reveling or taking some comfort from a ' I'm always a victim' mentality.
  • DanReynolds
    Honestly this is laughable...
    1. Guys to feel the preasure to be in shape rather then look "perfect" through the face. Men are constantly shamed and bullied for being over weight or ugly as well. The difference is women actually have makeup to help with it.
    2. It kind of sucks for men more seeing as we're the ones who lose everything and get jailed. So what if you know your stronger then that, the guy still goes to jail, not you.
    3. Being a whore for a women is bad because it's soooo easy to get sex as a woman. In fact its so easy people judge women who do it to much.
    For men however, to have sex with many women requires lots of game, confidence, wealth, looks and charm to be able to sleep around.
    So for guys you aftually need "skill" (lol) but for girls you just need to be alive so of course men get praise.
  • juliaaa
    I disagree with all of these...
  • dudeman
    its hard to be a player its easy to be a slut.
  • NajemEddine
    women hate women
  • CurrentGeneration
    I won't even bother reading it, lol.
  • candyaurora
    Not in the first world countries.
  • Anonymous
    1 guys are under the same pressure now
    2 being thought of as physically weak as a gender is probly over all an advantage. individually though you want to be and be thought of as strong. Its you being week thats the issue women seen as week is probly a benefit because of how pepole teat you.
    3 also really bad for men who don't get any.
  • Anonymous
    1. That has died down a bit. Not to mention, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is not one person or appearance that is universally attractive to everyone.

    2. I agree with. Men abusing women is looked down upon way more than women hitting men. Both are wrong.

    3. The only reason the stud/slut double standard exists is the amount of effort it takes for a man to get laid compared to a woman. I don't slut shame personally, but that being said, I never hear a women praise or brag about a man for sleeping around. Even if their partner is a player or has a high number of sex partners, I've never heard one say oh my man is so great, he's slept with 20+/30+or I only date guys who sleep around.
  • Anonymous
    Number 3 is very true... And it is because women are not meant to sleep around and for any potential male partner a women who sleeps around is not a good partner even in this today's age...

    Women who sleep around will always be seen as wh****
  • Anonymous
    Lol men coming on this post to whine about their problems.
  • Anonymous
    Men have just as much pressure to look good. Men are pressured to be tall and muscular
    • Really short AND really tall girls (unless they really are supermodels) are not seen as attractive. Muscless are something you can achieve. Huge boobs while maintaining a small waist? Nope.
      Men do have pressure too, like you have to make a lot of money (for men it's a status thing) and so on but not really on looks.

    • @purplesparkle well looks mean a lot for women but status is the real important thing about men. A ugly guy in high school with lots of friends and is well liked gets a lot of pussy. I knew guys who were handsome but were really freaking shy and they never lost their virginity in high school. Status is so important when guys talk bad about somebody else there is always a fight because you lose a lot of respect by not defending your honor/status.

  • Anonymous
    Women have much more advantage than men so I wouldn't complain about this
    • I was curious if you could list over some advantages you consider women to have, i also kind of agree by the way.

    • Anonymous

      @DanReynolds Mens always have a softer pot for a women than a men. If a women have a problem carry something / doesn't know the definition of a work / change a wheel they would always be a man here to help the women. If it's a man who have one of this problem they wouldn't bother to help him (they would tell me he's a wimp if he can't carry it himself, tell him to look at the definition in internet, mens are expected to know everything about car especially changing a wheel).
      The body, nowadays women aren't expected to be skinny, they can be curvy, skinny, chubby and still be considering attractive, a man who doesn't work out have abs, big arms, etc... isn't considered attractive.
      In some work they only want women (baby siting, nurse, etc...) they don't accept men and it's considering "normal" cause a man can't take care of a baby, he's a "pedophile" if he like baby / young children and want to take care of them, etc...

  • Anonymous
    This is such a joke. Try taking the weight of the world on your shoulders like men are required.

    Women clearly don't give a shit about men's problems yet many men fought to improve women's rights and freedoms.

    So we no longer care about your crap.
    • Dog19

      Your kidding right? I wrote a male version too and eveyone loved it. Now I get bashed for doing a female version?

    • I honestly think women can't think about others the same way lots of men have empathy for others.

  • Anonymous
    Number two seemed to describe more problems for men than for women?
  • Anonymous
    Number 3 has a problem...

    Girls either don't care or prefer a guy with experience (for girls that are or aren't experienced)

    Guys whether they are or aren't experienced all prefer girls that are preferably virgin or inexperienced.

    Guys pressure guys to have sex and so does girls preference. There is no benefit to saving oneself as a virgin guy, at best the woman usually just dooesn't care either way and the guy is missing out on pussy
  • Anonymous
    1. Men face exactly the same problem but we also have to earn money or have the potential to earn money so this is not really a disadvantage for women at all.

    2. Read what you wrote here and tell me exactly how this is a disadvantage for women rather than men. Come ON!

    3. This one goes against women slightly more than men, but only slightly.

    Really, the biggest disadvantage women have today is of their own making, and it's their overwhelming victim mentality.
  • Anonymous
    Oh man i know guys have those disadvantages but not as serious as women have. What the lol