What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

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Many major Australian cities celebrate New Year’s Eve by having parades, music festivals, parties and masquerade balls. A lot of the time celebrities are seen as a guest of honour or even hosting such New Year’s Eve parties that are broadcast on Australian television.

Many Australian’s even celebrate New Year’s Eve on yachts/boats, parklands (reserves), beaches while other Australian’s have special house parties or even the informal barbeque.

Public countdowns are massive in Sydney. A lot of time and effort are put into firework displays that surround the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera house. These are often great for spectators who enjoy a colourful view. It's claimed to be “bigger and speculator” each year. This is televised for other Australian cities/states to view (in celebration of New Year’s Eve).

As I stated before, the Sydney Harbour is an iconic Australian landmark that is a special symbol of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Australia. On this night, the harbor is lit with spectacular fireworks. Sydney also holds a Harbour of Light parade as well.

New Year’s Eve is not a public holiday in Australia, New Year’s Day is. During this period, a lot of schools are closed as it's still there Holiday (Summer Break). Some government offices are either closed or have very limited staff working during this day.

A glimpse of New Year’s Eve in other Australian States:

Western Australia: Bold fireworks with awesome displays over Swan River. A variety of New Year’s Eve parties and events are held all around Perth city and the suburbs. Perth also has a “Perth Cup” that is held on New Year’s Day.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia?

South Australia: South Australia holds a free concert and TWO firework displays at Elder Park (one for the families with children *9pm* and the other for Adults *12am*). The Big Bash league Twenty20 double runs on New Year’s Eve and is ALWAYS sold out (Australian Cricket).

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

Northern Territory: 90’s rock sensation Diesel held a free concert. There was even free face painting and free balloons given to children to keep them busy till the main attraction of fireworks lighting up Darwin’s Waterfront.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

Queensland: The city was brought to life near Brisbane River with a spectacular show featuring more than six tonnes of fireworks which lit up the city from Eagle Street Pier, South Bank to Portside.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

New South Wales: As stated above in my MyTake, Sydney is the iconic Australian landmark to New Year’s Eve. A whopping 120 tonnes of fireworks were used. David Bowie, Prince, and Gene Wilder were also celebrated in the 12-minute midnight display. There was inspiration from a 3D paper sculpture of the city that recreated Sydney landmarks with native flowers. There was believed to be 1.5 million spectators viewing the firework bonanza.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

Victoria: A massive fireworks display was held in the City Centre. The events and entertainment were made possible with a funding from the federal Department of Canadian Heritage of $240,000. Entertainment was provided. There were musical acts on the main stage near the legislature at Government Street/Belleville Street. There was also food trucks in front of the Empress Hotel and Royal B.C. The event started at 9:30pm following a theatrical fireworks display. Organizers are calling it the biggest in recent history.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

Tasmania: Hobart waterfront and Falls Festival at Marion Bay were Tasmania’s hot spots for New Year’s Eve. The River Derwent was flooded with boats. Every pier was crowded with people enjoying the last night of the year. The Taste of Tasmania’s New Year’s Eve party was a hit with last minute party on-goers lining up to get tickets for Australian singer Kate Ceberano. There was also a separate Taste of Tasmania for children, where kids were able to dance to disco music and enjoy the fireworks at 9:30pm.

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia

Well there you go GaGers! I hope you all enjoyed my Mytake.

I also would like to take this time to wish every single one of you a Happy New Year in 2017.

Thank you for reading :)

What it’s like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Australia
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Most Helpful Guy

  • TripleAce
    Looks amazing, lucky it's always warm there. The festivities look outstanding, hope you had a good time. Lovely place

    Id just be careful not to be bite by some venomous creature 😜 lol... have you encountered danger in the form of a creature that you should stay away from?
    Is this still revelant?
    • mooky06

      I did haha I had the "informal BBQ" and saw the fireworks ontop of my balcony.

      Only once 😐 A red back spider 😑 Those are poisonous and I actually found that on a tennis court lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • Luci92
    Yesssss to SA celebrations!

    But the Sydney fireworks are bloody awesome to see in person.

    Luv this take <3
    Is this still revelant?
    • mooky06

      Agreed! The Sydney fireworks are always awesome to see in person!

      Thanks doll face 😘

    • Luci92

      Couldn't agree more!
      Wlc bb :*

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  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    That was a very well written and informative take. From the pictures it also looks like a very beautiful place. I know I'd like to come and visit someday. Who knows maybe I won't want to leave?
    • mooky06

      Thank you :) it's ok you don't have to leave

    • You mean they'd let a yank defect? My grandparents were defectors from Russia to the US.

  • Wonderer89
    And we finally got some rain so it was amazing 🤗
    Fireworks were good this year
    • mooky06

      We got plenty of rain two days ago lol did you go see them in the city area? Or just viewed it at home?

    • Wonderer89

      We only got some New Year's Eve, and another small amount yesterday. It's been so freaking hot the last week though, I feel like the wicked witch screeching "I'm melting" (I may have re-enacted this scene several times much to my husbands disgust).
      I watched our local 9pm ones and then the Sydney ones on the tv 🙂

    • mooky06

      At least you didn't get teenagers trying to launch fireworks on the roads 😑 That is not pleasant, the cops took them away 😅 Haha I felt like that on Christmas. Standing near a hot BBQ on a 37 degree day was not ideal by any means! I felt more sorry for my dog 😂 Lol your poor husband. Yeah I kind of did that too, watched a bit of fireworks from my balcony and viewed the on from Sydney on tv. Definitely need to go see Sydney again to see those fireworks! I thought Victoria had firework "game" yeah we're far from it XD

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  • martyfellow
    Sonds more festive on the whole than what we have in the USA! More communal.
    • mooky06

      Communal? Seriously Marty?

  • John_Doesnt
    Where are the Kangaroos? According to the Simpsons you can't prove a place is in Australia without the roos.
    • mooky06

      Kangaroos are camera shy.. you didn't know that :O

    • I've seen a million Kangaroo pics.

    • mooky06

      They're in the bush away from people. They're not going to come out to watch the firework displays lol

  • Scrambledagain
    New Years on the Brizzy front is awesome. But... its sooooo hot with this heat wave. I got sunburnt so bad lol
    • mooky06

      How many degrees was it in Brissy? Melbourne had perfect weather! It was 24 degrees! I had a BBQ lol so it was like perfect BBQ weather 😁

    • The news says 33 but my gauge says 37 🙈 Damn hot and humid

    • mooky06

      OMG!! That's how hot we had it on Christmas Day! Lmfao XD

  • I was in Melbourne for the 2016 New Years, it was great (and warm!)
    • mooky06

      AWESOME! I live in Melbourne lol

  • Ironlak282
    Thanks for representing us on here and showing everyone a bit of oz, I'm too lazy To make a post like this lol.
    • mooky06

      Lol no problem man 🙌🏽

  • Zorax
    Wonderful Take, I wish I was there, Australia is the best :D
  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    I honestly envision Australians wearing shorts and eating BBQ while watching massive fireworks. Stereotype lol
    • mooky06

      Lmfao! Definitely good weather to whip out those shorts and have a BBQ

  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Yupp saw it either with LeadPin or Adjrian Nickelodeon Last year. Looked a lot like Oahu lol.
    • mooky06

      I wished it looked like Oahu (the island part might be on point though) lol but it's hardly that tropical (weather wise) :(

    • Lol i was thinking fireworks wise with the skyline.
      At least it looked like that in Sydney:P
      Still i wanna see what perth looks like and tazmania is cool too, have you been there?

    • mooky06

      Oh yeah Sydney is pretty awesome. I could see the comparison. Perth is awesome! It's very land and desert down town, but very beautiful city wise, the beaches look like Oahu lol I lived there for 6 months. I haven't been to tassy yet

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  • BronzedAdonis
    hot and humid
  • Toad-1
    I want KFC now thanks to that one pic 😛
    • mooky06

      Lol I KFC yesterday. We ran out of food on New Year's Eve and we ordered Pizza that night. We didn't restock up so we had KFC yeaterday lol I need a cleanse 😂

  • cupidkisses
    great views