What Being Gay in Russia Looks Like


Why does everyone lose their mind when you say something bad about Russia? Nobody bats an eye if you point out the bad parts about Saudi Arabia. We cannot hide from the truth just because we like one country over the other. Yes, being gay is worse in stricter countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran. And I will do My take on those countries later. But this one will be about our European neighbor.

Growing up I admired Russia, their beautiful people, and fascinating culture. I would still like to visit the country and learn to speak Russian. I'm sure the country is great and open minded in many ways although they are still living in the past when it comes to Homosexuality.

I've seen a few documentaries in Russia about homosexuality. There are many groups who set up fake accounts on gay dating websites only to kidnap to gays they meet them, brutally beat and humiliate them on social media. How is this acceptable in any means?

Honestly, I criticize America a lot but compared to other countries around the world I am happy to live here and Grateful that we have freedom here. Freedom to live our lives how we want.

It is not illegal to be gay in Russia but it is illegal to display any type of support of the LGBT community publically. For example: Walking down the street with a Pro-LGBT sign and a rainbow flag. The 2013 so-called "anti-gay propaganda" law Vladimir Putin passed is a clear violation of human rights and impingement of freedom of speech.

Here is a social experiment of walking around gay in Russia.

There is no logical reason why gays and transgenders should not deserve the same rights as straight people.

A common argument is that Gay and Transgender is a Mental Illness. Based on what? There are many institutions that have moved from those positions. The American Psychiatric Association, publisher of the DSM-5, states that "gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder. The critical element of gender dysphoria is the presence of clinically significant distress associated with the condition." https://www.livescience.com/55554-transgender-identity-classification.html

You will encounter many conflicting articles by physiatrists and biologists on whether this is a mental disorder online. Science on this topic is still developing.

Another common argument is that Being gay is not natural. It is natural because humans are animals and we are part of nature. In addition, over 1500 species of animals have been observed in the wild expressing homosexual behavior. Ranging anywhere from Dragonflies, penguins, bonobo monkeys, to Lions.

Putting these arguments aside. I believe All Humans gay or not deserve the same right to express who they are without being harassed or facing violence. This bigoted behavior is unacceptable. We need to help our Russian neighbors to overcome these misconceptions about the LGBT community and advance into the 21 century. I would invite anyone who is against gay rights to come to an LGBT parade and see the happiness in people's faces and the love. Getting to know one another is a great way to challenge pre conceived notions.

My hope is for all countries to step into modern times and realize life is short and it is a waste to spend it on hating each other.

What being gay in Russia looks like.

What Being Gay in Russia Looks Like
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  • Eugene
    Ah, typical propaganda. I wonder if I'll ever see anything original about my country. Well, at least now we're also praised for being best hackers ^__^

    In any case, I usually do wonder as to why folks from the West think we should join them on a homo hype train.

    Let me explain: in my opinion, a cult of praising/promoting homosexuality, transsexuality and other sorts of lunacy that's currently taking place in the West has only negative effects on society with zero positive. It's better if we'd allow the West to run this experiment on themselves and their own children and see how it works.

    If it'll work well (which I doubt), we learn fast.
    If it won't change a thing, then why would we need to adopt something that's useless?
    If it changes things to the worst (most likely outcome), then it's a good thing we didn't adopt it.

    Think of it like testing new product on someone else before being sold to the public. Only in this case I see LGBT as a product and Western society as guinea pig.
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    • SeraBarton

      So you're in support of killing gay people? Forcing them to live in fear and in hiding?

    • Eugene

      @SeraBarton your question is somewhat stupid & appears to contain some weird subtext, especially considering that I believe I've explained my stance on the question rather well.

      On a side note, in case you're unaware, killing someone is illegal in Russian Federation (we don't even have the death penalty I think since 1997, unlike some of your states), regardless if the victim is normal or homosexual.

    • SeraBarton

      But it's not about something "working well" and then adopting it, it's about giving people the freedom to be who they are because they have a right to be just as safe and free as you do. You just avoided the whole problem that gay people are being condemned by the Russian government, being made into institutionalized outcasts.

      So how about saying "I don't agree with homosexuality but they don't deserve to be treated like that and holy shit we need to do something about people beating up others in broad daylight and getting away with it? Your post was callous and uncaring so I called you out on it alright?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • SeraBarton
    I don't understand how people can be so hateful😭😭😭😭

    Please for the love of God just let people be who they want to be and love who they want to love.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Do you know the prevalence of aids amongst gay men? Its really sickening.

    If the lgbt club wants to be normalized they should act like normal human beings instead of going on a parade and acting like hedonistic animals. But the lgbt club won't tolerate this critique. aren't they all about acceptance? It seems not.
    • echoaj

      Yeah, and you know all the other STD like chlamydia and gonorrhea that straight people spread around? It's really sickening.
      Why don't they stop acting like animals?

      Bro this isn't even an argument. My point is we should treat each other with respect instead of beating up people we don't understand. Freedom to marry who we want dawg. They just want the same right you have dawg without facing violence. But for you that is too much to ask for right?

    • The moment gays stop being such a burden for healthcares systems with their aids and if they stop protesting like apes at "parades" then yes. The only thing they do is disturb public peace.

      They know aids is spread easy through anal sex yet refuse to wear condoms, the risk of aids in gay sex is significantly higher than in straight sex. Gays are a burden for healthcare systems as they need a lot of expensive care. Why should everybody pay for the irresponsibilities of gays? The are a minority yet make up the majority of aids patients. Unnaceptable.

      And you are right, it is not an argument, it is critique. Knowing the difference between the two for you is too much to ask right?

      I dont have a problem with gays but their irresponsible aids spreading sex pattern typical to gays i do have a problem with.

    • echoaj

      "The only thing they do is disturb the public peace." I would say going up to gays harassing them punching them in the face like in this videos is disturbing the public peace. wouldn't you?

      Straight men have twice the obesity rates as gay men. Wouldn't you say those straight men are a big burden to our health care? Oh but you say nothing about that.

      "I don't have a problem with gays but their irresponsible aids spreading sex pattern typical to gays I do have a problem with." yep don't believe you. What about the Irresponsibilities of straight men impregnating women, leaving the child, impregnating more women and populating our world. Those are Huge burdens on our society. wouldn't you say?

      My Point: PEOPLE regardless of sexual orientation have some burden on society one way or the other. Doesn't mean we should restrict each other's human rights.

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  • Dipsy
    Well I don't really mind them marrying and all that stuff, if they please don't hold all those parades.
    Why would they need those parades (in the West) if they already got all the rights straight people have?
    I mean, it's not that they're convincing me, "oh those gay people are actually quite normal..!", no they actually create an even more distance from me personally with all that excessive parade half naked stuff. Ugh..
    • echoaj

      Then don't go to a parade. Problem solved.

    • Dipsy

      What if the parade comes to you? (either irl or a lot via internet)

    • echoaj

      then sad day for you.

  • KLTheErudite7229
    It does not matter where you go, you will (may) always find people who are against homosexuality.
    I personally do not believe there is such thing.
    I do not support homosexual marriage or will I ever want to go to one.
    I do not hate gays either and will not go on the "pride parade" thing.
    It takes one mother and one father to make a child, the homosexuals adopting babies speaks for itself, it is against the norm of nature.
    • echoaj

      so you don't support gay marriage but I take it you don't mind if they get married either right?
      homosexuality is part of nature. humans are part of nature and homosexuality occurs in other animals.

    • No, not in my life. I don't support homosexuality or their marriage and do not want to go. It is not natural.

    • echoaj

      but it is natural. It occurs in nature, therefore, it is natural. They just want the same rights as you bro.

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  • LoveHorses
    I used to hate gays or anyone who was not staright. Than I grew up and started to step into their shoes. I was just a kid, but it's distubing to see adults being assholes to someone who is gay, lesbian, bi sexual, or transgender.

    Who cares if they like the same sex, they're still humans and should be treating with respect. Also, they should have the same rights as straights in every country.
  • Unit1
    That's why you shouldn't relocate or live in countries like Russian, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt etc...
    Just relocate to the USA, where freedom was preserved the most of all and live happily ever after.
  • bubbletrouble
    yeah its bad lol. dudes can just be holding hands and other guys will just beat him up but lesbians can kissing right there in the street and no one will say anything however the reason Russian men act this way because there's a shortage of Russian men well eastern European men period (due to war and killing themselves with vodka) so if he is gay on top of that, then shit.
  • HeckYeah
    I'm straight, but my girlfriend is bi sexual and my sister is a lesbian. Makes me sick that there is still hated towards the LGBT community in the 21st century. Should we left that behind couple decades ago?
  • lime_rampljuset
    People have been give more freedom than they deserve, that's why the world is so fucked up.
  • LivingLife94
    I'm bi sexual and Russia makes me sick. Why hate someone who has a different sexuality from you?
  • ColinHarvey
  • John_Doesnt
    It's illegal for a reason, so Putin stands a better chance in the dating world.
  • harabi
    Russians are no less barbaric than rest of Asia. They culturally do not belong to white and civilised Europe
    • skinnyguy

      Being gay is equal to being wild, uncivilized.

  • skinnyguy
    I don't think Russians need this, gays are not welcome in Russia and will never be.
  • MrDetermined
    There will always be a minority of people who will cause hate.
  • Dred1614returns
    Probably isn't pretty.
  • Anonymous
    It's not only in Russia, in my high school for exemple a gay find all his school furniture in the girl toilets and guys put his head in a WC. people were laughing
    • echoaj

      terrible. what is a wc? and where do you live?

    • Anonymous

      A wc is that upload.wikimedia.org/.../...Toilettes_mg_3872b.jpg

      I though it was how you say it since it's an English word

    • echoaj

      but what does wc stand for. I live in the USA. You must live in England. We just say toilet over here

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  • Anonymous
    Wow definitely another way to understand gay community.